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9 '? 'Y.vy/3 7/ 

13>eJ -Card 

F'Kee tvblic 



The oldest 
flag in the 
United States 

The Bedford Flag, commissioned to Cornet John Page 
in 1737 by King George II of England, was carried by his 
son, Nathaniel, who fought with the Bedford Minutemen 
at the Battle of Concord Bridge, April 19, 1775. 

Acquired-^M 1837 No.. 

Signum 1997 

Bedford High School 

Mudge Way 
Bedford, MA 01730 
Volume XIV 

Leaving Our Mark 

Pam Worth 

By June, the class of 1 997 will have spent 1 2,690 hours in school. That's 
777,600 minutes of learning and pretendingto learn, of taking notes and passing 
notes. 777,600 minutes spent studying for tests and realizing that you forgot to 
study for tests, of listening to teachers lecture and falling asleep while the teachers 
lecture. However, you passed all this time, one thing is certain: these 777,600 min- 
utes spent in school can not be recreated. Once we leave BHS, we can come back 
to visit, we can attend all our class reunions, but we will never have experiences 
quite like the ones we had during our school days. 
Hopefully, as we go our separate ways, to college or to work, we will use 
what we learned from classes, experience, and from each other to live. There is 
such diversity in BHS, of personalities, races, ambitions, and talents, that each of 
us, in our own way, have made a mark on the school and on each others' lives. 
These marks, each of them as unique as our fingerprints, will leave a lasting im- 
pression in our memories for years to come. 

mark (mark) n. Abbr. mk 1. Student Life A lasting 
impression. <pg. 17> 2. Clubs and Organizations To 

exhibit a distinct trait or property. <pg. 25 > 3. Seniors A 
point reached or gained. <pg. 53> 4. Underclassmen To 

take notice of. <pg. 87> 5. 
School Staff A recognized 
standard of quality. <pg. 107> 
6. Sports To record one 's 

achievements. <pg. 115> mark 

marked (markt) adj. Advertisements Enjoying fame 
or notoriety. <pg. 177> 

Junior Prom 

They thought it would never come, but for the Class of 1997, May 20th arrived in a haze of music, 
lights , and nervous anticipation. The junior prom was a culmination of months of hard work put in by 
class members as well as officers, and the results were nothing less than spectacular. The new caferteria 
was transformed into an enchanted garden of purple and white flowers, clinging green vines, and enough 
glitter and confetti to make the whole room sparkle. A few trees and shrubs added to the ambiance, and 
the smiling expectant faces of the junior class were the final touches to the extensive decorating process. 

Though the Class of '97, like all the others in BHS, is composed of many diverse individuals, every- 
one came together in a circle, hands joined, when the theme song was played. As "These Are Days" (10,000 
Maniacs) resounded through the magical garden scene, they looked around the circle, searching for the 
faces of the children they had known, and were both surprised and proud to find instead the radiant faces 
of the adults they had become. In that moment of recognition, the junior class made a memory that will stay 
with them forever. 

Above: The 
Junior Prom 

Ann-Michelle and Candice are 
caught grooving across the dance 

Nadya shakes her bootie. 

Becky and Steve take time from em- 
bracing to smile at the camera. 

Left: Michelle 
and Tiffany are 
pretty in pink. 

Bottom and left: 
More fun posed 
pictures that our 
moms always insist 

The Big Bad BHS Percussion Battery runbles down Great Road. 

Fun in the Sun 

Devin McPhie 

This past spring, the Music Department of BHS embarked on an extended field trip, its bi-annual tradition. 
This year's trip was the result of a great deal of effort and planning on the parts of Mr. Low, Mr. Reagan, and 
Mr. Maffa. The trip was a huge success, one that the students of the Music Department will fondly remember 
for a long time to come. All of the major performing groups, including the orchestra, marching band, and concert 
choir prepared for months for perhaps the largest scale music department event ever: a trip to Orlando, Florida 
to participate in the All-American Music Festival, and Walt Disney World's Magic Music Days. 

The sun was ever-present, the weather was warm, and the musicians of Bedford High School performed 
beautifully, truly a credit to our school. In addition to performing, thanks to the efforts of their directors, thd 
students were able to take part in a variety of fun, relaxing activities, including visits to a few of the most famous 
amusement parks in the country, if not the world. Grateful for this wonderful opportunity provided by the musid 
department, the students will take this extraordinary memory with them as they depart the hallowed halls of BHS. 

When mention is made of high school mu- 
sicians, those students that do not participate in 
school sponsored ensembles generally do not 
spring to mind. While those that participate in 
band and orchestra are very often excellent musi- 
cians, there are usually other students in the school 
that also excel in music, albeit in other forms. As 
you may have guessed, such is the situation here 
at BHS. 

Torrey Bassett and his band Frigid, com- 
posed of Stephani Burns and T.J. Calamita, have 
been together for shortly under a year. They play 
numerous gigs, including the Hanscom A.F.B. 
Community center, and the well-known Boston 
restaurant/club, the Middle East. The Middle 
East gig was the most fun for the band, said 
Bassett, who is the lead singer and guitarist for the 
band. Although regular bassist Stephani couldn't 
attend, the show went on with Angie Calamita 
playing bass. 

When not subbing for Frigid, Angie plays 
bass in a band of her own, Kill me Kate. Other 
members include lead singer and guitarist Jamie 
Carpenter, and drummer T.J. Calamita, who also 
plays ipr Frigid. Kill me Kate has played almost 
as many gigs as Frigid, but their scheduled ap- 
pearance at the Middle East unfortunately fell 

Both bands have high hopes for the future; 
Frigid hopes to pursue a record deal in a few years 
if the band is still together. Kill me Kate is working 
to schedule another Middle East show, and work 
on greater exposure. We wish these outstanding 
musicians the best of luck in their future pursuits. 

Pam Worth 

Kill Me Kate 

From left: Angie Calamita, Jamie Carpenter, and T.J. 


A Look Back. . . . 



H Lasting Impression 

Spirit Week 

Tweet! Shaun, what did we say about using shampoo daily 

Right: A bad hair day! 

Top: "Hasta la vista, baby!" Jenn Robb as the Terminator. 

Bottom: Hula girls Rochelle Morello and Melissa Fagan 
say, "Aloha" to BHS. 



This year's annual 
Pep Rally proved to be a 
terrific success. With all 
of the school spirit which 
was generated the night 
before at the rally, the 
football team was able to 
defeat Concord at the 
Thanksgiving Day foot- 
ball game. Their victory 
has evened the score of 
wins and losses over the 
past several years. 


Right: Take Five! Sarah Toole enthu- 
siastically hustles and bustles be- 
tween scenes. 

8-8068 • Academics 


Pirates of Penzance 

This year the Music Department was very pleased to put 
on a performance of Gilbert and Sullivan's operetta "The 
Pirates of Penzance." The cast and crew of the play 
worked very hard to put on this remarkable production, 
and the level of work paid off. This year was a little 
different because the assistance of the Art Department 
was enlisted for some of the set design and construction. 
The performance was a smashing success, and everyone 
involved should be commended for a job well done. 

The "Pirates" cast included seniors Ingrid Ahlgren, Shawn 
Downs, and Emily Ullman in lead roles. Other notable 
actors included Shaun Fillion, Jon DeArujo, Meredith 
Campbell, and JoAnna Mclnnis. The stage crew was led 
by senior Casey Hill, with Colin McDonough on lights, 
and senior Justin Hastings managing the sound system. 
Mr. Low directed once again, and was assisted by Mr. 

Above: Suzanne Kim looks up from 
the piano and her amazing accompa- 
niment skills. 

Left: Shaun Fillion, Ingrid Ahlgren, 
Joanna Mclnnis, Emily Ullman, and 
Meredith Campbell (and a little Alvin 
Tsang in the background) strut their 
stuff in vet another "Pirates" rehearsal. 


Lunch Time 

To exhibit a distinct trait 

or property. 



by Devin McPhie 

M.E.T.CO. (Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity) is a non-profit, voluntary organization 
that enables urban students to take advantage of educational opportunites in suburban schools. 

The Bedford M.E.T.CO. program, initiated in September of 1974, is directed by Ms. Michelle Foster. The 
current Bedford M.E.T.CO. coordinator is Mrs. Irene Parker, who has held this postion for the past nineteen 
years. Mrs. Parker has had a strong influence on the lives of many students, and her efforts to integrate Boston 
kids into Bedford Public School systems have been met with a great deal of success. 

The M.E.T.CO. students in the Class of '97 - Aisha and Asha Mondesirjameel Moore, Kianga Eccles, Jon 
Brome, Felisha Bruno, and myself - would like to thank Mrs. Parker for all of her work on our behalf, as well as 
for many good memories of our time spent in the Bedford Public School system. Those juniors, sophomores, 
and freshmen who are staying behind wish the Seniors good luck in all future endeavors! 

Left: Aisha Mondesir and 
Kianga Eccles, back in JGMS. 

Below: Norman Pryce, in the 
air at a track meet. 

Starting from the top: Jameel More, Asha Mondesir, Aisha Mondesir, 
Kianga Eccles, Tamara Ayala, Keisha Eccles, Kirby Armstead,Marcy Pryce, 
Quiana Horsley-Davis, Norman Pryce, Shara Reynolds, Felisha Bruno, Devin 
McPhie, Jon Brome, Akil Mondesir Not pictured: Jason Ayala 


Devin McPhie, 
also in the air. 
What a coinci- 


For over four years, the Targeteers have 
been dedicated to educating the youth of 
Bedford about the hazards of tobacco. That's 
four years of producing T.V. shows, writing 
scores of letters, and making presentations to 
kids and to adults! It's also four years that 
would not have been possible without the sup- 
port of both Nancy Freed, who left this year to 
work in Lexington, and our advisor, Dennis 
McDonald. Although we lost a reliable helper, 
the Targeteers hope to remain a prominent 
influence in many kids' decisions not to smoke. 

Clockwise from the top left: Jackie Sullivan, Advisor Dennis 
McDonald, Jen Simpson, Joey Sylva, Shawn Downs, Sarah 
Toole, Pamela Worth, Kelly Clerkin, and Amanda Colford (not 
pictured: Melissa LaBreque, Chao-yen Chin, Tracy Gardini, 
Brad Sylva 


S.A.D.D. is an organization that 
teaches students about the danger of drink- 
ing and driving. This year, as well as in 
previous years, they successfully promul- 
gated their anti-intoxication message. 
Hopefully, the program will receive 
enough funding to continue for many more 
years, educating the youth of Bedford. 




Interact is a community 
service-based organization, 
devoted to raising money for 
those who need help. Interact 
participates in a year-long 
fundraiser, and various other 
service projects, such as helping 
out at the food pantry, and the 
nursing homes. Involved, Inter- 
act is a club of givers. 

from the top: Carrie Frank, Liz Brady, Stephen Iwanchuk, Dennis 
McDonald, Shawn Downs, Seth Perkins, Justin Stern, Donald 
Cameron, Stephen Ly, Miranda Hillyard, Emily Ullman, Ingrid 
Ahlgren, Amita Bharat, Emily Perkins, Gail Connelly, Natalie Black, 
Chris Payne 

The Companiable Interact Chiefs of Staff: Happy Beth Sokolik, 
Michelle Donelly, Trinity Dunne, Cheerful Dennis McDonald, 
Ingrid Ahlgren, Amita Bharat, Jenny Mills, Friendly Tiffany Bo wlby , 
and Affectionate Keri Evjy. 


Though the staff of the Forum was very 
small this year, they were still able to produce a 
newspaper of excellent quality. Editor-in-Chief 
Ann-Michelle Levangie and Faculty Advisor Mr. 
McCarthy worked diligently on this project, and 
both were well pleased with the result. 

Forum Staff: Back- Josh Smith, 
Joe Savitch Middle- Devin 
McPhie, Carey Huxsaw, 
Kristen Sylva Front- Pam 
Worth, Ann-Michelle 
Lavangie, John McGrath 

orum / lelemedia 

Telemedia Crew: Back- John 
St. Sauveur, Dave Penland, 
Colin McDonaugh, Steve Wil- 
son, Jeff St. Sauveur, Adam 
Weston, Brian Conway, Sarah 
Toole, Marianne Rosiland, Jen 
Simpson, Sarah Vanderwall, 
Emily Parkherst Middle- Jesse 
Belknap, Juan deAruajo, 
Kristen Sylva, Devin McPhie, 
John McGrath, Ingrid Algrhen, 
Gail Connelly, Meredith 
Campbell, Shaun Fillion Front- 
Casey Hill, Matt Kadish, Dave 
Wolf, Miranda Hillyard, Jean 
Connelly, Chris Betz Floor- 
Shawn Downs, Rick Stuka, Tif- 
fany Bowlby, Justin Hastings 

Coming up in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.. "Good Morning, Welcome to BHS Live!" Telemedia is the club which puts on the 
morning show, BHS Live! The show is entirely student-run, students are crew, announcers, directors, and 
producers. Not only does the show present the morning announcments, but there is also a part for clips or 
interviews, interesting events, or people in the school. This year, the student leaders were Shawn Downs, 
Miranda Hillyard, and Rick Stucka. They found this year's new crew members and announcers, arranged 
training, and came up with a majority of the ideas seen on the program. Telemedia really suceeded this year in 
both entertaining and in informing the school, and hopefully next year the group will be just as strong and just 
as fun. 


The Best and Worst of BHS 

BHS Student Survey Results! 

- Favorite class: gym 

- Most annoying rule: the detention rules for 

- Favorite traditions: the pep rally during 
Spirit Week 

- Most often-used slang word: "wicked" and 
"mint" tied for first 

- Trendiest clothes to wear: jeans, tee-shirts, 
and corduroys were the top choices 

- The best thing at BHS: most students said 
that the people and their friends were their 
favorite things about BHS 

- Favorite hangout: McDonald's 

- Favorite afterschool activities: sports 

- Favorite music: Alternative won, followed by 
rap and R&B 

- Favorite place to shop: Contempo Casuals 
tied with The Gap and Newbury Comics 

"The floors are nice and waxed, so you can slide 
on your knees down the hall" -Jen Simpson 

"You grow up with these people 
practically your whole life.'s 
great." -Becky Venuti 

'I like classes for the teachers, not really the subject.' 
-Emily Ullman 


" Fa la la la, Fa la, la, la " This is a common line that is 

sung by the Madrigal Singers, a select, but totally fun group of 
16 talented young men and women, endlessly searching for 
"the phantom beever." Whether it is the intense Madrigal 
Dinner, the limitless songs, "Mothas," or the terrific Madrigal 
Bond Weekends, Madrigal is always ready to sing with the 
utmost enthusiasm. Madrigal is lead by the fearless Mr. Barry 
Low, who directs the music, and prevents the singers from 
having too much fun! And "So it Goes" down that "Lonesome 
Road" in another endless year of music. 

Shawn Downs 

The Madrigal Singers: 
Standing, 1-r: Jeff St. 
Saveur, |on deArujo, 
Ingrid Ahlgren, Shawn 
Downs, C hris Betz, Pat 
Ma honey, Shaun 

Kneeling: Elisa Dill, 
Joanna Mclnnis, Lmily 
Ullman, Keri liv jy, Meg 
Hamel, and Colleen 

Chamber Choir 

From the top: Jesse Dill, Jon Boschetto, Jeff Dederian, Andrew Carvey, Bobby Dutton, Alvin Tsnag, Stephen Iwanchuk. Caroline Leary, Nadya Volicier, Amanda 
Colford, Carey Huxsaw (next row) Jeff St. Saveur, Sarah Vanderwall, Jen Simpson, Jackie Sullivan, Robin Grace, Kristin Fehlau, Carl Larson, Karan Wadhera 


(from the top left): Danielle DeMoss, Marianne Roseland, Colin McDonough, Bryan Nash, Stephen Wilson, Seth Perkins, Dave DeBartelo, 
Michelle LaBrecque, Dawnya Goodman, Lilian Belknap, Bethany Aiken (next row), Jennifer Jones, Christie Martin, Sarah Toole, Catherine 
Hill, Mike Grieci, Carrie Frank, Stephen Ly, Michelle Golden, Chad MacGregor, Kristen Kremer, Shelly Tindle, Meredeth McGowan, Sarah 


More Music Department 

Double Sextette and Men's Octet are two student-directed 
singing groups. Above and beyond Chorus and Madrigal, the mem- 
bers of these two groups utilize their love of singing to entertain the 


Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, and Concert Band are the three 
bands that exist at BHS in addition to the Marching Band. Members 
of these groups perform along with the orchestral ensembles at 
instrumental concerts. Concert Band is a forum for any students 
who wish to participate in band to perform, while the Wind En- 
semble is a group for more advanced students, to the point that an 
audition is required. Jazz Band is the group that band members find 
the most entertaining to be a part of, as it gives them the chance to 
improvise and experiment with great pieces of music. 

Meg Hamel. 



Below, right: Starting with Mr. Reagan, (top row) Danielle DeMoss, Alissa Lee ; 
Tommy Baudanza, Pat Baxter, Stephen I wanchuk, Vikram Patel, Juan De Arujo, 
Jon St. Saveur, Dan Buttrick, Justin Hastings, Shari Dangel, Devin McPhie, 
(next row) Shannon Filion, Bryan Nash, Jeff St. Saveur, Dave Lloyd, Elissa Dill, 
Ellen Humphrey, Marianne Roseland, (on the ground) Gail Connelly, Jen 
Below, right: "Ricolaaaa,....Riiicolaaaa..." Williams, Kristin Fehlau, Kristen McNamara, Emalie Parkhurst, Dawnya 
Drum Major Jean Connelly, who conducted Goodman, Sarah Vanderwall, Katie Boyd, Jen Simpson, Pamela Worth, Jean 
the band with Cordelia Primmerman this year. Connelly [Not Pictured: Cordelia Primmerman, Billy Nichols] 

in in on n 
man mwoL 

Look at that precision. ..look at that form. Look at how neatly Above: My, what big drums. The percussion section marches on. 

the trumpet line is lined up on the field. ..and look at those snazzy 



Above, 1-r: Kristen McNamara, Miranda Hillyard, Jon DeArujo, Justin 
Hastings, Dan Buttrick, Dave Wolf, Devin McPhie, David Lloyd, and 
Bryan Nash 

Captain Pamela, Miss Sarah, Miss Marianne, Miss Katie, 
Miss Kristin, Captain Jen, Miss Shari, Miss Jen W., Miss Ellen, 
and Miss Erin. 


Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra 

Above, Chamber Orchesta-l-r: Jesse Belknap, Adam Weston, Miranda Hillyard, 
Joanna Mclnnis, Kelly Clerkin, Ryan Kosobucki, Karen Freeman. Not Shown: 
Laura Siegel, Bethany Aiken 

Above, Orchestra-Top row, 1-r: Karen Freeman, Bethany Aiken, Lilian 
Balknap, Jesse Belknap, Jon Boschetto, Miranda Hillyard, Devin McPhie, 
Ryan Kosobucki, Justin Stern, Justin Hastings. Middle row: Nicole 
Volpicelli, Suzanne Kim, Catherine Hill, Mae-Mae Tang, Laura Siegel, 
Kelly Clerkin, Shawn Patel, Elissa Dill, Sarah Toole, Shaun Filion. Bottom 
row: Kamah Hittle, Nina Harvey, Mr. Maffa. 

The Bedford High School Orchestra is a group of 
incredibly talented young men and women who 
enjoy rehearsing and performing under the direc- 
tion of the incomparable Philip Maffa. The BHSO 
plays at all of the instrumental concerts, and also 
competes in the MICA competition /music festi- 
val every spring, where the musicians have al- 
ways received excellent reviews. Last spring the 
BHSO accompanied the rest of the music depart- 
ment to perform in Florida, both at Disney World, 
and at the All American Music Festival. The 
Chamber Orchestra is comprised of students who 
wish to play above and beyond the call of the 
BHSO. Being a member of the BHSO or the 
Chamber Orchestra is a memorable and reward- 
ing experience for string players at BHS. Under 
the superb direction of Mr. Maffa, the BHSO is 
sure to go far in years to come. -Sarah Toole 








Below: Four new AFS mem- 
bers; Shelli Tindle, Emily 
Perkins, Suzanne Kim and 
Kelly Alexander smile for a 
picture during a Christmas 

After a brief hiatus, American Field Service 
came back with full force for the 1996-1997 school 
year. Dedicated to learning about foriegn cul- 
tures, AFS hosts foreign students as well as sends 
some of its own members over to other countries 
for brief periods of study. The American Field 
Service is involved in a number of activities at 
Bedford High School. After all, we ARE more 
than just oranges. Throughout the year, members 
of AFS enjoyed foreign dishes, took trips to the 
North End and Chinatown, watched Japanese 
Anime, and generally expanded their horizons. 
The officers this year, President Miranda 
Hillyard. Vice President Justin Hastings, Trea- 
surer Devin McPhie, and Secertary Ricky Stucka. 
Inspired by the intrepid AFS, Mrs. Allen, the 
officers and the other members of the club have 
helped to make this year one the best ones yet. 

Above: Justin Hastings, Devin 
McPhie, Ricky Stucka and 
Miranda Hillyard, the AFS 
Club officers, celebrate Christ- 
mas during an AFS party. 

Bottom: Two members of 
AFS, Tiffany Bowlby and Dave 
Wolf, laugh and enjoy the food 
during a holiday party. 

Top: Our exchange student from Russia, Anastasiya Zabello, 
stands between Michelle and Melissa LaBrecque with Chao-yen 
Ching at a meeting of AFS. 

Above: (top row) Casey Hill, Justin Hastings, Devin McPhie, 
Miranda Hillyard, Ricky Stucka, Justin Stern, Mike Griecci. 
(bottom row) Melissa LaBrecque, Suzanne Kim, Kelly 
Alexander, Emily Perkins, Mrs. Allen. 



Front Row (left to right): 
Caroline Leary, Kelly Dutton, 
Rachel Kern, Carrie Frank, 
Jesse Dill, Jeff Dedarian, 
Nadya Volicer, Emily Ullman, 
Kristin Lefebvre, Second Row: 
Katie Bowen, Alvin Tsang, 
Bethany Russo, Heather 
Stewart, Jeb Brady, Meredith 
McGowan, Sarah Colmer, 
Mei-Mei Tang, Jon Boschetto 

Third Standing: Tom 
Webster, Mrs. Rainis, Gwen 
Kremer, Liz Brady, Nicole 
Gosine, Lillian Belknap, 
Danya Goodman, Lindsay 
McGrath, Christie Thumser, 
Catherine Hill, Stephen Ly, 
Vikram Sridharan, Ingrid 
Ahlgren, Tiffany Bovvlby, 
Colleen Devlin, Devin 
McPhie Fourth: NedChaney, 
Pam Worth, Farah Baig, 
Sharon Betz, Emalie 
Parkhurst, Laura Siegel, Carl 
Larson, Bethany Aiken, 
Karan Wadhera, Chad 
Reinhardt, Christine O'Reilly 


Back Row (left to right): Stacey 
Wilkes, Anurug Chabra, Mike 
Piantedosi, Will Stieglitz, Nick 
Sabella, Mark Kruger, Dave 
Matteo, Shauna Crehan, Steve 
Sroczynski, Karlen Goukassian 
Second Row: Danielle 
Blanchard, Laura Gavornik, 
Devin Lafo, Jen Jones, Deb 
Robertson, Brent Duncan, Su- 
san Mara, Mike Korik, 
Meredith Leonard, Jessi 

McGrath, Stephanie Potter 
Front Row: Georgia Wallie, 
Cristina Ciccone, Kristin 
Flynn, Robin Smith, Shawn 
Downs, Meredith McGowan, 
Karen Thomas 


Front Row: Debbie Anderson, 
Carli Parisella, Second Row: 
Elissa Dill, Melynda Casement, 
Katrina Forrester, Miranda 
Hillyard, Caroline Leary, Geri 
Parisella, Elena Vasilakis, Larry 
Brutti, Kristen Sylva, Third 
Row: Crystal Hayden, Cynthia 
Sylvia, Dina Dvinov, Bethany 
Russo, Pranitan Kulhom, Kelly 
Dutton, Kara Volpicelli, Kelly 
Alexander, Kristen Ela, Nicole 


Volpicelli, Emily Perkins, 
Suzanne Kim, Gail 
Connelly, Craig 
Gelormini, Amanda 
Colford, Eric Rogers, Tracy 
Gardini, Devin LaFoe, 
Elizabeth Vanaria, Kim- 
berly Sylva, Back Row: 
Charles McCall, Bobby 
Hamilton, Elizabeth Brutti, 
Katie Bowen, Bobby 
Dutton, Matthew Abt, 
Robin Grace, Shaun Fillion, 
Shawn Downs, Mike Grieci, 
Anna Ramundi, Jill Sylva, 
Patrick Baxter, Chris 
Starnes, Rick Stucka, Kelly 


— The Language Clubs 

Left: Kara Volpicelli, Bobby Dutton, 
Katie Bowen, and Matt Abt have a 
profound conversation in Spanish. 

Below: Melinda enjoys her cupcake. 
Que lindo pastel! 

Above: The two Shauns /Shawns 
(Fillion and Downs) share a 
moment of levity. 

Left: Amanda Colford, Tracy 
Gardini, and Liz Vanaria laugh 
during the Spanish Club party. 


Boys' State 

Boy's State is a mock government simulation that is organized and run bv the 
American Legion. High schools across the state send representatives to this 
week long event, and during their stay, the boys are organized into cities or 
towns, and participate in governing those municipalities. In addition to "local 
government," the boys have an opportunity to run for "state" offices, such as 
seats in the House or the Senate. Bedford's two representatives for the spring 
of 1996 were Devin McPhie and Casey Hill. Below: Devin McPhie and Casey 
Hill pose with Lawrence DiCiara. 

Girls' State 

Much like Boys' State, Girls' State is organized by the America 
Legion, and girls from across Massachusetts are able to participate i' 
a similar mock-government situation. Bedford's representatives tl 
Girls' State were Kamah Hittle and Christine O'Reilly. Below, rig} 
and left: Christine O'Reilly and Kamah Hittle respectively. 

NHS / Boys and Girls State 

Bedford's Finest 
in the realm of 

Above: The NHS officers - Secretary Ingrid Ahlgren, 
President Kristen Sylva, Treasurer Justin Hastings, 
and Vice-President Jean Connelly. 

Right: The 1996-1997 National Honor Society. With 
the induction of 44 members from the class of 1998, 
this year's National Honor Society was the largest 
ever in the history of Bedford High School. 


The 1996-1997 school year has seen a dramatic upswing in the activities of th 
National Honor Society, which added more than forty juniors to the society 
boosting membership to almost seventy people. Members of NHS are chose 
on the basis of continued good character, scholarship, leadership, and servicf 
This year, NHS was active in service opportunities including recycling, tutoi 
ing, and serving as guides on various open house nights at the school. Sever; 
social events were planned, including the always successful secret sant 1 
program. Club advisor Ms. O'Malley helped guide the club to a very successh. 
year in '96 and '97. 

Debate Team 

Environmental Club 

Debate Team's picture is too 
large to let us put an article in. 
We are truly sorry. It is the 
opinion of the staff, however, 
that the Debate Team has one 
of the most sparkling collec- 
tive personalities of any club at 
F3HS. We appreciate all the 
"Speech is Peach" posters ran- 
domly scattered about the 
halls, and wish the team eter- 
nal success. Starting from the 
top left: Terrina Harford, Katie 
Chappa, Jesse Hastings, Abel 
Markow, David Penland.Nick 
Last, Greg Haynes, Brad Sylva, 
Brian Bosman, Meg Hamel, 
Chris Starnes, Jeff Sylva, Dave 
DeBartelo, Greta Lynn, Justin 
Kessler, Shan Patel, Mr. 
Milliken, Dawnya Goodman, 
Stephen Ly, Bethany Aiken, 
Regan Schwatz, Rashmi Khaul, 
Seth Perkins, Carl Larsen 



The Environmental 
Club has made many 
changes since last 
year. A new advisor, 
Mr. Griffin stepped in. 
He brought a snake. 
Membership in- 
creased, and the club 
restarted the NHS re- 
cycling program. 
From the top: Michael 
Lee, Mark Lorousso, 
Lesa Pierce, Mr. Grif- 
fin, Meg Hamel, 
Kremer, Snake, 
Allison Turner 


The Student Atmosphere 
Committee is an organization de- 
voted to stopping the racism, 
homophobia, anti-Semitism, sexism, 
and other general prejudices in BHS. 
The club has existed previously at 
BHS, but has not been present in the 
school for a few years. While the 
club this year is designed to include 
more groups than it originally was, 
the environment - friendly, support- 
ive, and accepting - still remains. 

With the guidance of our 
advisor, Mr. Modzelewski, we hope 
to accomplish a lot in 1996/7, and in 
years to come. Some things that we 
are working on are "Free Your Mind" 
day, which will include different 
speakers coming to BHS, and a 
monthly newsletter. The Student 
Atmosphere Committee- dedicated 
to educating the students of BHS 
about diversity. 

Student Atmosphere 

Student Mediators 

Mediation is a 
school committee that 
offers a safe alternative 
to fighting. When two or 
more students are hav- 
ing a problem, they can 
resolve their issues eas- 
ily, without a big con- 
flict, by contacting the 
mediators. A meeting is 
organized, and with the 
mediators acting as go- 
betweens, the students 
can resolve problems 

J u s 



Hey! It's the Stu- 
dent s 
Committee! I 
think I'll caption 
them! From the 
top: Nicole 
V o 1 p i c e 1 1 i , 
K r i s t e n 
Suzanne Kim, 
Art Dishman, 
David Penland, 
Seth Perkins, 
Shan Patel, Greta 
Lynn, Danielle 
Blanchard, Liz 
Brutti, Jesse Dill, 
Liz Brady, Car- 
rie Frank, Ravna 
Oien, Mr. Mod, 
Angie Calamita, 
Regan Schwartz, 
Pam Worth, 
M a r i a n n a 
R o s e 1 a n d , 
Ayesha Thomas, 
Gwen Kremer, 
Kelly Alexander, 
Catherine Hill, 
Sara Colmer, 
McGowan, Lilian 
Belnap, Danya 

The Media- 
tors Joey 
Sylva, Nicole 
Larsen, Emily 
U 1 1 m a n , 
Emily Neal, 
O'Reilly, Mr. 



Drama Club 

The Smiley Drama Club, from the top: 
Shaun Filion, Meredith McGowan, 
Danielle DeMoss, Mr. McDonald, Jesse 
Belknap, Steve Wilson, Brian Conway, 
Colin McDonough, Ricky Stucka, Devin 
McPhie, Emalie Parkhurst, Colleen 
Devlin, Jen Jones, Georgia Walles, 
Dawnya Goodman, Jackie Sullivan, 
Shawn Downs, Matt Kadish, Jen Simpson, 
Katie Ahem Boyd, Pamela Worth, Justin 
Hastings, Kelly Clerkin, Lilian Belknap, 
Sarah Colmer, Mei-Mei Tang, Miranda 
Hillyard, Emily Ullman, Ingrid Ahlgren, 
Amita Bharat, Nina Harvey, Elissa Dill, 
Sarah Toole, Wonderwall, Laura Siegel, 
and Amanda Colford 


1 ^ 


Drama club has always proven to be fun 
for all who join. This year was no exception - 
all of our traditional enterprises, like the 
Tournament of Plays, the New York trip, etc., 
were carried off without a hitch, and all the 
participants had a wonderful time. 

The Tournament of Plays was very 
enjoyable for the audience, actors, and crew. 
This year, the junior class, with their play, "Of 
Widows and Vegetables", won the Best Play. 
Sophomore Jackie Sullivan won the Best 
Actress award, and Shaun Filion's perfor- 
mance in the junior class play won him Best 

The annual New York trip was a lot of 
fun for everyone. The drama club enjoyed the 
Broadway shows "Cats" and "Les Miserables." 

This spring, Bedford once again at- 
tended the State Drama Tournament, 
perfoming with other towns from across the 
state. With many underclassmen in the club, 
Drama is sure to continue to be a success in 
the future. 

Joanna McGinnis weeps for the love of Mer's and Emily's singing. 


Science League 

Justin Hastings 

The Bedford High School Science Team had a great season this year, competing in many events relatii;; 
to chemistry, physics, biology, engineering and other fun science subjects. Coached by Mrs. Catherine Kruegi. 
and Mr. Larry Ullmann, the Science Team remained very competitive all year, occasionally even coming out I 
first place, ahead of the approximately fifteen teams of the Western Suburban Science League. Spearheaded 1 
a raucous group of seniors, and a number of enthusiastic underclassmen, the Science Team greeted every me 
and competition with a team spirit and excitement unheard of in any of the other teams in the league, includii ; 
loud boombox music, extra radiation suits from the New York Power Authority, and amazing luck in the fair 
of better-prepared teams. Once we finish the regular season, we will go onto States, where we hope to better or 
eighth-place finish from last year. 

Members of the Bedford High School Science Team, Front Row: Nick Last, Rashmi Kaul, Meg Hamel, Bethany Russo, Kamah 
Hittle, Katie Bowen, Jesse Dill, Pat Baxter, Pornhipal Kulom; Back Row: Shawn Downs, Hunter Koh, Justin Hastings, Casey 
Hill, Devin McPhie, Adam Weston, Andy York, Chris Betz 

Air Force Junior R.O.T.C. 

B Flight 

The mission of the R.O.T.C. pro- 
gram at BHS is to promote community 
service, educate and train students in citi- 
zenship, and to instill responsibility and 
self-discipline while providing instruc- 
tion in air and space fundamentals. LTCol 
Victor Pappas teaches the R.O.T.C. cadets, 
and Commander Jamie LaValley leads 
the units. 

C Flight 

Cadet Corps stands 

in review. 

Yearbook Staff 

By Devin McPhie, Editor-in-Chief 

After countless hours, headaches, and narrowly avoided ulcers, the Yearbook is finally finished. The 
brave band of adventurers that took up the perilous quest of publishing this book have all survived nearly 
unscathed, and the fruit of their labor is beautiful to behold. 

In all seriousness, the job of recording and publishing a year spent at Bedford High School is 
extremely difficult, and all of those who contributed to the gargantuan effort to produce the Yearbook in 
your hand should be commended. A brief history of the historians: The '97 Yearbook staff was comprised 
of entirely new people. No one involved with this project had any prior exerience to speak of, which made 
the task that much harder. Work began on your yearbook in the summer of '96. Planning meetings were 
held, ideas bandied about, and decisions were made. At the end of the summer when some of you began 
training for sports, we began training for Yearbook. The group started out fairly large, but many members 
gradually decided they had better things to do with their time. As always, the staff ended up being too 
small to efficiently do its job, which resulted in several late nights, Saturday staff meetings, and even 
coming in to work over vacation. Staff members made many sacrifices to be here for you, braving snow 
storms, sleep deprivation, and illness, so if you see one in the hall, don't be shy about saying, "Nice Job." 
They've more than earned a pat on the back. 

As Editor this year, I have had the privilege of meeting and working with a great many students, 
faculty members, and business people. First I would like to acknowledge Mr. John Neister, our Josten's 
Representative, and Ms. Jakki Davis, who handles our book down at the plant in North Carolina. Now, on to the 
staff. First, the Poster Girls: Marianne Roseland, Katie Boyd, and Jen Simpson. Next, the Freshman 
Crew: Carrie Frank, Catherine Hill, Kristen Ela, and Kelly Alexander. Random Visitors: Sarah Toole, Sarah Vanderwai 
Danielle Blanchard, Shawn Downs, Chris Betz, Carey Huxsaw, Beck Venuti, Jen Milligan, Cordelia Primmerman, an 
Miranda Hillyard. 

This next group of staffers were a real privilege to work with, because of their dedication, hard 
work, and aura of cool competence. The High Council of the '97 Yearbook Staff, in no particular order: 
Casey Hill and Justin Hastings, Editors-at-Large. These two originally were not on the staff, but selflessly 
jumped in to help when we needed it the most. Laura Gavornik, Editor of the Underclassman section. 
Laura moved here about a third of the way through the school year and joined the staff. A layout wizard, 
Laura quickly became an invaluable member of the staff. Rachel Johnson, Co-Business Editor. Rachel 
was a true professional, moving into the Business area as a rookie, but quickly becoming extremely 
productive, selling ads, making contacts, working on mailing lists, and basically making money. Kamah 
Hittle, Co-Business Editor. Kamah had some experience, and put her training to use. The two of them 
made a great team. Pamela Worth, Copy Editor. Pam was here every day, writing and editing articles, 
and doing layout as well. Derek Ho, Art Editor. Derek is responsible for a lot of how the book looks, and 
his vision will pay off for next year's book. Dinah Dvinov and Pranitan Kulhom were a duo that came in 
and worked on anything they were given. Great job you guys. Joe Savitch, Photo Editor. Joe was 
responsible for a lot of the pictures in the book, as well as for a great deal of the Senior Section. Josh 
Smith, Freelance Photographer. Josh took some great pictures, 'nuff said. It was these people that made 
me look forward to coming to Yearbook, and I offer them all my heartfelt thanks and warmest regards. 

Finally, I would like to thank Mrs. York, for once again editing the Senior Thanks and Mrs. Rose Sylva for h 
successful fundraising work. I would also like to acknowledge the Administration of BHS, as well as our Faculty Advise 
the incomparable Mike Rinaldi. Mr. Rinaldi has been with the yearbook for five years, and he continues to do a damnt 
fine job. 

I am extremely pleased to have my copy of the Yearbook, especially in light of the immense effort 
and sacrifice it required of me and my staff. I urge anyone to work on Yearbook, whether it's here at BHS 
or in college, because it is a very worthwhile experience. I hope that each of you enjoys your Yearbook, 
and appreciates the work done on it. To my staff, Thank you for all of the memories, and Congratulations 
on a job well done. To the rest, my regards, and Best Wishes for each of your respective futures. 


Bottom Left: A few of the staffers take time out to relax on the couch. 
Bottom Right: Kamah grins after selling a giant ad. 
Middle Left: Joe Savitch and Josh Smith, Photographers Extraordinaire. 
Middle Right: The Freshman Crew. 

Left: Hardcore Staff members Rachel Johnson and Sarah Toole look like they're 
up to no good. What are you guys hiding? 

Below: The 1997 Yearbook Staff. (1-r) Derek Ho, Justin Hastings, Cordelia 
Primmerman, Casey Hill, Sarah Toole, Rachel Johnson, Sarah Vanderwall, 
Devin McPhie, Kristen Ela, Pamela Worth, Catherine Hill, Carrie Frank, Kelly 
Alexander, Pranitan Kulhom, and Dinah Dvinov. 



H Point Beached or Gained 

Mohamed Abdi 

Ingrid Ann Ahlgren 


Into that innocent land go as you are 
now, naked, when you go into the de- 
struction of world snakes. Leery - Head 
may moan, go ahead and do you groan, 
listen to you own self - it ain't got nothin 
to do with what's around you, it's what 
you do inside at the controls of that loco- 
motive crashing through life- 
Dr. Sax 

Do not conform any longer to the pattern 
of this world, but be transformed by the 
renewing of your Afnd 

^Romans 12:2 

Kathrine Ann 

Katie, -Cotty, DOB, Spunky, 
Frank, Kateeay 

We might be laughin'a bit too loud, but 
that never hurt no one. 

-Billy Joel 

I dont' play to be an all-star, 1 don't play to 
be a hero. I just play from my heart, cause 
the labels equal zero. 


Jeffrey Anderson 

Paul R. Bradfield 

"PaulField/' "Pauly," 
"Bradfield," "fiiiiive," "5" 

Man is so made that he can only find relax- 
ation from one kind of labor by taking up 

-Ibid 'LS 
Running isn't just a state of mind, it's a way 
of life. -P.B. 

It's all good! -P.B. 

Jonathan Brome 

Felisha Charlene 

Fe, Fee-Fee, Queenie, Mac- 
Mommy, Fizz 

If you don't like it lump it! 

-Claudia Bruno 
All poor people ain't black and all black 
people ain't poor. 

-African American Folk Saying 
Wnat? You can't see me! 

Chris M. Bussey 


-Cat Power 
-Turbo Deisel 
- Power Stroke 
-Were are the hotties 
-Were are the minties 
-Ford Bronco #1 

Page 54 


Matty, Frack 

"...To you from failing hands we throw, 
the torch; be yours to hold it high..." 

-Dr. John McCrae (Canadian) 

In memory of Sam , my dog: 
"...Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, 
but laugh and talk^f me as if I were beside 
you.IM loved you so- 'twas Heaven here 
with you.'" 

-tela Paschal Richardson 

Christopher S. Betz 

Crispix, Christophe Betz 

"..until the day God designs to reveal to the 
future to man, the sum of all human wis- 
dom will be contained in these two words: 
Wait and hope." 


"Whatever good I can do for you I swear I 
will always do." 

Amita Sonal Bharat 

Ami, Amy, Amu, Ambo, Um, 
A, Juhi 

"No one saying do this, no one saying be 
there, No one saying stop that, Free to run 
around all day, Free to do it my way." 

-Elton John 

"Every passing minute is a gift from God, 
which you have to use for the best and most 
lasting benefit." 

-Sathva Sai Baba 

"Follow you heart & your dreams and hap- 
piness is sure to come your way." 


Tiffany Rae Bowlby 

T-Steph, Tiff, Tiffers 

""Hope ' is the thing with feathers- 
That perches in the soul- 
And sings the tune without the words- 
And never stops-at all-'" 

-Emilv Dickinson 

Jawann Campbell 


Kristina Marie Carlo 


"Sorry I never told you all I wanted to say. 
Now it's too late tcnhold you 'cause you've 
flown away." 

-Mariah Carey 

"We have been friends together in sun- 
shine and in shade." 

-Caroline Norton 

Krystal Ann Carroll 

Krustle, Krust, Kristilium, 

Remember all the memories and fun you've 
had through the years-that's all you might 
have left, but wasn't it worth it all? 


Friends are Forever. 


Celebrate Good Times 

-Kool & the Gang 

Hey Boo! 


David Tristan 

Chappy, Chap, Chap dig, 
Chap dog, Hap Chap, 
Chapstick, Stick, Studmuffin, 
Mack Daddy, Mike, 

"Fear is the mind killer." 

"Slowly building up from nothing, stack 
ing brick upon brick until maybe we got 
^3.- | \ -Shift 
"Your a slacker!" 

-BHS Rifle Team 

Gabriel R. Chedister 


It has only just begun. 

Michael Paul 

Chesta, Chestnut, Chesty's 

Is anyone here a marine biologist? 

Yodel, it will make you feel better. 

Egg-head likes his booky-ook. 


Jean Connelly 

X+v=?, Hey You, 

A wittv saving proves noftiing, but saying 
something pointless gms people's atten- 
tion. Never spit into trie wind. 
-Rose Reed 
ughter is the^closest distance between 
h$E> people ' -Victor Borge 
Love is a longevity factor. -ABBA 
"Can I drop that an octave?" 


"Trumpets, Jean has a very nice BUM" 
-Mr. R 

Thomas D. Cook 

Jaws, Cookman 

"Together we stand, Divided we fall." 

Anurag Chhabra 

Raug, Shabba, Aunny 

"Life is not a problem to be solved but a 
reality to be experienced." 

"Is not the whole earth covered wi th lea ther • 
for him whose feet are encased in shoes?" 

-Panchatantra ,; 
"She's crafty, she's just my type." 


Thomas Cote 

Tulley, Physco 

"Sweet Dreams are made of this" 
-Marilyn Manson 

"ner rhymes are said, verses in my head, 
Into my childhood There spoon fed, 
Midden rhymes revealed, Darkness that 
seems real, Look at the pages that couse all 
this evil." 


Page 56 

Stephanie Danielle 

Steph, Candygirl, Stefanya, 
Crook, Little One, Shortie, 
Staphin, Stephanine Tanner, 
Klepto, Y-TEE, Stephnutz, 
MoKenStef, Crookie Crisp 

What up, B?! 


I was chillin'with mv Kool-Aid 
-T Boz 

I won, gimme my money. 

-Chris Tuker, Friday 

-me and Jazznutz 


Cl^ao-Yen Ching 

There is a time of speaking and a time of 
being still. 

-William Caxtion, 
Charles the great 


Cristina A. Ciccone 

Scone, Scones, Shneugh, 
Chickone, Sally 

Slow it down your moving too fast You got 
to make the moment last Kickin down the 
cobblestone Lookin for fun and feelin 

-Simon and Garfunkel 
There is moral to this story just a bunch of 
stuff that happened. 

-Homer J. Simpson 
Check you later. 

-Dazed and Confused 

Michael Clarke 

Kimberly A. 

Kim, Gibla 

"This man is a genius but all he really did 
was make a wicked bad bomb." 

Melissa Davis 

i4 DeBenedictis 


jbJ* ) "Mellow is the man who know what he's 
W v been missing. 

-Led Zeppelin 

Colleen M. Devlin 

Dev, Leen, Cleen 

"A smile will brighten a gloomy room." 

-Mrs. Lucas 
"Destiny is not a matter of chance it is a 
matter of choice." 

-Peter J. Cacciola,JR 
"Your chances of winning the lottery get.a 
lot better if you buy a ticket." 

- Gumpisms 


Anna M. Diaz 

Page 57 

Michelle Elizabeth 

Chelle, Shells, Chelles-Bells, 
Shelby Sue, Pumpkin, Bipsy 

"I get up. I walk. I fall down. Meanwhile, I 


"I can resist everything except temptation! 
-Oscar Wilde 

Crazv Iuvin' 

Shawn R. Downs 

Shawn, Spawn, Shawny, Big 
Guy, Downer, Shaun Fillion, 

"Everv man I meet is in some way my 
superior; and in that 1 can learn of him." 


"You'll get into all kinds of trouble without 


-Tasslehoff Burnfoot 
"Everything is done for a reason." 


Scott Dugal 

Scotty Dees, Scotty D, 

Do the rice thing eat rice way. 

Trinity Noel Dunne 

Trin, Trinbar, T.D., Dunnity, 
Dee-Dee, Tiffany, Cocoa, 
Dunne, Trinidad, T 

"Just when you think you can make ends 

meet, somebody moves the ends." 

-unknown J| 
"You grow up the day you have your first 
laugh at yourself." 

Know that whoever said, "Life's a bowl of 
cherries was a LIAR." 

Crazy luvin' 

Aron Feiring 

John Franks Jr. 

Maria Lynne Gallant 

Galante, Mariah, Ria, Chuck- 
les, Swing, Malaria 

Open my heart and you will see, graved 
inside of it "Italy." 

-Robert Browning 
Don't look now 

Don't look now over years gone by 
They're gone and now it's time to live. 

-Donna Lewis 
Did you ever have the feeling that you 
wanted to go and still had the feeling that 
you wanted to stay? 

-Al Pacino "Scent of A Woman" 

Derik Gaspari 

Page 58 

Keri Helene Evjy 

Kianga Jamela 

Kiki,^hortie', K-lil', Wax 

i had found that motherhood was a profes- 
sion by itself just like school teaching and 
lec truing. 

-Ida B. Wells' 
JCianga watch me, ya watchin, y'a 


Angela Marie Elkins 

Ang., Angel., Angel-face, 
Elfkins, A.E. Boo 

When vou can't have what you want; its 
time to shart wanting what vou have. 

-Kathleen Sutton 
I do believe we're naked! 


■The best thing about not saying anything, 
is that it can't be repeated. 


Ker, Evjy; Keris 


Love is the magician, the enchanter, that 
changes worthless things to joy and makes 
right royantfrtgs i'o common clay. 

-RobertG. Ingersoll 
If you judge people, vou have no time to 
love them. 

-Mother Theresa 
What you see is what you get-except is 
prepackaged strawberries. 

Giving a hurting friend my presence, not 
my words is one of the best thing I can 


Melissa Fagan 

Meliss, Molasses 

True success self respect. It must be 
earned. It is not a gift. 

-author unknown 
We are the people our parents warned us 

-Buffett Concert 
I recommend walking around naked in 
your living room. Jf 

-Alanis Morissette 
Stay out of my Britches 

-Cristina Ciccone 

Brian Peter Geary 

Gearv,GearBox;B-Box,Box, Jiffoseph GiaquintO 


I did it the best that I could while I was 
stuck in this place Had as much fun'as I 
could while I was stuck in this place Played 
as hard as I could while I was stuck in this 

-d&c Jm 

Your a daisy if you do! 

- Doc Holiday 

It's good to be seen 

-Uncle Franr 
Why are you laughing at me? 

j&f -me 
Beaker is my favorite Muppet. 

Michael B. Goodwin 

Mike, Goody, Goodwin, 
Good, Dave 

"Never lose my w allet 

it would put me in a spot 

never lose my sense 

at least how much I've got 

never lose my family 

never lose my friends 

nevec lose my youth 

I hope it never ends." 

-The Mighty Mighty Bosstones 

Krisine Anne 


If you don' t have anything nice to say don't 
say it at all. • 

Live life in the present not in the past. 

Page 59 

Christopher Harris 

Nina Harvey 

Nean, Nine-a, Neenee, Mimi 

When you feel terrific, notify your face. 

-Life's Little Instruction Book 

What a wonderful day we've had. You 
have learned something, and 1 have learned 
something. Too bad we didn't learn it 
sooner. We could have gone to the movies 

-Balki Bartokomous (Perfect Strruigers) 

It's a funny thing about life; if you refuse to 
accept anything but the best, you very of- 
ten get it. 

- Somerset Maugham 

Justin Hastings 

Justin, Paco, Pacho, Nacho, 
Taco, Sancho 

We ought, on the contrary, delicately and 
profoundly, to respect one another's men- 
tal freedon: then only shall we bring about 
the intellectual republic; then only shall we 
have that spirit of inner tolerance without 
which all our outer tolerance is souless, 
and which is empiricism's glory; then only 
shall we live and let live, in speculative as 
well as impracticable things. 

-William James, "The Will to Believe" 

I'm going to sit here and wait, so opportu- 
nity will know right where to find me 
when it's time to change the world. 

-Clavin, Calvin and Hobbes 

Casey E. Hill 


Nothing will ever be attemped, if all pos- 
sible objections must first be overcome. 
-Sameul Johnson 

I owe my success to having listened re- 
spectfully to the very best advice, and then 
going away and doing the exact opposite. 
- G.K. Chesterton 

Oderra L. Jones 


Matt Kadish 

The Big Cahoona 

If you don't have pants, you don't got 
much, but if you got'em you might as well 
pull them up. 

Just when you think life's at its lowest, you 
slip on a banana peel. 

Hunter Koh 

Education costs money, but so does igno- 

-Sir Claus Moser 
I have hardly ever known a mathematician 
who was capable of reasoning. 


People are getting smarter nowadays; they 
are letting lawyers, instead of their con- 
science, be their guide. 

-Will Rogers 

Pornpimol Kulhom 

Page 60 


Miranda Jenny 

Amanda, Mianda, Mimi 

"O brave new world!" 

. -Miranda from Shakespeare's 
■ l "* the Tempest 

The probability of someone watching you 
is proportional to the stupidity of you 

Kamah Hittle 

Kami, Kam, 
Kamamamajama, Speedy, 
Hon, Babe 

Through our great good fortune, in our 
youth our hearts were touched with fire. It 
was given to us to learn at the outset that 
life is a profound and passionate thing. 
-Oliver Wendell Holmes 

It is a delicious moment, certainly, that of 
being well-nestled in bed and feeling that 
you shall drop gently to sleep. The good is 
to come, not past; the limbs are tired enough 
to render the remaining in one posture 
delightful; the labor of the day is gone. 
- Leigh Hunt 

Carey Elisabeth 

Chucky, Chucksaw, Care 
Bear, Tweety, Softbatch 

Always do right. This will gratify some 
people and astonish the rest. 

-Mark Twain 
Remember that love doesn't always make 
things easier-just worth it. 

-Life's little Insruction Calender 
The journey not the arrival matters. 


Tawnya Jardine 

Niccole Jewel 

Nicci, Nic, Noles, Necco- 
Waffer, Linda Stewart, Noite 

Think big thoughts, but relish small 
pleasure^ ' if*" 
_ - ; - L.L.I.B^ 
It s always good to laugh at a lot. A good 
setise of humor cures almost all of life's ills. 
Airraid, Freshman 

There's never any need to waste a perfectly 
good cake. Especially, one with a lot of 
frosting . 

Susan Latiff 

The trick is what one emphasizes. We 
either make ourselves miserable or we 
make ojrselves strong. The amount of 
work is the same. 

-Carlos Castaneda 

Play for more than you can afford to lose, 
and you will learn the game. 

- Winston Churchill 

Jamie La Valley 

Wib, Kimbu, Raekwon, Boris, 
Fritz, Big Poppa, Captian- 
boy, Dum-dum, Do-do 


-Scott Dugal 
"It looks like a mushroom." 

-Stephanie Crook 
"KID, you got wicked mohawk. Mint, kid, 
let's party" -Bedford kid 

"Hey Melissa, Give ma a call whenever 
you want." -Me 
"I own it!!" Bravo, Charlie 
"Truckdriving has quite a lot of oraenings, 
if your considering a backup plan." 

- Counseling Semces 

Kristen Leigh 

Kris, Fave, Chip, Lin 

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a Mys- 
tery, today is a gift, That's why We call it 
the present. 

You've got to be tough when consumed by 
desire. It's not living if you stand outside 
the fire. 

-Garth Brooks 

Page 61 



But our good times are all gone and I'm 
bound for movin' on I'll look for you if I'm 
ever back this way. 

-Four Strong Winds 
I would have I should have I didn't. 

-Tori Amos 

David Edward 
Lloyd II 

Dave, Laloyd 

Every composer kntews the anguish and 
despair occasioned by forgetting ideas 
which one has not timejto write down 

-Hector Berlioz 
Since when do voufhave to agree with 
people to defend tnem from injustice 

-Lilian Hellman 

Ja Lowery 

Stephen D. Lua 

Steve, Tee Tee, Babe 

"Every man dies, but not everv man really 

-Bravehtqft ' 
"Winning isn't everything, it's the only 


-Vince Lombardi 
God made the leaves fall for a reason. Why 
do we have to rake them iiii ' ,], i^^M 

Thomas McCreedy 

Speedy, MAC 

"Life is journey, enjoy the ride '' 
-Nissan Commerical 

Elisa McGovern 

There are places I remember all my life, 
though some have changed, some forever, 
not for better, some have gone and some 
remain. All these places had their mo- 
ments with lovers and friends I still can 
recall. Some are dead and some are living. 
In my life I've loved them all. 

-The Beatles 

John Douglas 

Johnny M's, M's 

"The future belongs to those who believe 
in the beauty of their dreams." 

-Elanor Roosevelt 

Devin M. McPhie 

Devil, Ninjaman 

"Do or do not, there is no try." 


'The body is the instrument of the mind, 
not merely its vessel." 

-Luke Skvwalker, 
Jedi Master 
"Through knovvlidge, power." 

-Terry Brooks 

Page 62 


Kimberly L. 

Kim, Kimmy, Mac, Kimaroo, 

You may be disappointed if you fail, but 
you are doomed if you don't try. 

-Beverly Sills 
Imagination is the Mghesf'kite one can flv. 

J ' -Lauren Becall 

Stop looking at me swran. 

- . -Billy Madison 

Matthew Maddox 

Gary G. Martin 

G-Money, Boss, Gawwy, 

If a man hasn't found something to die for)S 
he isn't fit to live. - . 

-MartinLuther^King , Jr. 
Freedom' s just another word for nothin left 
to loose 

Nothin ain't worth noththin but its free 
-Janis Joplin "Me and Bobby McGee" 

Jennifer Elizabeth 

Jenn, fenny ■*/ 

"Celebrate we will 'cause Iifeisjshort but 
sweet for certain. We're climbing two by 
two to be sure these days continue " 

-Dave Matthews Band 
"You have to stay awake to, make your 
dieams come true." 

Jennifer Anderson 

Jen, Jenna, Jennie, Millsey, 
Ranger Jen 

"All you really need in life is a backpack 
and some friends." 

-Damon . 
"But this bridge will only take you halfway 
there-the last few steps you'll have-to take 

"Thoughts right now what will become of 
me-become of her- become of we." 

Aisha J. Mondesir 

"Cookie" Twin 1 

A child cannot be taught by someone who 
despises him. 

-James Baldwin 
VVhen you're creating you own. ..even the 
'sky ain't the limit. 

-Miles Davis 

Asha Fayola 

Sweetie, Twin 2 

When life knocks you down try to fall on 
your back because if you can look up, you 
can get up. 

-Les Brown 
A person with no faith, has no fear. 

-Michael J. Cheatham 
I had to make my own living and mv own 
opportu n i ty . . . Don' t aid do w n a n d wait for 
the opportunities to come; you have to get 
up and thankthem 

-Madame C.J. Walker 1914 

Page 63 

Rochele T. Morello 

Jameel Samara 

Shuggie, Jem, J 

This is the time when your life is revealed, 
Everything is possible, but nothing is real. 

-Vernon Reid 

_ . «L « 

J don' t know the key to success, but the key 
to failure is trying to please everybody. 

-Bill Cosby 

Shelly, Peanut, Roch-Dog, 
Bam-Bam, Roc 

There are two ways my way & the right 
way they're both the same except my way's 

Cherish yesterday, live today, dream 

-U. Joe's Bathroom 
I'd rather be alone than wishing I was. 


In me there's nobody else no one plan no 
one stand to be free. 

-Hootie & The Blowfish 

Hamz Mustafa 

It must be a peace with out victory • 
-Woodrow Wilson 

Emily Anne Neal 

Em, Emmy 

"You canit always get what you want, but 
if you try sometimes, you just might find, 
you get what you need." 

-Rolling Stones 

Acquaintances I would have, but when't 
depends not on the number, but the choice 
of friends. 

-Abraham Cowley 

Michael Joseph 

Mikey P's Mike, Pro Fisher- 
man, PiantedoSi, Big Mike, 

"If 1 didn't start painting, 1 would have 
raised chickens." 

-Grandma Moses 
"Hi Mike. How are you? Next time you call 
could you please use your last name so I 
know who I am talking to, thank you. ..Gabe! 
Pick up the phone, its Mike Piantedosi. 

-Col. Robert W. Chedister 

Bryan Pickering 

Cordelia Maria 

Oh, seek, my love, your newer way; I'll not 
be left in sorrow. So long as I have yester- 
day, go take your damned tomorrow! 

-Dorothy Parker 
Some girls are either fat or tall, but I am not 
that sort, in fact I am not big at all; I'm 
rather thin and short 

-Rex Stout 

John Jay Randazzo 

Jay, Bone, Rusty, Jay-adoslis, 
Jota, Angry Jay, J.J., Jason 

Life is but a dream awakend by death. 

-Tom D. 

I don't know you, but I think I hate you. 

-Green Dav 

Page 64 

Christine E. 

Chris, Chrissy, ChrisO, "C 


Don't you reaftze, the next time you see 
sky, it'll be over another town, the next 
time you take another test, it'll be in some 
other school. Our parents, they want the 
best of stuff for us, but thev gotta do what's 
aright for them, cause it's their time... up 
there Down here., it's our time down here. 
^That's all over the second we ride up Troy's 


Brian W. Oates 

Oates, Oatesy, Floats, little 
Oates, Wesley, Quaker, Crab 

Don't you worry what I'jn doing just worry 
about what your doing 

-Scott Devlin D.P.W 
What you see is whatvou get. 

Today is the first day ofwie rest of your life. 



Michael Reid 

Mike, Mook, Mikey G's 

Richard Remington 

E\ ery man dies, not every man really^li ves. 

-Sir William 
Wallace a > / 

Lauren A. Richards 

Lori, Ladybug, Fifi, Redneck, 

Our dignity is not in what we do, but in 
what we understand. The whole world is 
doing things. ^Jf 


l don't want to live and see the teardrops in 
you eyes. I don't want to live to see the day 
you say goodbye 


'"Sup baby?" 


"Dude, that's way sucky!" 

Jennifer S. Robb 

Jen, Robbie 

"And there's bound to be rough waters. 
And I know I'll take some falls. But the 
good Lord as mv captain I can make it 
through them all." 

-Garth Brooks 
"If one advances confidently in the direc- 
tion of his dreams, and endeavors to live 
the life which he has imagined, he will 
meet with a success unexpected in comon 

-Henry David Thoreau 
"I always follow through cause stopping at 
third is as bad as striking out." 

-Babe Ruth 

Page 65 

Douglas Robinson 

Joseph D. Savitch 

Joe, Jopie, Crazy Leggs, 
Ishkabibble, Josh 

"Right church, wrong pew." 

-Mr. Kelly 

"You follow your feelings you follow your 
dreams; you follow the leaderinto the trees. 
And what's in their waiting, neither one of 
us knows; you got keep one eye open the 
further you go." 

-Tom Petty 
"When you got to go 

Lori A. Scheiern 

Whilst part of what we perceive comes 
through our senses from the object before 
us, another part (and it may be the larger 
part) always comes out of our own mind. 

-William Jones 

E^ven if you're on, the right track you'll get 
run over if you just sit there. 

-Will Rogers 

Michael Robertson 

Richard C. Stucka 

Rick, Ricky, Rick Dog, 

"Become what you are." 

/•'/*Juliarta Hatfield 

Dah..Tell me about the rabbits 


Lennie (of Mice and Men) 

Eric Michael 

Time takes time 

-John L. 

....If ycto can trust yourself when all men 
doubt you, But make allownace for their 
doubting too. 

-Rudard Kippling 

Bryan A. Sundet 

Gator, Gatorback, Sundet 

"That'll be $3.15 please." 

-Man at C store 
"Yeah, I'd accept this. ...if it was real" 

-Man in Nashua 


-Nelson Munse 

Page 66 


Joseph F. Sylva 

Joey, Jo Jo, Jailbird, Jail, U. 
Stiff, Sweet Cheeks, R.B., 
BYDL, Joey Saliva 

In this Bright Future you can't forget your 
past, so dry your tears I say No Woman No' 

Cry v S> 

-Bob Marley 
Seeing much, suffering much, studying 
much, - These are the three pillar<ot learn- 



Thomas B. Shepard - Joshua P. Smith Elizabeth Sokolik 

Sheps, Shep Dogg. Droopy. 
Droop's, Toby, Linkster, 

"O.k., What is it?" 


"Not everyone can be as smart as me." 

s -Mr. Ullman 

"Iggolf, as in life, you get out of it what you 
putinto it." 

-Sam Snead 
JR»e first thing anybody has to do to be any 
good at anything is believe in himself." 

-Gav Brewer 

Josh, Googosh, Joe 

"Success is not the result of spontaneous 
combustion, "you, must set yourself on 

-Reggie Leach 
"If lam not for myself, who will be for me. 
Iflam onryformyself,whoamI. Andifnot 
now, when?" 


"Tomorrow we're go&lg t#"shoot the 
monkey" , 
^^V- ■ \ -Laftv P. 

.Find a tree." 

Beth, Skolnick, Betty, Beth- 
Beth, b., Liza Blinkie, Miss 
Beth,Bethie, Lizzie 

"Would you not like to be sitting.on top of 
the world with your legs hahgirlg free..." 

-Dave Matthews Band 

• "A woman is like a teabag, you never know 
how strong she is until she gets in hot 


William Jay Stieglitz 

Will, Willy, Workout, Stieg's; 

Insri till 

It's not cheating unless you get caught. 

-Al Bundy 
It the world you only someone, b"ot, to 
someone your the world. f 
Benn there, done that, got the T-shirt 
-The Necklaces 
House keeping, you want mint for pillow? 

-Tommv Bov 

Kristen Sylva jff 

Sylva, Smiley, Kris, Krissy, 
Sylvester, Christian,, 
Christina a/ 

Brad Wayne 

"Turns out not where but who voii^re with 
that really matters" , . 

-Dave Matthews Band 

"Okay, ready?" 

Mf- -me 
"Promis me you'll never forget me.3L.ever 
-Winnie the K>oh 

All in all is all we are 

You can run but you can't hide. 

-Joe Conis 

I went to a fight last night, and a hockey 
game broke out. 

-Rodney Dangerfield 

Candice L. Tanner 

Carmen *c 

Experience is not what happens to a man, 
its what a man does with what happens to 
him. «■ „uj 

-Aldous Huxley 
The denial of the magical, the transcenden- 
tal, the transdimensional, the mysterious, 
the weird, has left us playing with half a 

-T. McKenna 

Allison C. Turner 

To sit in the solitude, to think in solitude 
with only the music of the stream'and the 
cedar to break the flow of silence, here lies 
the value of wilderness. 

-John Muir 

And then the last battle of the King of 
Narnia began... 

-The Last Battle 


Page 67 

Emily Kate Ullman 


With_all%ts- sham, drudgery and broken 
drt.ims, it is still a beautiful world. Be 
careful. Strive to be happy. 



Consuelo Vargas 

Shway, Co-Co Bell 

Excuse me Miss Dion, OK the street slang 
is an increasingly valid form of expression. 
Most feminine pronouns do have mock- 
ing, but not necessarily misogonistic un- 


Nothin' ventured, nothin' gained. Some- 
times you've got to go against the grain. 

-Garth Brooks 

Rebecca Jane Venuti 

Becky, Beck, Nootz, The 
Beckster, Booch, Foof, Stinky, 
Jewel, Bagongs 

"I believe that all we go through here must 
have some value." 

-Eleanor Roosevelt 

"Everything your heart desires will come 
to you." 

-When You Wish Upon A Star 

Whatever road I choose, will you walk 
with me? 

Give a smile away! 
And so forth. 


-My mom 

Nadine Volicer 


Speak your truth. 

-Desi Derata 

Jennifer D. Williams 

Little Jenn, Miss Janet, Pop- 
tart Jenner-ejght-er, Jenn, 

"If you walk the footsteps of another you'll 
learn things you never knew, you never 

. knew." 


David Malcolm 

Dave, Wolfie, Wolf, Drumma 
Boy, Wolfus 

I'm not dumb. I just have a command of 
thoroughly useless information. 


Could I have been anyone other than me? 

-"Dancing Nancies," 
Dave Matthews Band 
Life is like a plate of nachos~to much 
guacamole and not enough sour cream. 


Anastzsiya Zabello 

Frank A. Zawada 

Page 68 


Meghan E. Watkins 

Meshaw, Meg, Red Meginski 

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mys- 
tery, and today is a gift, that is why they 
call it the present. 

You can't go through life with a catcher's 
mitt on both hands you need to throw 
something hack. 

If you can't sing well, sing loud. 

Bryan Geoffrey 

Bry, Peeps, Wiener, Wienaah, 
Wien, Lil'Wien, Wienee, Kid, 

*km ^r-y^z/Frick 

If you exercise your emotions enough, 
you're sure to get a cramp. 

If-: -scott 

It's unbelievable how immature vim are. 
but I believe it. 


I always miss the past and hope tor the 
future. Why can't 1 just be happy with the 
present? 1 # , 


What do you expect with only $30 a w eek!' 


Jamie MarieWilbur 

Bob, Cheaks 

"No Body's Home." 

-Kids in the Hall 

"Get your mind out of the gutter, and join 
the rest of us in the sewer." 
t -Snarf! 

Thunder Cats 

Melissa Sue Willey 


"Have faith in your dreams and someday, 
your rainbow will come smiling through. 
No matter how your heart is grieving, if 
you keep on believing, the dream that you 
wish will come true." 


Jeremy Wallington 

Amanda Holland 


Page 69 


j Baby Pictures 


Jennifer Williams 

Michael Chester 

Vliranda Hillyard 

Senior Superlatives Probably Partying 

■ || ■ ■ _| AnuragChhabraandNiccoIeLarsen 

Sassy Singers 

Shawn Downs and Ingrid Ahlgren 


Extra Superlatives 

Most likely to get his hands stuck to a freezer floor: Joey Sylva 
Most likely to get pulled over for driving too slowly: Kristina Carlo 
Most likely to sing a song, and only know two words: Meghan Watkins 
Most likely to marry the same guy twice: Kristen Sylva 

Most likely to star in their own Beavis and Butthead movie: Bryan Weiner and Matt Barden 

Most likely to tattoo a shamrock on his forehead: Mike Goodwin 

Most likely to be heard from miles away: Scott Dugal and Jamie La Valley 

Most likely to become President, and be impeached: Jeff Anderson 

Most likely to marry Dr. John Carter: Tiffany Bowlby 

Most likely to steal candy from little kids, and eat it: Stephanie Crook 

Most likely to make a citizen's arrest: John McGrath 

Most likely to be arrested in a citizen's arrest: Nicci Larsen 

Most likely to become pro-golfers: Tom Shepard and Joey Sylva 

Most likely to be a pro-baseball pitcher: Gary Martin 

Most likely to turn on her blinker in a cemetary: Beth Sokolik 

Most likely to get left alone for six months: Trinity Dunne 

Most likely to throw a party, and not show up: Nicci Larsen 

Most likely to stalk Dave Matthews: Kristen Sylva 

Most likely to bring her cat to college: Nadya Volicer 

Most likely to sit home every night, play solitaire, and eat Elio's pizza: Gary Martin 
Most likely to hold a one-month reunion for the class of '97: Krystal Carroll 
Most likely to look in the mirror twenty times before leaving the house: Eric Sullivan 
Most likely to ask a question, and never listen to the answer: Anurag Chabra 
Most likely to stay the sweetest:Mike Reid 

Most likely to stay friends for the rest of their lives: Brian Oates and Todd Oulette 
Most likely to pick on anyone he feels Ike picking on: Bryan Sundet 
Most likely to sue the senior class: Hunter Koh 

Most likely to repeat and make fun of anything you say: Doug Robinson 

Most likely to sleep with his teddy bear: Brad Sylvester 

Most likely to marry an older man: Maria Gallant 

Most likely to be stalked by a photographer: Jenn Milligan 

Most likely to wear flip-flops and a Mr. Bubble shirt every day: Aron Feiring 

Most likely to pick a verbal fight with every teacher: Kristine Hanson 

Most likely to smash the front end of his car thirty more times before we graduate: Gary Martin 
Most likely to crash an all-guy party with all of her friends: Krystal Carroll 
Most likely to get married: Steve Lua and Becky Venuti 
Most likely to stay cute: David Walton 

Most likely to run over her glasses and lose her car keys at a T station on the same day: Nina Harvey 
Most likely to win the Boston Marathon: Paul Bradfield and Consuelo Vargas 
Most likely to convince himself that he is Speed Racer: Devin McPhie 


Class of 1 998 

Ben Abt 

Matthew Abt 

Peter Agneta 

Never Enough Free Time 

by Pamela Worth 

My advice to freshmen and 
sophomores, as a harried junior, is 
this: kill yourselves now! Quickly, 
before you find yourselves 
innundated with five hours of 
homework per night, and only 45 
minutes to do it, before you need 
$700 just to buy one prom dress, 
before you. ..well. Explode is a 
good word. 

There are so many more op- 
tions available to juniors, like NHS, 
unassigneds, eating in the new 
cafeteria, and driving. Unfortu- 
nately, all these options leave us 
with little free time, when com- 
bined with homework, labs, and 

The Class of '98 will undoubt- 
edly survive this year, as it has all 
the others. This year, however, we 
have a special incentive: gradua- 
tion. One year until we leave BHS 
forever. . .heh-heh. 

Kevin Alonis 

Jessica Amos Ryan Anderson 

William Baafi Suzanne Baker Torrey Bassett Robert Beckley Jeff Beckwith 

Jesse Belknap 

JUNIORS: Class of 1998 

^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^ |^^fc ^^^^^^^^^k 


Jennifer Bieren Adam Bleser Catherine Bowen Catherine Boyd 

Elizabeth Brutti Angelina Calamita Elizabeth Cameron Meredith Campbell Robert Carlo Jamie Carpenter 

Melynda Casement Edmund Chaney Brian Conway Lluvia Coulter Brian Cox Andy Croxford 



Charles Cypher Nicolas D'Agostino Reginald Davis John De Araujo Jaclyn De Priest Angelo Defino 

In m f\ r> 

Dave Di Sanzo Natasha Dillahunt Trevor Donnell Brent Duncan Kelley Dutton Patrick Dwyer 

Gregory Elkins Tammy Eskew Shaun Fillion Katrina Forester Jacquelyn Franks Kristin Flynn 

Andrew Garofalo David Gianetta Emily Gleason Robin Grace Hannah Grey Margaret Hamel 

Terrina Harford Robert Hartwell Crystal Hayden Christopher Hevey Stephen Hludzik Derek Ho 

Amanda Holland Angela House Rachel Johnson Kelly Jones Rashmi Kaul Kacie Kennedy 

Chea Kenyon Rachel Kern Caroline King Emma Ko Michael Korik Gwen Kremer 

Mark Kruger Bernd Kullmann Kacey La Flamme Allison Lanoux Caroline Leary Michael Lee 

Paul Lentine Mark Lorusso Patrick Mahoney Susan Mara Abel Markow Robert Marrigan 


Christie Martin David Matteo Bree McCay Colin McDonough Daniel McGrath Vincent McGrath 


Joanna Mclnnis 


Katelyn Merrill Reagan Merrill 

Andrea Mesquita Akil Mondesir Corey Moy 

Courtney Murphy Bryan Nash Lisandra Nazario Matthew Nolan Adam O'Brien Laura Olson 

Bethany Russo Nicholas Sabella Michelle Sampson Robert Sanders Regan Schwartz Carrie Shamel 

Derek Shipman Chris Shuler Shannon Simmons Jennifer Simpson Stephanie Skavenski Heather Stewart 

Erin Slavin Robin Smith Michael Sullivan 

Jonathan Tate 

Ayesha Thomas 

Johanna Thoren 

Elena Vasilakis Kenneth Verville Virginia Vitiello Kara Volpicelli Brian Waldron Curtis Warrington 

Michelle Washington Molly Waterhouse Thomas Webster Justin Welsh Adam Weston Colin Weymouth 

Stacy Wilkes David Winick Pamela Worth Jennifer Ynostroza Andrew York 

Sophomores: Class of 1999 

Wise Fools 

The Classof '99 doesn't have much to 
brag about right now. What's to say? 
They're still sitting in the old cafeteria, still 
taking Driver's Ed., and worst of all, their 
homework level has quadrupled. However, 
the Class of '99 has so far shown enough 
spirit to make it through the most nonde- 
script of all high school years. 

This year, they get a chance to relax a 
little, happy that they have one more year 
before the SAT's need to be taken, before 
colleges and scholarships need to be consid- 
ered. They have enough respect from the 
frosh as one-year BHS veterans, and they 
know where all the classrooms and bath- 
rooms are... good enough. Best wishes to the 
sophomores for the rest of their high school 

Sophomores: Class of 1999 

Patrick Baxter Sharon Betz Natalie Black Danielle Blanchard Brian Bosman Justin Bradfield 

Stephani Burns Jon-Michael Busa Justin Bushey Daniel Buttrick Nicole Cadotte 

Victoria Caliri Jasmyne Campbell Kristopher Carroll Andrew Carvey Lisa Cerchione Jennifer Chan 


Jamie Chan-Moy Bradley Chedister Abigail Cleghorn Kelly Clerkin Amanda Colford Melissa Costa 

Sarah Cottman Patrick Danaher Shari Dangel Audrey Davis David De Bartolo Brandi Deas 

f ^ 

Elissa Dill Porsha Dillahunt Marianne Doherty Eric Duggan John Duke Matthew Donaldson 

tephen Eschmann Patrick Fagan Kristin Fehlau Robert Feole James Foster Ryan Friend 

Tracey Gardini Laura Gavornik Ann Marie Giaquinto Michelle Golden Jeffrey Goldman Sunmi Goodwin 

Jessica Griffiths Tracy Gullage Jesse Hastings 

Richard Hayden Gregory Haynes Stephanie Hill 


Kristin Hurd Jeffrey Jacobs Jennifer Jones Matthew Judd Paul Kadish Jack Keough 

Justin Kessler Emma Ko Andrea Koschuk Nicholas Kyvelos Melissa La Brecque Michelle La Brecqi: 

lessica Lenline Michael Leonick Robert Leshin Alyson Lima Emily Ann Link Peter Lombardi 

Kristen Looney Greta Lynn Harold Mac Harrie Alexandra Marchetta Joshua Markow Beverly Marrigai 

Carrianne McCormick Patrick McDonald Daniel McGilvary Jennifer McGue Sophon Meach Leslie Minchin 

Jennifer Moen Frank Morello David Morris Rachael Norris Jessica Nucefora Arianne Obering 



Keith Ouellette Timothy Pantano Carli Parisella Emalie Parkhurst Jennifer Pascucci Shan Patel 

££ ' "I It L 

Christopher Payne David Penland 

Seth Perkins 

Emily Ann Perry Tawnya Perry 

Michael Presti 

Shaun Pruett Norman Pryce Jason Raposa Charles Reinhardt John Remington Benjamin Rifkin 

Catherine Rivollier 

Isaac Salazar Elizabeth Sandel Joshua Santerre Michael Schofield 

Sean Shmarian 

Laura Siegel Sarah Sjostrom Michael Spicer Jeffrey St. Sauveur Jonathan St. Sauveur Christopher Starne; 

Daniel Sullivan Jaclyn Sullivan Bradley Sylva Jeffrey Sylva 

Jill Sylva Kimberly Sylva 

Katie Sylvester Karen Thomas Christine Thumser Shane Towne Kristin Twombly Hannah Ullman 

Elizabeth Vanaria Sarah Venable Christina Verville Erin Warford Charles Watts Matthew Whitley 

Becky Willey Stephen Wilson 

Class of 2000 

Stephanie Abrams Danielle Adams Bethany Aiken 

Jessica Barden Thomas Baudanza Alan Beaulieu 

The Class of 2000 has gone from being 
the big cheeses in JGMS or Hanscom Middle 
School, to being the lowest of the low in 
BHS. The Class of 2000 has recovered admi- 
rably, however, and learned how to adjust to 
life in high school - how not to get lost in the 
halls, what YOG means, how not to annoy 
the Upperclassmen. 

This year's freshmen came into BHS 
with a lot of enthusiasm, instead of the 
standard timidity. They are well-repre- 
sented in clubs and sports throughout the 
school, and manage not to get too upset 
when the traditional cries of 
"Freshmen. ..(etc.)" are heard. We wish the 
Freshmen luck with the rest of this year, and 
the rest of their three years at BHS. 

Kelly Alexander Kirby Armstead 

Michael Beckwith Lilian Belknap Heather Bendel 

Freshman: Class of 2000 

Michelle Bieren Jonathan Boschetto Katie Bowell Erin Boyd Elizabeth Brady Lawrence Brutti 

Cynthia Chapman Sara Colmer Gail Connelly Krystal Cote Nina Cox Shauna Crehan 

Sheila Cypher Jeffrey Dacey Timothy Darling Nicholas De Luca Danielle De Moss Jessica Dee 

Jeffrey Derderian Jesse Dill Arthur Dishman Richard DiTomassi John Djevalikian Michael Donovan 

John Downs Mark Duffany Michael Dunne Russel Duprey Dina Dvinov Robert Dutton 

Jennifer French Matthew Gagnon Michael Gartland Craig Gelormini Danya Goodman Nicole Gosine 

<arlen Goukassian Andrea Griecci Michael Griecci Bobbi Hamilton Frederick Harrington Darren Harris 

Katara Harris John Hawley Catherine Hill Quiana Horsley Davis Ellen Humphrey Nicole Iovino 

J m» 

Jonathan Ko Ryan Kosobucki S. Preston Kourian Kristen Kremer Kyle Kremer Pranitan Kulhom 

Frank Kyper Danielle Larsen Brian Laundry Jimmy Lawrence Peter Lazaris Douglas Le Shane 


Melody Lee Daniel Lefebvre Meredith Leonard Shane Little Crystal Lopez Robert Luongo 

Stephen Ly Charles McGregor Alex Marto Benjamin Mason Patricia McCreedy Morgan McDonoug 

[eredeth McGowan Jessica McGrath Lindsey McGrath Kristen McNamara Charles McCall Marcus McLeod 

Michael Mead Erik Mesquita Alyssa Milligan Chrisanna Mitchell Sara Mongalier 

Bethany Moran 

Tauryn Morris William Nichols Divina Nitenson Ryan Nolan Coby O'Brien 

John O'Brien 

■ ■■■■I 

latthew O'Donnell Rayna Oien Elizabeth Payne Emily Perkins Jonathan Potter 

Marcia Pryce 

Ana Raimondi Andrew Read Kendra Reimann Alexander Richards Robert Risdon Melissa Roberson 

Kenneth Robinson Eric Rogers Caitlin Romano Crystal Salvi Jaime Santerre Sean Savage 

Melanie See Alexander Segal Erica Serrano Kevin Shepard Stephanie Simmons Franklin Smith 


Lisa Spellberg 

Vikram Sridharan Steven Sroczynski Justin St. Lawrence Justin Stern 

Brandon Stockwell 

W Wfi 

Cynthia Sylvia Danielle Tanbini Jennifer Tang Tamieka Thomas Shelli Tindle Charles Valente 

Laura Vargas Nicole Volpicelli Karen Wadhera Georgia Walle Michael Warford Natalie Wiener 


Stephen Wilkes Jonathan Wood 

Elizabeth Ziulek Danielle Demeo 

School Staff 

All of the staff at BHS are certainly well- 
apreciated. However, is is necessary to give extra 
praise to one teacher, who has always given his all as 
a teacher.. .and as a coach. Mr. Sabourin, one of 
Bedford High's mathematics department teachers, 
and also one of three football coaches, has won the 
title of Coach of the Year from the Boston Globe. 
Only three coaches are selcted for the title, each the 
head of their division. Mr. Sabourin was picked 
from all the Massachusetts Division Three coaches. 
He was already in The Massachusetts Football 
Coaches' Hall of Fame, having guided the team to 
the DCL, but this award is just as prestigious. Con- 
gratulations to Mr. Sabourin! 

Coach of the Year Mr. Sabourin 

Ms. Allen 


Mrs. Ambrose 

Mrs. Anderson 


Mr. Huff 

To record one' 


This year's football team performed admirably under seemingly adverse 
conditions. The loss of many players from the class of '96 was supposed to 
significantly affect the team, and a few injuries early in the season did not bode 
well for the Bucs. However, Bedford stepped up to the challenge presented by 
the naysayers and finished up the season with pride. The absolute highlight of 
the season was the Bucs' crushing victory over Concord at the Thanksgiving 
game. GO BEDFORD!!!! 

The 1996 BHS football team, Front Row: Gabe Chedister, Mike Clark, Jay Randazzo, Thomas McCreedy, Eric Sullivan, Gary Martin, Chris Harris, 
Tod Oullette, Bryan Sundet, Mike Reed, (second row) Vinney McGrath, Chris Hevey, Ja Lowery, Brian Oates, Stephan Lua, Doug Robinson, Ben Abt, Adam 
Bleser, Angelo Defino, Mike Sullivan, (third row) Brad Chedister, Brian Waldron, Andy Garofalo, Matt Nolan, Chea Kenyon, TC Rand, Steve Hludzik, 
Issac Salazar, Ryan Friend, Chris 
Carroll, Harry Mac Harrie, Keith 
Oullette, John Duke, Mike Presti, 
Justin Kessler, (last row) Mike 
Schofield, Tyseen Reed, Justin 
Bushey, John Djevalikian, John 
Busa, Justin Bradfield, Robert 

Above: Senior Chris Harris 
stands in the ready position, 
awaiting the start of the play, 
so he can show off his speed. 


Above: Brad Chedister recieves 
the ball, hoping for a first down. 
Right: The Varsity Team Captains: 
Eric Sullivan, Gary Martin, and 
Chris Harris pose for a picture 
taken with Coach Sabourin 




Bedford Them 

Canton 7 21 

Boston Latin 21 6 

Milford 10 14 

A-B 22 35 

Wayland 13 20 

Newton South 8 35 

Weston 29 21 

Westford 35 28 

Lincoln-Sudbury 7 21 

Concord-Carlisle14 3 

Above: Macho, 
macho man!! 

Three men, their vision, 
and a football field. 

Freshmen:Front row: Kyle Kremer, Mike Gartland, 
Mike Donovan, Fred Harrington, Ryan Kennery, 
Mike Mead, Marcus McCloud Jon Potter (second 
row) Ryan Nolan, Doug LeShane, Dan LeFebvre, 
Mike Warford, Mike Greicci, Tim Darling, Brad 
Edris, Matt Evjy, Sean Savage, (third row) Franklin 
Smith, JP Downs, Kenny Robinson, Chad McGregor, 
Preston Kourian, Eric Mesquita, Darron Harris, Joe 


Above: The BHS 
players get ready, 
unfazed by the 
mooning from the 

Sport 8 

Many people suggested Bedford Field 
Hockey lacked determination, persistence, and 
quality. Soon they would realize, however, this 
was not at all the case on the inside. A strong team 
built on spirit and enjoying the game, each player 
was enthusiastic and carried a great willingness to 
persevere. Through psyche bags, bus parties, 
breakfast and dinner get-togethers, meditation 
sessions and "Wa" sessions, etc., achieving unity 
was a must for the team. This exceptional effort 
was much more important than the final game 

Led by Head Coach Jane Wood and JV 
Coach Chrissy Palmieri, this year's team displayed 
an immense amount of potential due to many 
experienced players and a huge Freshman turn- 
out. Captains Trinity Dunne and Keri Evjy along 
with Seniors Ann-Michelle Levangie, Kim 
MacGregor, Elisa McGovern, Candice Tanner, and 
Kristen Sylva played their hearts out each and 
every game. To the Bedford Field Hockey of 1997: 
Good Luck, Chase that rainbow, and CRUSH 

Top: Co-captains Keri Evjy and Trinity Dunne 
Bottom: Robin Grace smiles at the ball. 


Elisa McGovern, Katie Ri vollier, Candice Tanner, Kristen 
Sylva, Krista Robinson, Kim MacGregor, Ann-Michelle 
evangie, Keri Evjy, Nicole Volpicelli, Meg Hamel, 
tephanie Skavenski, Trinity Dunne, Alison Brooks, 
Kelly Dutton, Robin Grace, Meredith Campbell, Heather 118 
Stewart, Kara Volpicelli. 


jm il 

Varsity Goalie, Krista 
Robinson makes a save at one 
of the team's home games. 

Chrissy Ela, heavily armored, 
fights the field for the ball. 





Left: Meg Hamel appears to need 
some V-8, so does her evil-look- 
ing opponent. 

Above: Yet another action 
shot... Candice Tanner chases 
the ball speedily. 


Sport 8 

Right: How'd you get 
so huge? Matt Abt 
shows off his stuff. 

Right: Captains Dave Wolf and Mark 
Kruger try to intimidate the camera- 


Right: Mark blows by another stunned op 

Front: Rick Stuka, Will Stieglitz, David Wolf, J 
Mark Kruger, John McGrath, Casey Hill 
Middle: Matt Abt, Tom Webster, Dan Rashba, 
David Matteo, Drew Ratichek, David Disanzo 
Top: Mark Tol winski, Shan Patel, Nick Sabella, 
David Penland, John Tate, David Winick, 
Bryan Nash 



Dave Matteo, starring in "Dances With 
Soccer Balls." 

Dave Penland finds an outlet for his 
repressed anger. 

Varsity Soccer faced a difficult season in the fall, 
but rose to the challange. Led by captains Dave 
Wolf and Mark Kruger, the Bucs pulled together 
to to have a good season. Although injuries 
plagued the team throughout the year, the team 
finished the season with pride. Seniors Rick 
Stucka, John McGrath, Casey Hill, Will Steiglitz, 
and Dave Wolf all had strong seasons, with lots 
of support from underclassmen. With a wealth of 
talent on the team and an explosion of players 
coming up from the middle school, soccer is on 
the rise in Bedford. Look for the Bucs to be a force 
in the DCL in the years to come. 

Jeff Sylva, Tim Pantano, Coach 
Tree, and Jeff Jacobs - integral 
the JV boys' soccer team. 

parts of 

h<!intire JV boys' team: (top row) Coach Barton, Jamie Chan-Moy, Craig Gelormini, Steve Strazinski, Brandon 
to well, Jimmy Lawrence (middle row) Brad Duncan, Bobby Dutton, Eric Rogers, John Boschetto, Josh Markow (front 
JV Jason Raposa, Conlin Weymouth, Jeff Jacobs, Tim Pantano, Brad Sylva, Shaun Fillion, Will Baafi 



Girl's Soccer 

top: Coach Maskelenko, flanked by Captains Chris O'Reilly 
and Jen Robb. 

bottom: Members of the soccer team charge each other. 

F&F! That was this year's Varsity Girls Soccer motto. 
Through hard work, dedication and team unity the girls 
had one of the best teams that Bedford has seen in years. A 
highlight to their season was beating Concord-Carlisle 
twice, which had not been done in the past fifteen years. 
Captains Jen Robb and Chris O'Reilly kept the team to- 
gether creating incredible team unity in the girl's soccer 
program. The unity was kept strong through team din- 
ners, a car wash, and other events. As a result of the girls' 
bonding and their determination, returning coach,Kristen 
Maskelenko, led Bedford to a 2-2-2 start, the best starting 
record in years. This could not have been done without the 
incredible defense provided by seniors: Katie Akillian and 
Kristen LaFebvre, and Juniors: Stephanie Potter, Joanna 
Thoren, and Emily Gleason. Junior Elena Vaskalakis pro- 
vided both offense and defense for the Bucs. Seniors 
Melissa Fagan and Consuelo Vargas, as well as Juniors 
Laura Olsen, Susan Mara, Joanna McGinnis, Erin Slavin, 
Kacie Kennedy, Rashmi Kaul, and freshman Jessie McGrath 
provided a threatening offense. Dual County League All- 
Star goalie Jen Robb was a major contributing factor to the 
successful season. Her diving saves and spectacular punts 
set the mood in many games. This years Varsity Girl's 
Soccer set many standards that will hopefully be kept up in 
years to come. 

top: Elena Vasilakis dances alongside the ball, as an opposin, 
player purposefully chews on her own tongue, 
bottom: Jen Robb catches yet another soccer ball. 


J.V. Girl's Soccer: 
bottom row SarahVanderwallJen 
Ynostroza, Bethany Russo, Katie Bowen, 

second row Danielle DeMoss, Beth Zulic, 
Sharon Betz, Karen Thomas 
top row NatlieWiener, Caitlin Ramano. 

Girl's Soccer: 
bottom row 
Kristen LaFeuve 
Consuelo Vargas 
Jen Robb 
Christine O'Reilly 
Katie Akillian 
Melissa Fagan 
Coach Maskalenko 
second row 
Kacie Kennedy 
Laura Olson 
Susan Mara 
Stephanie Potter 
Johanna Thoren 
Erin Slavin 
top row 

Elena Vasilakis 
Joanna Mclnnis 
Emily Gleason 
Rashmi Kaul 
Jessie McGrath. 


The 1996 golf team was led by coach Reynolds, Ms, Laver and 
Captain Tom Shepard. The Bucs had a great year finishing the 
season at 7-6-1, the first winning season in several years. The 
:eam made it to the state tournament where it missed qualifying by 
Dnly four strokes. Sean Pruitt led the way with a 78. Sean's score 
aarned him second place on the state and a spot in the individual 
state finals! Tom Shepard represented the Bucs in the DCL All-star 
:ournament. The members of this year's team were Tom Shepard, 
<eith Baird, Sean Pruitt, Ned Chaney, Joe Sylva, Larry Brutti, Dave 
Siannetta, Brian Conway, Kevin Shepard, Joe Barrilla, Nick DeLuca 
and Stefan Iwanchuk. Although Tom Shepard and Joe Sylva are 
gratuating a strong coheisive group of golfers remain to carry on 
where this team left off 

Top Left: 

The polite golfteam, always mindful 
of posture, smiles nicely for a picture. 

Bottom Left: Man with golf club. 

Top Right: Coach John Reynolds and 
his protege, Tom Shepard. 

Bottom Right: The mighty, mighty BHS 
Golf Team 

Sport 8 


Cross Country 

Below: Boy Team Captains, 
Anurag Chhabra and Paul 

>ove: Boys' Team: (top row) Jeff Dederian, 
eg Haynes, Steve Eschmann, Andrew 
rvey, JohnHawley. (bottom row) Pat Dwyer, 
mrag Chhabra, Paul Bradfield, Aron Feiring. 
)t shown: Brian Geary and Adam Weston. 



I ,/j ]ll li i 

bove: Girls' Team: (top row) Kim Sylva, 
idsey McGrath, Kelly Alexander, Rayna 
?n, Sara Colmer, Crystal Lopez. (bottom 
v) Abby Cleghorn, Natalie Black, Debbie 
bertson, Allison Turner, Caroline Leary, 
sten Arabasz. Not Shown: Tiffany Bowlby 

Below Left: Paul Bradfield in- 
tently watches as teammates 
go for victory. 

Below Center: Debbie Roberts 
Bottom Left: Captains, Allison 
Turner and Caroline Leary 

The team as a whole was very successful. 
Starting off with his best season, sopho- 
more Gret Haynes consistently placed as 
Bedford's number 1. In the DCL League 
meet, he placed second overall. Two 
more outstanding seasons were 
prefomred by Debbie Robertson and 
Caroline Leary. They are our number one 
and two runners. Paul Bradfield, Brian 
Geary, and Anurag Chhabra, the teams 
seniors, also ended the season on a suc- 
cessful note. Allison Turner and Tiffany 
Bowlby are the girl seniors, they were 
injured during the majority of the season. 
They still ran very respectable metts, when 
presented with opportunity. The remain- 
ing girl participants: Lindsey McGrath, 
Abby Cleghorn, Natalie Black, Sara 
Colmer, Kristen Arabasz, Rayna Oien, 
Crystal Lopez, and Kelly Alexander. Each 
runner lived up to their potential. Also 
boy runners Steve Eschmann, Pat Dwyer, 
Andrew Carvey, Adam Weston, Jeff 
Dederian, and John Hawley, all worked 
hard and placed well. Coach Barry 
Dyment guided our team well and helped 
us have a season to be proud of. 

Far Left: Greg Haynes, one of 
the key runners at Bedford 
High, patiently waiting for the 
race to start. 

Left: Coach Barry Dyment gets 
help from Mrs. Leary record- 
ing times at a home meet. 




The Bedford High School Cheerleaders 
completed a successful season this year. They 
cheered at all home and away games, for the foot- 
ball and basketball teams. This year, they hosted 
the DCL competition, and took first place, as they 
did last year. The underclassmen and the juniors on 
the team would like to wish seniors Carey Huxsaw, 
Captain Rochelle Morello, and Susan Latiff good 
luck with all their future plans. 

Above, right: The cheerlead- 
ers huddle together for warmth 
during the Thanksgiving 

Above: The BHS Football Cheer- 
leaders. Top Row, 1-r: Crystal 
Salvi, Coby O'Brien, Michelle 
Golden, Tawnya Perry, Porsha 
Dillahunt. Middle Row: Sarah 
Venable, Liz Vanaria, Molly 
Waterhouse, Jaci DePriest, 
Amanda Colford. Bottom Row: 
Liz Brutti, Carey Huxsaw, Roch- 
elle Morello, Lesa Pierce. 


Above: Molly Waterhouse and 
Jaci DePriest smile for the cam- 
era on Bedford day. 
Right: Seniors Carey Huxsaw 
and Rochelle Morello during 
their final season as Football 


ilow: CaptainsKatelyn 
lerrill, Rochelle Morello, and 
z Brutti. 

Below Right: Seniors Rochelle 
Morello and Susan La tiff pose for 
their last photo as BHS Basketball 

Below: The BHS Basketball Cheer- 
leaders. Top Row: Tawnya Perry, 
Coby O'Brien, Emily Link, Crys- 
tal Salvi, Kristen Twombly, Liz 
Vanaria, Tamika Thomas. Middle 
Row: Jen Jones, Tracey Gardini, 
Michelle Golden, Jaci DePriest, 
Sarah Veneble, Amanda Colford. 
Bottom Row: Lesa Pierce, Caitlin 
Merrill, Rochelle Morello, Liz 
Brutti, Susan Latiff. 

The Basketball Cheer- 
leaders demonstrate 
one of their many im- 
pressive formations. 


Left: Jon Brome guards the ball. Directly above: A team meetin 

Top: Two coaches flank Captains with Jeb Brady, Vinnie McGrat 

D.J. Walton, Jon Brome, and Chris Bobby Hartwell, and Akil 

Harris, Oderra Jones Mondesir 

ris Harris, fighting off the Concord-Carlisle opponent, shoots. 

Jon Brome tries a close-to-the-ground shot. 

lior Varsity: Coach Fusco, Rob Leshin, Harrie MacHarrie, Isaac Salazaar, Seth Perkins, Shane 
tie, Chris Starnes, Matt O'Donnell, Norman Pryce, Craig Gelormini, Frankie Morello, Shan Patel 


Girl's Basketball 

Right: Kacie Kennedy pulls 
down a rebound, while Geri 
says, "Hey, I'm open!" 

Below: Geri Parisella posts up 
against a Concord player. 


Above, The BHS Varsity Girls' Basketball Team. Top row, 1-r: Victoria 
Caliri, Beth Ziulek, Sharon Betz, Kelly Clerkin, Carli Parisella, Sarah 
Sjostrom, Coach Maureen Sullivan. Bottom row, 1-r: Kristin Hurd, 
Kacie Kennedy, Captain Geri Parisella, Katie Akillian, and Kim Sylva. 

Right: Seniors Geri Parisella and Katie Akillian tie it up for the 
camera. Jump Ball! 






Bp: Captain Geri Parisella poses with Coach Maureen Sullivan. 
mom: Kacie Kennedy and Kelly Clerkin both go for the loose 

Below, the BHS Junior Varsity Girls' Basketball Team. Top Row, 
1-r: Alyssa Milligan, Elizabeth Brady, Emily Perkins, Shelli 
Tindle, Danielle Tombini, Nina Cox, Lindsay McGrath, and 
Coach Jason LeVita. Bottom Row, 1-r: Natalie Weiner, Greta 
Lynn, Lluvia Coulter, Katrina Forster, Hannah Ullman, Melissa 

The Varsity Lady Bucs did very well 
this season, led by Coach Sullivan and Captain 
Geri Parisella. They put up formidable opposi- 
tion to every rival team, and played their best 
in every game. Best of wishes to next year's 
team and to the graduating seniors, Katie 
Akilian, and Geri Parisella. 

The JV team did just as well, with Coach 
LeVita and Captain Katrina Forester helping 
the girls win eight games. Good luck in the 
future to both teams! 


W . . ^ r .a 
Susan Mara, warming up. 

Above right: Swimming 
quickly to win the race. 

Right: Chris Betz breathes for 
the camera. 

Swim Team 


Left: Susan Mara demon- BeIow:The Swim Team. (1-r) Chris Betz, Jen 

Strates a racing dive while Mills, Susan Mara, Caroline Leary, Coach 

Jen Mills and Kristen Maczko Bottm RowrBen , R , ifkin - ° avid 

^ Morns. Jeft Goldman. Jacklyn Sullivan. 

MacNamara look on. Kristen McNamara, and Nicole Volpicelli. 

Above: Swim Team Captains 
Chris Betz, Jen Mills, and Su- 
san Mara with Coach Maczko. 

Seniors Chris Betz and Jen 
Mills take a look off the end of 
the diving board. 

Left: Diver Caroline Leary dis- 
plays some dazzling aerial ac- 



BHS Hockey 

Bottom row, from left: Mark Lorousso, Dave Gianetta, Ned Chaney, Aron Feiring, Brad Sylvester, 
Tom Shepard, (next row) Matt Judd, Joe Barrilla, Matt Nolan, Steve Ludzick, Matt Whitley, Adam O'Brien, 
Brent Duncan, (next row), Jeff Dacey, Mike Dunne, Larry Brutti, Peter Lombardini, Steve Wilson, Ryan 
Nolan, Russ Duprey 

The Captains: Brad Sylvester, Aron Feiring, Tom Shepard 


Left: Having left 
the opponent flat 
on the ice, number 
1 8 skates gracefully 
to the goal. 
Below: Bedford in a 
face-off with Con- 



Bucs on Ice 

The Hockey Team, as anyone who 
reads the Sports Section of The Minute- 
man knows, underwent some tough times 
this season. All-Star goalie Rob Sanders 
couldn't play for the Bucs because of inju- 
ries, and this appeared to be a huge handi- 
cap. However, Adam O'Brien stepped in 
as goalie, and proved to be more than 
competent. Under the leadership of 
Captians Brad Sylvester, Tom Shepard, 
and Aron Feiring, the Bucs did well, sur- 
passing their troubles. 

Ryan Nolan steals the puck from 
an opposing player. 

dbove: A skirmish at the goal. ..Steve Wilson skates away from the heap of tangled Bedford and 
hncord-Carlisle players. 


Downhill Skiing 

The Bedford High School Ski Team. 

Top: Dave Matteo and Erin Slavin take a break from 
the slopes to pose for their friendly Yearbook pho- 

Bottom: Jessica McGrath... coming down the moun- 

Drill Team 

The MA-791st Bucca- 
ler Drill Team (AFJROTC) is 
Iide up of cadets who have 
l?vated the standards of regu- 
lion and exhibition military 
c ill to an art form. We perform 
\th and without rifles and 
v th the U. S, Colors. We com- 
fte in the Northeast Drill 
I ague with 15 other Navy, 
|r Force, Marine Corps, and 
i my JROTC units. We have 
fur competitions a year 
t oughout New England. We 

have received over 20 awards 
this year, more than we have 
accumulated in the history of 
the team. We also represent 
our unit and the high school at 
various parades, ceremonies, 
and military remembrances 
throughout New England. 

The 1996-1997 was our 
best year ever. The team took 
overall two first place trophies 
in the Team Drill Regulation 
with Rifles and Team Exhibi- 
tion Drill without Rifles, sec- 
( Continued Below) 

od place overall for Female 
Mividual Drill with Rifles, 
ad second place overall in the 
Siool Drill League. 

The Bedford High 
Siool Buccaneer Drill and 
C lor Guard Team is the PRIDE 
othe school and the cadets, 
fcep it tight. Hoorah, Drill 

'earn members are David 
Capman, Dave Lloyd, Chris 
Ez, Jamie LaValley, Terrine 
I rford, Michelle Washington, 
f> tsha Dillahunt, Mark 
/senault, Pat Danaher, Jason 
Fposa, Stephanie Hill, Bernd 
Kllman, Chris Payne, Laura 
Vrgas, Brandon Stockwell, 
C arles McCall, Katie hapa, and 
B sy Payne.) 

Above: Drill Team Captain Jamie 



Indoor Track 

Far Right: Paul Bradfield 
makes a strong finish. 

Right: Robert Beckley send 
the shotput flying. 

Below: Tracy Gullage bursts 
out of the starting blocks. 

Above: Captains Brian Waldran and Matt Abt pose with Coach 

Above: The 1997 Indoor Track Team. Top Row, (1-r) Mike Presti, Robe 
Beckley James Ritchey, Ben Abt, Able Markow, Coach Doughrety. Bottoi 
Row, (l-r)Katie Rivolier, Tom Webster , Matt Abt, Brian Waldron, Air 
i-JO Baccari, Tracy Gullage. 

Rifle Team 

Rifle team is slowly emerging from the 
shadows of obscurity... a few years ago, not too 
many people besides those on the team knew 
about it! Now, thanks to the guidance of Coach 
Goodwin, and the expert marksmanship of 
Captain Mike Goodwin (as well as the rest of 
the team), the rifle team is doing well, and 
winning most of its competitions. 

With so many newcomers, one would 
think that the team would be weakened by 
inexperience. However, they won their very 
first match, against Rogers High, 809 to 773. 
Hopefully, the rifle team will continue to flour- 
ish, and pull itself out of the shadows. 

Captain Michael Goodwin, 
and Coach Roland Goodwin. 
Father and son team! 

T ; BHS armed thugs. ..the hit man squad. Okay, it's really the Rifle Team. Mike Spicer, Gabe Spenger, Chris Payne, Ellen Humphrey, 
S\ ve Eschmann, Coach Goodwin, Meg Hamel, Colin Weymouth, Patrick Mahoney, Mike Goodwin, Justin Welsh, Brian Conway 


Left: Geri is swinging for the 

Girls Softball led 
a strong season 
helped along by 
the gigantic ef- 
forts of Jen Robb 
and Theresa 
McGovern. With 
a lot of young 
strength the team 
promises to strive 
to greater heights 
in the 1997 sea- 
son, but will 
dearly miss its 
five graduates. 

Top: Hey Kristine,hitonefor 
the gipper. 

Left: Run Jen it's only sixty 


Left: The Bucs new pitchin 
ace, Sarah is in mid-form 


Girls Softball 

Far Left: Pivot and throw, a 
first-baseman's guide to the 

Left: The junior varsity team, 
is posing for a photo opp. 

- IP i i n 

Row 1 : Jessica La Valley, Theresa McGovern, Lisa Maranian, Julie Albonesi, 
Rebecca Tomassian; Row 2: Chris O'Reilly, Jen Robb, Geri Parisella, Erin 
Slavin, Meg Hamel; Row 3: Victoria Carli, Parisella, Tracy Gullage, Sarah 
Sjostrom, Assistant Coach Mary Morris. 


Bottom: Row 1: Bethany 
Russo, Jenn Williams, Angela 
Elkins, Elisa McGovern, Sarah 
Vanderwall; Row 2: Katie 
Rivollier, Joanna Thoren, Jakie 
Franks, Allison Lanoux, 
Katrina Forster, Tracy Gardini; 
Row 3: Melissa Costa, Alissa 
Lee, Liz Vanaria, Karen 
Thomas, Coach Patrice Bouzan 

Sport 8 

Top: Was it a ball or strike? 
That's what Steve wants to | 

Left: The face of determina- 
tion, man I would not want to 
be the catcher. 

Top Row, left to right: Coach Sabourin, Mike Sullivan, Brian 
Waldren, Matt Abt, Coach Sullivan. Middle Row, left to right: 
Curt Warington, Gary Martin, Steve Lua, Vinnie McGrath, Mike 
Reid, Bottom Row, left to right: Dan McGrath, Chris Ryan, Jessie 
Rvan, Andv Katz, Tim Shefflin, Dave Storrer. 



Left: Mike Reid sizes up the 

Bottom: These senior's never 
miss a photo opp. Gary, Steve 
and Mike. 

Coming off of a great 15-6 season, the 
Bucs just wanted to get a berth in the State 
Tournament. The Bucs surprised everyone with 
a spectacular 21-2 season. The team went on to 
win the Dual County League Championship for 
the second straight year, but suffered a great 
loss to Newburvport in the Division 3 North 

The season showed that vou can work 
hard and have plenty of fun while winning. The 
highlights of the season were great games against 
Newburvport, Lincoln Sudbury, Concord- 
Carlisle, and Acton-Boxborough. We also went 
to Cooperstown for two days to play Concord- 
Carlisle, and defeated them 4-0. 

Next year's team will miss the strong 
leadership provided by last year's seniors: Chris 
and Jesse Ryan, Andy Katz, Tim Sheflin, David 
Storer and Dan Maclsaac. The '97 season looks 
promising, however, with a number of return- 
ing players like Brian Waldran, Mike Sullivan, 
Curt Warrington, Matt Abt, Mike Reid, Steve 
Lua, and Gary Martin. 

Garv Martin 

Top: Matt Abt gets some ad- 
vice to help him loosen up, 
from Coach Sullivan. 

fin Junior Varsity Team: top row, left to right: Coach Reynolds, 



Bottom: Lauren is trying to 
decide whether or not to smile 
for the camera. 

Left: Nadya is trying to psyche 
out her opponent by looking 


Girls Tennis, though small, succeeded in pull- 
ing together a rather sucessful season. Led by 
the amazingly sucessful Elisa Banner, and 
other strong seniors Dara Morris, Gina 
DiSanzo, Julie Dubitsky, Jeannie Kim. Other 
strong players included Juniors Nadia Volicer, 
Jean Connelly, and Nina Harvey; and Fresh- 
man Sharon Betz. Loosing a number of valu- Top: Don't bother Nina, she is 
able players, the 1997 team promises to be deeply concentrating on the 
smaller, but to still have much of the fire and next P oint 
energy that was the trademark of the 1996 


Sport 8 


Left: Watch out Nadya means 
business on this serve. 

Left: Hannah stretches for a 
tough point. 

Bottom: Sharon is doing her 
Michael Jordan impression. 

Cop: Girls Tennis team. Top Row, Left to Right: Sharon Betz, Nina Harvey, Jean Connely, 
\Tadya Volicer, Coach Aldo. Bottom Row, Left to Right: Elisa Banner, Julie Dubitski, Jeanie 
Cim, Dara Morris, Gina DiSanzo. 



Below: Lacrosse is so easy that Aron 
can do it one-handed. 

Right: Here we go Bucks. ..Let's get it 
started now. 

Head! Heart! Hustle! 

The 1996-97 Bedford High lacrosse team had all 
three of these components. Our knowledgeable 
coach, Jeff Snow, put the "head" on our shoul- 
ders. We had the love of the game - some play- 
ers chose to continue the season in summer 
leagues. And the hustle, even if it meant practic- 
ing in a parking lot because there was still snow 
on the fields. 

This year's team was a well-rounded one. 
Although we lost many of our key starters, we 
also had a promising pack of experienced players 
left over. The team was led by senior captains Jay 
Randazzo and Aaron Feiring, and junior captain 
Nick Sabella. Many other returning lettermen 
helped the team succeed. 

The Bucs lacrosse team has always had an 
optimistic outlook every season. Our next season 
promises to be at least as good as in the past. 

lav Randazzo 


Top: Bryon gets some last mini 
instruction from Coach Snow. 




Far Left: Aron is fighting off the com- 
petition for that loose ball. 

Left: You got him Doug, now knock 
his head off. 

Bottom: Watch out Jay, you never 
know what is behind you. 


Bottom: Jen is warming-up for 
the throw of her life. 

Right: Warm-up is a serious 

Bottom: girls track, top row, left to 
right: Coach Greenwood, JoAnna 
McGinnis, Shannon Simmons, Sarah 
Venable, Kelly Clerkin, Coach Keup, 
middle row, Alison Brooks, Emily 
Gleason, Courtney Murphy, Reagan 
"Boo" Merrill, Kim Sylva, Kristin 
Arabasz, Natalie Black, Debbie 
Robertson, Caroline Leary, Consuela 
Vargas, Kristin Mead, Maria, Cordelia 
Primmerman, Caroline King, Carrie 

Top: Brian Conway shoots the 

Left: Sand down!! Alison 
hopes its a soft one. 

Right: Bedford - up front, try 
ing hard. 



Left: The air up there, Emily is 
leading the field in the hurdles. 

'Top, boys track, top row, left to right: Andrew Carvey, Corey Moy, Justin Hastings, Robbie 
'Hartwell, Casey Hill, Bryon Conway, Greg Haynes, Devin McPhie, Coach Doherty. bottom 
Irow, left to right: Tom Kotwal, A.D. Gerstel, Andy Borneuf, Paul Bradfield, Adam Marto, 
Anurag Chabra. 


Able to run at the 
speed of light, hurl 
heavy objects great 
distances, leap build- 
ings in a single bound 
- is it Superman? No, 
it's the Bedford High 
School track team. As 
in past years, the 1 996 
season was a fast- 
paced whirlwind of 
practives and meets. 
Considering the 
Bedford squad is one 
of the smallest teams 
in the league, they 
faired considerably 
well in 
competitions. That 
was mostly due to the 
amazing prowess of 
seniors through 
some of its rougher 
times. Chrissy, ran 
the 1 00 meter hurdles 
with incredible 
speed, virtually de- 
stroying her compe- 
tition. She was also a 
tough contender in 
the long jump and 
triple jump events. 
Jay, an amazing 
sprinter, ran the 
100m event as well 
as the 200m event. In 
addition, he was also 
quite a jumper. Like 
Chrissy, he usually 
had the upper hand 
over the other teams. 
Without these two 
team members, the 
1 997 track season will 
not be the same for 
Bedford High 
School, but surely 
new stars will 


Boys Tennis 

Both our doubles teams received honorable mentions for 
their record. Josh Smith and Vilas Sridharan had on 
outstanding season, and upset some of the best teams in the 
league. Second doubles, Mike Hursh and Jeremy Ciaccia 
also had an incredible season. Our JV players; Kris Sarajian, 
Sanju Shwakramani, Tim Pantano, Will Stieglitz, Tom 
Shepard, and Erik Luke did an incredible job, and showed a 
great deal of team spirit. Coach Arlene Deordorff had her 
final year, and earned the sportsmanship award for yet 
another year. Altogether the year was one of the best the 
tennis team has had in years. This year we hope to do as well, 
if not better, than last year. Last year's tennis team had one 
of its best seasons in years. Our number one player, Sam 
Richards, had a tough season but played with incredible 
enthusiasm. Dave Wolf, our second singles player did very 
well considering the fact that a great deal of his opponents 
are nationally ranked. Freshman Ryan Friend had an incred- 
ible starting year in third singles ! He showed great patience 
and skill. 

Left: What's in 
your pocket 

Below: Flex 
those mighty 
muscles Josh. 

Top: Boys tennis, top row, left to right: Ryan Friend, Tim Pantano, Joshua Smith, Will Steglitz, 
Tom Shepard, Dave Wolf, Coach Deardorf. Bottom Row left to right: Chris Sarajian, Jeremy 
Ciaccia, Vilas Shidharan, Sam Richards, Sanju Shewarkramani, Mike Hursh. 



fl point reached or gained. 

Senior Directory 

Ingrid Ahlgren 

Thanks first to Mom and Dad for loving me and giving me 
those math genes I hopefully will never have to use again. 
Stefan and Nathan-you guys are the two greatest men on 
earth and mean the world tome. Em-there's too much to say 
here so here's some highlights: 8th grade, Brewmesiter 
Smith, Sewer Urchin man and the gang, dimple man from 
the Paradise, interactive physics, your brother, etre sans les 
permis de conduis, Madrigal, Lend Me a Tenor, french V, 
double sextet, prom, procrastination, 1 have no legs!, hey, 
who horked our clothes?, chill homey lope-you've got the 
point. Tiffany-thanks for being someone to go crazy, obnox- 
ious with, our road trip, I got my piece, for being unreason- 
ably reasonable during the audition thing, jello mold, for 
just being fun and understanding me. Kara-for being mv 
french horn buddy, we better have brought in a recorder 
before this years up, for the "oh, I'm sorry incident," and for 
just laughing at Michelle's pants and other crazy wind 
things. Keri-you are so awesome. Thanks for being such a 
strong person and for having feelings I seemed to have too. 
Michelle-thanks for sharing that crazy year with me: DC 
bus ride back, imp the chimp and all that other good stuff, 
especially camping w/ bandana man and the gang. Jen- 
thanks for just being you, along with all those random 
summer days like the Fourth of July, and for sharing my 
obsession with Ian. Dave-thanks for being a guy i've ad- 
mired in more than one wav. Mike-thanks for making gym 
class fun last year. Torrey-thanks for liking me for my 
weirdness, inviting me to all those shows, and being the guy 
I talked about music with. Curt-thanks for simply being a 
great date. Nadya-thanks for that obnoxious bird call you 
accompany my ostrich walk with. Katie-thanks for sharing 
my obsession with Simpsons and other fettishes, I dream 
about our escapades to come every night! Mer-thanks for 
drawing attention to the little things in life I have, like 
blinky eyes. And to all of madrigal-Parnell, Isadora, 
Penelope, Gunnar, Heidi, Morley, Eldon, Guinevere, 
Eleanor, Percival, Gavin, Camilla, Abner, Xanthe, Kirk, and 
Remington-thanks vou hosers! I've forgotten somebody, 
I've forgotten everybody-I still like you and thanks. 
Goals: To be an artist and paint my words on the face of 


Activities- J V soccer 1 ; varsity 2, 3, 4; JV basketball 1 ; Varsity 
2, 3, 4; JV softball 1; Junior prom dec. 3; peer leadership 3; 
int'l week 2, 3; SADD 1 , 2, 3, 4; French club 3; student council 
vice-president 1 

Thanks To Amy, my wonderful sister. You're the one I can 
turn to whenever I need to talk to someone. I love you and 
thank you for all you've done for me. Dad, you've always 
made me laugh and been there to support me through 
everything. I love you and thank you. Mom, your love and 
support is what keeps me going. You're a fighter and I hope 
one day 1 can follow in your footsteps- 1 love you. NADYA, 
CICCONE,& EMILY- my first best friends. Gnomehunting 
was fabulous. I wish you all luck in the future and thanks for 
the memories. NADYA- all I have to say is family camp. 
We've had some great times such as feliz nav-dad uh, uh, uh, 
uh. I love ya babe even if we did fadeaway a bit. ROCHELE 


& HANSON- Thanx to Hanson for being my loyal lunch 
partner and Rochele for being sweet. 97 GIRLS- Carlo, 
Krystal, Fagan, Venutes, Nicci, Megan, Milligan, Cheeto- 
you guys are great. Thanks for showing me good times. 
FELISHA- stay real- love ya babe. MELISSA & CHEETO- I 
love you guys!!!!! Never lose your craziness!!!! . BETHANY 
G., DANIELLE T., & LINDSAY S.- thank you for being the 
sweetest girls alive. GREICCI- thanx for making me ball 
about your sky and outlining it so well at McDonalds. 98 
GIRLS- Jaci, Bree, Andrea, Molly, Jen B- thanx for being 
cool. Be nice next year to the young ones! Jaci, although we 
weren't as close my last year, I want to thank you for all the 
fun memories. Best of luck babe! GWENN- thanx for being 
my best friend and worst enemy! I think we get the prize for 
weirdest friendship. Thanx for always being there and 
Rockledge is calling for an encore. It misses our Fugees 
cruises. HURDY & FAMILY- Your love and support has 
been so important. I love and thank you guys, you won't be 
forgotten. 96 SOCCER TEAM- I LOVE YOU "LADEEZ", 
you were the best. We weren't a team, we were a family. 
Molson- stay sweet and good luck with Mikey. Apples are 
fabulous and you are the official namer of "cotty". Erin- mv 
wicked Armenian beaver partner, you're a sweet person and 
don't change!!! Suey- you crazy girl. I love your out-going 
personality and the talks we've had. Stay crazy babe! Kacie- 
"B" is the most fabulous joke ever created. Thanx for helping 
me survive basketball season and I'll be back to cheer you on 
next year. You're a wild and crazy girl (I think that's why we 
get along). SHMEE-VEE-S- you are the happiest girl I know 
and that's a good trait to have. CHRIS & ROBBY- you two 
did an unbelievable job as captains. I'm sorry Chris that you 
were injured this season, but at least you played a little. Rob, 
I hope you go far with your goalie career. MY FAVE- ok 
Kristen, I know you want to be like me but growing up in 
Franklin is a bit much. Grass fights that turned into root 
fights were the best. I'll miss your ribbons. You never had 
anything less than a smile to give, and that was greatly 
appreciated. Keep in touch babe. COACHMASKALENKO- 
thank vou so much for this season. If every coach were like 
you, there would never be an unhappy player-"literally". 
Your enthusiasm keeps the team going and I wish you luck 
in future years. I LOVE YOU LADEEZ - 96 SOCCER CAN'T 
DOWN (you know who you are)- you only made me a 
stronger person- thanx! NORMAN- keep doing your math 
homework. TOM McCREEDY- you were the nicest kid, I 
wish you the best. (neck)DAVE G.-love ya cutie. acapella of 
luck - 1 love you babes!!! CHRIS & ODIE- you guys are great. 
Odie, you're a bit strange, but that's alright. Stay cute and 
keep in touch. Chris, my merengue partner. So what if we 
messed up. At least we had fun. You'll find a girl that will 
treat you good in college- you deserve the best. MATT & 
BRYAN- you two crack me up - best of luck. STEVE LUA- 
you've always been the nicest guy to me. You're a real 
sweetheart and I wish you the best in life. MARK & DAVE- 
You're great athletes and all-round nice guys. I'll be back to 
see some of your games next year. BOBBY H- you're a great 
guy and good luck in the future. PETE & MIKE- stay cute 
and 1 11 be back for ya. BRENDEN- thanx for the laughs. 97 
GUYS- thanx and best of luck to all of you. You're a great 
group of guys. MR. SABOURIN- thank you for teaching me 
how to think for myself. OHHHH SCOTT- "and you say 
he's just a friend...." I know, I know you love the song. 
You've kept me sane through these past four years. You've 
been a true friend and I love ya. I'll never forget the red- 
headed potty picture. DERIK- We did have some good 
times, but I guess the bad overcame the good. Good luck in 
the future. STEVE & DAN - You two are great and I wish you 
two the best of luck. JUSTIN- You've been so good to me. 

Through tonsils and trucks you're always there for m 
Phantom was great and everything else you' ve done for m 
Never forget our first kiss in middle school. You're a gre; 
guy and I hope we stay together for a long time. You're tr 
love of mylife, but more than that, my best friend . I love yoi 
DEBBIE RUSSELL- mv partner in crime, my best friend. V\ 
laugh and sing karaoke in McDonald's parking lots. Thar 
for putting up with my cheese potato addiction. Thanx 
million for being just plain crazv. I can always count on yot 
Best of luck - 1 love you babes!!! Thanx. Thanx everyonl 
FUTURE GOALS- To become a cop, get married, and ha\|: 
two kids (a girl named Taylor and a boy named Jake). To HI 
successful and happy and live a long, full life, throua 


Activities: Golf 1,2,3. Rifle 2 Hockey 3 Student Rep. 4 Tea 
Fishing 1,2,3,4 

Thanks: First of all, I would like to thank my father, mothj 
and my grandmother. And to Todd, my brother, the be! 
brother and friend that I could hope for. Next to my ber 
friend and fishing partner Mike, who I can say nothing el 
about, because he knows everything that I could ever te 
him before I can say it. Next to Joe Sylva, who can talk h 
way into or out of something. Golf was fun especial 
George and the V.A. slave. Driving my car in McDonald 
parking lot and getting a flat tire, and for just being a goc 
friend. Next to Mike Reid, who I rented out mv house tof 
a summer, getting R.O.B. and driving it at 7:00 in the mor 
ing, going fishing with me, catching nothing, and final 
sign hunting with Vindicator and DPW. Brad, for alwaf 
having something to do, playing street hockey with, an 
going fishing with me. ..and catching nothing. Aron, f I 
New Year's Eve, for driving my car and leveling a tra 
barrel, and for going fishing. ..and catching nothing. Eric f 
not going fishing with me, but you would have most like 
caught nothing. To Brian, for letting me watch Patri 
games at your house. To Todd and Jay for voting f 
Tierney . To Doug for always making fun of me. To Bryan f 
always giving me a DJ when I needed it. Also to M: 
Messmer, Mr. Maxwell, Mr. Kelly, and Mr. Reynolds f 
being great teachers. Anyone that I forgot, I'm sorry. 
Future Goals- To become governer of Massachusettes ai 
eventually rule the world. 

Matt Barden 

Activities: Hockey 1; YMC 2,3,4; Skateboarding 1,2,31 
Snowboarding 1 ,2,3,4; Spanish Club 1 ,2,Girl watching 1,2,; i 
First I would like to thank my Dad, Mom for always bei 
there to help me and push to do my best. Thanks, I v\ 
always love you. My sisters Jessica, Rebecca, and Danie 
you guys are so cute, thanks for always making me laud 
also sorry for all the fights and I love you girls. Also to r I 
beloved dog Sam may you rest in peace, I love you so mu|| 
and I will always remember you forever. Second, thanksj 
my friends, Bryan for the ability to start with anything a 


Tiffany Bowl by 

'ervone. Plus for pushing me in my skating skills and 
ways being there for our little talks and sorry for the fights- 
ey were always dumb and I hope you enjoy life to the 
llest, thanks. David thanks for skating with me and being 
1 hry competitive, plus for being the good kid and the fights 
per the "best" car. Carrie thanks for the rides, tramp ses- 
pns, keeping me out of trouble. Plus keep the 540's alive 
i id well, UR a unique skater. Michelle (Shelly) thanks for 
k (company ing me to the CDC and our walk home talks. You 
ill always be a cool girl and I hope you evolve to the best of 
i >ur abilities in vour skating skills. To Carrie and Michelle 
I anks for proving me wrong about girl skaters and 
\ owboarders plus Im glad you girls got into skating, keep 
[ alive. Eddie for all the years I have known, a lot, you've 
> en a smart kid thanks for showing me a new trick every- 
! iy, good luck in years to come, peace. Sneric UR the man 
| ep skating. Jamal thanks for the interview. Keri and Trin- 
I ' for keeping me out of trouble and for being there during 
i ir bad times-sorry but have fun and keep it real. A special 
I anks to Brigitte B. for being a very lovely girl and a good 
[ rson to talk to thanks for every thing, plus Mike what's up. 
! lanks to Allison for a great summer and unique experi- 
( ces ripe it up on the slopes. Cox thanks (mainstream) for 
I ing you and motivating me to try harder and keep the raps 
| d spinning alive and well, dancing rules, plus keep the 
} -estyle in tact, peace dog(house rules). Thanks to L. 
I einfeld, UR my favorite teacher, for inspiring me to take 
| )re pictures and believing in me, plus for putting up with 
[if and are talks also, thanks "WORD." Peace to the CDC 
I ;w for the late night skate sessions, keep rocking. Speed- 
| 11 crew Pat M, Bryan W, Me total destruction. Freestyling 
>w 2nd lunch we will prevail. Yung Tsyr for inspirational 
I >rds. Also thanks to Scott W. for photo tips and skate 
I isions. Jamie for being crazy and good at breakdancing. 
I jtty D's for punching me and being funny and loud, 
I inks, Keep it strong, freestyling will never die. Peace to 
I elissadookin good every day),Rochele, Jay R., Katie, 
| ystillium for being nice and kind tome. Mike S., Ben, Steve 
I Mel. thanks for all the cool talks at work, learn to skate, 
I Z. kid you skate intensely rock on, and also thanks to all 
I ; freaks, peace. Also I would like to say hi to the girl who 
[ ooking in my direction and says hi to me, you know who 
| u are. YMC We will live on, thanks. "I'm not touching 
I u." Last, thanks to the Bedford kids for making me feel 
ht at home. Sorry if 1 left you out, but remember I still love 


tivities: AFJROTC 1,2,3,4; Telemedia 3,4; Musical 1,2,4; 
■n's Octet 3, Leader 4; YearBook 3,4; Drill Team 4; Color 
.ard 4; NHS 3,4; Science 3,4; Scouts 1 ,2,3,4; French 1 ,2,3,4; 
im 2,3,4; Tourney 3 

'anks: First of all thanks to God for watching over my 
>ulder during all my mess-ups all these years and all He's 

• ne for me. Thanks to my parents for putting up with me 

. those years, I really was listening, I just never could get it 
,ether long enough. Thanks to my sister and my brothers 
putting up with all I've pulled and laughing at my sense 

(humor. Thanks to Ken and Mike for teaching me about 
ng, about taking a breath every now and then, leader- 
p, and teaching me about who I am. Thanks to A. & B. 
Hand for funny stories and A. for good talks. Madrigal for 
1 bonding I will never forget. M. Washington & N. 
lahunt for an ego boost when I needed it. To T. Cote for 

iense of humor and talks. J. Le Valley for Busta-Busta- 
11-Team practices way too early in the morning. J. Connelly 
o understood me. D. McPhie for knowing what's impor- 
t. C. Hill for those years of name problems, and many 
rs of fun. J. Hastings "ironical" for just being himself. M. 

< Iden for talking with me, for giving me a shoulder to cry 
t and for everything else. J. Smith for jokes and friendli- 

i Is. S. Downs for trust and 10+ yrs. R. Stucka for never- 
« ling jokes at me. N. Larsen, my computer just crashed 
t • A. Chhabra for delayed reactions. K. Hittle for years of 

ipziness". T-Steph for being herself. C. Huxaw for some 
( id talking. J. Mills for Gators, talking, for giving me 
l 'ice, for putting up with me in general, for talking to me 
E ut anything and everything, and for being one of the 

< olute best person to be friends with and spend time with. 
I 'ilbur for finance and ROTC. S. Fillion for being Shaun. 

Meg & Mer for dancing in Madrigal. S. Mara for Gators, 
makeup in the car at 7 AM, for being funny, for being Sue. M. 
Arsenault & P. Dana her for everything. 

Amita Bharat 

Activities: Drama club 1,2,3,4; Tournament of Plays 1,2,3,4; 
Student Production 1; Yearbook 2,3,4; Interact club 3,4; 
Spanish club 2,3,4; SADD 2,3,4; NHS 3,4; Choir 2; Medical 
Explorers 1,2,4; Shishubharati 1,2,3,4 

Thanks: To God for giving me everything I have. Thank you 
to everyone who in any way has affected my life, especially 
you mom and papa. Thank you for everything you have 
given me; your love, care, trust, advice, and kindness. You 
two have raised me to become who I am today and couldn't 
have gone anywhere in life without your love and support. 
I love you so much. Thanks to Deepa and Shivani for being 
the best 2 sisters. Dee, no matter how much we fight and 
even if you're a pain in the butt, believe it or not, I still love 
you. Don't forget all the fun we had together. Shivu baby, 
thanks for being my 'best friend'. You're the smartest, 
cutest, funniest, and most lovable 2 yr. old I know. I'll never 
forget your hugs & kisses and I love you so much hunny. 
Mukesh bhai, thanks for being the best big brother I never 
had. I am sorry I gave you so many problems, but I am 
thankful to you for always being there for us and being an 
over protective brother, thank you ma, dada, and ma for 
being the most wonderful and sweetest grandparents. Aunti 
and Uncle for always being there for me when I need you. 
Thank you to EVERYONE: all my aunts, uncles, cousins, 
and grandparents. There are way too many of you to thank 
personally. But, all of you have influenced my life and I love 
you all! Thanks Tina, Dipu phoi, and Aarti for all ditching 
me after you all went off to college; there is such thing as a 
telephone you know. Thanks to my garba buddies for being 
the best group of gals to have fun with. Smita, thanks for 
always coming over just to play with my sisters. Smith, 
you're the smartest, yet most rebellious kid I know. I know 
you'll have a blast at Yale. Thanks Alpa for being the coolest 
Shishubharati companion. I'm gonna miss you. Nina 
(Neens), even though I haven't known you for that long, you 
have become one of my best friends. I'll never forget 
"Amita, are you Indian?". You're so cool kid! Don't forget 
all the crazy times we had because 'IT'S ALL GOOD!' I can't 
even start listing all the great things we did cause there are 
so many & still many, many more to come! Thanks for being 
an . wesome friend & bud, even though you're a VARSITY 
LOSER! Lauren, what can I say? Thanks for being the only 
friend of mine to have danced for me and my cousin (just 
kidding)! Don't worry, he's over it. Thanks for taking my 
Taco Bell comment in the wrong way, for being my tennis 
bud, and for never being home when I call. We'll always 
have SPARKY! Michelle, can you believe we've been friends 
for the last 8 years and you have yet to swim in my pool? 
Well, we have had some great times - especially all the crazy 
talks and gossiping, thanks for being a good friend. Keri, 
you are too nice girl, let the bad side come out for a change! 
Thanks for always cheering me up, all the 'interesting' 
Spanish projects, for putting up with my lectures (10th gr.- 
keyboarding), for all the rides, and for hiding my shoes and 
carrying me on your shoulders! It was fun! Trinity, thanks 
for always being there to listen to my crazy, obsessive 
stories-(freshman year-tennis). Emily - long live FRANK (o- 
teardrop!), but not to worry, the old PIG (what's its name?) 
is still alive, and may he live on longer than poor Frank!! 
Ingnd-my most unique friend. No, my parents didn't let me 
have my party at a hotel! Jen Robb, you are the best to 
discuss the latest on GH with! Jean, thanks for all the chats 
during unassigned. Elisa: for calling me Ameets by acci- 
dent, then making it a permanent name! Thanks to every- 
one - Chris, Roslyn, Mary, Dax, and Dr. K - at the office for 
being coolest people to work with. Thank you Shishubharati 
for everything, for giving me so much more knowledge 
about my Indian culture and for giving me the opportunity 
to give some of that knowledge back to other children. It was 
a wonderful 6 years. Thank you to anyone else that I may 
not have mentioned. You are not forgotten in my heart. 
Future Goals: To go to college, major in business or medi- 
cine, get a great career, travel around the world, get married, 
travel around the world again, stay close to my family, and 
live a long, healthy, happy life. 

First of all, thanks to my family - Mom, Dad - for your 
unconditional love and support, encouraging me to work 
hard, trusting me and giving me the freedom to become an 
independent individual, teaching me that sometimes laugh- 
ter is what pulls us through (your bad jokes, Dad ! ) - Andrea 
(you know you're my favorite sister) - for being my best 
friend, "Is this Queen? Is WHAT clean?", our late-nite sing- 
a-longs, calling me Biff, always being the slowest on X-mas 
morning - Toby & Irish - for being so cute. I love you guys! 
Who's gonna nag me to clean my room next year? Thanks 
to my friends - you guys mean more to me than you'll ever 
know. (I would gladly give any one of you guys my vital 
organs if it were necessary!) All of you have greatly impli- 
cated my life in millions of wonderful ways. Thank you for 
sharing so many fabulous times - "I gave up chicken a la 
king for Lent!", Fri/Sat nite scary movies, sledding, prom/ 
semiformal, ski trips, cheese jars, concerts, "Doobies under 
the cheese!", Beavis and Butthead, conversations with no 
one, Breakfast at Tiffany's, "But I would be proud to partake 
of your Pecan Pie!", extra holes, "You're one in a million!", 
half days, Bertucci's rolls, you guys drove me EVERY- 
WHERE!, playgrounds, Scattergories, painting the bleach- 
ers, First Night, being blindfolded and taken to Chadwicks, 
BHS musicals - PIT RULES!, virgin Pina Coladas, the Florida 
trip, Gas. . Diesel. . Beer, etc, etc! ! ! You guys will always be an 
important part of my life. The experiences we have shared 
and the lessons you .iave taught me will be part of me 
forever. Even so, I'm gonna miss you lots next year - we'll 
have to e-mail all the time. I would especially like to thank: 
Allison - fellow gimpy X-C girl, giggling in WEJoseph, that 
lower lip thing; AML - Brian P., B&B, cheese jars, gym-boys, 
Gavin worshipping; Becky - Tournament, DMB, Florida 
roommate; Beth - my partner in the Randerbeaning under- 
world, "We've got tonight...", Chuckles, never-ending phone 
calls, Bedford House of Beef, stealing soap, pesto (that's a 
tad bit on the dry side); Brian - X-C, bad directions, cruising 
in the Jetta, collecting coats, post-musical parties, being the 
only boy; Candice - Keri's house in NH, the Original, B&B, 
psych, Rockport; Casey - Cypress Hill, for being so conser- 
vative (but not really); ChrisO. - 4 fabulous years of French, 
your outrageous ideas, ape sh... stuff; Dave - "Wait. ..what?", 
PIT RULES!, frosting, semiformal, physics, soccer capt on 
Hilltop, Monopoly marathons, Toby impersonations, sky- 
diving; Devin - for falling asleep in French, "Devin, please 
TRY to stay awake'"; Elisa - for forgetting that I'm in your 
classes; Emily - Okay, easy EASY!, Mr. Keeting, the great 
advice & encouragement, prom picnic, fellow Friends & ER 
fan; Ingrid - Conn, deep conversations, Col. Olby, prom 
picnic, "Potty!"; Jean - history genius, prom picnic; Jen - 
Rusty Crusty, Swimming bus, f/p sweep/dump; Joe - frosh 
French, SKEEVES; Johnny M's - for being so funny, 3 years 
of math classes (Ughhhh); Josh - for being so nice even 
though I'm terribly cruel, Monopoly; Kara - (& all the others 
- hah!") Per. C gym/ceramics, volleyball/pinch pots, for 
being so cute & so much fun, for e-mailing the entire world; 
Keri - "Botta Bing, Botta Boom, you find yourself on John 
Benson," all of the crazy times & serious talks; Kristen L. - 
for being so obnoxious in gym, gym-boys; Kristen S. - for 
playing field hockey this year; Michelle - my ER buddy, jello 
jigglers, couscous, heart stickers in dictionaries; Miranda - 
oops, I mean Amanda - mad mix tapes (Bad English, Fee), 
hosting the 1st (but not the last) Fawlty Towers party, Feb 
vacation, CPK, physics, Potty!, Monopoly, happy book, 
Sputnik, chapstick; Nadya - studying for history, saluting, 
roaring; Paul - my homeroom buddy, X-C, the potato chip 
incident; Trinity - oops, I mean Tiffany - for having the same 
name, "Bite, chew, chew!"; Francais 5 - Kiki, Fifi, Mimi, Gigi, 
Chantal, Kristien, Sophie, Yvette - Vous etes vachement 
chouette! (QUE? QUE? QUE?) X-C girls - Abby - the 
shoulder rub thing, reverse zoo loop????, 4 extra miles; 
Caroline - your interest in Standing and Sitting, always 
being so encouraging; Debbie - your imaginary friend, 
being CRAZY, ziti w/ lines; Natalie - your crush(es?), you're 
so cute!!!! - This fall was so much fun - you guys are too cool 
for words! A special thank you to all of my teachers for 
encouraging, inspiring, and challenging me, especially - Ms. 
Keltner, Ms. Laver, Ms. Rainis, Mr. Reagan, Mr. Sabourin, 
Mr. Spinosa. You've helped prepare me not only for college, 
but for the rest of my life. 

Future Goals: To go sky-diving, travel the world, read every 
book ever written, run the Boston Marathon, meet Carter 
from E.R., fall in love, climb Mt. Everest, play at Carnegie 
Hall, change the world, and get some sleep. 



Paul Bradfield 

Activities: Cross-Country 1,2,3,4 Capt. 3,4; Varsity ski 1,2; 
Cross-country ski 1 ,2; Indoor track 2,3,4; Spring Track 1 ,2,3,4 
Capt. 3,4; Concert Band 1; SCUBA 4; 

Thanks: First of I would like to thank my parents. Especially 
my Mom for making me do everything that I hated to do. 
Thanks Dad for teaching me new things and for all the 
encouragement you gave me. Justin, thanks for being mv 
big, little brother. Thanks Gram and Papa for the trips and 
all the support you gave me in life. Thanks Brian (GEAR- 
BOX) for being my best friend when I moved here from 
Chelmsford. We have had a lot of kicken times. Thanks to 
the Connelly's for letting me use their computer. Ken & 
Wendy, what can I say, you people are awesome. Thanks 
you Candice for being my first real love, there will always be 
a place in my heart for you, but not Noel. Thanks Tanner's. 
I would like to thank the "HONDA" for getting me around 
and etc. Thanks Kate D., Coolio was fun. Thanks Beth for 
being the sister I never had. To Lisa for a fun summer and 
friendship. Thanks Mike for a wild summer at work. To 
Tiffanv for being the cute girl one locker down. Anurag 
thanks for making it all happen. To Sundet for being the 
bullv at school. To Bob B. for teaching me how to build with 
"balsa." I'd like to thank all the teachers that made school 
fun. Thanks to Mrs. Davis my second grade teacher that I 
had a crush on. Thanks to the SPED department for believ- 
ing in me. Especially Ms. Sav. Thanks forall the help through 
high school. I never had a teacher that believed in me as 
much as you did, Thanks. "Stink writings really stink." 
Thanks to Barry Dyment, not only were you the greatest 
coach, you grew to be one of my best friends. Life is going to 
be a lot different not being able to hear your speeches, you 
telling us all the embarrassing moments of your life, and 
especially your encouragement to do well, thanks. Let's go 
diving some time. To the X-C team, thanks Steve Robinson 
for always being someone I could look up to. Thanks to the 
old team, Naveen, "X," Matty, Jonny, Mat D. To the new 
team, thanks Pat, Greg, Steve, Andy, Adam, Debbie, Caroline 
and the freshmen girls and boys. Debbie vou will always be 
a "yuppie." Thanks to the '97 boyz, Anurag, Doug, Brad, 
Aron, Eric, Todd, Brian O, Sundet, Jay, Jeff, Mike R., Mike P, 
Omar, Gary, Box. To the '97 girls Niccole, Meghan, Krystal, 
Katie, Melissa, Angela, Kristina, Christina, Michelle, Beth, 
Trinity. Ya all madeitgood. Thanks to Keri, Allison theroof 
was cool, I never told. Thanks to Asha, for being way cool. 
Katie, I enjoyed slamming your locker on you. Thanks to 
Jamie for being the cool base kid. To Matt B. and Bryan W. 
you guys always made me laugh. These past few years were 
the best, no w its time to move on to bigger and better things. 
Future Goals: Go to college, graduate with some kind of 
degree and become the next Barry Dyment and Co. 

Felisha Bruno 

First off I wanna thank God for helping me through life. My 
mother for being my mother and my father throughout my 
life and for supporting what I want.George - for being there 
for me, and for giving me those talks that helped. Natasha 
- thanks for helping me with my homework at times, and for 
being a good sister. I hope your pregnancy wasn't too hard, 
thanks for my nephew. Gail - thanks for letting me whip the 
truck whenever I needed to. I hope we have fun in Trinidad! 
Thanks for my niece Giarra. Leka - thanks for da sessions on 
the regular. It was good while it lasted! Congrats on the new 
baby. Shara and Tamara - we had madd fun, jumping out 
the window, going on the back porch. It's time to get our 
own cribs and cars. Don't worry soon come. Yard! Kianga - 
you my dawg, keep it real! Our fun has just begun,and 
thanks for letting me be Kiandrah's godmother. Carlie - 
even though I don't hear from you as much since you all 
married up now!You still my dawg. Jon, Akil, DJ, Oderra - 
thanks for making me laugh, and Oderra I'll never forget 
my brand new Levi's you messed up. Stephanie - we had 
many laughs, thanks for taking me places. Keep in touch - 
What dy a — ? Todd, Brian O, and Gary - thanks for making 
me laugh in all my classes, we go way, way back and I hope 
we keep in touch. Asha and Aisha - thanks for being cool 


and getting me nice! We had madd fun and many laughs 
just slow down on the session tip! Keshia - thanks for 
making me laugh and get a boyfriend. To the 'Click'Hockey- 
( Asha, Aisha, Shara, Tamara, Kianga, and the newest mem- 
ber Keshia) - I wouldn't have made it some days without was good while it lasted, but i'm glad it's over with 
finally. Thanks to Mr. Flynn, Mrs. Parker, and Mrs. Mathews. 
Future goals - Go to some college and major in business. 
Then open my own hairsalon. Have no kids, and don't get 

Chris Bussey 

I would first like to say thank you to my parents for helping 
me when I needed help. They were a big influene in my life 
. I will always appreciate everything they have done for me 
. They were always there for me in the good Times and the 
bad times when I needed them, [will never forget it Thanks 
Jimmy for giving me a job doing Excavation work. Thank 
you Mac too for lowering the age to eightteen years old. 
Thank you Miss Hennessy for coming to are school you are 
the hottest looking teacher in the whole school. I would 
finally like to thank myself for believing in myself and gett 
ing my 96 Bronco by myself. 

Kristina Carlo 

Activities: Varsity Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 1,2,3,4; 
SADD 2,3; Prom Committee 3,4; Hall decorating 1 ,2,3; gym 
decorating 4; peer leadership 4. 

Thanks: First I want to thank my parents for always being 
there for me and believing in me. Robbie for being the nicest 
brother a girl could have (NOT!). Teddy and Dylan for 
being my little boys. Jenn: there are so many memories — 
remember ski nights, Killer Ace, Jim M., our first trip to the 
bell with Eric K. and Carter, cheerleading camp, April and 
Birdlegs, Princess Gwendlyn, "Only the good die young", 
Earl and Fluke, the trips in the Beamer, Neil's dad's office: 
Hi Spencer!, the '95 semiformal and '95 prom, Greg's house 
in Maine, this summer for being there when Jeff left for the 
Army, one day we will kill Panda, Joker, and Demon. 
Thanks for all the memories we have shared and I know 
wherever we end up next year we will always remain close. 
I know you will always be there for me. Krystal: driving in 
the Chevette, the club freshman year, all your "stories" — 
you should write a book, for yelling at Leana, for being a flirt. 
I hope you find the man of your dreams. You're a great 
friend. Becky: first grade sisters, Washington trip — sing to 
oldies, for always making me laugh. I hope all your dreams 
come true. Cristina: for your sense of humor, Steve Miller 
'95, Halloween Crusin', your dream, your light in your car, 
thanks for all the good times "Snoog"! Nicci: your house 
after J. Prom, Dazed and Confused "Darla", the 4th of July, 
Steve Miller. Thanks for all the great times. Meghan: 
freshman year your house but you weren't there — missing 
any peanut butter?, Tim L.'s house being the only girls, 
running to my house through the VA, Halloween Crusin', 
"Cotton Eye Joe", your house of 4th of July, Steve Miller. 
Thanks for the great times. Melissa: crusin' in the Chevette, 
Springs Brook, walking the track, Walden Pond. Rochele: 
cheerleading, April and Beaty, and all the other coaches, 
crusin' in the Chevette, and "Kaw". Nadya: for living across 
the street back in the day and J. Prom. To all the '97 girls for 
all the fun times: Angela, Consuelo, Geri, Carey H., Kim 
"Gibbler". The '97 guys: Mook for the J. Prom — you were 
the perfect date, and Latin, voice training. Stephen: unas- 
signed last year, forall the talks, cookies, Arch Delux, "Nam", 
women need love. Scott: I am glad we became friends. 
Thanks for last summer and all our talks. Driving in your car 
was fun! Jamie L.: Thanks for last summer, making me 
laugh when I needed it most, spilling Coke on my rug, and 
the time we thought the police were chasing us because 
Scott pushed Krystal's car. To all the '97 guys for all the fun 
times at the Landing and the Rez, Steve Miller: Bryan S., 
Brian O., Eric, Todd, Doug, Anurag, Brad, Gary, Chris H., 
Aaron, Paul, Jeff A., Mike P., Joey, and Odie. To the Juniors: 
Nick, Dave, Pat, Katelyn, Jackie, Kristen F., Allison, Andrea, 
Bree, Mike S., Jeff Rossi, Dan M. And to Jeffrey: There is so 
much I can thank you for. First thank you for being the best 


boyfriend in the whole world, for always being there fori 
even when we couldn't be together. You are my angel a<| 
I know you are with me in everything I do. I am so lucky I 
be with you. You have made me the happiest person and 1 1 
proudest. Even though we are far away you made it so 'I 
didn't feel that way. I know all our dreams are going to corl 
true because together, nothing can keep us apart. I LO^I 
YOU! Thanks to the Sullivans for becoming so close to r 
when Jeff left and helping me through it — you have givl 
me the greatest gift. To all my teachers, especially Mi 
Jordan for helping me so much. To the Class of '97: eacho 
of you have given me something so special. I wish all of yi| 
all the luck in the world. 

Krystal Carroll 

Activities: Athletic Trainer 1 ,2; Interact 4; SADD 4; Yearbo I 
1 ,4; Latin Club 2,3; Gym Decorating 1 ,4; Hall Decorating3 
Prom 3,4; Work 2,3,4; School Spirit 1, 2,3,4 
Thank You: First I would like2thank God4 being my gui 
in life. MOM and DAD 4doing the world4 me and suppo 
ing me through my 12years of schooling. Even thougl 
don't show it all the time,I do luvUguys very, verv muc 1 
KRISTOPHER and KYLE 4being the best brothers in t 
whole world, Heave you both the best times I've ever hadf 
BHS-luvUguys lots. JANE4being the best godmother intf 
world - thank you for all you have done for me. NANB 
GUYS- 4 all the gatherings at Brian's, Doug's, Raug's, laic 
ing, flightlines, McDonald's, Vern's,Res,Fa wnlake,and whJ 
ever else we partied at. Thank you-I LUV U ALL! ERIC- 4t| 
talks,being someone I can trust, and being a hottie!OATEr 
gatherings at your house, always being there to talk ( 
trusting you- all of the secrets-Good Luck in the Navy-1 
miss you! BRYAN- being a great friend, always being swa 
to me, UR a true friend,DONALD J.CLOVIS!Good luck] 
the marines!MIKE- being a sweetie, staying cute, long tallt 
work visits, Jamie talks.d . j. bro and sis 4-eva !TODD-the loj 
talks, making me laugh, boyfriend in 4th and 6th graq 
being on my bus and fun to party with!Brad- bothering nl 
making me puke at SteveMiller.ANURAG- 4being clueltj 
and funny. OMAR- semi- formal date and 41eavis 
me.LOWERY- 4being funny. DOUG- 4always repeatij 
me.MIKE.P.-jr. prom date. ARON- 4being so nice and aj 
noying at the same time.JAMIE&SCOTT- 4beil| 
clowns. ODIE- 4making me laugh and smile and great to ta 
to, I'm glad we've become closer.D.J.- being adorable a« 
great to talk with, we have become better friends -don't e\ 
change and always stay sweet! JAY-4unassigned jr. yaj 
and being so mean to me. STEVE- being funny and 4alwd 
loving, ha, ha, ha! 96guys- 4summer of 96! JAMIE- 4jr.prcl 
morning,getting me in trouble. CALLY&LORDY- 4bei 
2of the nicest guys I know, 4doulies, being great to talk 
SHAUN- 4being fine(even if you don't realize it) and tead 
ing me to drive stick. PIETCHEL- 4being great to party wi 
NERNEY- I'll always be your girlfriend and 4being so cu 
BRENDAN- being funny, concerts, and cl 
memories. CHRIS. M.- 4 my freshman year.TYSEEN- tha 
for well. know-3hoursbaby- Good Luck in High schol 
To MY GIRLZ: NADYA- 4being sweet, listening to r| 
problems- all the stories- making me think-don't e\| 
change!BECKY- 4saying what you want and not caring! 
k). JENN- summer of 96', dance partner (freshman!),lovil. 
me 4who I am not 4what I do! CRISTINA- being funny a 
cool to party with. KIM- 4the short friendship and breaki 
my boy Brian's heart! That was really cool!MEGHAN-4tl 
4th of July and I hope we become better friend through t 
year. KATIE- 4always loving me no matter what. KRISTIN 
4being yourself.ROCHELE- painting the vette' and crs 
rides. MELISSA- guy stories, rides through Billerica, Stra! 
berry lane, eating ice cream seductively, flashing in shell,et 
I hope we stay friends 4-ever. Thank you for everything!Lu' 
lots. ANGELA- listening to my problems, being the great 
and sweetest friend ever, thank you for every thing!Lu 
lots- don't ever change. NICCI- all the talks, gathering? 
your house, smoking butts, and for being such a great frie 
to me-we' ve become so close and Ithank you for everythii 
The 98' girlz for bein cool to party with- you all know wl 1 
you are! MOLLY- 4being funny and being a great friei | 
KATIE-all eyes on me! KRISTEN- we have had some gc| 
times, gatherings at your house w/96 , football games, n| 
ning red lights, I's a so tired, pretty bird, right o i 
left,Grease,dancing on tables seductively for Cally a « 
Oin,you get the picture- don't ever change!ANDREA- c 

Emories, meeting Montell]ordan,guy stories.dancing, 
^..UR the best-Ihope Ureach your goals in life-LuvU! 
HRIS-we have become really good friends over the years, 
I serially this year-vette' cruises, all of our secrets, your girl 
bblems, mv guy problems, dancing withU, flirting with 
rhother, Krystal Uin the mood? ha,ha,ha-thanx 4being 
lat a friend should be-Iwould do the worldm 4U- 1 trust 
■u with mv heart-I hope Usucceed in life with all you do- 
probably be seeing you in a superbowl or in the NBA 
)ft- I'll be on the sidelines watchinglLove you alot and I 
r ow we'll keep in touch. GARY-we have been through so 
ich and have stayed friends through it all! at Kristina's w/ 
wd Jim., always at my house,your house, D.J., the long 
ks about our problems.being the funniest and most sweet- 
guy 1 know, all of our fights-UR like a part of my family- 
,'ill always care sbout Uno matter what-thanx 4always 
ng there forme-Good luck with Bethany and with all you 
,- I'll see you one dav pitching for the red sox! ILuvU 
acays! KRISTINA-my best friend since we were 3years 
. I- we've been through a lot- Jeff and Gary, tag team, Dvlan 
. Kav at the Marriot, the BBC, shopping, long talks about 
i?rything, Jim and Gary times, Omar's party, taking truck 
■ :h no licence- there is so much more but we both allread v 
bw-thank for being the greatest friend ever- we will 
j.'ays stay friends forever-good luck with Jeff and all you 
i Our friendship will live on forever! It has been a great 
leen years of fun! Luv U lots!The Carlos- being like a 

• ond family! MR. MAXWELL- 4being a great teacher and 
I'nd! Thank you for all you've done! To anyone that I 
I get-Thank You- Class of 97' thank you for making realize 
I o I am today and letting me know where I belong- 1 wish 
^ i all good luck- 1 love you all and will never forget any of 
i i who have been part of my life in one way or another! 

I ure Goals: go onto college, become successful in what I 
(>ose to do, meet Tyson Beckford, marry him, have2beau- 
t .l little boys and name them Jarrod and Jayson-beable to 
1 ; comfortably and if I don't meet T.B. then meet the man 
my dreams and marrv him! Just be happy! 

David Chapman 

tfivites: Rotc:2,3,4 Drill Team: 2,3,4 Color Guard: 4, Rifle 
Pm: 1,2,3,4, Y.M.C.: 2,3,4 Soccer: 2, Skating Club: 1,2,3,4 
£>w Boarding: 1,2,3,4 

link you mom and Dad for teaching me the difference 
I ween right and wrong, for giving me your undying 
S'port in everything I choose to do, despite all the argu- 
rnts-you guys are special and I love you two a lot. Tara, 
t nk you for being there when I needed you even though 
v fought alot know that I love you. Cindy, thank you for all 
t trouble you have given me I hope vou will be successful 

i ife, despite all are differences know that I love you too. 

I 'in, my little bro, you will always be funny and "cool". 
>rgo (bow your heads) you are still in my thoughts and I 
v 1 never forget you. To Col Pappas for teaching me about 
t real world and preparing me for it, I can't thank you 
eugh, morning rides, taking me hospital, you are more 

I I a teacher you are a friend. To Mr. Hunt for helping me 
t >ugh my struggle with math and never letting me give 
u geometry class, a true teacher who has my respect and 
t iks. To Mrs. Wiener for being a second mother to me, 
t iks for all the candy and food, Bryan Wiener for being 

of my best friends, nintendo, art class, snow boarding 
a skating for chilin at the library, king of the mountain 
a changing cups at Burlington high, Boston, Lexington. 
N t Barden also being one of my best friends, snow board- 

ii trips, bus rides, math, skating, crazy comic's and chilin 
a ork. Carrie Shamel for being the best girl snowboarder 

1 ow. Meg H, rifle team, sorry we never hooked up. Jamie 
L 'alley, the craziest kid I know and a true friend for never 
1« ng me falter, for almost crashing into two semi's, the 
b iroom at coffie place, rote, making fun of BK's, being 

* ed of relationships, Charlie Bravo, Aplha Mango, and 
h ing the same crazy schedule. To Mike Goodwin, VEN- 
C X, my twin for all the talks, and writing the poems back 
a forth, listening to crazy music. To The ROTC CREW 
Jcie L, Na nasty (Natasha) for being like a sister, Tom C 
o g a crazy demented devil, good luck in the air force you 
h ed out all right. Bernd the father lando K, Terrina 
a' rds H, Michele W thanks for the talks, and being my 
flit sergeant. Tammy, Katrina, Courtney M, Chris B, 
C =y H, Jason R, Andy Wu TangC, Jamie W, Amanda, Pat 
C Mark A , C-FLIGHT RULES! To Mellisa F, for never 
le ng me walk you to class, some day. Rochelle for being 

cool, Maria G Swing, for typing I'll beat you vet, Molly W 
.physic's, Stephanie Crook for candy, Susan Latiff "whata 
ya numb," thanks for the talks in IPS cooking class and 
putting up with betty crocker .Kery E for snow boarding and 
chilin with me in English class, get togather's etc thanks. 
Trinity the Viking Warrior Women for being an RK and 
snow boarding and chilin with me in english class. Allison T 
and CandiceT for snowboarding, Jahmal Williams for skate- 
boarding, Matt at hanger 18, and Matt at mass armv navy, 
Ricky R for computer nintendo, driver's ed video and being 
a cool kid. Scott Dugal for smashing trash cans, lifting 
wieghts,painting houses and advice, Christina Ciccone for 
being in almost every one of my classes thanks Mike P for 
art, Jeff A, Jay R for computer class, The Bedford Crew, 
Laura Olsen for rote class and math. Michelle S. for being 
cool. Jen Williams, for being a great friend. Stacey W for 
chilin at work and spooky world. Mer for being my lab 
partner. Brian Cox death matches, music, funky raps, 
freestyling, radical flavs good luck to you and your future. 
Eddie L, thanks for the long talks and skating your insane. 
Scott Wiener thanks for everything, talks, skating, girls flavs, 
fights and arguments, you have my respect, DBH you were 
a true friend, Scott Carrol a crazy insane kid thanks. Natasha 
for being my sister, Reggie D for being cool, work and talks, 
Terrina you'll go far ,TC Rand, for skating music, rollins 
band, oMelononyo (melinda) thanks for the talks. The 
Hanscom Bagging Crew, The Base Kids, Base Freaks, Justin 
for math. To all those who rode the bus, Mr. Kelly the true 
Latin King all hail, Mr.Corliss for bearing with me in typing, 
Mr. Flynn couldn't have done it without you. Mrs. Leavy for 
being the best English teacher ever. Mr. Shinefield for art 
photo and humanities.To Mrs.Knowleton you were an 
inspiraton thank you for all your help .Vicki Kipp, you are 
the first person I met up here that I have feelings for, thank 
you for everything, staying over and weekends at the cape. 
Carla G, my true love for stealing favorite # and Latin class, 
To the bedford alcoholics get help and stay sober. To all 
those I forgot I'm trulv sorry-know that you have all had 
impact in my life and even the little things matter. 
Goals: To go to college, join military, get a 97 Jeep Grand 
Cherokie, travel around the world, snow board and skate- 
board, master the art of the sword, and martial arts. Live my 
life to the fullest, get a phat job with phat money, eventually 
settle down get married have a couple kids, and become a 
part time blacksmith making swords and knives till I die. 


First I would like to thank my family for always being there 
for me. Mom for the love, Dad for the showing me life and 
the outdoors, Brad to mv lil brotha, Grammie, Grampie, and 
the rest. Thanks to Bedford for the good times and the nice 
people. Thanks to the football team for D-day and the 
unending support. Thanks to the 97 Goons for the party. A 
special thank you to B-rad for getting all the chicks and 
sliding some my way. For being my big brother and for 
cuttin my hair. To the Coaches for providing wonderful 
memories. To Hevey, us country boys gota stick together. To 
Mrs. Messmer, for the friendship and detention. Johnny M's 
and the wreck truck. Thanks to the tooth fairy for the 
missing tooth. And thank you to Geri P. For June 6,7. For 
JProm, forklif t, ice cream, and for fishing. For being there for 
me and for making me happy. Thank you for all the 
wonderful stars, which will always remind me of your 
beautiful eves. Much love. I'll never forget you guys, come 
visit and I'll show you my pet pig and we'll do some cow 
tippen. See Yall Later! 

Anurag Chhabra 

Activities: Cross Country 2,3,Captain 4; Basketball 1; 
Indoor Track 2,3,4; Spring Track 1,2,3,4; Soccer 1; Math 
Team 1,2,3; Debate Team 2; Party Team 1,2,3,4; SADD 4; 
French Club 1,2,3; Latin Club- President 4 
Thanks: I would first like to thank my parents for always 
pushing me to do the best that I can. I would especially like 
to thank my Dad for being bv my side whenever I needed 
help in anything. I gotta thank my brother Alan for inviting 

me and my friends to all of his frat parties and for being a 
MIT cool kid. thanks to the class of 95' for showing me how 
to have fun. thanks to my UMass brothers- Gerstel, Donny, 
Hartwell, Matty, and Jonny. I'd like to thank Steve for 
bringing me into the sport of running, all my brothers who 
I love: Pipes- we've known each other since 7th grade, 
you're the funniest kid I've ever known and also the most 
annoying, but don't ever change. We had some fun times 
and many more to come. Cruises in the Geo -Izzum, rhym- 
ing in the woods, juice runs to the north, Cape trip, and just 
chilling in the crib. Brad- always wanting to fight someone, 
always in the mood to have fun, chilling after SATs, looking 
at Doug in English. Aron- helping me out with chick prob- 
lems, being a crazv kid, SAT class. Eric- taking all the girls, 
teaching me some moves, Delta Tau Delta parties, player- 
central, Spanish-Fly, being the only Senior boys to ever get 
rejected from Peer-Leadership Paulfield-for having us get 
kicked out of the Bahama Beach Club, running with the 
homiesand partying with theboyz, driving me everywhere. 
Omar- 1 don't know how you got that cool name, but it's all 
good, thanks for being the worst dancer in the world, 
"where's the fro at." Oates- thanks for not inviting me to 
Maine, partying non-stop, Tyson fights. Sundet-DJ king, 
wanting to use my room, ahvays giving me a laugh by the 
mack-dad skills. Todd-being my OG (Original Gangster) 
and busting mad rhythm. Jay R. -having a girl for that long. 
Jay L.-being a clown, just chillin'. John B. -being my bro, 
always stylin', getting mad honeys, RIBS. John M. and 
Gabe-being smarter than me in all science classes, chillin' 
with Mrs. Messmer. Bussy-for pointing out all themintiesat 
Stop and Shop. Thanks to the 97' girls who made our class 
so fun: Niccole-Friendly's, sister jokes, hangin' in your 
basement. Krystal-having a nice car to kick. Jen-for being 
Miss. Perfect. Ciccone-al ways wanting to party a t m v house, 
unassigned. Angela and Consuelo-being the first new girls 
I met when coming into high school. Consuelo for having a 
cool mom and dad and Angela for having a dad that makes 
fun of my name and a mom that loves me. Sorry for the 
problems I caused between you guvs. We had a lot of fun. 
Nadya-stealing mv summer job awav from me. I gotta 
thank the teachers that liked me: Mrs. Messmer for being 
cute, Mrs. Gullage, Ullman, Kelly for being his President. I'd 
like to acknowledge Lex for being m v main homebov down 
at Stop and Shop. I want to give a big shout-out to my Cross- 
Country Boyz- Box(our king), Dwyer(being a cool 
runner), Paulfield, Greg(speed-demon), Eschmann, Debbie, 
Caroline, Allison, thanks Barry for making running fun, 
telling good stories, making fun of O'Brien, and for being the 
coolest coach I've ever met. My final shout-out goes to mv 
lady Stacy- for being a second mother, yelling at me all the 
timeC'you better be home at 1 1 :30!"), being the cutest little 
girl in the world, being 3 feet tall, laziness, having the b-est 
dog in the world, having a cool brother, hours on the phone, 
looking like Amy C, being nice most of the time, giving me 
money, having cool friends, always making fun of 
Bedford(hanging out at McDonalds), buying me no pre- 
sents, Techno, almost crashing mv car, being the worst 
driver. Also, thanks to vour parents for having me over all 
the time. Thanks Stacia for always being there and being the 
best girl the Loverman could ever have. 
Goals: To go to Boston College and party with Ben Dick. To 
become whatever I want to be and succeed in everything 
that I put mv mind to. To run the Boston Marathon. Hang 
out with Barry for a night. Grow up and be a townie. Hang 
out at McDonalds for mv whole life. 

Cristina Ciccone 

There are so many people I want to thank for their love, 
patience, laughter, and for contributing to the wonderful 
memories that make up my life. Mom, thank you for always 
telling me what I needed to hear. Your just as crazy as me, I 
wonder where I get it from. Dad, thank you for telling me 
what I sometimes didn't want to hear. You've kept me 
working hard to improve mvself. Terri thanx for being a 
great older brother. I love you. Nadya, Shneugh, we've 
known each other since we were two. Although throughout 
the years we've gone our separate paths we've somehow 
always found our way back to each other. Leana, for under- 
standing me so well. Nicci and Meghan we've had some 
crazy, freaky and wonderful times the three of us hanging 
with '95,'96, and of course'97. Also crazy roadtrips,old 
orchard beach, and some wild shneugh sessions. We are the 
original partyers of '97. Nicci, thanx for access to the trunkage, 


roof surfing and for being able to pull strings (though 
nobody knows exactly how). Also for listening to me when- 
ever I needed to talk. Nicci take me downtown... Meghan 
thanx for your crazy singing skills, spockey the happy 
monster,and somehow always knowing how to make me 
smile no matter what, oh yeah and those delectable little 
chewys. I love you both. Many of my fondest memories 
have been with you two, and babv, we ain't done yet. Thanx 
for the crazy lovin and for being my best friends I love you 
two. Chester and Chris, you guys are my boys. We've have 
so many memories the three of us like our frolicking expe- 
ditions, random cruising, the res, and our summer jour- 
neys. You two are like the little devil sitting on my shoulder 
and that's why I love ya! Chris thanx for always being in 
control when Chester and I are giggling little fools, and for 
taking me to strange places and meeting strange people, I 
love it. Thanx for being such a sweetie and for putting up 
with me sometimes. We've known each other for so long 
before as friends now as more. Never forget that I love you. 
Chesta! your a sweetheart. Thanx for cat on my head, our 
out of control frolicking, brain massages, woonsocket, 
crawdads, and gum. "That Chester is a bad mother, I'm 
talking about Mike Chester." Also thanx for knowing as 
much useless information as me, (if not more). OOH 
OOH. ..OOH OOH. Kim, what can I say your a wicked bad 
bomb. I've only known you for a short time but I consider 
you one of my closest friends. Thanx for hanging with Chris, 
Chester and I, for stealing my brain when I need it most, for 
being as big a freak as me, and playing my silly little games. 
In the words of Pietchel you two get a little silly when your 
together. It's a wonder we haven't killed each other yet. 
Melissa, thanx for being crazy. Never forget our crazy 
Walden trips (pink speedo, and rescuing Brad), the deadly 
combination of devil dogs and hot dogs, all our memories 
from soccer. You are without a doubt the best person to have 
in a public place. Conseulo, thanx for doing the worm,crazy 
memories from soccer and for the camp-out with Melissa 
and Angela. Shway you are a rock! Angela thanx for the 
sponge bath, and your crazy fashion sense. I have never 
seen anyone look quit as good as you in police pants. Both 
of you never forget when I made that girl ( the one who told 
me to step up) bolt out of the locker-room. Jenn you are the 
only person who enjoys the school's fake meat as much as 
me, and the lunch ladies cause thev know we like them extra 
sloppy. Nina thanx for always laughing at my jokes, and for 
just being Nina Carlo (the name says it all). Becky thanx for 
being so crazy, and sticking with your Harry story even 
though we know it's a lie. Krystal thanx for letting us paint 
your car, and for bustin moves at the lunch table 'no diggity'. 
Rochele, for all the crazy times we've had. Michelle, Beth 
and Trinity for coming out with us. Katie, the gnomes and 
all the stuff from our childhood, you locking me out on the 
roof, I'm over it now. Goody, your a great guy, thanx for 
letting me beat you up. Maria I just met a girl named Maria. 
Thanx to the '97 guys, you all know who you are, Anurag, 
Doug, Brad, Eric, Sundet, Aaron, Omar, Mook, Todd, Oates, 
Jeff, Gearbox, Paul, Jay, Mike P. and Joey S.. Thanx for bustin 
crazy rhymes and smoking the D.J., Anurag's partys, chillin 
at Doug's, the verns, and the landing to name a few. High 
school would be nothing without you guys. Pietchel and 
Nerney, thanx for nights of cruising, partying, the senior 
prom, listening to bad music and doing stuff for no appar- 
ent reason. Jaci, thanx for children of the corn, our line 
dance, trips to Winapasakee, Mary falling in the drink, and 
our love hate relationship (mostly love). Molly, thanx for 
the aespestos monster, Dr. P runs, easy guide to physics 
(such as gravity pulls stuff down), underground kickboxing 
ring, and our silly little expeditions during unassigned. 
Katelyn, thanx for staging fist fights in public places. We 
will avenge the lighter from Liz. Christen F., for 'Luke I'm 
your dad.' Thanx to the class of 95 for giving us our first 
taste of high school parties. Thanx to the class of 96 for 
letting us hang with them. Thanx to the class of 98 for 
coming out with us. Of course Thanx to the entire class of 97. 
Our class spirit has made these years the best, WE ROCK!! 
Thank vou to anyone who I forgot, you know me, and thank 
you to all the familiar faces that I never got the chance to 
know. Most of all thank you to anyone who has ever made 
me laugh. 

Mike Clarke 

Activities : Football 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Indoor Track 1,3; Lacrosse 1 
,2 ; P-Bench 4 ; 


Thanks : To my parents , to my mom for always being so 
supportive and understanding, and always putting up with 
me, and for being more than just a mother, to my dad for 
always being there for me, giving me advice, To my broth- 
ers: Chester and Robert for providing me with 14 great 
nieces and nephews, and Teddy for showing me a good time 
on the island, and Doug for putting up with me, to my uncle 
Steve for being there when I needed you most To my friends, 
to Aron for being there since the 4th grade, for trips to 
Martha's Vineyard and the Cape, for advice, for always 
being willing to ride in the Berlinetta, Mad Martha's, for 
fixing my bike, to Doug for deep talks in the woods, lifting, 
the trip to Hampton and Water Country and helping me 
clean my house, to Brad for starting off my b-day with me, 
advice and beating my butt on my birthday, making good 
use of peer pressure, to Eric for advice, lifting at Nautilus and 
being so crazy, convincing me to play football and always 
yelling OMAR to Anurag for Water Country, chilling at your 
house, crazy driving, Sundet for Springs Brook Park and 
chilling at your house, Mook for watching football at your 
house and Thunder in Paradise, Oates for bar-b-que at your 
house and hitting drills on defense, Todd for chilling at your 
house, Frank for deep talks, chilling on base and Ace, B.J. for 
advice, Ace and, to Jay L for advice, Papa Gino's, BLAU and 
beating my butt on my b-dav, and lending me clothes, Jay R 
for p-bench, Gary for p-bench and being so generous there, 
Skoal for countdowns, Thanks to Rossi ,LaRusso, Dan , 
Sully, Blesser, Bree, Krista, and everybody else that I'd ever 
parti ed with, Angelo, Heavy, Friend, Duke, Gabe, Brad and 
everybody else at the P-bench, to Drew, Krueger, Busa, 
Bradfield, Bushi and anybody else that worked on my car, 
everybody on the football team and that I forgot. I want to 
thank all my friends for always being there and making high 
school as fun as it was . 

Jean Connelly 

Activities: Marching Band 1,2,3 Drum Major 4; Wind En- 
semble 1,2,3,4; Jazz Band 1,2,3,4; Science Team 1,2,3,4; 
Math Team 1,2,3,4; Double Sextet 3,4; Pit 1,2,3,4; Telemedia 
3,4; Tennis 2,3,4; French Club 1,2,3,4; Golf 3; NHS 3, sec- 
4; Student Government 4 

Thanks To: my family, especially Ma, Dad, Gail, Zoe, Gram, 
Aunt Chris, and Liz. I owe you who I am. Thank you for 
accepting the weird side of me and teaching by example 
how to have a good heart. Also my neighbors., who are part 
of my family- Betty and the Bradfields-esp-Justin who will 
always be a good friend even though we haven't much in 
common. My thanks to everybody else are in no particular 
order, so don't be insulted or flattered (grin). My guys: 
Casey- for being my friend, "brother", as no one else could 
ever be (who'd get alyssa and FDR?). Devin- for sleepy grins 
through all classes and love advice (smirk). Ricky- no, you 
de man. Justin - sweet weirdo, curious george, great dancer, 
fun summer job? goodluck (smirk), and Chris-for ROTC 
food runs-we've been too deep for too long so don't change. 
Thanks guys for helping me grow up and making me laugh 
way too much. I'll always know who my friends are. 
Random-through spinosa, calculus?, and percussion.'re 
really something special. My drum majors and the March- 
ing Bands of all my years. ..esp. Jen C, Ciaccia, Wolfie, 
Mirandom, the St. Sauveurs, and Danielle DeMoss...who 
have gone out of their way to make me happy. I've had a lot 
of great laughs and great times. ..Cordelia for drum major- 
ing and lots. Dan and Joey- trombone buddies forever. 
Alyssa- x+y=bisexual, a million big grins, I'll treasure the 
banana always, and I'll tell you a million more times how 
much you mean to me. The Double Sextet-I'm not going to 
list you., so 1 hope that you get listed in somebody else's 
thanks (heehee)- though Emily and Ingrid-thanks for the 
glass elevator. Petey-f or introducing me to so much-you are 
a very special fellow- and I'd write more if I thought you'd 
ever read this (grin). The Tennis Teams of my years-esp 
Jeannie, Nadya, and Nina-what a crew! I've been hit off the 
head so many times... I forget who's done it. Vilas-or among 
other things, coining the expression "V'ed" which means to 
be hit off the head with a tennis ball. The Jazz Bands esp. 
Jeremy, Dave, and Brian Geary-we've rocked. Brian 
Deardorff-you are a great drum major and friend, and I 
could be flattering myself, because we have the same brain. 
The Math Team and Science Team... esp Alissa and Vilas-for 
our medals.. I can't thank this year's teams much yet., but if 
I have a great time.. Thanks! Wind Ensemble buddies who 
haven't been mentioned elsewhere- Jen, Allison, Beth, and 


Tiffany-I think that you are terrific and I wish that I could s 
you more. Candice-that year of gym was the best, I miss yc 
Melissa-current gym class buddy. All of my teachers aJ 
especially those who have also been my friends- Mrs. Mie 
Mr. Spinosa, Mr. Reagan, Mrs. Krueger, Mrs. Rainis, \ 
Maxwell, and Mrs. Martines. Spinosa again-for sayi 
"behoove" and "predicated." Mr. Reagan again - for t 
marching band and quotes that come out wrong. W 
LTlmann- or being uniquely mr. ullmann. Mrs. G for ligl 
ing up whole days with her smile and The Office- for puttii 
up with me for so long. I'm sure that I've forgotten scores 
people (and many animals), but if I'm a decent friend, y< 
know I love you and you will forgive me someday. Thai 

Future Goals: I plan to learn a lot and love a lot. 

Stephanie Crool 

Thank God this is my last year of school. Mom-thanxjl 
putting up w/me, I know it's been hard. Dad-thanx4 tf 
time we spend. I wish I could see you more. Patti & IsaaJ 
thanx4 making me feel welcome and being my secoJ 
parents. David- thanx4 being the best brother, thanx4 teaq 
ing me all the swears by age 4, Kacey- thanx4 blaming m 
teaching you all those swears, rastafarian, man, we aim 
foun'-, thanx4 all air jokes. Tauryn- IBC's @10, tomatq 
@11, pool @12, throw plum - Hey! @1. Corn muffins, grefl 
baby guacamole, the 9's. Maria- thanx 4 being the b«j 
person to talk to. I know I can tell you anything and you! 
alwayz listen, Gerber baby! Kristine- thanx4 bangor, Bef 
Teriyaki, Fried Eggralls. Jenn Hackett- thanx4 being my stf 
sister, straw, Dana, Allison, C&S, magic dust, bat in ban 
Jazznutz- thanx fro being my "Partner in Crime", typiJ 
this 4 me, singing Wu, acting stupid, let's take a wallf 
Hartwell Rd!- no!, sharing kicks, Thanksgiving, beating ih 
everyonet Dynamic Duo! ), Abner, Angus, Pork Fwied Witf 
etc. JaWann- thanx4 being my brother, sorry I used to ha 
you!, spiders having a meeting on your head?, Cona 
Jeremy- Angus, Akmed, "my best friend", purple tottie 
Flipper. Leeland, Shannon- PPC! Pimpino everyday, chilif 
lamb tongues, DD's. Oderra- thanx4 being so funny, col 
Spanish, stay sweet. Gary- thanx 4 getting me in trouble 
3rd grade, making me laugh everyday. DJ- get yo nut onl 
Walden Pond, scurb, scurb, scraight raviolis, tennis courF 
represent UVA style. Rochele- thanx4 being short, chilli 
during basketball at your house. Melissa- pimpin polygl 
style, pavarati, sledding in cemetery w/ Scott, Rochef 
buttery macaroni & cheese. Kianga- thanx4 fighting w/r 
everyday, I hope Kiandrah has a happy life, take care. As! ' 
Ms. Gullage's class 10th grade. Aisha- beat it up, Mrs. I 
D's, stories, free willy, BIG DRAWERZ! Felisha- no, gwet 
unassigned A per. Stay cool, Keisha- Black E., Tamara-$| 
My stomache hurts!6 , Jason- My black man!, Jonny B, Scot 
it was fun while it lasted, I'll miss u; Jaci, Todd-you're tl 
funny! Angela- Sledgehog! Consuelo- shway! Brian O, Bri! 
S, Lisandra-1-976- sandraah. Jennifurrr! Andrea Jam 
coolest Caucasian, blue pajamas, IPS Clan! Mike Goodw 
Byron, Chap, Rochele, Chris, Susan, Maria, Kristin 
Consuelo, Isaac- Torrential Rains, "Ow!, You pulled outr 
hairs!" . Clarasses-"Klit - Uhriss" . To everyone I forgot - 1 si 
love you. Keep in touch! Peace 


Thanks to Jay Randazzo, for being the shining example 
normalcy in my life - Kitchen knives and sympathy, steali I 
my mother's car, Jay and Rochele, my two coolest friem 
Brian Clemons, one of my best friends. You're doing a 
better than many people thought, good job! - I don't li 
V.H., but I love the -01ds.+ Daniel McGrath, my friend 
life. You always find time to party - pellet guns a 
accidents-sorry Jay. Mike Goodwin, You have always be 
one of the nicest people I know, and you have taught m | 
lot about guns. Brian Fagan, you are an animal, you are t| 
concert king, you are the guy in charge. Melissa Fagan, II 
glad you and Rochele are finally working and I hope y< 

1 are when this comes out. Melissa you don't bother 
.(that much) Matthew Giusti, for being the strongest 
son I know! You made me fall off a mountain, but you're 
1 a great friend. Dr. Ray Bohn, for opening a verv impor- 
t door for me and supporting me all the way. Mrs. Lois 
cGregor, for helping me to do my best. You're one of the 
atest people I know, and you've always helped me to 
•p going. Thank you. Naomi Rosenthal During the past 
r years vou've helped me in several ways. Thank you for 
king mv butt when I needed it. Libbi Campbell, for 
ding mv hand through countless assignments. I love 
ang movies with you. The-Good Dr. Barnes, for all the 
at talks. I hope thev continue. You're the best in the 
;iness. Mv Parents, Thank you for all you have had to 
lure to keep me in town. 1 love you both. 

Colleen Devlin 

Ifivities: French Club 1-4; Drama Clubl-4; Student Ath- 
Ec Training 1-4; Yearbook 1,2,4; Double Sextet 2-4; SADD 
E. Madrigal 2-4; Interact 4; Peer Leadership 4 
kinks to: God for all my blessings; Mom, Dad, Maureen 
k 1 Callie for being my family and always caring about me. 

■ vehadalotofgreattimes.Iloveyou!!; My friends: Beth, 
■:helle. and Trin-You guys are awesome. Stav sweeties! 
rinks for all the rides home. We've had some fun 

■ es . Beth, I'll never let vou lose vour retainer. Meghan- 

■ C, Boston in the blizzard, Walden Pond, those dumb 

■ s...all the memories since middle school. Meghan, Joey 
k I Jenn- thanks for unassigned and for all being such good 
p nds. Becky- you're funnv and spirited, a good president 
pi friend. Miranda-"I didn't know vou worked here!?" 
Kinks for letting me use vour phone. Thanks also for all the 

■ times-my surprise party, Nick's Comedy Stop, SYMS, 
it Salad, and millions of other things. Tom D.-Thanks for 

;ng like my big brother and always being there for me. 
ia-you're the best! Todd and all the guys of 97 Niccole- 
t fat free cake, the informative buffet table discussions 
(lile we drove around for hours), our gym buddv talks, 
I grassy knoll, the C-cars, and I still know nothing(but 
c rything). Thanks for all the times(even middle school), 
nks for always letting everyone come over, (and always 
1 ing people drive your car) Scones- thanks for discovering 
;ds,dasses together, being so funny, and all the rides 
ne. Carey-although we've had ups and downs, you're a 
at person, and I'm always here for you. Remember- 
|6;uner school, Walden Pond, the movies, basically all of 
tth school, training, managing, Schmidt. ..Jeff- Thanks for 
■tng nice and for always making me laugh. Emily, Ingrid, 
U I Jean, thanks for Double Sextet, and being great friends. 
J n thanks for not letting me die during phvsics. Thanks to 
ft ryone in Double Sextet, You're all great. T-Steph- you're 
jsreat friend. Thanks for our report with Anurag, and 
•t rything else. Anurag-you're so funnv and vou're a good 
Knd. Chester- thanks for dicovering foods and being so 
(•e.Shawn, Shaun, Benny P.(I miss you) and everyone in 
Udrigal, I'll miss you all. It's been fun. Scott and Laura, 
tnks for the ride home and for being cool neighbors, 
i/^ela and Consuelo, you guys are funny. Mike Reid (and 
»f yone we went with) for the Junior Semi and for being a 
kg-d friend, you're so nice! Keri-Coggin's memories and 
tljdrigal, Melissa-you're so loud! It's good. Maria- you're 
treat person and friend. Chris and Odie-all the phone 
I s. Nina-"You dumb broad"(J /K) French Class- We are 9 
»f s...Steve, Gary, Joe and John- You make me laugh in P L., 
I in- you're smart and nice. Chris G*.- all your spirit and 
r tivation. You're nice and funny. Josh- being in lots of my 

• c ses and hugs. Kristen- for being perkv and easy to talk to. 
I ierclassmen: Mer-Well, Madrigal weekends and the 
i sicals were awesome and weve had a lot of fun. SMB was 
9 h a night. Thanks for being someone to talk to and for the 

' i vies. Well, I'll miss you next vear, but we'll keep in touch. 
•Sa-Wow, time flew. Thanks for being my friend for so long 

* for all the memories. You can still be in mv wedding 
t leday . Nick-math class, lax, stay nice and cool. Dave D - 
£ going to Coggin's a lot. Jo-Jo and Meg for Madrigal. 
I in-NYC and being nice. My teachers: Mr.Max, Ms.Rainis, 
Cich Sab, Laver, MS.PELTON, Mr.Palmer, Ms.Gullage, 
I Hunt, Ms.Keltner, Ms. Freed, Ms.Babcock, Mrs. Mitchell 
\ Messmer, Mr.Low, and PETE- thanks for inspiring me 
4 for being such an incredible person and the BEST 
tner. Bedford is lucky to have you. To Matt V.-You're 
«<ng so well. Good luck. We all love you. Matt. Thanks to 
I ryone I work with at Coggin's. Thanks to the Hannon 

Family, for making me feel so welcome and for all the nice 
things you've done for me. To all the Hannons— Thanks for 
making me part of the family... I love you all. Thanks To 
ROB- 1 can't say enough how much you mean to me. You've 
been there for me through so much Thanks for all the 
memories so far, and I look forward to our future... I don't 
know how we found each other, but I'm glad we did. You 
really are the best, I love you. Thanks to people I forgot 
(oops!), and to every one who read this. 
Future Goals: To go to a pretty good school for Physical 
Therapy or Athletic Training, get married to a wonderful 
man, have a good marriage, a couple kids, a dog, and be 
happv no matter what. 


Activies: Interact Board of Director, 3; Interact Vice-Presi- 
dent, 4; Drama Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Dance, 1, 2, 3, 4; Kids In 
Motion, 2, 3, 4; French Club, 2, 3, 4; S.A.D.D., 2, 4; Hall 
Decorating, 2, 3; Prom Decorating, 3;NHS, 4; cruisin', 3, 4. 
Thanks, most importantly, to my parents. You mean so 
much to me, you'll never know how much. I know I've been 
a brat at times, and I give you a hard time, but vou've always 
been there for me. I love you so much. Thanks to Mark for 
being the cutest little bro,never letting me play Sega, and 
karate-kicking me in the butt. Thanks to Nana and Papa for 
all the support, and the coolest pool. Thanks to Diane for the 
hospital and always wanting to know the good gossip. 
Thanks to the Jones for being my extended family, espe- 
cially Kel for being my sister. Kelley, I have known you 
forever, and I could never write about all the things we've 
done together. Thanks for the "All Time Classics", 48 Lee 
Drive, 14 and 75, squirrel hunting, making up plays, the 
musical, domestically retarded. Air-head bimbo babes, tent 
people, mad drive-by's, cruisin' in the tank. Water Country, 
bike rides, I love Trev, Pixie Stix, Friendly's, "I need a Frib", 
"I think I'm drunk!", Halloween, Magic OJ, sleep-overs, 
long talks, monopoly sessions, chasing boys, and always 
knowing exactly what to say to cheer me up! We will never 
loose touch (just call the penthouse). I love you to death, 
Kels-Bels! Hey Beth, crazy luvin', kid! Thanks for summer 
of '96, Rockport, cruisin' the Great in the Reg' , Kimbals runs. 
Stop and Shop runs at 1 1 :30 pm,Co-ed sleepovers, no Smash- 
ing Pumpkins/ Reg' rules, 2 token chicks, 4:3:2, blinker in the 
graveyard, junior boys, chez Beth, the Heem's, "I'd hit that, 
two times, like a twice baked potato", birthday b's, lOOSt 
Permagrin, singing at the top of our lungs, and generallv 
being exactly like me! If only we'd become friends sooner! 
To mv bus/ locker/science buddy, Trinity. We have had so 
much fun, especially summer of '96! The bug on your carpet, 
crashing at your place, going to Uno's, 'Tell John to come 
here!", rides to school when I didn't have my license, 4:3:2, 
hooking up (93!), status maintained, Nickerson Road runs, 
Sunoco, saving at least one perverted thing a day. Thanks to 
Dan for being my punching bag, for always caring if I cry, for 
telling me I can never be tamed, HBDB, for having cool 
nicknames (Sock-boy, Beef Knish, Weights-ba, Trev), for 
giving me nicknames (Corky, Sweetie-D's), Friendly's, Gina- 
bashing, the antiroom, our restaurant, which we learned all 
about starting in Intro to Business, Halloween scars, com- 
mitting a felony on your birthday, "nah, kid, nah", and "you 
win some, you lose some". Nicci, Eric, Trin and Lordy - 
Thanks for C-period Unassigned. Nicci, thanks for the 
Vems, introducing me to DJ, being my therapist, and never 
being at your own parties. Eric, thanks for your analogies, 
teaching me why men are scum, trail-blazing, mad secrets 
and saying that I'm the only girl you would marry. Lordy, 
thanks for vour C-period advice, and your (or your brother' s) 
pool/jacuzzi/sleepover party. Thanks to Kim Trelegan for 
inspirering me to keep dancing, and for teaching me that 
there is no grey area. To everyone at the Stage Door; Jen, 
Meghan, Nicci, Nina, Carey, Ta wnya, Robin, Lynn, Colleen, 
Kristen, Jaci, and Deanna, thanks for all the good times, 
keep dancing. Thanks, Amita for being there for me, for 
crying on cue, for always telling me how smart I am. Thanks 
to Spanky-D for being the funniest guy I know, Halloween, 
breaking into Pro-Motion and for ragging on me. To JT, 
thanks for letting me beat on you (I can take you!) and 
partying, you're my little brother! Jeb, thank for always 
asking me "what's up?" in french class and for being huge, 
kid! Thanks Fanelli, for my junior prom (sorry about all the 

pictures). Thanks Nick for making Sab's class enjoyable two 
years in a row, and for driving me home the wrong way 
down Lordv's street and getting pulled over! Thanks to 
Nerny and Pietchel for making me laugh, Ramanno's 
(Nerny), and for saving "piss-poor", "sheets", "beaten with 
the uglv stick", and being the sweetest guys in Bedford! To 
Ciccone for always plotting some evil scheme. To Meghan 
for being crazv and never knowing the words. To Tiffany 
for giving me advice during Analysis, being Interact Prez, 
jello-jigglers, the full moon, frosh English with Andre, and 
theme parties. Ingrid, remember camping spring of frosh 
vear? Thanks for vellow #5, all day volleyball, and Earth- 
worm Jim. Matteo for "I hate it when I don't score". Sabella 
for I'd hit that!" Corey for Friendlv's and calling me Wheat. 
To Omar for flirting. To Brian for driving me to McDonalds 
when I need to pee. To Zoe and Randy for being my 
sweeties. To Misty and Licky, for being the cutest dogs. To 
the '97 gang, you know who you are, for partying and being 
cool like that. 

Future goals: To never stop partying and being happy, to 
travel the world and experience everything I can, to some- 
day open a restaurant with Rashba next to Beth's cottages! 
To never forget my friends, to love and be loved, and always 
try to help where I can 

Shawn Downs 

Activities: J.V. Soccer 1,2; Telemedia 2,3, Student leader 4; 
Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; Hungry 1,2,3,4...; ROTC 1,2; Choir 1; 
Madrigal 2,3,4; Men's Octet 3, Student Leader 4; Musicals 
1,2,3,4; Drama Club 1,2,3,4; Tournament 3,4; Inter Act Club 
(kinda) 3,4; Show Choir 1 ,2; Boy Scouts 1 ,2,3,4; Latin Club 4; 
Yearbook 4; Student Production 2,3; Spring Play 3, 4?; Inter- 
national Week Stuff 1,2,3,4 

Thanks: The worst thing about writing this is that I don't 
necessarilv have enough space to write everything out, 
because it would take me forever (no joke) to do it. To start 
things off, I would like to thank ALL OF YOU WHO HAP- 
PEN TO BE READING THIS!! Thanks. Now, lets get to 
business. I would like to start off by thanking the school, and 
the quality education it has given me (yes, even calculus). 
While on education, I would like to thank a few teachers, 
although I would thank you all if you had the time. The first 
teachers I would like to thank are Mr. Bennett, Mr Dougherty, 
and Mr. Hirsch, for being first teachers to fully inspire me 
towards the way of greatness in the realms of society, sci- 
ence, and the arts. The second teacher I would like to thank 
is Mr. Wakefield, for the fun, inspiring way he taught, and 
how he could easilv be Santa Clause. Teacher #3 = Mr. 
Sabourin, for singularly being one of the greatest teachers I 
have ever had, and will ever have. He taught me one of the 
greatest keys to success, enthusiasm. Did I mention that he 
is a great math teacher? I w ould like to thank Ken Scheyder, 
Mike Poulin, and Alan Coady of my scout troop. They gave 
me positive encouragement on this Eagle Project (which 
never ends), points of wisdom, and forgiveness for almost 
burning many a camp down. Finally I would like to thank 
Mr. Low, not just as a teacher, but as someone who has had 
to put up with me through the years. OK! Now lets get to the 
fun part! I would like to start off by thanking Devin for 
having the potential of a great leader, while able to have fun. 
This also applies to Jean, who always has something useful 
to say, especially to Mr. Spinosa (Ha, Ha). Casey is next, 
always having someting interesting to say (Ok George), 
while having so much fun in physics. Ricky, you the man! 
Sorry about the Boston Globe incident. Miranda for 
Telemedia stuff, and Kamah for doing a wheelie good job at 
being fun, and for running over Chris. Justin, for all those 
wierd Spainsh videos, the funky dance moves, and for that 
great sense of humor. Hunter, Hunter (sigh). You never 
cease to amaze me with you ambitions, computer know- 
how-, and all those videos with Justin. If you can beat out Bill 
Gates, go ahead, but make sure that 1 can get a well paying 
job out of it. Derek, for being so observant of all the chaos, 
and trving to make some sense out of it. David L, for being 
one of the most unselfish people I know, while puting up 
with me. Carey for being the happiest cheerleader, but for 
also showing that cheerleaders have a deeper side to them. 

Emilv, for being so there! You and Ingrid have continu- 

allv amazed me with your acting and singing, all the way 
from day Kor is it 2?). I thank all the Inter Act girls for their 
support in all my ventures, among other things. I also thank 
Madrigal, for all their continued support in countless situa- 
tions. Mer and Meg for being so fun, while Adam, Andy, 



Dave R., Honkus, Jesse, and Ryan for the parties, Magic, and 
having fun. Robin for such random things such as exotic 
pigeons. I thank food for being there when I am hungrv 
(which is all the time), and music ("Weird Al" Yankovicand 
Def Leppard rock) to entertain me. I thank Matt K., Jeff St., 
Emalie P., and Dave P. for my own T. V. show (If it ever gets 
aired). Now we come to the more serious thanks so hang on! 
I begin by thanking Bobby M. for being such a great child- 
hood friend, and putting up with me all these years. Chris B , 
for scouts (the posion ivy incident comes to mind), for ESP, 
for all that extra help in school, for just being a great friend. 
Finallv, I would like to thank Shaun Fillion, who has been 
one of the best friends I have ever had. You have put up with 
me more than anyone else excluding my parents, and I am 
proud of your achievements. 1 am proud to be a Shawn (or 
Shaun, or Sean, etc.) Now, you may be thinking that I forgot 
my family. WRONG!! I have been saving the best for last. So 
without any adieu, I would like to thank my not so little 
sister, Nikki. If there were a description of the average 
annoying little sister, you would fit the bill (OK, I'm only 
kidding). I hope to see the day when you win for Olympic 
Women's Basketball Team. J. P., you have always been stron- 
ger than me, (although you have never beaten me up!) and 
you always seem to have a million girlfriends, and I hope 
that you will rise to be great someday. Debbie, for teaching 
me to smile. You sparked the very odd sense of humor I 
have, and in that I woe you one. Finally, I would like to thank 
my parents for a job well done. Mom, Dad, you have done 
a saint's job in making me what I am today. You have given 
me that second chance, and in that, I owe you A LOT! No Me 

Future Goals: I want live a full life filled with 
happiness. (Money, a faimily, Food, Being Important, Sing- 
ing, Acting, and Having Fun can't hurt either.) I will un- 
cover the Roswell conspiracy, star in some movies, go into 
orbit, be a Reinassance Man, and maybe even run for 
President. The future is waiting 

Trinity Dunne 

Field hockey 1,2,3,4; Captain 4; Tennis 1; Interact 3,4; Trea- 
surer 4; Board of directors 3,4; Yearbook 1 ,2,3; Spanish club 
1,2,3; SAAD 1,2,3,4; AFS 3; NHS 4; Dance 2; Wachusett 
program l,2,3;Carlton Willard 3,4; Hall Decorating 2,3;Gym 
Decorating 1,2,3,4; Prom committee 3,4; Crusin 3,4 
Thanx to: Mom and Dad: for everything you've done for me 
and being an inspiration to me thorought these past 17 
years. Thanks4 always believing in me and being there for 
me and loving me no matter what. I love you both very 
much! Mike: being a great brother and a great friend, for 
warming up my car, and our friendship. I love ya kid! 
Katherine and Stephen: being so cute and never letting me 
get anything done. ..(Auntie, Gammy, Papa, 
Cathleen, people in Florida). I love you all!!! Beth: the con- 
certs, guys, the late-night walks, drivebys, Billerica runs, 
street runs, 4-3-2, sherbert / frozen yogurt, obsessions, crusin, 
double-dates, talks, fluff, chicken-crispins, Horida, driving 
me around, co-ed sleepovers, Billerica parties, C. W.V, x-mas 
parties, hookups, "cancun fries," car searches, 
fridge(C.W.V.), WUMP, balloon run, christening my car, 
"massive biceps," breakfasts, parties , taste-tests, living at 
my house. ..being my sister, and always being there. Love ya. 
Keri: being a good friend, co-captains, wachusett, gunstock, 
RE-LAX, snowboarding/ skiing, wolfborou, New Years, din- 
ners, listening to my guy stories, car surfing, running, track 
walks, C.F.D.C, S.O.S, advice, captains practices, "impres- 
sive", polka, prom night, poetry, seriousness, long phone 
talks, spirit, singing, big words, microphone singing, club- 
bing, cranberries... and always giving me the benefit of the 
doubt. L.Y.L. A.S. Michelle: being my neighbor, bus buddy, 
car buddy, locker, science, math, NHS, homeroom buddy, 
everything buddy, hookups, crashing '93 parties(Beth too), 
card games, Ace and Big Lordie (we won!), 4-3-2, our 
purity/Sunoco walk, summer of '96, unassigned, concerts, 
"status maintained," the high wire, your back yard, crusin, 
your car, your spunk!, parties, Lowell, the "hard stuff", and 
knowing how to have fun. Allison: being one of my craziest 
friends, JAKE, Kevin, Keri's basement, YUM-YUM lunch 
boy, not being afraid to be unique and not caring what 
anyone thinks. Jen: having identical relationships, hanging 
with JakeOst time), Live, Alanis, Greenday, big yellow bus, 
trunk-riding and our guys suck stages. Candice: vour per- 
verted mind, field hockey, your attitude, being open, our 
talks, sheep balls, and skipping school with me. Ann- 

Michelle: 9th grade gym, fajitas and baked bananas, Spanish 
projects, the word "tequila," field hockey, sheep balls, and 
your smarts. Kim( "TONSILS"), covering my shifts, Joe, 
Dudley road, hanging out my car, purple necks, your se- 
crets, C.W.V, chicken, and summer fun. Elisa: being the first 
person I met in Bedford, fieldhockey, and being sweet. 
Kristen: playing fieldhockey(quiting cheerleading), and 
having spirit. Tiffany: answering to Trinity, breakfast at 
Tiffany's, fun gatherings, running at Alanis, "I pushed da 
button!" Nicole: unassigned stories and reunions, advice, 
free chicken-crispins, telling us to come out, inviting every- 
one to my house, clearly Canadian bottles, your house, and 
being the biggest party girl. BrianG: believing my flying guy 
stories, confiding in me, our talks, coming when no other 
guys did, "sheets!", forgetting where you parked, and being 
a "good kid!" Ingrid: being unique and fun to be with, your 
cool clothes, and just being you! cooch brothers: YMC, 
snowboarding, skateboarding Bryan: Spanish, polka, spit- 
ting games, chair lift rides, our long talks, sweet- tart heart 
candies, charlie horses, beating me up, hackie sacks, your 
mom, our friendship, and not crashing my car. Matt: our 
talks, history pants, your nutty driving, being able to say 
things with a straight face, your sensitive side, and making 
classes interesting. DaveC: your ego, freshman health, 
Milliken English, phone calls, being an E.M, staring contests, 
arguments, notes, R.K, giving me a hard time, and never 
returning by c.d's. Amita: letting me stop by, telling me you 
slept in your bath tub, your cousins, your guy stories, and 
your dances. Kelly: finally coming out, having big feet and 
being cool and crazy. Lauren: our letter games, our talks, 
skating, being separated in English, middleschool, and our 
friendship. Geri: our theory, having to pee..., and always 
being nice. Colleen: always being late for homeroom and 
hanging out Paul: the free swigs, the rides, and being able to 
run forever. Joe: rides, your hair and math. Steve: Ryan, Sha, 
and pencils. Josh (unassigned) and DaveW: the blindfolded 
excursion, driving fast, and Chadwicks. Nash: the bellv- 
buster and calling me Judy. MikeG: health class and being 
nice to Andrew. Melissa: partying with me, for the big bug, 
screaming, "he wants you", being hyper with me, and our 
plan. NinaC:dancing in your brother's room. Krystal: your 
car, your stories, springs brook with '96, for '96 gatherings, 
Steve Miller, frozen grapes, hanging out. All the field hockey 
players(KaraV, Mer, Meg, Krista, Heather, Allison, 
Kelly. ..Coach Wood, Ms. G.) AndreaM: F- me Sunoco and 
all our Sunoco jokes. RobinG: camp, "ah-soo-you-sucker!" 
Lordie: your pool, hot tub, and unassigned. GeoffC. & 
DaveL: For the panda game, our competition and a night to 
remember! '96 guys: For our summer gatherings '97 guys: 
For the rez, landing strip, mickie D's, springs brook, Steve 
Miller. '93 Bedford and Billerica guys: For making summer 
of '96 memorable. Also thanx to: Rashba, DiSanzo, and Tate 
for being the coolest junior guys and the signs. Mike's 
friends: Doug, Russ, Chris(for being my little boyfriends), 
Nick, MikeW, Joe, Sean, Eric Thanx: to the C.W.V crew, I 
love you all!!! Hunt: getting me to like math, McGowan, 
Sheinfeld, Sabourin(enthusiasm), Messmer, and all my other 
teachers. And thanx to anyone I forgot to mention and to the 
CLASS OF 1997!!!! 

Future goals: Go to college. Marry the man of my dreams 
and have two kids. Never forget the memories of high 
school and to try to keep in touch with all my friends. Live 
a happy and healthy life and never lose the people impor- 
tant to me 

Kianga Eccles 

First of all I would like to thank God, my mother and my 
father for bringing me into this world. Thank you mom for 
helping me out through thick and thin , especially for being 
there the most when I was pregnant. A special thank you to 
my my grandmother , aunts and uncles for all their support 
in helping me out with Kiandrah while I go to school. 
Thanks to Keshia and Aswad for making me laugh. Also 1 
would like to give a big Thanks to Jamie and my daughter 
Kiandrah Jalaisia Good - Eccles I love u guys always. I 
would like to give a big shout out to Felisha for being there 
and also for being the Godmother of my daughter. I would 
like to thank the-A click , they know who they are. You'll 
keep it real! Stephanie a.k.a. Mop Head for being so silly. I 
would like to thank Monkey Brome Jon, for acting like a 
monkey which you are but you know I had you under 
control with the zapper, Akil you're the first alien I ever seen 
on earth please go back to Mars , Peanut Head for staying 

down below going deep sea fishing and Odera keep it i 
Monkey #2. Todd , Oates and Gary for making me lau 
Last but not least I would like to give a big thanks to Mrs. > 
Gregor for helping me out in my worst situations and be 
by my side no matter what, Mr. Maxwell for being a gi 
English teacher , Miss Matthews for teaching me math ; 
Mr. Flynn. 

My future goal is to become a elementry teacher and go 
to college. 

Angela Elkins < 

Activities: Basketball - 2,softball - 2,3 
1st 1 would like to begin by thanking God and my wh 
family (mom, dad, Christy, and Rick) I owe u gi 
everything. Thanks4 always being there and always S' 
porting me. Mom and Dad thanks4 the car,and all the ot 
terrific things u' ve done for me.U never stopped believinj 
me when I stopped believing in myself Christy than 
always letting me wear your clothesand listening. Rick thai 
not beating me up that much. I luv u all.Thanks to the wh 
class of 97 for making my time at BHS so awesome it ] 
been 4 terrific yrs.Consuelo, U've been 1 true friend sin«j 
moved here. Uwere always there when I needed advice < 
shoulder to cry on. .Even though we aren't as close as we 
2-b you're still like a sister to me.We've shared everyth 
from clothes 2 secrets, U've been there 4 me whenever 1 1 
a problem with my family, or 1 of my boyfriends. We havs 
much in common its hard 2 believe that we've grown so 
apart. We have a lot of good memories and a lot of bad or 
Hopefully we can work things out and become bet 
friends. But no matter what has happened or will happe 
will always be my best friend. Melissa -U've been sue 
good friend since freshman yr. U've been there4 me wht 
needed and U always listen to me complain (whicl 
often)we have had a lot of good times 2gether (rollerblad 
trips,Steve Miller, swimming in our underwear, campinj 
my backyard, motel 6) thanks for being able to speak yi 
mind and always cheering me A . Krystal 1st I would lil 
thanku4 not kicking my butt 10th grade, 4 being so cn 
and not caring what other people think. We've become gc 
friends these last 2yrs and I hope it stays that way.Ciccoi 
want 2 thanku4 being such a happening friend. U've alw 
been able 2 make me laugh. Thanks4 being such a riot a 
thanks4 all the good times (camping my backyard, spoi 
bath, hall decorating.covering my whole head in Hallowf 
make-up, steve miller,motel 6) Maria u are such a gi 
friend, u are someone I'll never forget thanks4 listening 2 
my problems and 4 being able 2 cheer me up when I v 
down. UR always there when I really need a friend 
ya!Kim even though I haven't known U that long, you 
been a real nice friend thanks4 being so cool.Rochele I kn 
I don't know U2 well but you're a really wonderful frie 
sorry4 what happened at the beginning of 10th gra 
Thanks4 being so sweet .Meghan and Nicci acknowlei 
ment4 being the way u guys are, U2 rock thanks4 hav 
such cool parties. Meghan thanks4(rollerblading trips a 
camping in my backyard)Nicci thanks4 being 1 of the o 
people I know who can argue her way out of everythi 
Stephanie thanks4 being so sweet and little. Don't e 
forget Spanish class with Ms. Estrada. Kristine you've bf 
a great friend thanks 4 being so nice,always remember 
fun we had while playing softball 2gether.Jen, Bee 
Nadya, Katie, and Nina thanks 4 everything its been r 
knowing all of u guys.Susan - its hard 2 fine friends 1 
u, thank u 4 being the only person I know who doesn't juc 
people until u know them. Thanks 2 all the other girls of 
Geri, Chris O Reilly, Trinity, Keri E, Cari H,Elisa,and anyc 
else I may have forgotten, thanks 2 everyone at 2 
lunch(Molly,Katie,Lesa,Katlyn,Ciccone, Melissa, Krys 
Kristen,)u guys make me look forward 2 eating the schoi 
lunch thanks 4 being to cool.- Anurag thanks 4 being 1 of 
1st guys from Bedford 2 talk 2 me, thanks 4 9th grade s 
playing me and Consuelo-just kidding. Thanks 4 being 
funny and weird.Jay R. thanks 4 9th grade, sorry thii 
didn't work out but I guess it was 4 the best stay sweet!Jar 
and Scott u 2 are the greatest! Thanks 4 being so funny z 
getting me in so much trouble all the time. (Jamie so 
things never worked out, I guess it wasn't meant to be,ne 
forget how much u embarressed me by proposing to m< 
Pizzeria unos. ) Gary-thanks 4 1 0th grade, talking 2 me al 
u dumped me, and 4 making me laugh so much 
Ms.Keltners.Brad just wanted 2 thank u 4being so annoy 
in Mr. Palmers studyd still have your lucky bent penny)M 



hanks for bieng such a cool guy,and for being my lab 
tner last vear. Thanks 2 Joey, Steve, Jamie, and Jay 4 
king me look like a idiot everyday in 
Donovonsdurning my desk all the way around while I 
; sitting in it)Thanks 2 Chester 4 always being so nice 2 
and 4 making me laugh. Bobby H and Rashmi thanks 4 
ting up with me in Ceramics. Mike Good win-I hate u-just 
iing, thanks 4 always joking around with me,its been 
Thanks2 Bryan Sundet 4 always being so flirty luv ya.2 
other guys I might have forgotten, and 4 those of U 1 
't reallv know It's been nice knowing U. Last but not 
t I'd like2thank Todd. U are the most important person 
iy life.Thanks4 always being there when I needed U. Every 
ute we spend 2-gether means so much 2 me and I know 
n always depend on U. Knowing that u are apart of my 
makes me so happy. I know we've had our ups and 
/ns but I know there will be plenty more good memories 
will share .U've changed my life so much but 4 the 
er.I'll never be able 2 thank u enough. I luv u. 
ire goals:go to college somewhere, major in something, 
ry Todd and have four hellraising kids 

Keri Evjy 

vities: Field Hockey: 1,2,3, Captain 4; Spring track 3; 
nis 1; SADD 1,2,3, Student Rep. 4; Inter Act 3, Co-Sec.4; 
Irigal 4; Double Sextet 4; Chamber Singers 3; Chorus 1 ,2; 
iical 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 1,2,3; Yearbook 1,2,3; Prom 
\mittee 3,4; Hall Decorating 1,2,3,4; 
erous thanks to my parents: your influence, advice, 
t, support, all have helped me get to where I proudly 
d. Mom-your cooking, kind words ( taking my side) and 
-your rationalizing, and kindness. I love you always! 
s, I miss our jam sessions, and lengthy conversations 
the morning. I will admire you forever and you will 
lys remain a big part of mv life, Matthew also. Thanks 
■>eing annoying, caring, trusting, and splitting "Dad 
/". Keep Mom and Dad in line next year. I will always be 
for you, Chatch. Brooke-social advisor, sister-cousin, 
model. You have helped and supported me throughout 
; years. THANK YOU! Trinity-I honestly don't know 
re or how to start. It's been fun, crazv, weird, six years, 
i SOS, CFDC (what a trip in itself) , BW, Aron and Will 
' back when) Maurice, DBH, track analyzing, Wolfeboro 
, "mm good man", slurp, FH camp, Relax!!, vou and 
lice grossing me out at Wachusett, 'Hole', Keup, the 
', Polka, "No fear is not cool", boarding, Co-Capt., 
e done it all. Thanks to your family (Katy, my #2 mom, 
s, Mike, Katherine, and Steven). L.Y.L.A.S. Tiffany-" I 
cats!", theme parties, being warm and giving, writing 
(3 in Chem., 'Model' Dad, 7823!!!!! Bahda boom, bahda 
'Benson Rd., Porta Potties, "I-wuv-oue!!", The Gas We 
. Fla, Spaz!!(RYLA), deep talks, Tori Amos. CT College 
je so lucky! Allison-Peaches and Marbles, math class; 4 
lhair dyes, snowboarding, forgetting the egg babies, 
ryle walking, shut up, Les Mis, River Rave, Offspring, 
oof, your roof, chicken pox, Lonie Leeland(Lalalalala), 
ley", guy-talks, 'little mattress', random people (Jesse 
i| my kitchen!!), raining rice krispies, watch your back!, 
re coming?, trampoline jumping, Stupid Booger But, 
liymous Florida. Candice-wanna play chicken?, 
'boarder, Spanish fantasy, ball bouncing in my shower, 
■ 'eel's class, Junior summer, discounts, Lexington par- 
fcRockport, sharing philosophies. Since nursery school 
m hru the years, I love you. Jena-crowd surfing buddy at 
(Band Cranberries (Katie too), Marti Gras w/ Tiff, Florida, 
^lin-yellow harassing us at Universal, my 18th b-day 
It TB, AT, IA,) Tues. afternoon Club (Liza), Gourd'n, 
n ng me from your driveway! (IA), the Rockport palm 
■:r. AML-watch for men wearing purple bikinis at 
Hi en!, NY baby! The woman starring us down in traffic, 
Kin's, pick a sentence and stick with it. Ingrid-Wingnut, 
fnkums, Ingrid and Keri Dances, "Homeylope", ostrich 
pie queen, playground conversations, photo class buddy, 
-W s like oranges, musicals, study (Emily I have no legs!)), 
itMROLLER. Dave-Wait, What?, Toby, APPEAR!, Lex. 
ground, Chadwicks, sledding partner, good friend and 
Wome drummer, Brian- making me laugh, Lowell Mills 
Wet, smelling like fabric softener, Seen any birds lately? 
fal Cranberries concert, loving scuba diving (that's so 
w Allison's house (You never would believe it). Bryan- 
fli Sophomore year, telephone talks 'til morning, YMC, 
sO h Brothers, Phat, finding something to make fun of me 
tit' •oetry) snowboarding at Sunapee, making french toast 

w/ DBH, always making me laugh, your family, Arnold 2, 
pantlegs, you and Trinity being plain WEIRD!!, Bernardo, 
Miss Math. I'm glad we're good friends. Matt-You always 
have something nice to say, Sophomore year, random acts 
of kindness, wanting to tip a Porta Poty, boarding at 
Waterville, History and Psych class, opening up to me. Dave 
"Chap"-EM, it's been fun feeding your ego, "Homework 
Do-er", I'm so tired, starring contests, Humanties class. I 
Love You Guys! Liza-God-sister, oldest buddy, Conforma- 
tion party, Tues. nights, Hole, Talking til dawn, Oh darn!, 
Cheese and chocolates, crotchmomma, GAS, DIESEL, — !!! 
The 8mm pearl. Kim and Elisa-Loving Field hockey, always 
making me laugh. You are wonderful people! Michelle- 
falling victim to Tiffany 's disorder of Bertucci's bread. Amita- 
Amigo, Amiben, care for a mochaccino?, Peer Leadership 
and Psych., typing buddy. Just because we haven't been 
close I still love you. Mike-"Goody", the tuna story, green 
scenery, Emma talks Sophomore vear. Joe-side comments in 
English, Mod. Hist., and Human., Fredrica, Law boy Josh- 
You are mv brother?, Peer Leadership, Study (do we ever get 
our homework done?), Chadwicks. Kristen-love of field 
hockeyd'm so glad you joined), enthusiasm, Sextet partner. 
Law and Mod. Hist. Buddy. Katie-Even though you have 
moved away I think of you often, Canobie Lake exit 47, 
Bertucci's, late night conversations. Robin-Egret, mv little 
sweeper, FH Camp, Chamber Singers!!, I wasn't going to let 
vou sulk!!, Ahh so you sucka! Kara-Katie Hughes, Killer, FH 
Camp. To all my friends from along the way: Jenn R, John M, 
Miranda, Emy (HeeHaw, Doney Kick), Emilv U (Double 
Sextet, Madrigal, Study, Mod. Hist. 'Big Beev'. You're an 
awesome person!), Nina (Just five minutes ago!), Nash (NH 
skiing, mv car, 'Bro', plav partv, please go to college) , Meg, 
DanielleB., Mer, Riv', Joanna, Carrie, Shelly, Carey, Lauren, 
Debbie. Field Hockey 1997: The rainbow is still close by. 
Work together and all of our/your efforts with finally come 
though. CRUSH WAYLAND! I love you all. Coach Wood: 
You believed in me and opened my eyes into considering 
coaching. I will miss vou. Thanks to all of my teachers, esp. 
Maxwell, Sullivan, Palmer, Mitchell, Low, and Leavey. TO 
THE CLASS OF 1 997: May you be successful wherever your 
paths may lead. Maybe someday our paths will cross once 

Future plans include going to a great college, playing field 
hockey and pursuing something I love. I hope to take advan- 
tage of each day I am given, get married to the "Man of my 
Dreams" and live contently. I would like to have a few kids 
and stav close with my best friends from high school and 

Melissa Fagan 

Activities: Soccer 1,&,3, Basketball 1, Athletic Trainer 3 
First I'd like to thank my parents for always supporting me 
& being patient w/me even when I acted crazy, for all the 
little things U do that go unnoticed, I appreciate it & I Luv U. 
To mv brothers- Brian for being the best big brother, letting 
me tag-along, the caprice, & making me proud to be your 
little sis .Pat for alwavs fixing my stuff & driving me crazy- 
boyscientist. Dan for being the youngest and letting me boss 
U around. To my Grandparents and Godparents for being 
the best & never forgetting my B-day. To all my of my Aunts 
Uncles, & cousins I LUVU ALL. to all my friends for the 
memories-good & bad (in no particular order!). Rochele mv 
best friend since fifth grade & the only person who fully 
understands all the stupid things I do, for beating me up, 
listening to my stupid advice, putting up w/my memory 
loss, Steve Miller 95&96, Motel6, for lovin' Hootie, CapeCod- 
sand weasel, harvard square, NewYears- the shhowweer, 
makin' me wait w/U all night-poker? the people on the TV, 
for making H.S. bearable-just b/c your accepted doesn't 
mean you belong, UR like a sister to me & I know that 
whatever happens we'll stay friends-forever! Shannon & 
Jenn you're the best cousins-thanx for bein' so fun to chill 
with-Maine, your window, familv reunions, etc. Angela for 
bein' nuts & dressing like a freak, hating the same people & 
not being afraid to show it, for all the memories-Miller(sorry ), 
blading, getting all the same classes, We R a perfect example 
of how4yrs. can change a friendship - I'm glad in the end we 
stayed friends. Consuelo thanx for making my for yrs. of 
soccer memorable, finally making varsity, for all our crazi- 
ness (stop&shop), almost killing me 3 times in your car, 
Hampton, the Cape, concerts, twizzlers & powerpeanuts, & 
for always being a friend no matter what. MikeG. my friend 
since preschool, modeling!!, taking me to the jr. Prom. Cristina 

making me laugh, Villa Cristina, Liz, soggy bread, Cat on 
my Head! Scott for being so loud, beating me up, B-ball 
season, fire in my room, & for always listening to me com- 
plain. Jamie for trying way to hard- I'll call someday, for 
wearing pants big enough for two-on purpose?, & drawing 
to much attention. Oderra for gettin' mad at me, havin' so 
many girls, & being the skinniest boy besides MattB. Jav for 
being Rochele's onlv boyfriend I actually liked. TomD for 
always finding the right words to say, being the most mature 
17yr. old, if Ugot paid for all the advice Ugave out you'd be 
a rich man. Jocelyn for all the miles weve put on your car, 
summer of '96, Alanis, Steve Miller, Buffet-Gridley & 
DrewBledsoeboy- tofor?, DWC, Bridgewater, the apartment, 
underwear?-& for all the good times-forever! Krystal for 
telling me to many details, the vette, and our talks about 
everything. Maria-diarhea! for trusting me w/your secrets. 
D.J. for being a pimp & making me laugh, youre gonna lose 
the bet! ChrisH for being the hardest person to fight with, but 
also one of the nicest people I know. Todd for being my 
neighbor, livin' in a tree, and being the biggest liar I know. 
ChrisR for making mv childhood interesting. Chester for 
letting me blame U-detour to Woonsocket. KatieA for all the 
good times, for being yourself, & wearing your clothes as big 
as Uwant. Meghan for being a little off your rocker and 
making anything possible. Nicci for arguing vour way out of 
anything. Stephanie for B-ball season-trainers!, stay 
loud&crazy . Geri for all the childhood memories, NH, vour 
pools. Nadya for alwavs being so nice- NH w/ Beckv tan- 
ning! KatieB forthe naked bageKgetting fired) , soccer , & for 
having the best laugh. JenY for being so nice & so fun to 
laugh with, What RU lookin' at??Andrea for being so sweet 
& wearing short shorts. Nina & Jen forall the cruises in the 
vette w/Krust. MattB, Brian W, &DaveC forbeing so weird & 
trying to walk me to class. To all my brothers friends for 
letting me hang out-Ro for the best NewYears party ever!, 
Mark(fatty)for calling me names & being so mean, EricM 
forHootie(&tha ts all I ha ve to a v about that! ), Barrv for being 
like 85yrs. old .Kristine Hanson, Kim, & Felisha. And to 
anyone I forgot - Better luck next year!!! 
Future Goals: To get mv license, get out of Bedford, & leave 
mv mark wherever I go! To marrv Leonardo DiCaprio, hire 
someone to make all mv decisions for me, & partv until I'm 

Maria Gallant 

Activities: Varsity Field Hockey-1; J.V. Softball-1,2; Athletic 
Training-1 ,2,3,4; SADD-2,3,4; Prom Committee-3,4; Hall 
Decorating-2,3,4; Spanish Club-1,2; Latin Club-3 
Thanks to: Pa, I wish you could've been here to see me 
graduate. ..but wherever you are I know vou'll be watching. 
You're the best grandfather anybody could've asked 
for.. .you'll always be in my heart. Nana, I miss going into 
vour house and seeing you sitting in vour chair, and telling 
stories in both English and Italian. I never reallv under- 
stood what vou were saving, but I did understand vour love. 
Mom and Dad, thank you both for everything you've done 
for me. ..raising me right, teaching me how to respect people, 
and for lending me monev whenever I needed it. I love you 
guys. Oh and Dad...thanks4 kicking me out of your chair 
when I was either awake or asleep. Mark, for being nice to 
me. ..most of the time. Have fun next vear when I'm away at 
school...! won't be around to aggravate you. You deserve 
the very best in life. ..good luck with everything you do. 
Matt, for giving me rides to school every morning of my 
freshman year, for getting on my nerves after an hour of 
being home from college, and for all of the bruises you gave 
me. Good luck with baseball. I love you both, whether you 
believe it or not. Nan, the best grandmother in the world. 
You've done so much for me and I hope you know I 
appreciate everything. Not many grandmothers would've 
given their granddaughter a trip to Hawaii. You are the 
greatest...I love you very much. Grammv and Grampv, I 
wish you lived closer. Tom and Julie, for being so cool. Ben, 
Matt, and Nathan, for being the cutest little cousins. Uncle 
Pat, for being mv godfather. Beth and Chuck, for your 
generosity.'re the best. Jim, Lorraine, Nikki, and An- 
thony, there aren't many people as nice as you are. I'll miss 
baby-sitting when I am away at school. Cvndi, for being a 
big sister to me, for treating Matt welL. Carey-although 
we've had ups and downs, vou're a great person, and I'm 
always here for you. Remember -summer school, Walden 
Pond, the movies, basically all of high school, training, 
managing, Schmidt oh I mean well, and forbeing a reject. 




Did he go?. ..NO!. Jenn, I'm sorry for everything I did when 
we were little.. .we used to get so jealous of eachother, but 
now we are beyond that and have a really great friendship. 
Thanks4 introducing to all your friends in Chelmsford... 
especially Jen, Kate, Megan, and Mike. Stephanie, GERBER 
BABY!! We've had so many jokes these past few years.. MTB, 
Damn va'll 1 can't see, Can I have one for the road?(Brooke), 
Oh yeah, breakfast is this morning, huh? MOOSH MOOSHI, 
Turtlewax... Mr. Eddy, Blue Razz biowpops, What are you 
NUMB? IGHT?, Can I help you with anything?, No I'm just 
looking around Rochele, guess what? Chris Quirk. ..for 
always listening to my boring stories, and for always being 
there for me. ..remember a friend is someone who walks in 
when the rest of the world walks out. ..we've got so many 
quotes(save a tree, eat a...). Thanks4 everything. Susan, for 
always being there for me. Remember froggv, vc, monkey, 
and a few others. We've had many good times and hope- 
fully a lot more to come. Just remember that I'm always here 
for you. Coach Elias, for being so nice to me, for being able 
to 'talk to me like an adult', for making me laugh even when 
I was in a bad mood. I'll never forget you. Angela, for 
elbowing me in my chest every day of our freshman, sopho- 
more, and junior years, for listening to me talk about god 
knows what, and especially for being a true friend I can 
always trust. UR a very sweet person. ..don't ever change. 
Melissa a.k.a molasses, for calling me diarrhea, for talking 
about taking a weekend trip to Bridgewater for the past two 
years. ..which we still haven't done, and for always being 
there for me. Carey, for being the most innocent and 
apologetic person I know, for chatting with me on-line, and 
for listening to me babble on about everything. UR one of a 
kind and deserve the very best life has to offer. Kristine, 
there are too many memories for me to write about... I still 
don't remember falling into the kitchen sink. Thanks for 
being such a great friend to me. Scott Dugal, for being a good 
friend, and always making me feel important whenever I 
saw you. CJ, for being taller than me... I always got a crick in 
my neck just looking at you. UR too funny. You've always 
been so nice to me. ..I'll never forget you. Katie A., for our 
lunchroom chats. always made me laugh so hard. 
Thanks4 always being there for me. Todd O., for never 
letting me forget I threw up on the first day of first grade, 
and for making me laugh everyday in history last year.. .you 
are too funny . I'll never forget you. Jay R.(jota), for making 
fun of Mr. Pavao with me, and for not getting mad when I 
made fun of your r's...I'm sorry. Gary M., for making me 
laugh in history class. ..just to hear my laugh. Brian O., for 
also making me laugh in history, thanks for always being so 
nice. Dave C, for calling me swing, and for making me kick 
your butt in keyboarding. Kim C, for being so cool, and for 
flaughing in sociology. Cristina C, for singing the Maria 
song. ..everyday. Many thanks go out to my 
teachers. ..especially Mr. Maxwell, Mr. Sabourin, Mr. Hunt, 
Mrs. Morris, and Mr. Palmer... I would've never made it this 
far without all of your help. To Pete Cacciola for being the 
funniest man alive, for being a great influence in my deci- 
sion to study athletic training in college, and for having 
more dedication to your job than I could ever have. Thanks 
for everything. 

Future Goals: To live a long healthy life. far away from 
Bedford as possible. To become either an Athletic Trainer or 
Sports Psychologist, to someday travel to Italy, marry a 
wonderful man, have wonderful children, and to never lose 
touch with my family and friends. 

Brian Geary 

Activities: Track 1,3: Cross Country 2,3,4: Ski Team 1,2: 
Lacrosse 2: Marching Band 1: Concert Band 1: Wind 
Ensemble 2,3,4: Pit 2,3,4: Jazz Band 1,2,3,4: SADD 1,2,4: 
Latin Club 2,3: 

Thanks to: Mom & Dad for always believing in me and 
supporting me, telling me that I can do anything if I put mv 
mind to it: To Kate & Kevin for I see blue sky, Muppetts, 
Simpsons, being run over by foreigners in yellow shirts, and 
laughing at Big Blue when we drove it to it's grave: Marry- 
Ann, Franny, Ginny, Sue, Nana, Bumpa for being great 
relative and always supporting me: Sue & Terry for being 
my god parents: To Murphy for waking me up every morn- 
ing: To the entire Boffa clan for being my second family: To 
the entire Bradfield family for being my third familv, Justin 
for being the little brother I never had: To all my past 
teachers, Mr. Kelly for all the great Latin sayings, Mrs. 
Munson for getting my act together, Mr. Maxwell for being 

fun, Mr. Ambrose for making me mad, Mr. Sullivan for 
making me think, and to Mrs. Cushman for being there 
through it all and always making me try my absolute hard- 
est: To Mr. Reagan for being a great band director and an 
even better friend: To Mr. Low for being a great director: To 
Mr. Maffa for being a great conductor: To Mr. Spinosa for 
being a great boss: To Mr. Duggan for being a great princi- 
pal: To Barry Dyment for being the greatest coach in B.H.S. 
athletics and for being a great friend: To Pete C. for getting 
me back on my feet: To Paul and Mike for being my best 
friends, for riding bikes, building forts, fishing at the res, 
camping out, playing whiffle ball, sledding, and snowball 
fights with the little kids: To Mike for the Bostones and to 
Paul for getting me to join cross country: To Tom for camp- 
ing out and riding bikes around town: To Dave for being a 
great musician and allowing me to learn off of him, being a 
great friend, and Reaganizims: To Josh being a great person 
to talk to, and for weird experiences with girls from other 
states(Virginia): To Joe for being laid back and calling me 
Big-G: To Jonny M's for being a cool guy and for driving a 
Ford truck: To Nash for having freaky hair and Reagaizesm: 
To Mike A. for making me tough: To Mike Chester for 
Cruchfield, Street & Strip, JC Whitnev, and for driving an 84 
Mercury Capri (when it was running): To Mrs. Chester for 
being like a mother to me: To the 95 X-C team Steve, Matt, 
Naveene, Ethan, and X: To the girls X-C team Allison, 
Tiffanv, Caroline, Debbie, Natalie, Kristen, Kim, and Abby: 
To Debbie for always arguing with me: To Caroline for 
being so cool: To the freshmen girls for laughing at me: To 
this years guys team Steve, Andy, Greg, Adam, Pat, Paul, 
and Rauge: To Eleana, Molly, and Christina for talking 
during unasinged and Dr Pepper: To the senior lunch table 
Doug, Eric, Aron, Brad, Todd, Ja, Mook, Jeffy A's, Mike P's, 
Bussy, Tom, Rauge, Brian, Paul, and Jay for driving a Monte 
Carlo SS: To the 97 girls for dressing up like people from 
Dazed and Confused: To Allison for being cool and always 
letting me eat the food at your house: To Katie for giving up 
chicken ala king for lent: To Keri for always being so cheerful 
and letting us crash at your house after dances: To Trinity for 
having reallv cool hair, knowing when I'm going to say 
sheets, and wandering around the Alewife parking garage 
helping me look for my carat 10:30 at night: To Candice for 
being my best friends girl: To Ann-Michelle for being just as 
weird as me some times: To Meg for being fun to flirt with: 
To Tiffany for being a great friend, giving me advice, and 
having a bear named Radar: To Mr. and Mrs. Bowlby for 
being cool: To Cara Mac. for calling Dave and I beautifuls: 
To everyone in the music department for all the shows, 
concerts, and trips (especially Florida): To Jen for being my 
very best friend, for hanging out, having a cat that made me 
blow up like a balloon, always listening to me, giving me 
advice when 1 had girl problems (and I had many), giving 
me apples, and being there whenever I needed you: To Nina 
for the junior prom: To Theresa for painting over the sum- 
mer: To Nadya for always saying hi to me in thehalLToGeri 
for being the Homecoming Queen: To Becky for Latin class 
junior year: To Consuelo for law class: To Beth for being the 
most confusing girl that ever came into my life, things might 
have been hard at times but it's good we were able to remain 
friends: To Kristen for being a good friend and being fun to 
flirt with: To Ingrid for having a great voice: To Michelle for 
driving the same type of car as me: To Jean for being a great 
musician: To anyone who I might of forgot, thanks for 

Future Goals: To enjoy what ever I end up doing in life and 
have lots of fun doing it, never lose sight of what is really 
important in life, do some traveling, keep in touch with all 
mv friends, marry a girl who makes me happy, and just have 


Activities:Football 1 Rifle Team 1, 2, 3, 4 Capt. 3, 4 
Special thanks to my Mom and Dad, I will forever love you 
both and you are alwavs in m heart. You always made sure 
that I had everything that I needed. Thanks for the most 
love a kid could get growing up, and for always letting me 
know just how special I was, and am. Mom for those special 
talks, loving me unconditionally, and for being my Goose. 
Dad for shooting, that brief hunting trip, fishing, Ohio, and 

for loving me. Thanks to Lori, I love you, Bosstones rule, i 
teaching me all I need to know about life, how to peg lj 
pants when I was in middle school, and for the big sister lit! 
brother talks. My beautiful niece, Paige Emilv Fink, I lc 
you, and wish you only the best. To Kenny, for being t 
brother that I never had, and for taking care of my sister,a| 
niece. Thanks to theCanniffs, Ralph, Pat, Erin, Beenie, Tri 
and Jenny, Auntie Margie, and the rest of my relativ 
Thanks to my friends. John C. for being my friend t 
longest, shooting, Nantucket, Jerky Boys, for being a fru 
cake, playing pool, and all that fun stuff. Tom D. J 
straightening me out, and being there for my problerj 
most importantly, for teaching me about respect. JayR. i 
the rides, being a good friend during, and out of scho) 
listening to my wierd problems and not telling anyoi 
throwing those fun punches, LALALA. Javand Rochelle j 
those talks and the Prom. Brian F. and Eric M. for my In 
training. Jamie L. for making me like RAP, Whosa 
VENDA? (HAHA) Chappv, for being my friend since j 
were freshmen, poetry, and looking like me. I Thank Go) 
never hung out at Mcdonalds. BAD IN PLAID. Thanks 
Guiness, summer, sunny days, music. Purity, Stop & 
Alexander's, and a summer at JBRTII with Paul B. (than 
for driving me to and from school every day for the last fq 
years). Thanks to Stephanie, for falling off of the curb, y| 
know what I mean. Thanks to Chris, Chester, Clemons, a 
the rest of my good friends. Thanks to the words: wickJ 
awesome, mint, kid and all those other bedfordite words 
am proud of everything I have accomplished, and hope tcj 
proud in the future. If I forgot anyone I am sorry, and I thai 
you too. I thank God, and myself for putting up with II 
Future GoalsTo own an Irish Pub, and to only drink Guinj 
with my meals. Be successful, go to college, stay in tod 
with mv friends. Hang out with the Bosstones, get marrj 
have kids, live in Ireland. And some day be the chief] 
police on the TV show "In the Heat of the Night." 

Nina Harvey 

Activities: at Bedford-Field Hockey 1; Drama 3,4; Vara 
Tennis 3,4; N.H.S 3,4; at Acton-Boxborough- Tennis j 
Varsity Volleyball 1,2; Drama 1,2; International Club a 

1,2; A.B.C.O 1,2. 

Thanks: To all my friends and family who I couldn't ha 
gone through H.S w/out: Rasha (whereto start?) for Kishij 
Nick ("Hi, this is Leslie"), besa, Particle Man, packagy, EvJ 
JIMnastics, surprise parries, ordering pizza's to other peopj 
houses, Darcy, Revenue & Avery Appleton, skiing, Adria 
episodes(sorry) Brandeis- "Anorexia nervosa", laughinj 
my wallet, Nagog Woods, "Nice pants". .."nice recedl 
hair line", for always standing up for me and for alwj 
being theoneto end on of our fights. Iloveyou!!! Amita-j 
being Indian, never being able to do anything on weekei 
(but it's all good), partv decorating, abrupt phone conven 
tions, sleep-overs, Roosevelt (1 HAND), buying shoes I 
Lauren, Pam, and...Briana(?), letting me walk into y| 
house unexpectedly (I'm not gonna knock), and most oil 
for being such a loser and always putting up with L 
"attitude problem" (I love you), and for being the nick 
sweetest, coolest, most photogenic friend a girl could hal 
Shiva- for 5th grade party(oops, you weren't there), nurrl 
ous sleep-overs, Kurt Cobain, tennis camp with Eric, yel 
book burning, Boston, chillin' at Andover, B.S.O, forbel 
crazyland to Cherie for being sexy), and for always workl 
harder than me but never showing off-you're the bj| 
Kristen-for Mc.Donald's(where would they be w/outu| 
SAT's, Dumb and Dumber, Sampras vs. Chang, Frel 
video w/Lauren, and for moving to Bedford with L 
Devin-for being the first to introduce yourself, long 11 
night phone talks (it's in the safe), semi-formal, makingL 
have parties, joining the Acton group, meeting me in BosL 
w/Reza, joining percussion, and most of all for dealing! 
my moods. Brian- for T.C.B.Y and the junior prom (an>[ 
Alison for making me ask him). Caroline-for guys atk 
Cape, guys at the mall, guys at Canobie Lake (Nick), c| 
struction guys working on your pool, the guy I beeped a L 
mistake at McDonald's, and guys at the Bahama Bel 
Club. Elisa-for letting me sit at your lunch table and coirl 
your house before football games, going dress shoppl 
and being the best fairy ever! Hanah- for Hl-wall, 1i 
doubles match, Aldo, Indian Pride, and for being theru<| 
but coolest girl I know (besides me). Kamah-for my pil 
teacher's concert, math study group, orchestra, "I £ 



i' om-boom-boom, now let me hear you say..", and for 
dicing too hard but being a cool cat anyway. Karan- for 
ijig percussion w/me, stopping my fights w/Pam(sort 
)j for always being excited about everything, and for 
il lys being the most fun. Mr. India-for teaching me Bedford 
llg, helping me w/ Anatomy, and for always winning 
^hing contests. Massi- for being my personal therapist. 
$|n- for playing SEGA, for making me bridesmaid (thanx 
M y), for long talks, and for being the coolest big brother. 
Pi i-for being a freak (don't ever change), copying me, 
p ing up with me, letting me borrow your clothes, consol- 
rne after fights w/mom, talking too much (j/k), and for 
jr g the least annoying younger sister I know-I'U miss u the 
n t! To mom and dad- where can I start? You've dealt w/ 
I) noods, the screaming and the laughing, and have helped 
II hrough everything. Mom, thanx for letting me do what- 
R I've wanted, pushing me to work hard, and making 
tl I brush my teeth. Dad, thanx for making me play tennis 
ii and night, being the mediator in my fights w/mom, and 
nnaking sure I'm doing my math and science homework. 
Ifi guys are the best, and I know I'll miss you almost as 
| h as you'll miss me! Future Goals: To graduate from 
jt'ge, find a good-looking, funny, rich husband when I'm 
!5 3 that I don't have to work unless I feel like it and can 
» :h General Hospital every day. If I do work I want to be 

I nous psychiatrist and appear on Oprah. I want to have 
1'. 3 kids when I'm 30. 

lustin Hastings 

^ivities: J.V. Soccer,l; Science Club, 2, 3, 4, Director of 

II ligence, 3; Science Team, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4; 
^ onal Honor Society, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4; American Field 
Bice, 2, 3, 4, Vice President, 4; Drama Club (Crew), 3, 4; 
ft media, 3, 4; Spring Musical (Crew), 2, 3, 4, Sound Crew, 
I, >und Manager, 4; Varsity Track, 3, 4; Sunday School 
ftiage Helper, 3, 4; Water Safety Instructor Aide, after 1; 
[1 Oxford Tradition, after 2; Black Dragon Posse, 3, 4; 

E especially grateful to my mother and father, for their 
17 ars of love, support, and firm belief that I would make 
icething of myself, and to Jesus Christ, for eternal salva- 
ic grace, and unconditional love, and for my intelligence, 
n alents, and my drive. I want to thank all of my friends 
b te last twelve years. There have been up and downs, but 
V' e gotten through it, and I must say I will remember my 
11 first 17years fondly. Thanks to Hunter, for his megalo- 
ll iacal aspirations, his unending energy, his generosity, 
IF his many years of quirky friendship; Shawn, thanks for 
>eg unusual, goofiness, and your time and generosity, 
iV when you didn't have to; An emphatic and heartfelt 
jpk you to Jean, for being one of my closest friends since 
h irst day of first grade, being a tomboy, Thunder Cats 
/in Antony, understanding and empathizing with me when 
ic le else does, incoherent telephone conversations, work- 
n vith me all summer at the Music Dept. (yeah, these are 
nellaneous too...), painting the practice rooms to 103.3 
^ and taking hour-and-a-half long lunch breaks, liking 
MA, believing in my intelligence, having faith in me, 
il 1 ys being there, semi-flirting with me, thinking I'm a 
50 1 cymbal player, for Alexandria and Mount Vernon 
.tl ' meant a lot to me), and being someone I can identify 

totally; Thanks to Ricky, for his -"Beast," being such a 
"e jaded), his house and pool, thinking he's good at math, 
>h dng the hormonally-imbalanced, immature child within 
»B us, never growing up, overnight field trips, especially 
N "\ington and Florida, and throwing out the Reese's- 
Pii ?s; Casey, for liking science fiction too, being a compan- 
oin admitting ignorance in math, thinking I'm actually 
iresting and funny and always, always laughing at my 
itb jokes, me the rabbits, George!, Dun- 
;e s and Dragons in elementary school, lunchtables 
:h lgh the years, continual referrals to and guffaws over 
:hi impsons (Moe is their leader), being always willing to 
:al o me about stuff no one else is interested in, and being 
Jf at friend; Ricky and Casey, for all those years on the 
ivi t Bedford Recreation soccer team ever; Devin, for al- 
Wi i acting like a mentor to me, all the overnight field trips 
wtre ever been on, especially Washington and Florida, 

; cool and streetwise, for all those rides home, for 
fri dship since fourth grade (at least!!), being always will- 
inp talk to me, doing the drumline and Track with me, 
sn showing real concern for me; Kara, for that golden, 
no ilgic summer week at Cedar Campus, all those letters, 
sa: ig aimlessly on Prentiss Bay, Troll Rock, ping pong, late 

night chats in the dining hall, and the best Christian rela- 
tionship I+ve ever htid, and to Anne and all the munchkins 
(Jamie, Hannah, ani Emilie); Chris, for being such a good 
sport all these years, for having a humorously large ego, for 
being really intelligent and being interested in the same 
things as I am, and being so funny, even when he didn't 
mean to; Cordelia, for being my friend since 8th grade; 
Derek, for his -whatnot; Jessica, for liking me and going to 
the Semi-Formal and Junior Prom with me willingly, I really 
am thankful for tb^at; Dr. Sturdy and John Linstroth, for 
giving me a love of archaeology, anthropology, and Oxford; 
Mr. Fichera, for opening my eyes to the possibilities and 
interesting opportunities that life has to offer; Ms. Ander- 
son and Mr. MaffaAfor being amiable people and great 
Orchestra teachers; Kelly, Laura, Jackie, and Jen, for being 
rebels with us on the Florida trip, and to Laura, for lthrowing 
my pen into a palm tree; Karen, for being the Orchestra - 
pimp; Robin and ShaunV for a fun Discovering Foods class; 
Pat, Jim, and members of the 1996-1997 Drumline, for an 
awesome time playing percussion in the Marching Band; 
Alyssa, for wanting to marry me, and for being a really 
strange but cool and interesting person; 
Goals: To travel the world, to live in the most fulfilling way 
possible, to become notorious, to give life to my imagination, 
and when I die, to be known as a motivated, loving, honest 

Casey Hill 

Activities: Soccer 1234, Spring Track 34, Chorus 12, ROTC 
1234, NHS 34, AFS 234, Science Team 34, Stage Crew 234, 
Yearbook 4 

Thank You: First of all, I-d like to thank you Mom. We've 
certainly had our differences, but I guess all those times you 
got on my case to do my homework finally paid off. Dad, 1 
want you to know that I will always love you, even if it gets 
difficult at times. You have truly been a good influence in my 
life. Catherine, well here you are. You asked to be men- 
tioned... Seriously, I couldn't have asked for a better little 
sister. Without you, how would do the art for all my projects? 
Just don't play the country music so loud, OK? Bill, thanks 
for being understanding about the whole situation. It made 
things a lot easier. Grandad Hill, I owe so much to you that 
I can't fit it in this book. You have been such an inspiration 
to me I really don't know how to thank you. Be assured that 
that you are one of the most important people I have ever 
met. Grandad Casey, you meant so much to me too, and I'm 
deeply saddened that you will never see me graduate. The 
time we spent together was far too short. Mr. Gurley, you 
reintroduced me to the church and inspired my faith when 
it was lacking, and for that I thank you. May you find peace 
wherever you are. Anne Snyder and Bishop Tom, you con- 
tinued the work that Mr. Gurley started with me. Thank you 
for making church an important facet of my childhood. To 
any teacher that I have ever had, thank you for giving me the 
knowledge to succeed in the world. Especially Mrs. Franklin, 
Mr. Smithson, Mrs. Martines, Mr. Maxwell, Mr. Reynolds, 
Mrs. Messmer, Mrs. Kruger, and Mr. Low. All of you have 
enriched my life and made me who I am today. Growing up 
several people served almost as a second set of parents to 
me. Mr. and Mrs. Larson, Blanchette, and Connelly, thank 
you for putting up with me for all that time, I know it was 
rough. To Peter Meyers, thanks for all your efforts. I really 
was a member all that time. Coach Wilson and Coach 
Barton, thanks for the four best seasons ever. You don't 
know how much they meant to me. To Ron Blanchette, my 
best friend from down the street, I think I spent more time 
at your place every summer than at home. You are a great 
friend and I have missed you since you left for Norwich. 
Carl Larson, you have never failed to introduce me to 
something new. Whether kayaking mountain biking, or the 
architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright conversations with you 
are never dull, thanks. Devin, its corny, but I can't thank you 
for everything in the space provided, but I'll try. For intro- 
ducing me to the city, all the ethnic jokes (token minority 
friend...), video projects, and generally being an incredible 
friend, thanks. To Rick for drive-by silly stringings, being 
humble in Calculus (not really...), and making sure I never 
got too serious. Justin, you ought to be a comedian. Thanks 
for appreciating the Simpsons, composing on the HP, and 
knowing all the useless trivia. You're an amazing person, 


and I have a lot of respect for you. To Alyssa, for being the 
only person to thank me last year. To Brian, Vilas, and 
Rachel for getting me involved in various organizations. To 
Chris, for somehow convincing teachers that we are the 
same person. Cordelia, thanks for the Semi and Prom. To 
Nicci and Beth, thanks for making Spanish tolerable. 
Miranda, for understanding most of my jokes. Jeff Ander- 
son, for always agreeing with me in Poly Sci. Jeff, you made 
that the best class I had this year, thanks. Finally, thanks you 
to Jean. I think we pretty much grew up together, and have 
been friends ever since. You are like a sister to me. Thanks 
for always being and unbelievably talented person and one 
of my closest friends. I know there must be at least another 
fifty people who I have forgotten to thank here, and for that 
I'm sorry, but feel free to yell at me for leaving you out. 
Thanks for everything you've done. 

Future Goals: To serve in the Navy for several years and then 
to find a job in either politics or research. To marry and have 
a family. To always have good friends around me and 
appreciate what I have. 

Miranda Hillyard 

Mom and Dad, for teaching me so much, giving me so much, 
and helping me grow up to be who I am. You have sup- 
ported me so much over these past 18 years, and I know you 
will always do anything to help me, I really love you. Will: 
you are the cutest and sweetest brother in the world, thanks 
for hanging with me, defending me, not hating me, being 
my slave, and just always being there. You are so great, 
never change. To D'Arcy for being so cute and stealing my 
heart and being a total crackerdog. To Granny for your 
cooking and stories, to Grandpa for your humbling teases, I 
will always be your little chickadee. Mr. Maxwell, for being 
such a great advisor, to both the class and your students. 
Thanks to Mr. Maffa, Mr. Spinosa, Mr. Lord (for finally 
almost respecting me), Ms. Messmer, Mrs. Estrada, Mrs. 
Krueger, and Mr. Daugherty for being great teachers and 
true mentors. To Anne for having so much confidence in me, 
teaching me so much, and making me feel proud and tal- 
ented. To Ben: there is so much, you are such an important 
and special person to me, I hope you know that and that I 
will always love you.. To Sarah and Dave for making me an 
honorary Senior. To Craig, for the cake, Megan and 
Katherine, for Sputnik, and both of you convincing me to go 
to Argentina. To la familia Pines, gracias por darme su 
hogar por un verano buenissimo y interesante; son muy 
generosos y amables. To Florian for being a neat brother, 
and teaching me a lot. Jeff, for being so smart, making 
tongues at me, working at Novasoft, caring about me, and 
being the nicest person in the world. Curt: thanks for being 
so cool and getting so annoyed with me, for going beyond 
your max Miranda time, listening to me whine, the MMD 
and the giant list. To Alyssa for many other lists, talking in 
Spanish, Christmas shopping, watching videos, and for 
being such a good friend. To Andy and Mike for the Fawlty 
Towers party, we will do that again. Matt, for fixing my car. 
Phil for SYMS and really caring about me. Becky for direct- 
ing with me; to the cotton girls: for listening to me and Becky, 
and for an awesome play. To Molly for ice cream, long talks 
and for being a sister, to your whole family for having me as 
their second daughter. To Jen Mills for being my best friend 
in first grade and calling me Ant. To Meghan for being one 
of my oldest friends, for trips to Boston and Vermont, bike 
rides, mailbox dude, understanding me, being so much like 
me and such a good friend. To Niccole, the earring!, te amo. 
Casey: vuelven a besarse, for loving Dave Barry, being the 
only other member of the '97 Reynolds 100 club and being 
el gran calabasa. Jean, for being a random x+y and damned 
intellignt, helping me, listening to me, becoming a truly 
wonderful friend, your dog loving me, and pulling me (with 
Dave's help) into the MB. To Jim and Pat, for having pa- 
tience and teaching me so much. To Kristen Mac for being 
my bass drum partner and for dancing and obsessing with 
me. Mr. Reagan for being so inspiring and for my crush on 
you. To Devin, for your hugs, doing even less work than I do, 
pointing out my points, teaching me karate and your mania- 
cal laugh. Justin for knowing everything. Ricky for growing 
up, the river rave; Shawn and Ricky: for BHS Live! Crispix 
for arguing ridiculous points. To Geri for being in every class 
with me, and for always being my partner, pero, siempre 
serqs mejor en espauol que yo. To Josh for being intriguing, 
poking me in the gut, and the book you should write. To 
Shaun for your wax, and for being such an awesome singer. 


To Krista, I forgive you for cheating on me and I still love 
you. Mer for being so cool and promising to be a director. 
Heather, for being a cool cello/ AFS girl. Colleen: fruit salad, 
pork, the smile, and so many others. Beth for being a good 
listener, and letting me in on the beaning secret; Beth, Trin- 
ity, and Michelle for Alanis. Chris for group bio tests. Kristen 
for being so sunshiny and making me smile. Carey for 
promising to go to Canoby with me. Ingrid for eating toma- 
toes like apples and introducing me (and everyone) to so 
many things. Emily for being so talented and strong. Nina 
for wearing chartreuse. Johnny M's for being so sarcastic 
and funny Brian for telling me about turkey terrific sand- 
wiches. Jesse for letting me into the quartet. Joanna for being 
the absolute coolest person in the world, and being mv cello 
buddy, don't ever forget about the dollar. Tiffany for being 
so much like me and understanding me so well, for Dave 
Matthews, baking, JGGKCC going to the conservatory and 
CPK, Mt. Monadnock (we're ready for the big stuff now), 
the Old North Bridge, long talks, helping me, Forge Valley, 
loving Dr. Carter (we will marrv him) and being as crazy as 
I am. Dave, for making me watch scary movies, the musical, 
stealing my shirt, percussion, being good at evervthing, 
your cats, summer '96, Me and My Gal, Florida, band camp, 
clothespins, not hating me, jr, prom, laser tag, and so much 
more. Thanks for sharing so much with me and being so 
wonderful. I'm so happy this has really worked out, and I 
know there will be even more memories. Thanks to every- 
one who has helped me throughout my life, and to everyone 
who will. 

Future Goals: To help others, live a happy life, make a 
difference for someone, and when we're 35, drop every- 
thing and go on a cruise with the 6-pack. 

Kamah Hittle 

Activities: Drama Club 1 ,2,3,4; Science League 3,4; Science 
Club 2,3,4; Yearbook 1 ,2,3,4;French Club 1 ; Latin Club 2,3,4; 
Math League 2,3,4; Orchestra 2,3,4; Forum 3,4; NHS+ 3,4 
Thanks: First of all I would like to thank God for providing 
me with fantastic family, wonderful friends, and an amaz- 
ing life. Thanxs to my parents for always being there, 
pushing me, keeping me focused. For always have faith in 
me, even when I may have lost it. I KNOW:) BHSteachers 
and staff, ya'll are pretty darn cool. Over the four years I 
think I have worked with and known almost all of you, and 
I must say its been crazy, interesting and fun! I'd like to 
especially thank Mr. Spinosa, for actually getting me inter- 
ested in History, a subject I have always dreaded but now 
actually enjoy, Ms. Messmer, making anatomy a blast, one 
of the best classes I have taken throughout my four years at 
BHS, Mr. Kelly, one of the funkiest teachers there is!, Mr. 
Maffa, Mozart rocks!, Ms. Bouzan, you're completely 
amazing...I will make it to Australia someday!) 1 am so glad 
that I've known you for the past three years! You helped me 
through a lot, and had a smile forever ready...I won't forget 
ya. Nina!! Wuss up?:) For as long as I live, every time I hear 
BOOM BOOM, BOOM! I'll think of you... Orchestra is awe- 
some hon, cuz, we rock on the piano, aaaahhhh yea! Mel- 
issa, remember how we met? Ever since then we've been 
through Freshman English, and that wild US History Report 
in Reynolds's class, among tons of other things! How many 
takes on the camera did we have? Must have been at least a 
hundred! Devin,thanx for talkin, and for being your won- 
derfully funny self ...very liberal with your hugs... we have a 
great time in math every year huh? Chris. ..what can I say?) 
Wow, we had some fun and some weird moments, and I 
have to say it was pretty cool...I cannot do it Captain, Id unna 
have the Power!.. I hope you get into the Academy! Ricky, 
thanx for always giving me the homework assignments, 
and staying on the phone for an hour trying to explain a 
problem to me. always seemed to listen to my 
babble. ..thanx. are Rick The Man Stucka! Justin, thanx 
for talking on the phone. ..get over it.'re pretty stun- 
ning, and quite witty, keep it up and don't lose those facial 
expressions) Pam, thanx for being you, and giving really 
great hugs...Luvia, thanx for being my partner in Physics, 
every day. ..oh joy!, thanx for cramming and talking with me 
at lunch. I want to thank all of the people who I forgot to 
thank. ..Thank you for everything! I have tons of marvel- 
ously fantastic memories (but not tons of money, so I'm 
cuttin' it short!) So, good luck to you all wherever you go in 
life. ..whatever you do.. .and remember to smile!) 
Future Plans: To go to a good college, major in something 
tough like Micro or Molecular Biology, do innovative mas- 


sive research and find a cure for arthritis, while leading a 
peaceful, happy, ecstatically blissful life! 

Carey Huxsaw 

Activities: Cheerleading 2, 3, 4; Athletic Training 1, 2; 
Drama Club 1 , 2, 3, 4; French Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Latin Club 3, 4; 
Prom Committee 3, 4; NHS 3, 4; Yearbook 4; Forum 4; 
InterAct 4; Choir 1 ; Chamber Singers 4; Double Sextet 4 
Thanks: First, thanks to my family for being so supportive 
and encouraging. I couldn't have done it without you. 
Mom-thanks for always being there for me to talk to. Sarah, 
Andrew, Jeffrey, and Alec: Thanks for being great younger 
siblings and not making my life too miserable! You always 
have a big sis to turn to if you need me. SANJU: Where do 
I begin? Thanks for always being there for me to laugh with, 
cry to, and trust in. We have so many memories-CVS, 
physics study sessions, "Kiss From A Rose," prom, NH, 
renting/going to movies, HOOTIE, letters, e-mail, and ev- 
erything else. I hope we create more memories in the future. 
You mean the world to me. LAUREN: for listening to me 
complain, suffering through classes with me Algebra 2 and 
English), being so considerate, your obsession in Oklahoma, 
looking past my mistakes and seeing me for what I am, 
showing me who my real friends are, and most of all for just 
being cool. COLLEEN: It's been crazy, but we have tons of 
memories. Thanks for being my first best friend here, our 
freshman year memories (training, managing lacrosse, 
Adam!, Virginia, etc.), Junior prom ( the limo driver! glisten- 
ing to me complain, being so happy, finding true love, 
double sextet, complaining with me, and being my friend. 
BETH: for being a cool down-the-street neighbor, Adam 
(ugh!), freshman year memories, our classes together, how 
many people did we fit in your car?, coed sleepovers, and all 
the fun we had this year. You're a sweetie! MICHELLE: for 
being a real peer leader, dancing, San-shoes, and showing 
me how to have fun. TRIN: for having to work at 7a.m., 
psychology class, being cool, and all the fun this year. 
DANNY: for public speaking, making good shakes, and 
always being my best freshman guy friend. '98 GUYS (J.T., 
Spanky D, Weights-ba, Sabella, etc.): Beth's house, hanging 
out with '97 chicks, going to Friendly's in boxers, have fun 
next year without us! RICKY: Wow, memories -CRANBER- 
RIES!, last-day-of-school parties, Canobie '95, Lexington, 
chatting on-line, crazy e-mail messages, the dime, calculus 
(help!), half-days, and everything else. BRUTTI: Gap Girl! 
Thanks for being an awesome cheerleader, listening to me, 
liking sappy poems (like me), Chili's, feeding me when I go 
to your house, and all our other memories. KRISTEN: 
Sylvester! We've been through so much, including guys 
(Adam, Matt, Sam, Gabe, J.D., M's; Eric S., Eric K, Nick, 
Sean, Kris D., Sanju)-detention, 2a.m. party, Grease!, CT/ 
NY trip, prom decorating (McDonald's, Bedford Farms), 
Cancan, HOOTIE, and everything before, after, and in be- 
tween. Thanks for being there. DEVIN: for being someone 
I can always turn to, all our hugs, Canobie '95, Ricky's 
parties, yearbook, classes we had together, CRANBERRIES, 
and everything else. MARIA: for starting at CVS when I was 
quitting (you were a little late!), semiformal '96 (Chuck E. 
Cheese's!), being the sweetest person I know, gym class 
junior year (only class we ever had together!), and every- 
thing else you've done for me. ELISA: for having gorgeous 
Westford guys, dreading f-period as much as I did, and 
being sweet. LIZ V: for being cool, having amazing nails, 
and for being a good person. CHEERLEADERS: Rochele, 
Katelyn, Brutti, Lesa, Jaci, Molly, Amanda, Sarah, Liz, 
Michelle, Tanya, Porsha, Coby, and Crystal: you're amaz- 
ing! Thanks for making this year fun. Good luck! JOSH: for 
driving me to school and being a cool neighbor! CASEY: for 
making fun of me in physics and the Cranberries concert. 
CHRIS: for being in practically all of my classes and also 
making fun of me in physics. SHAWN: for physics class and 
encouraging me in my singing. Thanks to everyone else 
who has been there for me (there are too many to list!). 
Future Goals: To have an amazing four years at college and 
go on to do everything I have ever dreamed of. 

Kristine Hanson 

Thanks: First I would like to thank my family for all their 
constant support because without all your constant nagging 


my struggle to get where I am now would have been ev j 
greater. Mom thanks for always being there, coming to 
my events rain or shine. Dad for your strange way of sho' 
ing you care. Jennifer for never let me settle for any thing b j 
the best,for being my inspiration. I'll always love you fi , 
that and everything else. Michael for being my one and on 4 
big brother. Gram for always being there when I needi, • 
something especially a ride somewhere, because witho i 
you I would probably be stranded somewhere on the side I 
the road. All the Emerson family for being my secoil 
family. I love you all. The Mack family for allowing me in I 
your family and everything else. The Magilavy family f I 
teaching me so much. 1 learned a lot from each of you. Tl I 
CASE preschool for allowing me to work with you all for tl I 
past three years. You all have been so good to me. Thanll 
To everyone at BIP thanks for everything you all have bell 
so supportive. Trisha thanks for always being there. Ka trifl 
for being you, a TRUE friend. And always listening to alio I 
problems . I miss ya. To anyone I forget I am thanking ycl 
all in advance for all the memories. Ms. Lohrum thanks f I 
all your help these past four years. Mr.Maxwell for being ■ 
supportive. Krystal and Katie for our bowling ad venturH 
and our trip to the beach with Rich. Katie for always beufl 
your true self. Maria thanks for being such a good frienl 
We've grown together,keep in touch. Stephanie for all ofl 
Mount Ida memories,Daniel,etc... Melissa for always war! 
ing to go to Boston, the Red Sox games, the Walk for Hungtfl 
Tawnya for being such a good friend this year. Sarah Colli! 
for being the little sister I never had and being such a greH 
athlete. Chris O'Reilly thanks for all the fun at PT, all 
everyone else at PT. Erin Slavin thanks for being the one 
go to the BABY hospital and having all those tea parties wi 
Barbie. Now the Softball team. Mr.Wilson Ms. Barry (00 
Mrs.Morris) and Steve thanks for all the memories. You i 
taught me so much, you guys are great. Jules and Lisa than 
for all the fun we had in the past. KT thanks for all the fun 
the outfield. Sarah for being a great pitcher. Jennv Williari 
for just being you. Robbie for all the fun. To everyone wl 
played summer league this past summer for all the fun v 
had. Also thanks to Kelly and Jen for coaching us. You tw 
were great. Last but not least thanks to Peter Cacciola. Pe 
you are great thanks for all your help. 
Future Goals: To go to college get my degree in education. I 
successful. Marry,have children and be happy. 

Tawnya Jardine 

First of all I want to thank my parents, Debby and Dale, f 
raising me the way they have. They have made me tl 
resectable, responsible woman that I am today. They hai 
never once let me down and have stood behind me throug 
out all my decisions. Also, my brothers, Shane and Bri; 
have guided me through my good times and bad. They ha> 
taught me to be myself no matter what. To me, they are tl 
brightnest stars in my eyes. I live you guys mort than yc 
will ever know. I also want to thank my grand paren 
Sandra, Robert, Porter and Barbara Jardine and Tom Hil 
for spoilling me rotten, I don't know what I would ha\ 
done with out you guys. I love you all and that will nev 
change. Next I woul like to thank Colleen Sullivan for beir 
there for me since we were in diapers. I still remember whe 
we would throw temper tantrums together. Thanks fi 
putting up with me. Love Ya Chicky, and last but not lea 
Bryan Pickering for making me stay at Bedford High. Yc 
are one of the best things that has happend to me (so far) 
love you knuckle head. 

Oderra Jones 

MOM- UR the most important person in my life. Peop 
always told me I was lucky to have you, Ididnt realize unt 
I came up on some rough times. No matter how bad it w; 
you were always there for me, on my side. I love you. SK 
WALTON- UR the closest thing to a father I've had. Fro 
the first day I met vou I knew you would always be there 
help me out. Even when I moved to Mass. you still called 
see how I was doing. Always treating me like one of yoi 
kids. CANDY & VICKY- Theres not enough I can say. L 
like my own sisters. You've given me advice on mat 

Igs, lulling me how girls really Ihought' We'll alw jh 
i* e.n bother wherever wf go in lile. and I andv I Mill 
it a room in Ihe milliondollar house w hen vuu make n 
What can I say Whx-n I let! Hawaii I thought it was thi- 
rst lime of my life I thought I was lining mv hx-st Iriend 
rver When I found out mu were moving to Mass that 
t one ut the happiest times of mv lite Even though we 
In' t talked tor a w hilt- 1 happy tuLimu we puked up 
it w here w e left oil rust like brothers, like always I HKTV 
first person I met here I never thought we d he triends. 
eiiallv not Kit friends iuu always helfH-d me when I 
n't have confidence in myself . I hope I have done the 
ir lor you I'm glad that mv old friend got In meet mv 
< friend and everyone is happy Don t lorget our deal 
E HARRIS s l\ lllle Kav Harris lor always telling me to 
the bruks. and giv ing me advice on dillerent things 
ching me about lite how y ou must think, about things 
do. the good things and the ionsxi|uenies Margie for 
ng me about I .od and your i ra/v fokes Mso to Meghan 
lason JAMAI. it (AN - there is no way I muld forget 
er ol vuu |amal I'll never forget us lalkin on the phone 
hourviboul basketball and where we would be in ten 
r». You mav not be here, but vuu are still one ot mv best 
ndsev er |a\ holshof We dulnt gel along at first I nev er 
jght wed be friends When we did bis. ome friends I was 
prised, two people I rum different parts of I cxas i an get 
ig San Antonio is better' I hope y ou make it w hen v on 
II he there i heerin vou and |amal on while I'm play ing 
ihe Hornets Kl K 1 1 1 I I you've always been there even 
•n I haven't bxi-n nue at limes iuu ve taught me a lot of 
igs about hie and people. I hope I have done the same Inr 
I will never lorget vuu Vm better stay in touxh We 
e had gooxi times together I hank y on Kik hele I Kiln 
t RiK'h MOM V I wonder what kept vou liking me I 
.n't always the best person to be around It was nue to 
w ev in w lien I w asii I tin- person v nu n an ted me to be 
never stoppxil hav ing confide iuc in me When I wasn't 
le bx'st situations vou were always on mv side, and I love 
lorthat thank vou |ON&Akll w c should v e started 
lin together ear her I hanks tor trusting mc w ith v our car 
I don t get lonely next v ear W e alw av s hav e basketball 
ip It was fun. SCOTT- thanks4 making i ra/v noises anxl 
ay s being lunnv When I was in a bad mooxl vou alw av s 
something to make me laugh I know vou dont want to 
Nil v mi re going to he a r.uexar driver w hen vou grow up' 
Kl AN thanks I alw av s letting me slay ov er and alwav s 
king good loud even though I i ouldnt alw ay s eat it all 
JSHA- thanks4 being mv friend, never getting mad 
Ml I did stupid things Ml I |SS \ I K ira/v don I ever 
nge. You'll hnd the right guv one day l an t wait to see (. O U HIM. 
lEE C'iMx'h Hvrnes lor giving me the ihanvc I never 
Jght I would get. and le.u hing me how to talk to people 
ich LeBlani tor n>kmg around w ith me and tc.u hing me 
•e is more to lite than basketball (. oai h I iis» lor being 
scariest uvuh alive Sow I know why I never thought 
Ut going to to Indiana I mv ersity bei ause (lobby knight 
,hed bed i mdsJV basketball learn. 

Huntert Koh 

HI! END II \s ll\ A I n \KKI\ I P' li has Sen toiirdifti 
•ult years but with the help ot mv parents friends and 
eai hers I hav e siirv iv ed' I w on hi like to lake this opportu 
trtlty to thank mv teachers and w ish gins.) lui k ot mv fellow 

Niccole Larsen 

%CTTVITIES mediator I ; I I class secretary : I I IXW 

Kfc tennis- 1 ,2.4. sat-U; hall/gym deco-1.2A4; SMB-2.4. 
rtirbook 2 I I SADD-1.2 

l r o all. THAN KUH First. Dad and Mum I know that we 
live not always gotten along but hehev e it or not I do listen 
ind appreciate Thankl lor your undying supportteven 
hough you didn't always want loltrips. wiring, worrying 
iriving me around listening. Irving so harvl to understand 
ending a hand and slicking with me no matter how harvl it 
Afas. Danielle lor helping me to w rite this thing' 1 ou are the 
vest little sister any girl could ask tor I am so happy that we 
ire so close and I know we will remain this way always 

Thankl for being mv support and helping me to stand tall 
whenever I muldn't merely stand at all on my own L'R mi to me Take good iare ol voursrll and slay as good 

want to be For all of our many pleasures-camping, hotels 
letters t hristmasVS, birthda ys< all ol them), parties, 
lum h breaks Hhour phoney onv ersatums tate-night.studying. 
sharing w ho knows what the future holds but thankl lor 
our past anil pn-sent tilled with somuch love .Meghan ARt 
WE REALLY DOING THIS"""Wow. we have grown up to 
much, babe' From discussing s«-x on the bus in 7lhgrade to 
dicussing lile in uur care in I2lhgrade L" ve helped me to 
know what best friends are Never lorget all of the stuff 

I K >lt loiuerts, promises house parties. s»mgs. eating my 
lood. horse, sex rets, roadtrips. college. D|. training, f rick and 
track- 1 know I am forgetting things but I m sure that vou get 
the picture BIW trip mining up sum only 2" years left' 
Babe. I know we'll stay close no matter how tar apart we are 
s, one Whassup" For all of thiwe cra/v tim«-s we have 
shared- parties capecod. root-surting. w riting on the wall, 
chillin words Maine I lu re s so mui h more I or listening 
and never judging nor taking any partly ular side, always 
being there and for being a true friend I m |ust look in tor 
some Stone'. Brad always being there and showing your 
care no matter w hat I hanky mi tor all ol the times we have 
had Nernev tor all your lashion tips' Matt vou are one ot 
the most tunny , responsible, caring, and all around good 
person I know l or gamesi power-tower' I. talks i.ills Inula s 
personalities, making me smile and relax Thankvou lor 
your undy ing friendship 1'ietchel Kan t thank vou enough 
tor ev ery thing dnv ing the Avyord HI partying with 
me, being so concerned, sharing unthought ol secrets al 
ways Irving to keep things! me lunder mntrol and tor being 
a good Iriend who I can trust ,|aclvn summer ^nall the 
cruises and talks and tunny laughs, tor always being vnur 
sell, bombsipiad sav ing our butts at H 1 . and lor bx-ing such 
a gocH.1 Iriend. Meghan and Mu helle tor being mv other little 
sisters, making me laugh so hard, and eating all ot mv tms.1 

II LA'L guvs'. |amie tor alw ays letting me know how much 
you really do iare and never lorgetting how to make me 
smile .To the class of 47-1 lov e all ot y ou so much" Hisa- 
Thanksgiving and noticing mv trees. C.ibla tor letting me 
use v our show er and being so coxil Melissa all ol the i ra/v 
dance moves yve made up tor no reason knstina bx-ing s»> 
swex'l and easy to laugh with. IVvin-cooking, expressing 
interest, being so well-rounded, and an easy trix-nd. I 'asev- 
tor smelling m> damn ginvd' spanish classes. [X>ug, Aron. 
Mis>k |ell. Anurag, I'aul, Brian- lor being some of the 
coolest. tunnies! guys a i lass could ask lor and tor bustin 
cra/v phat rhymes We've had some good times 
together! verns the re/ mi d s the landing llightlinev 
nashua Kaug s. IXuig s i ruisin the strip' i;ihh.I luck to all ol 
vou'. Colleen- tor always knowing nothing although «r 
really do know everything, chorus class; Enc-unassigned 
stories and always being there to talk to Sundet always 
making me leel good and tor bx-ing so honest . lenn-watch- 
ing over mv house always up lor having a gin»d time. 
Michelli'-l nendly's. unassigned Hole at the verns. being 
obsessed with Alanis with me. and lor tinallv chts. king out 
and loving the party scene Irinitv always laughing 
crispy chick salads, unassigned. letting me throw a party al 
your house, and lor being so easy to talk to Beth tinallv 
opening up and being a truly great pi-rson loe stu lent 
council allot I Xmov an sclassx-s. bx-ings«>swivt and helplul 
\adva- I K such a giHxl and understanding listener st, Vl . 
Miller. Bexkv- lor genuinly taring and tor all ot the goixl 
talks we v e had in the past being the N-si president to ev er 
go through BHs. and tor always laughing Miranda the 
earring I hris I or being mv oldest friend all ol the cooking 
foking. Maine I K truly a wonderful person krvstal the 
talks parties stones. skipping school classes, vou are a 
sweet swivl girl thanks lor bx-ing su» h a good Iriend Mr 
Maxwell and Mr Mihken tor taking such time out lor all ol 
us even thing you ve done has been greatly appreciated 

l lassot IxrctS-Robin tor N-ing so swis-t and ol course the 
S>mbsi|uad kalelvn kalie Molly kris|«-n tor bx-ing such 
cool girls to hang out and party ivith losh l anelli I ally 
Oiug. tt IXmnv lor the cra/v times and the snow ball lights 
I ordv lor unassigmxl and allot the stones kivp emcomin ' 
Mr Sullivan lor leaching me m> mill h Mrs Mitchell giv inc. 
me your shoulder to cry on I've missexl v ou so much this 
veai 1 hanks ' y on Mrs Kobinv>n- for opening y our housx' 
to me and ottering your w ords of vv isdom ken lor bx'ing a 
cool pere«»n to have a slumber p.trt% with. ludvAcdale lor 
allowing me a pla> e to « rash lor always N'ing so inclusive 

and lor leeding me when I was *ut 

id I love yt> 
h rive s .k in, 

II M Kl i,ii\h To marry the man I love while unking 
with the career I love But nvwl ot ill to live lile to its fullest 
and live happily ever alter 

Jamie Lavalley 

Activities ROTC"!M 10-12). DnllTeamf 10-12). Color Guard 
(10-12). ROTC (10-12). APT(12). ROTC. running lalways). 
KOH. Rule team (1 112). ROTC. Bustin on da ave wit mv 
iellas i.iusm rm us hanscom crew atnt nuttin to ( — 
wil'Mnever quit), working at HOMEGOODV 
Big L'ps to my whole family (ma and Pa). sisCaCa. granma 
and granps (love you both), uncles and aunts, all ol you 
What I do in lile is for real and for you. I los e you ill to the 
end and bevond To Kred. I miss you pup Big L I" to s»,*tv 
D, you and me. we be ill to eternity nev«-r forget six (lag* 
middle school (we will rock you), wrestling, Weston foot- 
ball (What' Whit!). Do- me kibe, pumpin litis, freestvlin in 
the basemen! ITS A LIFETIME THANG ToCJ whenever 
vou are, whenever your there, remember DC, To my whole 
ROTC dick, gorilla, awards- (temna), chaps (in da van wit 
da slink' ..n ihe trampoline' (nice dnv ing vou II die in a 
car), colonel, young idmietmarkl.unme. cxmrtney and 
kalnna. l.on S tor quitting and getting caught, pal. the 
whole dnll team (HOO-AHH) always wtnmn. color guard, 
bi'rnd.casey. m. Washington n her lover (satan) MA-7°1 all 
the iv.iv To mehssa and rochelle. harvard *xf (I'll get wit 
you somxsjav meliss) Rochelle failing math with me (cheat- 
ing in physics molly and rochelle) Consuelo and angi-la 
remi-mbx-r how it used lobe, on Ihe stairs in scott circle. I will 

kiss you someday 'I still want y.'U an^.l.i OMMHIQ 
marrying CJ Icheating in history ) To the- whole bx-dlord 
dnnking click, i m stirry about your girlfriends' To gars . 
sieve L (ceramics c>n Ihe ceiling) |oes . ioms .(ennM .NINA 
(sorry about vour rug), mikeg (VENDOR). lohnB. AkeelM 
(killed va in freestvlin. son), katie A . Tammy E . cos (vchi to 
g-flex). all of the rado's (I hale you), knstine Hansen ( you 
make the bus worthwhile, GARDENS FOREVER', yeah, 
nght chea and angela ilhe tent crew) v on II get married . to 
chris H maik nonstop flavor, to Hen Wilson Steve s and 
Eddie L (or freshmx-n fun (graff must survive) Matt B and 
Bry an W for being whatever loOderra (quitter) and D|. 
Kim D, sorry I dont call Maxwell and Mod/elew-ski. the 
mornings All ol Ihe girls who want me think ot me Toall 
ot Ihepx-oplc who saw I would amount to nothing and I shot 
becauseol it Really , to the helievxTN and the deceivers, (you 
know who vou are) to my teachers and mv prx'achers all 
who made me w ho I am tixdav lov e and n-spxvt To those 
who I missexj I probably had a reason, so ves I did mean it 
Coals in life To attend a I s Military Academy (WEST 
POINT or ANNAPOLIS) and serve mv country in either the 
I nilexl states Army or 1 nilcxl States Manne I .-rps Hi S i 
AHHi as ,m ollicer To lead a small insertion team into a 
hostile country, and run an earthworm farm back in Ihe 

Kristen Lefebvre 

Activities. Soccer USA. Indoor Soccer 1 2 . French Club 1 -2-1 
; NHS 3.4 

Thanks f irst thanks to my parents lor alwavs being there 
tor me and supporting me 1 know I don't alway s shoxx it 
but I love vou both Katie, thanks fx«r being trie best sister I 
could ask lor and lor letting me borrow vour clothes Dannv 
and l\iv id. you aiv live cis»lest little brvvfhers ever Thanks 
tor alw ay s making me laugh ROBBIE thanks tor hx-lping 

plavx-r" orgasmic Girls lust Wan! To Have Fun. your hip 



and for being one of the funniest people I know. KATIE A.: 
thanks for grass/ mud / dirt fights, teaching me to fight back, 
calling me Kristen-My-Fave, and most importantly Franklin 
Every time I go there I'll think of you. LAUREN: thanks for 
Marshalls', French Project, Jim and Mark, "steps", signs 
from God, Moshi Moshi, Meka Leka Hi Meka Hi De Ho, 
"Humans are Bad", JM's rocks the house with... KACIE: 
thanks for falling while playing flashlight tag, 'Train Wreck!", 
cutting pizza in triangles, trying to tape Suey talking in her 
sleep, history video project, Caleb, "just a little bit of fudge", 
"Conditioner is better", Moshi Moshi, "You Sock!", One 
Marion's, good hooking up of Erin and Danny, Breakfast 
Club Forever! ERIN: thanks for liking Danny, going good 
with po'fr'ri', "Train Wreck!", ribbons (don't forget them 
next year), the two non-dancers, "hoods on", "Fleece vests? 
They're vests that are like fleece", men's room at Sparta 
Restaurant, Jackie Surprise, "You sock!", being mummies, 
Breakfast Club. JOJO: thanks for the historv video project, 
"20 Reasons Whv Kristen Can Be Happv Todav", bus bud- 
dies to away games, Lee SwongSwong, our awesome camp 
game, red linty socks, Breakfast Club. You're the best! 
LAURA: thanks for "Train Wreck!", spilling soda on your- 
self at Papparazzi's, "You sock!", the Cranberries, fishy- 
moshi. STEPH: thanks for being my roomy at camp, saying 
ya'll, liking countrv music, "We lived on ranches", "Train 
Wreck!" SUEY: thanks for Banana, talking in vour sleep 
("Susan shut up!"), for bringing Danny home without me, 
"If you're tired you can have a sub", the hot guy from camp, 
and for us yelling at each other on the soccer field. RASHMIE: 
thanks for studying at McDonald's, helping me with Chem- 
istry, keeping (or not) secrets, accuracy and precision. JESSIE 
M.: I'm the only one on the team without an attitude. You 
have the biggest! Good Luck Next Year! SOCCER CAMP 
BUDS: thanks for Keri Strug, Cranberries, Lee Swong Swong, 
"the Clap", sleeping in the hall- "Bedford Ain't Goin'", 
Balderdash, Me and Jojo's Game, Can Pyramid. GIRLS 
VARSITY SOCCER TEAM: thanks for team unity, "Liter- 
ally", Beating CC, hair ribbons, chipping my tooth, burning 
my head, flashlight tag, sleepovers, taping my chest, To- 
gether- F&F. I'll miss you all so much! Good Luck Next 
Year! A PERIOD FRENCH V CLASS: On est tous,tous, tous 
desclowns! Ourclassof ninegirls wasawesome! Finally, To 
the CLASS OF 1997: Good Luck! 

Future goals: To attend a U.S Military Academy (WEST 
POINT or ANNAPOLIS) and serve my country in either the 
United States Army or United States Marine Corps (HOO- 
AHH) as an officer. To lead a small insertion team into a 
hostile country, and run an earthworm farm back in the 
states. To play soccer and always be happy. 


Activities Field Hockey 1,2,3,4; Diving 1,2; Track 1; SADD 
1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Interact 4; Forum 3,4 
Thanks Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my 
life — my family and, especially, my friends. I'm not going 
to start naming you all, if you really have been my friend 
you should know who you are. We flew through the good 
times, got through the bad times, and just lived the times in 
between, there is still more to come but since it's finally time 
for us to leave, I wish you all the best of luck. I know that 
each one of you is going to be a tremendous success in 
whatever you decide to do. I'll miss you guys and I love you. 
'When we meet again, we will laugh as we once did". 
Future Goals To marry rich and spend my time taking 

David Lloyd 

Activities: Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Musical 1,2,3; JROTC 
1,2,3,4; Drill Team 3,4; 

Thanks: I would like to thank my savior Lord Jesus Christ 
for the love that he has given. I would also like to thank 
Shawn for being a great friend. Hunter for being another 
great friend. To my other friends thank you for being there. 
I want to say thank you to Mr. Sabourin for the great math 
class. Ms. Luke, for fun science classes. Col. Pappas, for 
encouraging my education and for fun Aerospace Science 

classes. To all the Marching Band, and their enjoyable time 
on and off the field. MOOOO! To Drill Team, for a great time 
that we have had. And to enveryone that I missed, I am 
sorry, thank you for a great time in and out of school. 

Stephen Lua 

Activities: Baseball: JV 1; Varsity 2,3,4; Football: JV 1,2; 
Varsity 3,4 Basketball 1, Winter Track 2, SADD 1,2,3,4; 
Spanish Club 1,2; P-Bench 4; B in Basement 2,3,4; Peer 
Leadership 4. 

Thanks to: First & most importantly my parents, there aren't 
any words to describe how much ILoveU. U' ve been the best 
parents and friends any one could ever ask for. All of the 
things U've taught me will stick w/me forever. MOM, I 
know never to give up b/c of you. DAD, I have finally 
figured out why people are afraid of pitbulls(and it's not 
because they eat youHLoveU. Nikki, Alii, Joey, &Kari, al- 
though we may have fought a lot I want U2 know that a big 
brother couldn't ask for any better little brothers and sisters- 
ILove U all. To the rest of my family, sorry I didn't write all 
your namesd didn't have that much room). But I hope you 
know how special each one of UR to me. BECKY — I always 
knew that we would end up together, ever since the 3rd 
grade I have loved you. U mean so much to me. When I need 
to talk to someone UR always there for me and that really 
means a lot to me, I hope you know that. Don't forget: 
Timmy's house, car accident, the beach, outside the town 
hall, renting movies, but not watching them, painting mv 
room, and most importantly how much I absolutely love 
you. ILoveU infiniti+ forever+10. JOEY- U've been my best 
friend since first grade and we'll always be best friends. 
Thanks4 always looking like me so no teacher could tell us 
apart, B in the basement, late-night taco bell runs, driving, 
teaching me how to play golfd can beat U anyday), all the 
fun times and most of all, being the only person who can 
make me laugh in any situation. Sorrv Beckv was always w/ 
us, but looking back it shouldn't have been any other way. 
Also sorry for all the "bad" things U've seen(U know what 
I mean). TIMMY-It's too bad you moved, we all miss you. 
Thanks4 croquet in the snow, the big rocks, guns, all our 
forts, great baseball battles we had in the front yard, clean- 
ing up my throw up in my room. But most of all thanks4 just 
coming to my door the day I moved in, Uwere my first friend 
and U're my overall best friend. GARY- U've always pushed 
me to be my best in every baseball game I've ever played. 
U're the best player I've ever played with and against. 
Someday, we will meet head on pitching in the major leagues 
and I know that the last out will be when I strike you out in 
the bottom of the ninth (we're in the national league). JENN- 
thanks4 being one of my 2best girl friends, thanks4 being 
one of the only girl's I could tell everything to, just remember 
that when my hand goes up it flies on its own! KRISTINA 
U're the other girl friend I'm talking about. Thanks4- buying 
me MCDonalds, presents at lunch, the pumpkin cup, your 
mom's cookie brownies,& for being one of the funniest girl's 
I know. KATE-U're probably one of the truest people I 
know, U're not willing to be a certain way b/c that's how 
people want yU to be and that's what I love about you. U've 
been through so much w/ your mother and somehow U've 
managed to be as strong as UR, that simply amazes me. 
Don't ever change&always be yourself. To all the 
NONFOOTBALL GUYS: Brad, Mike P.Jeff A,Aron, 
Anurag,Jaime,Scott-Uguys are great, don't ever change. 
The 97 FOOTBALL TEAM: Gary,Eric, Harris, Doug, Todd, 
Jay, Sundet, Ja, Heavey, Omar, Vinnie, Angelo, Blesser, 
Tyceen,Brad,Gabe, Ryan, Sully, Big Mac, and Mike Reid-we 
may not've had the best record but we kicked A##. P- 
BENCH crew for life.To the 97 GIRLS: Meghan, Niccole, 
Nadya, Carey ,Colleen, Geri, Kim, Angela .Consuelo, Maria, 
Rochele, Krystal and anyone else I may have forgotten- 
we've had some great times, thanks4 always being great 
friends. Thanks2 the BF crew:Mr. V,Dave,Scott,Becky, Jenn, 
Meghan, Lindsay, Lisa, Danielle, Suzannethave a nice life), 
Jeff,Brad, Katy,Geri, Kristen, Amy, Susan, Laura, and espe- 
cially Brenda for making work so much fun. Thanks Coach 
Sullivan, Coach Petrillo, Colonel, Coach Elias, Coach Keup, 
Mr. Reynolds, Coach Hursh and especially Coach Sabourin- 
everything you say I know that I can take it to heart because 
you've never lied to me-thank you. The parents:The Sylva's 
for liking me better than Joey, especially Nana Alice for 
being the funniest person I know(TripleAA), The Venuti's 
for always welcoming me like I was one of your own,The 
Dolan's for being my first real neighbors, and the Maclsaac's 

for all the rides. If I have forgotten anyone. ..too bad 
probably didn't like you anyway. 
Future Goals: To marry the woman of my dreams. Livei 
Boston, and win the World Series while playing for I 
Boston Red Sox. Thanks class of 97 for everything. It's be| 

Kim MacGregor 

First of all I would like to thank mv parents for their unccl 
ditional love and support they have given me throughq 
my life. You have always believed in me and helped ma 
be the person that I am. Mom, for all that you have taua 
me, your endless hours of help with school work, and 1 
always being there for me. I never could have goto 
through school without you. Dad, thank you for alwa 
helping me when I need you; and driving me to all r| 
activities before I got my license and now driving your tni 
so I can have my own car and for filling my gas tank. Won 
cannot express how grateful I am to have you guys! 
parents. Chad, my little brother even though we do rj 
always get along know that I love and respect you va 
much. Through thick and thin, we have been there foreaj 
other ! Enjoy high school, you have potential to do wl 
Don't worry, next year I will come back and annoy y) 
every once and awhile. A special thanks to all the teachJ 
that have helped me through the years: Mrs. Jordan for If 
past two years, Mr. Keup for being a cool teacher, M 
Maxwell and Mrs. Donovan for teaching me English, Mi! 
Light for helping me in 9th grade, and Ms. Mathews at 
Mrs. Miele for my math skills. Thanks, Ms Lohrum and M[ 
O'Malley for caring in a special way. Ms. Bouzan you are i 
greatest !! Thanks for all the help, you better visit me n< 
year. Kristen, we have been friends for so long and I knc 
that we have a friendship that will last forever. Don't for; 
twins in kilts in first grade, K&K Creations, bike rides, m 
moo, spaghetti, sleepovers, Cape Cod, dance, skating, ric! 
to school, girls nights, Clueless pens, the mall, Estrao 
physics, cute guys. Elisa, we have known each other for 
long time, I am glad that we became such good friends. l| 
have been through a lot: babysitting, cafe luigi's, ravioli wl 
marinara sauce, garlic bread, many many guys, I love Bif 
Madison, Halloween party, Dave, beepers, Baretta, skiing 
maybe not. Semi, Did I go with Pete? or was it vice-ver: 
Going out with Joe in the Firebird, me dragging you to CV] 
my home away from home, Maine was cool, we never got 
the cape. Pepperoni, mushroom and onion pizza, Bedfq 
Farms, French fries and vanilla shakes, prom, FIE| 
HOCKEY, voice training and many other things. Trinif 
thanks for all the advice you must be tired of hearing all i 
stories. I am glad that we are such good friends. We hef 
had some interesting times, Discovering Foods, dish so] 
field hockey, CWV, dish boys, maintenance men jumpi 
cars, red room, interesting cooks, sherbet, parking lot, Billerr 
carnival, Dudley Road, your house, guys???, Dan's shr 
hanging out of your car, lawns, Thank you for asking Jo« 
go with me to the prom, tonsil hockey, my neckd got h 
back), parties, chicken crispy salad, beeping horns, and 
radios. You were a great captain in field hockey. Beth, : 
awesome friend and work buddy! We have had somerea 
crazy times, scary carnival rides, hanging out Trin's 
window, lil' Zuffanti boy, running over lawns, DISH BO 
especially Mr. Icky, the semi or worst night of your l| 
Driving Rhonda's car, CWV parties, Northeastern, Chiraj 
bed, classical music in the bathroom, your boat, friend!] 
chicken crispy salad, frozen yogurt, and the CWV parkl 
lot, I am not Tonsils. Keri, remember Discovering Foo 
freshman year ?You are an awesome field hockey pla 
and a cool captain. Patti, my craziest friend we have so 
interesting memories, Rhode Island, Cape Cod, Dun 
Donuts, Watchusetts, movies, malls.our talks, sleepovc 
Ricky+s parties,Canobe, Concord center, and Papa Razzi 
Devin, my buddy even though we are not that close a 
more, I still think of you as a good friend. We have sof 
great memories. Patti, Ricky's parties, Canobe, tigers, vitf 
games, Bedford Day, 3 hour phone calls, chemistry, <'! 
anatomy. Ricky you are an interesting person, thanks ! 
your parties and Canobe lake. Johnny Mmm's, I beat yt ! 
just kidding. Lab was fun or maybe not. I will miss writ| 
on your books. I really am a good driver, psychology spe ( 
for itself, chickens rule. You are cool guy don't change. Je ! 



in the boss ! JenW.- I'm glad I got to know you better this 
iir. Learning center, voice training, and lunch. Steve- En- 
jsh ends at 12:16. Robin remember math class and field 
■:key good luck next year. Steph gym class, my birthday, 
i ling me Kimith and knocking me over in the hall. Good 
Ik next year. Field hockey team good luck next year, 
'anks to the CWV crew you are a lot of fun to work with. 
; onda thanks for being a good friend and introducing me 
t oe. Dan thanks for all the advice your a cool guy. Chris 
I nks for being interesting and changing every thing I say. 

10 not have six kids! Bob thanks for being your annoying 
• f and always getting food for my daddy. My name is not 
Jipy. Chirag thanks for making me your bad luck charm, 
i)wing me Northeastern, and making me grilled cheese, 
rj and Brandi you guys speak for yourselves. Finally 
I nks to Joe. We have so many memories together, water 
In fight, the movies, thanks for taking me to the prom, the 
|;bird which I really did like, It has many memories, Papa 
1 10s, peanut butter and fluff, nestles quick, annoying watch- 
15s, pumping gas, flowers, CWV parking lot, the begin- 
lig and the end. The terrace, trash bags, and cool boxer 
i>rts. What ever happens between us in the future, I hope 
It we will always be good friends. Everyone else in the 
Iss of 1 997 whom I did not personally thank, thank you for 
t years of memories. 

Gary Martin 

jtivities: Fr. Football,l, V.Football 2,3,4, J.V. BasketbalU, 
1 Basketball 2,3, V. Baseball 1,2,3,4, P-Bench Crew 3,4, 
1 anna first say thanks to god for guiding me through life 
i 1 making me the person I am today. To mv parents, DAD 
u+re the best. MOM thank vou for all the long talks we 
1 i. JASON, you're the best big brother. Thanks for making 
1 laugh all the time. MELVIN you been a great friend, 
t nks for the parties, golfing, N. Conway, cruising town, I 
$x you find happiness, Love ya like a brother. JAMES 
j at can I say we had a lot of good times together. Cham- 
] n, Key West, sneaking out of my house, making faces, 
1 ping me in school. Good luck. BRENDON we've known 
*h other for a long time. You always better remember 
1.RLOS, NH, Dot+Haley, Growin up in the hood, the BBC 
1 ghing at me dance. CHET vour the man, we've become 

1 1 close, I hope it lasts, remember sessions in my room, 
1 Peking my head. STEVE I hope vou find happiness in life, 
)j deserve it. Hopefully you can become a positive role 
1 del in society. OATES+TODD your the closest friends in 
1 grade, U' ve been making me laugh since middle school. 
Hsh you both the best of luck. JAMAL we were good 
f 'nds, don't know what happened, hopefully we can re- 
1 te some day . JULIE thankU for being a good friend. U got 
1 with 96. Hopefully some day we can be friends again, 
1 lember American Pie, Bad Company. TARA thankU for 
t Tything you ever did for me, vour like a sister I never had, 
l)e we stay in touch. The GIUSTI family, U guys have 
l 'ays made me feel welcome, your a second family to me, 
] ve U guys. I hope we always stay in touch. Mr.G thanks 
f always calling me when you needed something heavy 
1 2d, and for all those dinners. Mrs.G thanks for helping me 
c in times of trouble, for our long talks. I will never forget 
i "hank you. LINDSAY we became friends under unusual 
irumstances. Thanks4 helping me out with everything, 
1 ;h you the best of luck. NICK D your the nicest person I've 
« t met. ThankU so much for helping with everything, my 
] 'blems. Hope you find happiness. Love Ya Pal. I want to 
s thanks to eveybody in 97+ for making my high school so fun, good luck to yall, thanks to MIKE, JAMIE, 
1 JSHA thanks4 the session, making me laugh, teaching 
I some jive. Last but certainly not least my girlfriend 
I hany, I can't say enough about you. UR the most impor- 
t t thing in my life. We faced a lot of diversity in our 
! itionship but managed to get through it. You helped me 
t with everything, showed me things no one else could. U 
( sd for me like no one else had. UR mv best friend in the 
1 rid, I could tell you anything. I hope we stay together for 
1 ng time. UR 1 in a million and don't ever forget that. Just 
1 lember omelets, secret time, sleepovers, long drives, our 
\\ks and talks, Toys -R' Us, Westfield trips, Waterville, 
C}e Cod, New Hampshire. And plenty other things. I 
1 >w we will make it through everything. ThankU4 every- 
fcig you have ever done for me. I hope you get everything 
J 1 want in life because you deserve it. Bethany I love you 

very much and I hope for the best for you. I Love You. 
Finally to anyone that I forgot. I'm sure I'll remember you 
guys some time in the future. Wish vou all the best of luck in 
the future. I love you all. Peace to all my METCO kids. 
Future Goals: To go to college, become a professional Base- 
ball pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. Be rich, have 7 beautiful 
kids, live in Colorado, marry Bethany Giusti, and live hap- 
pily ever after. I finally did it and I am out of this place. 1+11 
miss you all. 

Tom McCreedy 

Activities: Football-1,2,3,4 Latin club-1,2,3,4 
First of all I would like to thank my family for always being 
there throughout the good and bad times. These teenage 
years have been fun and unfortunately they have to be 
traded in for an all new college life. There have been manv 
others who helped me last through the high school years. 
Some of the biggest influences have been the football coaches 
from freshman year and coach Sullivan up to senior year 
with coaches Sabourin, Petrillo, cambell, Elias, and Hirsch. 
Then there are my friends from football, including Eric, 
Steve, Gary, Chris and others. They have made high school 
a blast. There have been many other friends who have left 
for college during the past 3 years. Every one of them I will 
remember for all of their unique personalities.This Senior 
year was something I knew would eventually come and so 
far has been great, even though I know it means many of the 
friends I have known for a long time will not be seen again. 
All of the great friends I have had made school fun. Like all 
of the fun discussions I have had with Jeff in poly-sci class. 
Even the teachers have made learning fun. Especially Latin 
class with Mr. Kelly, added to all the great personalities that 
have been in the class with me over the years. I know I will 
have many other great friends and experiences but I will 
cherish these last couple of years. I am sorry if I have 
forgotten anyone, but there are way too many great friends 
to fit on one disc and I hope thev all have great futures. 

Elisa McGovern 

Activities: Field Hockey 1,2,3,4, Drama Club 2,3,4, Softball 

1 .2.3, SADD 2,3,4, Spanish Club 1 ,2,3, Latin Club 4, Musicals 

2.3.4, Interact 4 

Thanks to my parents for always being there for me and 
supporting me in whatever I choose to do. I love you both 
very much. Thanks to all my friends for being around 
through good times and bad. I'm going to miss vou all. KIM: 
word/water, Dave, voice, Maine, semi-dates, F.H., Billy, 
Coggins runs, "whatever", crusin', Dr.Seuss, almost skiing 
KRISTEN: CVS, "the points have to come from somewhere", 
iced coffee, Papa Ginos, F.H., Walden Pond, silly questions, 
fairies, BETH: Eliza-we are one, snails are good, 2:00 phone 
calls, dock boys, Bedford farms, Gap, Spanish cakes, 
CANDICE: too many phone calls, listening to my problems, 
F.H., Harvard Square, "Hi", Romeo and Juliet slides, 
LAUREN: Laurens, dissecting frogs, physics, "studying" 
for mid-years, JOHN: McGraph, Papa Ginos-ribs, Disney- 
lab, Ullmann quotes, Latin, Psychology, on our field at 3:30- 
too muc h info., Great Wall, NINA: football games, being 
faries, tournament, parties, F.H., prom-dress shopping, 
NICCI: Thanksgiving, football, beautiful trees, Spanish, TIFFANY: 
top 1 3, baking stuff, jello-jigglers, tournament, AMITA: Amits, 
physics, math, prom, t ournament, TRINITY: first person you 
met, F.H., psychology, teachers think your pretty, JENw: 
Softball, voice training, football games, ANGELA: thanks 
for making softball fun, KIMs: CVS-aisle 6, Kaeopectate, 
Latin, "I got a secret", EMILYn: Aileen's party-c ake fight, 
Ashley's parties, Sean, Vanessa, DANIELLEb, TRACYg, 
KATIErev: F.H., football games, good luck in the future, I'll 
miss you guys. And thanks to: JENNm, MICHELLEd, 
and anyone I may not have mentioned, just for being a part 
of my life. 


John McGrath 

ACTIVITIES: Soccer JV 1,2 V 3,4; Skiing 1,2,3,4; Lacrosse JV 
1,2 V 3,4; Spanish Club 1,2; Forum 4; Telemedia 4 
Thank vou to my whole family, from you I have and always 
will learn the most. Mom and Dad your were always there 
supporting me and helping me along the way. Pat, you still 
can't beat me in wrestling. Tim, I'm glad at least one of you 
two was smart enough to play soccer. At times it may not 
seem like it, but I'm glad to have you two around. Kristen, 
Gabe, Geri, el grupo. Mis mejores amigos. May the grupo 
remain juntos forever. Gabe, I don't care what they sav I like 
the hair. Geri, I can't believe he got you to go hunting. 
Kristen, vou are definitely obsessed with Dave Matthews, 
keep on singing. To the teams, you guys are the best. Soccer, 
skiing, lacrosse, I can't think of anybody else I'd rather plav 
with. Coaches, thanks for you time, patience, and guidance, 
I learned from you all. Teachers, you have turned me into 
the unbelievably intelligent human being I am toda v. Thank 
you especially to Mr. Corliss, without whom typing this 
would have taken all night. To all the teachers who wrote 
me recommendations, Mr. Spinosa, Mr. Sullivan, Mr. 
Sabourin, Ms. Keltner, Ms. Messma(er), I hope these help to 
get me in somewhere. Sab, I finally have enthusiasm. O.K. 
Kim, I admit it you beat me. Elisa, I just can' t figure out why 
they think you're so quiet. Kristina it was me that put the 
lock on your locker, but it was Gabe's lock. Peer Leaders, it's 
scary that they consider us role models, little do they know, 
ha, ha. Chesthair, lunch wouldn't have been the same 
without vou (all four years). Wolfie, Styles, may Messma 
remember the jackets forever. Jeff, Amita, and "Smelly Cat" 
anatomy was an experience. Reynolds, Casey, Jeff, Tom, the 
class might have been small, but we made up for it by just 
veiling louder. A special thanks to Adam Sandler (aka Billy 
Madison, Happy Gilmore), without him this world would 
be a more depressing place. By the way Jeff, I will never be 
able to bring myself to voting for you. BHS Live!, I was only 
there for one year, but I had a hell of a time with you all. Insty 
and Gabe, I couldn't have gotten through humanities with- 
out vou guys. Gearbox and Joe I don't mind being second 
best to kings like you. Nicci, Beth, Elisa thanks for the 
manicure, I'll never do it again! Chabs, Doug, Eric, we just 
couldn't stay out of trouble with Mrs. Luke. To everyone I 
have not mentioned thank you very much for 1 3 great years 
of school. It wouldn't have been the same without any one 
of you. Thanks to the class of '96, the class of '98, all my other 
friends older and younger, and especially the best class, the 
class of 1997. 

FUTURE GOALS: To get a college education, find a good 
job, get married and have a family. My overall goal is to live 
life to the fullest and enjoy it. 

Devin McPhie 

Activities: French Club 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 2; AFS Club 
2,3,4 Treasurer 3,4; Science Team/Club 3,4 Captain 4; 
Telemedia 3,4; Drama Club 3,4; Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Marching 
Band (Percussion) 4; Forum 4; Spring Track 3,4; Yearbook 
Editor-in-Chief 4 

First, I would like to thank mv parents for alwavs being 
there for me and for continually making sacrifices. It's been 
difficult for you guys, especially not seeing me enough for 
the past two years, and I want to say I appreciate all that 
you've done for me. Next I would like to thank Mrs. Parker, 
first for providing me with the opportunity to come to 
Bedford, and second, for doing everything humanly pos- 
sible to ensure that I had everything that I needed with 
regards to school, and above and beyond that, making sure 
I was happy in Bedford. Thank you for everything, Mrs. 
Parker. I would like to thank the Stucka family, the Hill 
family, the Betz family, and the Hastings family. Without 
your generosity, I would never have been able to be so 
involved in extracurricular activities. Thank you very much 
for such warm hospitality, for always making me feel wel- 
come, and for making me feel like part of the family. I would 
like to thank all of the teachers that I've had through the 
years, especially the faculty of BHS. I've learned so much in 
the past four years, and a good deal of it is due to the 
opportunities made available to me by teachers in the high 
school. I'd especially like to thank Ms. Rainis, Mr. Reynolds, 
Mr. Spinosa, Mr. Maxwell, Mr. Maffa, Mrs. Luke, Mr. 
Ullmann, Mrs. Messmer, and Mrs. Krueger. I always en- 


joyed coming to your classes, and you all helped me to make 
the most of my high school experience. Thank you again. I'd 
like to thank all of the METCO students for a very interesting 
nine years. I'd like to thank Jason, Norman, Cedric, John 
and Akil for track, Burger King, and all of the crazy T rides 
home. Norman, keep up the good work, and Jason BE- 
HAVE YOURSELF! I'd like to thank all of the members of 
the BHS orchestra, especially the incomparable second vio- 
lin section. To the Drama Club, thanks for the Tournament, 
and New York. Thanks to the Marching Band for the most 
fun I've had this year. Go Drumline! Thanks Pat and Jim for 
teaching me to play the drums, and for making Band so 
funny. Thanks to Mr. Rinaldi for selecting me for the 
awesome task of putting together this yearbook. I'd like to 
thank the staff for working so hard, especially Joe Savitch, 
Rachel Johnson, and Laura Gavornik. Without you guys, 
the book would have been in SERIOUS trouble. Good luck 
next year Laura and Rachel. To all my sophomore friends 
(Liz V., Jackie S., Michelle and Tawnya, Kelly C, Laura S, Jill 
S) thanks for being so nice. There are just too many juniors 
to thank individually. To Ginny and Reagan, thanks for 
accepting me without judging me. You guys are reallv cool, 
and I'm glad I got to know you. Thanks Boo for just being 
you, stripping with me on the Track Bus, and always being 
there to make a spectacle. Belknap, sorry for all the abuse, 
but it was all in good fun. Keep the orchestra in line. Thanks 
Robin, Caroline, Emily G. for that crazy gym class. If I 
missed anyone, I'm sorry. Iloveyouall. I'd like to thank the 
Track team collectively, for being so much fun. Thanks 
especially to Courtney for spiking my hand, and leaving 
scars. On to the class of '97. Thanks to Kim MacG for being 
such a good friend for so long. Thanks Kristen Sylva for 
always being there for me, whether it was just to listen, or to 
offer advice. Thanks Carey H for being so cool. Nina, what 
can I say? You've been a good friend since you moved here, 
thanks for everything. Alison, Jen, AML, Josh, Dave, Joe, 
Kerry - thanks for all of the interesting talks. Nicci, thanks 
for always listening. Emily, you've been a great friend since 
eighth grade, thanks. Nadya and Chris O. thanks for being 
such cool people. Hunter, thanks for always flipping out, 
you made school fun. Kamah, thanks for being so nice. Jean, 
I don't know what to say. You mean so much to me, and I 
feel silly for not being able to express myself. I love you 
dearly, and thanks for being such a great friend. Thanks 
Cordelia for being a really good friend. To Rick, Casey, 
Justin, Chris - you guys are the best. You've been my best 
friends for a long time, and I want to say thanks for always 
being there for me, for all the laughs and good times. It's 
been great. Thanks Shawn, Dave, and the rest of the lunch- 
time group. To Yuko, I want to say, I'm very glad I met you. 
You quickly became one of my best friends. Thanks for 
being so cool, and such a great listener, and going with me 
to the Junior Prom. I love you, and I'll miss you when you 
go back to Japan. To the rest of the Acton crowd, thanks for 
the fun times hanging out. Again, too many seniors to thank 
everyone for everything. If I missed any of you, I'm terribly 
sorry. I love you all, thanks for all of the memories. Finally, 
I'd like to say thank you to Pam Worth. Pam, I'm never 
happier than when I'm with you. I want to say thanks for 
everything: always listening, giving sound advice, all the 
trips to Boston, helping me ensure the success of the Taco 
Bell and McDonalds restaurant chains, and just being there 
for me. Again, I'm at a loss for words trying to define what 
you mean to me. Suffice it to say that I love you, I'm 
eternally grateful for the time we've already shared to- 
gether, and I hope that we'll be together for a long time to 
come. I guess that's everyone. Thanks again to the afore- 
mentioned, and any I forgot to mention. It's been great, and 
I love and will miss you all. 

imagining the worst with me, all the times with Jeff and 
Neil, getting caught in the office, Princess Gwendalyn, 
Panda, Joker, and Demon, cheerleading-Jan, Feb, Mar, April!, 
non-alcoholic champagne, Hampton, partying at vour house, 
my first Bell run, riding in Bessie, 4th of July on the boat, 
Julia who?, loving popcorn, oh my mommy's here, our 
Melonie plan, carrot-top is so cute — I love you buddy- 
Becky — for you and Stephen always sharing everything, 
Duh it's a famous quote, for never reading in English, 
halitosis breath, rock on Becky (wall), for thinking Mr. 
Sabourin is cute with me, bagongas, Sporkie farts, for being 
so honest, Bedford Farms, being blonde, for wearing that 
dumb outfit at the football game. Geri — Estrada's class, 
B.F.'s, always being in the same homeroom, expressing 
your anger so well, always eating your apple first at lunch, 
your kindness and compassion for others. Nadya — Mrs. 
Luke's class-"stop talking girls", your love of chowder, 
creating a night of "intrigue and romance", spending expe- 
ditions with Becky, procrastinating J. Prom. Meghan — the 
Club-thanks for working out with me and helping me watch 
what I ate, E-block unassigned-No C D 's allowed, Dave 
Matthews, Chewies, for being such a good standard driver, 
Oh I'd love it if my mom came, Billy Madison. Stephen — 
"Hi buddy. It's the Dusta!", for having the best Jerkey Boys 
impression, for always saying exactly what you feel, the 
way you sat in your seat in psychology, "evil man", "They're 
my idols". Joey — for always being able to make me laugh, 
the Pouncer, George Castanza, iggy biggy buggy, you saw 
Mrs. V's what?, when the potato game went a little too far, 
rock on wall, UNO's, Beach Boys CD., "Bedford Farms 
Chipwiches are the best ever!". Scones — for enlightening 
me with your ideas about school lunch, Dislexic, Two-tone, 
hotrodding in the parking lot (I'm so sorry), Scone's brew, 
your psychadelic car. Nicci — for always giving everyone a 
big smile, for being such a great driver-standard and auto- 
matic, not signing your peer leadership contract. Anurag — 
for being clueless, letting me call you Auni, being such a 
helpful lab partner, loving Ms. Messmer — When are you 
going to teach me how to run?. Jeff & Mike — for always 
calling eachother fat and for being two of the funniest 
people I have ever met, Ms. Messmer's nursery school 
physics class. Krystal — I like the way you work it — no 
diggety!, baby boo, thanks for letting me cruise the strip in 
the Vette, sorry for all the fights. Scott — for being the 
sweetest guy I know and for always being able to make me 
laugh, for always giving me the finger, for letting me do 
your homework, your scary eyes, letting me touch your 
tatoo, coming to the dance. Doug — sorry for smacking you, 
but I think you deserved it! (JK), Aaron — for wearing flip 
flops and Mr. Bubbles shirts. Eric — for teaching me how to 
get rid of the pain in my heart and always being so goofy. 
Brad, Todd, Brian O, Bryan S — for making Bedford life fun. 
Angela & Consuelo — for your accents (pink, pen, and 
Billerica), and freshman Civ. class. Jamie L. — for loving 
yourself way too much, always bringing a new tape in my 
car. Neil — thanks for all the wonderful times we shared-I'll 
never forget you or our memories. Nick D. — thanks for 
prom and not saying hi to me in the hall anymore. Kim — 
thank you for inspiring me and teaching me to love the art 
of dance. B.F. Crew — Beth, Katy, Kristen, Schmells, Lee, 
Lindz, D.T., Jeff, Brad, Suey, Laura, Dave and Scott. Brenda — 
telling your jokes, showing me how to run, "Jenn ate all the 
pastries — Piggy!". Mr. V — thanks for being a great boss and 
giving me a nickname. To the Carlo's for your hospitality. 
And to the rest of the class of 1997 — you guys are the 
greatest. I wish you all the best of luck in everything you do. 
Future Goals: To become a nurse, marry the perfect man, 
have a family, and die having made a difference in at least 
one person's life. 

Jennifer Milligan Jennifer Mills 

Activities: cheerleading 1,2; dance 12 years; Spanish club 
1,2; Prom Committee Co-Chairperson 3,4; Peer Leader 4; 
B.F. Crew 1,2,3,4; School Atmosphere Committee 4; Year- 
book 4; UNO's late night 3,4 

Thanks: First and foremost, I'd like to thank my family for 
always being there for me. I love you with all my heart. 
Mom and Daddy — thanks for always believing in me and 
pushing me to do my best. If it wasn't for you guys, I 
wouldn't be who I am today. Lyss — thanks for being a great 
little sister. You made my Senior year fun, Freshman! I love 
you. Kristina — I can never express how much our friend- 
ship means to me. Thanks for always being there and 

Activities: Interact - 1 ,2,3, Board of Directors 4, Swim Team 

- l,2,3,Captain 4, SADD - 1,2,3,4, Wind - 2,3,4, Peer Leader- 
ship - 4, Pit - 3,4, Track - 3,4, French Club - 1,2, Latin Club - 

Thanks: First, thanks to my family for. . . everything. My 
grandparents and everyone else in Canada for giving me a 
second home. Mia - late night talks and becoming a friend 

- RI ROVE ROU! and your not getting my room! Mom - for 
being the strongest person ever, and making it all okay. Dad 

- for teaching me how to stand alone. Everyone at BDC trip 
camp - and the coolest campers ever - Nicki, Shannan, 
Danielle - splashing in the Saco (No I do not like him!) Ann- 

Michelle - the internet (Mt. Me), Shag and salsa. Mar: 
Basket in green tights, Ranger Jen, Wachusett nights, S/ 
(did you pass the . . . ), 'They thought I was EVI1 
Noseworthy pictures, Kurdit, getting pizza with me 
Waterville, clubbing, being mean with me, deep conver 
tions at Denny's, rides, salsa con queso - cheese jar!! t 
book, we're going to Hell!! Candice - Lexington guys 1 
summer, Rockport, Unicorn Books, being brave enough 
pierce your nose, Anatomy. Keri - for being the last ini 
cent, "So, when do you get off?" purple speedo m; 
Manadnock, mocachinos, always getting lost, Watervil 
losing towels in the Lake, carrying me out of the Alai 
concert when I got kicked in the head, SAA! AML, CT, I 

- that night at Dunkin' Donuts, talking about gross things 
Keri's. Allison - for knowing me forever, Arsinio W; 
funky stickers at Phish, the mouse in NH, singing on t 
chairlift, Cousin Kevin, giving me Dar tapes, introducing i 
to Jake (many times), Eeeeeeegypt,dead horse, Lincoln bo 
(in the jungle), no-no-no, power snorting, Blue Man Groi 
going to Walden, AMC (Rusted Root, lemonade, Perry, ti 
in your ear, mud, our bog bridge). Tiffany - for working c 
with me, having crazy crushes, baking, panties - eeee\ 
being married in three years, being an unbelievable fluti 
PIT, Denny's. Dave - wait. . . what? crazy mustard 
Brian's ear!), scaring that guy in the pizza place, cutti 
down my bushes in kindergarden, having insane cats, sho 
ing me Dudley Rd., Wachusett, making the monkey face 
my birthday, Latin class, Hawiiiii, skiing like a nut. Ingri 
the ostrich walk (in front of the pizza place), hanging out 1 
fourth of July (random BBQ's), road trips to Rockport, IA 
WATT (gas station incident), looking like my sister, bei 
Swedish too, liking Strange Brew (you hoser), leaf rakir 
being picked up with me in Harvard Sq. (we're from NY 
. really), for loving the Bruins, doing that crazy thing i 
your horn. Brian - for being the most amazing frier 
walking to the gazebo in the rain in Florida, hiking with I 
saving me at the eighth grade semi, for being a muppe 
bork bork, giving bad directions, the clown in my basemei 
not killing my cat, he is not a tapeworm! seeing cool movi 
with me, hating twelve monkeys, the Stinky Cheese Ma 
apples, for calling when you're pissed, skiing (I will ma 
you fall!), finally realizing I was right, snapping me out of 
not hating me when I tell you the truth, cast party, goil 
through the same things at the same time, asking wha 
think, standing up for me at that football game and givi 
me crazy hot chocolate, for meaning so much to me, and f 
getting crapped on at Sea World, tennis ball throwing, ar 
getting me on the high wire. Please. Trinity -for being hyp 
when I'm hyper, skiing, doing Jake with me for the first tim 
riding home in the trunk, "Don't touch my sac!" crov 
surfing. Emily - for being as tall as me and knowing abo 
short things, for loving your job (it's almost summuer!). J( 

- for loving the Bruins. Elisa - always being chipper 
homeroom all four years. Chris - for loving swimming 
much as me and never quitting even though our joinll 
might, taking my hours at Wedgewood, Mrs. Larrabee 
writing military time on the pool chart, talks about yo» 
chicks. Beth - TAOJC, bonsai, accents, washing our car 
pearls from Japan, lawn boys, sending funky smelling le 
ters to Pop Tarts, never going home last year. Ricky - fc 
offering to beat up a mean guy for me sophmore year. Jea \ 

- for just being awesome, asking Vilas, gym junior yeall 
playing a mean trombone. Devin - being in homeroom wiJ| 
me and Java Man, trying so hard, doing this yearboo I 
running with me at track. Kara - for not quitting swimmin 1 
van rides to states with Brian (eeew), what's the Frenql 
word for ugly? Bryan - for loosing my keys in the grass, in I 
semi, letting me teach you how to ski. Everyone in Floric 

- the duck in the picture, tewwors of da deep, throwing fru 
from the balcony, the phantom . . crapper, Gas, Diese I 

! Josh - for spelling my name wrong 500 times in sixt 

grade, teaching me all the bad words on the bus, analyzir 
my life -and being right, that really long talk after Princetc 
Review, my mom loves you ! Everyone painting the bleacl 
ers and wall - we'll come back and look underneath! Tr 
Flutes - Allison, Beth and Tiffany! (are we in tune?) So the 
said to the Stinky Cheese Man, "What's that funky smell: 
Future Goals: To be a ski bum for a year, hike the who 
Appalachian Trail, drive across country, become a Fore 
Ranger, drink from cheese Jars in college, and be there whe 
the Bruins win the Cup. 

Aisha Mondesir 



|%st ,.t all I would like- to thank m> srll lor grttingout ol high 
K -h,..| I would like to say sta. v thanks lor King there tor mr 
and it vou wjmi t tlirff I might mil K- here now Asha wr 
ftjvjIK made it alter so long I never thought »( would K- 
■raduating well you know how I I. ,ve vou. and you arr thr 
best thing i prison i an havr as a tw in sister iJUm' we Ken 
through a lot together \kil wr arr finally getting out ol hen- 
«Hi should K- hrrr wit ih hut 1 gurss this is thr way sou 
want.-, I H v.knr tun next tear . ausr I know I w ill I rar sou 
know vou an- .1 (' "ft "I mv t » f •- and I I ovr 1 ou tor always 
CVrn though you nev er w anted to do mv homework alwav s 
mad.- nu- do it rm sell !•• mv littU- brother and sisters I am 
ping to miss vail a lot whin I go away to vollcgc especially 
you MlUtet Kanmah and kamilah vou art- the 2nd twins 
and vou know I will miss vail uuw vou always made me 
laugh when I down Biggielairne i wr had lun and -.till 
to thanks lor |usl King there when I nrexled somebody to 
U)k to Myesha k.-n Ngcsti thank-, tor King there vail arc 
oral friends |ust d. m I t ci er torget aKmt our MM I'" I must 
, By.- Mil II MLl 1 1 1 uvr lo tl>«- M Ik k (I . Iisha.kianga. 
, Ajha Shara I . jiim i I it was not tor vail I don t know 
I how I would have siirvicd I clisha thanks lor K-ing there in 
I all mv classes kianga .1 was lun hut don t lor*.-! to go to 
Rehab and take . ar. ol kiandrah shara thanks .ausr it it 
iwasnt lor vou I would not hair passed Alcgbra 2 this 
yrai l.ini.iT.1 ill I , an s..v is stay Vila shamika mv little 
lATwcctc Birdo »r had lun this summer thanks tor K-ing 
thrre whi n I was upset and rcmcmK-r U s time lor us to 
leave them I am. salon.- Mrs Ma. gregor thank lor helping 
i mr nli.'H I could not understand how to do mv work and 
, hrlp-d me w ith what ev er I had a problem with Mrs Parker 
(Kanks t..r not kk king me out w hen I was a problem thanks 
lomakingmelaughatall I odd C.arv Brian D I Ckierr.l hris 
« was lun know mi; vail but we w ill always have my party 
Sh-phian. remember the....l» heated Thanks lo the w hole 
. Senior 1 lass ol 1^7 

Jameel Moore 

First and lorerrunt I would likr lo thank Cod Without him 
nothing would br possible I would also likr lo thank my 
mother She has always been there lor mr and did hrt best 
raising mr on hrt own Shrismv heart fcvm though I don I 
say it ollrn I lovr vou mom I would Ilk* lo thank my 
brother sand sister s Ann |ohn Abblgale. Antoinrttr and 
Ashton I thank all ol vou lor helping raising mr and 
keeping mr going in thr right dirrxtion I d likr to thank mv 
godmother lor alwav s treating me like I was hrr own I lovr 
you I d like to give a spewal thanks to mv girM'rrtrrrna. 
Malik*. Shanika, Kratrina, and Li»a I'd aUo likr to thank 
mv bov Kuhard Pcrtrcena I d like to thank vou lor keeping 
It real Whenever 1 nrrdrd to know thr truth about some- 
thmg 1 knew I muld turn to you Malika I d like to thank v , ■ 
lor leaving yoursell open lor mr to talk to and giving mr 
thine little lectures Shanika I'd like lo thank you lor alw ays 
K ing able to make mr laugh keatrina I d like to thank you 
lor K ing somebody I could bug wit Lisa, ev en though vour 
not here anymore your still in mv heart All I van sav is I 
admire vou and vou get muih respect Kuhard I don't 
know where lo begin I ye know n you tor live years and vou 
have had a big impact on my lite I'd like to thank vou for 
being there lor me when nobody else was. You were mv 
besttnend 1 v en though I don ts.iv it I got mad love lor all 
ya'll Thanks. Mrs Parker I d like to thank you lor having 
faith in me from day one I'd like lo give one more thank you 
to throne's that made it difficult tor me at times because v . >u 
made me into a stronger individual. 
My future goals are to go to college, make a difference and 
have a successful career and family Mv main goal is to be 

You know I love you* 
opte and relationship* 

nifi %ja 

Thanx 4 hrt 

Asha Mondesir Rochele Morello 

! SUcv I owe this all to v. hi be. ause it not lor vou I would not 
I bf here to celebrate this oei asion \nd t.-l .od lor putting me 
here lomv oneandonlv tw in Aisha I love you with all my 
; heart and thank vou lor being mv best triend 1 o mv brother 
Akil thanks tor being there lor me and now I leave this 
IChool to vou the onlv Mondesir I want to sav I lovr V oil to 
mv little brother and sisters and kamilah. karimah you'll 
ajwavs be bad t o \rri. \egesli Mv esha andkeri thanks 
for King mv friends even w hen times got bad and show ing 
mr that K ing a metco student is not all that bad And to thanks lur that weekend vou know what I m 
talking about I ..the \ . Ik k ' I elisha Mi ar a K> in.-, i I on. i i 
thanks tor being mv triends K-t.uise it w< w.isii t Inends 
' hnw would we have made it To Felisha thanks a lot for all 
live things vou done lor me I apprev iat. it v erv mm h kianga 
stay the wav vou are and never vhange I hop*- vou and 
Kwndrah have a goosl lite shara i lameraeven though we 
always wasn't on speaking terms we still rem.untd triends 
and I'm thankful lor that And never torget all those 
mornings and afternoon we spent bla/ing To |onalhan 
th.mks lor K ing mv Inendi.iuse it not tor vou I would have 
1 Cfa/V detentions I he Kg Mead lason vou made my 
senior year s,. tun blazing every morning and alter s.KsM 
and I thank vou To Melissa Willie I owe a whole lot to 
1 because w ith out vou I would have never passed Mrs I like 
biology class Ihanks lol.arv I . '.Id brain I > thanks lor 
' being some ,.s'l home bov s and alwav s making me laugh 
' To Mrs M.ul.reggor thanks tor being there tor me whi n I 
needed help Mrs Parker thanks lor not kuking me out 
' when I acted up and wanted to get out iVIerra PI I hrisit 
was fun going to si Kh>1 with v a and we w ill always hav e mv 
party nevei torget To keshia the newest ol the A .Ink this 
schiml belongs to vou have lun To mophead thanks tor 
letting me spend the night at vour house I had lun knowing 
you kacev 1 thanks v on w as alwav s there lor me and gave 
mrmon. v whenever I needed it lasimeand Tra.v lorK-ing 
' » my friend w hen vou guvs really didn t know me I ast but 
1 tun least I want to sav thanks lor the support trom my 
' Mother and lather who really wasn't there to teach me right 
I fn'm wrong but tried And to the man I lov e the most thanks 
for King a big part ol mv lite And a big shout out to the 
Warren Garden Blunt Heads tor treating me like v a little 
I ' sister 

Activities: Chwleading 1.2,3,4 Captian 3,4/ Trainer 2J/ 
Cym Decorating 1.4/ PromC'ommitcv 1/ SADD4/ Interact 

First I would like to thank my parents 4 bringing me into this 
world, and 4 all their help and guidance You guys have 
stood bv mr and supported me in every thing Thank lou I 
love you Kith Frankte-4 sharing lh years of your life with 
me All our talks at night when w e w ere supposes.! : B asleep 
and 4 driving mil. KA/N' ion re the best brother C.rammv 
St Grampy 4 K-ing m> loving and 4 all the w onderful less, m. 
you taught me Auntie, Nana, U.fran, U.nat. A mary, U.dom, 

I ittle IXim. Baby Nicholas. U joe, A.laurie * Tessa 4 K-ing 
the K-st tamilv Melissa- Best Friends since ( C M S.! Mrs 
Recdsclass basn tacts tests' Playing in the snow Haling my 
boyfriends. Keeping my secrets, it's o k. 2 cheat Letting me 
stay over, .curfew?!? Waiting w ith mr those nights 4 K.C.-I 
still oweu Strip Poker' Deciding in High School 2b our- 
selv es I K long' |immv ' Stevrmiller cts-biggi-st mistakeev er 
Ko s New-years sVwhu kiss,M me' Herpiegirl and Neb 
Please put your clothes back on Someone had an awtul 
cough last night The shower lottoneveh- Never inhaled 
Never swallowisj" IVIie teachin us to ho Driving bv t g s 
house' I langin out with v our bro Suelm house lallin oil the 
banister Mark and Brian Bicktords lalenight Harvardso 
lamie .It s»,.tt. nakisj'" Mounttan Barrv overt he hill I L»>tie- 

I I yrsold. p« rv ert' No u. annul see mv tan Mams the pics 
motelsix Danielw.bsler Fratparty ' The res' IVn t worrvi 
didnt touch him Brian I lemons s recycling bin I hope vou 
hnish Drivers Id s.s.n' Thanx 4 keeptn me in line, and 
alwav sheing there 4 me since tilth grade I dont know what 
Id do without vou. I luv va True triends like ivy and a 
wall Pebbles & Bam Bam 97. Jay- You know how very 
much vou mean to mr We've had Mime wonderful times 
Flmo. gel hvper Springsbrvxik Thr shirt I ion king \ V 
Hootie Stevcmiller New years" iXir star Mams PLivgnmnxl 
Being so angry Mintest than the mmtest Tuesdays In the 
apple tn-e Making pi//a Don t ever, hangc promise'" ^ ou 
have taught me alot aKuil mvM-11 And helpisl mr grow as 
a person Whether uknow it or not u are very brave and I 
admire u lor that Thanx 4 alw ay s K ing mv triend respect 
ing me. and telling me the truth Things will endup how you 
promised I love you lotvver and with all mv heart l Vlerra 
oneof mv K-st triends' ^ou ve always K-x-n there tor me 
1 etting mr be one ol vour girls .<< leaching me to ho 
I istening to mv stories in Spanish Fresh year Ml those 
nights I've called vou upset and vou had patience with me 

Scott - always mak 
era/ v car rules Fr« 

Bang& tor neverdroppngmein the back of starburst Bnan 
F - takin out me and Melissa all the time Buktonls Also 
sticking up for us at being the typical Irishman locefyn- 
Alams N H parties Harvardsq Scavengerhunt Daddy* 
The (car Mark- calling me canal at being soooo tat your the 
biggest jerk I know. )/k' Keghan M - Earlychikl Shortte 
Harvardss) Matt Bardan it Bnan Werner- the two funniest 
kids I know Health class Jr year IPS Consuelo tt Angela- 
Girls Night at Suelos" Melissa falling oil the banister Wine 
glasses'" Vinnie- Always cleaning out mv rHrulgeratoc 
(act- pignose! Molly- Physics Multiple choice lim 
muscleman - for flexing in front of me kevmC - showing 
me the key lo happiness I didnt cheat We*- Poker, o k 
maybe I did cheat Krystal- crazy trips in the vette Cednc- 
alw avs ending up at my house Barry- being so okl lawnya- 
Summer s»4 Myrtle Beach Gen it Becky- Disney World 
J.G.MS. Also, Dave Chapman, Knshne Hanson. Stephanie 
Crook. CJ (for the pajamas incident in Melissa's room) Mr 
Beaton- Eye of the tiger Teaching me to always give \W%. 
-94.-U5C heerlcaders- Myrtle Beach. Cold. Wet. Now t^-'tti 
Cheerleaders- first ever DCL. 1st PLACE BANNER! '<*>- sJ7 
Cheerleaders- Carey. Liz. Katelyn. Jaci. Molly. Lesa. Sara. 
Amanda. Michelle, f awnya, Lit V..Coby,Crysul at Porsha 
Ohh.Thats good! DCL The Class of "97- making me realize 
what should K- important to me in mv life For everyone 
who stuck by me through the years, my real friends \% Ki 
taught me how lo have fun without smokw. dnnkin. and 
bustin rhymes Al least there are some decent people left in 
this town I love vou all. and I will never forget any of vou 
Future Goals: To go to college Ifinallv leave this town I tjet 
a job as an OT , and be a partime profi-ssional cheerlea Jer Iih 
the Dallas Cowbovs Cn-t married, live in a nice house, and 
have a sea of balls in the basement for my two kids to play 

Emily Neal 

Activities Latin Oub U SADD. 1.2.4 Mediatorl X3.4 
1 carKxik I 2 Prom t iimmilex- ^ 4 

Thanks To I would like to thank K>th mv parents for all the 
support that Ihev have given me through mv twelv ex ears of 
schooling Thanks especially daddy tor giving me live extra 
help in mv algebra and physu-s classes even when the 
studying carried late into the night Vn.i thank you m,-m 
for K-ing K-hind me and supporting the choices that I ve 
made The Kith of vou have been vers understanding 
through mv many stages ol adoli-weme icsprxiallv now 
that thev are in tK- pastv and have been the best parents I 
could ever ask tor Thank vou Kvan lor K-lping me wiin 
some ol mv harder assignments when vou count. I A w « 
m-ilhandhumaniliesi enharuingmv v.vabularv arx) show 
ing me that I can do anything I put mv mind lo IIO * 
Ol MM Ms,, thanks to Mr MepK ns,.,- tor .-. .p:rg-.. 

w ith math after KltSOl and making sure I knew what I was 
doing u I apprexiate it immensely And Ms Barrv < tr» 
Morns) lor making sociology one ol thr most intrrr»ting 
and enioyaWe cUss I took in BUS To Mrs McGreggor 
thank vou tor K-liex ing in mr To Mr Pilla tor pushing me 
to "create art" And to all the other teachers and guidance 
councilors that hav e helped me over the last three and a hall 
years. THANK YOU Also thanks to I L S H P R D W 
and A B for being the most supporting and canng pexxple 
and good friends that I know. 

Future GoaLs To go to college and bex^-me a phvc K'logixl 



get married, live in a large house, and have three children 

Chris O'Reilly 

Activities: Soccer 1 ,2,V3,Capt.4; Softball 1 V 2,3,4; Vice-Pres 
ae97 2,3,4; School Council 1 ,2,3,4; Student Gov't 2,3,modera- 
tor 4; French Club 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 1,2; Athletic Training 
1 ,2,3,4; Girls State 3; Prom Decorating 3; Gym /Hall Decorat- 
ing 2,3,4; Africa 3; Mediator 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; SADD 1,2,3,4 
Thanks: To anyone who I left out, you know who you are. To 
mom and dad for supporting me and letting me choose my 
way (most of the time, except when you call the cops). Erin, 
Bugachunck, for the laughs and fights, take care of the car. 
To Mike for being the cutest little brother, and always mak- 
ing noise while I'm on the phone. Terri, what can I say? 
Thanks for taking my clothes, putting the vegetables on my 
plate, the fights, Martha's Vineyard, all the good times, and 
taking the time to listen to me. Thanks to my whole family 
for putting up with me through the years. To MB and 
Michael, mv second parents, for the shopping, talks, jokes. 
Nanc, for your opinion on everything and the Brutti Family 
for the cape, foreign exchange students (Julie+Marie-Aude), 
and outlet shopping. Cissy and Michel for finding places to 
go so I could baby-sit Taryn and Andy. Cissy thanks for 
letting me drive the Mercedes(sorry Michel) and explaining 
your philosophies. To Nancy and Tony for having two great 
kids and letting me borrow jewelry. Melanie and Colin for 
giving me my first baby-sitting job. To my neighborhood for 
all the parties and memorable moments. Nicci and Meghan 
for the summers at OOB and all the things we managed to do 
in one week each summer and all the fun times in middle 
school. Becky for the x-mas plays. To all the class officers for 
the 6am meetings. T-Stef for always being happy. Katie A 
for all the fun times while I lived in the condos(Steve Lousy, 
macaroni and soup, and the Little Mermaid Nintendo game). 
To Kristine H. for PT with Mary, having the same name, and 
the talks about - well you know. Captain Robbie for being 
the best goalie and going to all the movies with me and 
crying at them. Kristen-Iron-Chip-Lefebvre, thanks for the 
laughs, math class, soccer seasons, drinking Doctor Pepper, 
and the movie trips with Jen and me. You two better stay in 
touch. I'm coming to see you guys play soccer in college. To 
Josh for getting me through two years of English, listening to 
me complain, talking, Reynolds' report, magic history note- 
cards, poking me with a ruler, our special notebooks(you 
know what I mean). To Joe for the talks, two unforgettable 
summers, playing psycho on the bike path, and digging for 
quahogs. A special thanks to the soccer team for the best 
season (beating CC twice), having the best team unity ever, 
the sleep-overs, and waiting at Chili's for two hours. Potter 
for not letting me swear, Jessie for being a freshman and the 
bandanna. Joanna and Elena for the dance and Rashmi for 
trying it. Katie for our great plays of faking injuries. Kacie for 
being random and the funniest person. Erin for always 
matching and having ironed clothes. Consuelo for being 
tough and Melissa for always saying stuff to the other team. 
Jo-Jo for being you, please don't change, oh sorry about the 
shaving cream. Kristen for all the headers, Emily for taking 
people down, and Laura for taking people down and kick- 
ing them in the head. Last but definitely not least, Suey. 
Thanks for going to the night game, going to sleep early, 
yellow cards, and your laughing. To all the kids who went to 
soccer camp for the word game, Mi Shwong Shwong, sleep- 
ing in the hall, soda-can pyramid, and our T-shirts. To 
Coach Wilson, Steve and Mary Morris, and Kristen M for 
teaching me how to play and be a player. To all the teachers 
who took the time to care and made a difference, Mrs. 
Rainis, Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Kelly, Mr. Sabourin, Mrs. Keltner, 
Mrs. Messmer, and Mrs. Bosak. Mr. Maxwell and Mr. Milliken 
for being class advisors. Mrs. G for being the best lab lady 
and always being happy. Laver for the special class, Dead 
Poet's Society, jokes, the circus, and helping with my essay. 
To the Ullman family for putting up with me and letting us 
stay over late at night. Sarah for your mama jokes, Darby for 
biting me, Hannah for telling me to mention you in this, 
David for your hamburgers, Zach for your art show, and 
Kate for all your insight. Em and Nadya I don't know where 
to start. Thanks for inviting me to Camp WYO, singing Hey 
Jude, Rummy 5000, the video, putting up with my moods, 
the buhds, sleeping on the roof, calling the police with my 
parents, sharing clothes (oops I mean taking my clothes), all 
the trips to the nun tree, parasailing, arrr maties, English 
vocab sentences, making fun of the twig story, knock on 
wood. Nadya for waking up at 4am to drive to camp, all the 

French videos, French I and the final, Boo, letting me clean 
your room, leaving threatening notes on my hangers, and Le 
Little Prince. Emily for setting me straight, on more than one 
occasion, when I needed it, not having your license, letting 
me play with your shoes, knowing what you want to do, 
having opinions, singing, being one of the best actresses, the 
notes in physics, and squeezing my hand during countless 
ERs. To both of you for being the best of friends and being 
there when 1 needed it, you two have definitely given me 
some of the best memories of high school. Even though I 
may go to college far away, get on the big flying buhd and 
come visit and write. 

Future Goals: Attend college, be happy, healthy, have a 
family with the perfect husband, travel, and live my dreams. 
Along with this I will be the President of the United States, 
a chronic TV watcher, and 

Brian Oates 

Activities: Freshmen Football 1; JV Football 2,3 ; Varsity 
Football 2,4; JV Lacrosse 1,2; Varsity Lacrosse 3,4; P-Bench 
3,4; J-Rock Line 2; Flavor Ice Crew 2,3,4 K-car crew 3; Rez 
crew 2,3,4; Johnny B's 2,3,4,for-life; Team Omarl,2,3,4,life; 
Verns 2,3 

First I would like to thank GOD. I'd like to thank my parents 
for all the stuff they have done for me. For always support- 
ing me through tough times. For making me be a hard 
worker. Julie & Jeff for letting me have the boys' come over 
and for dealing with me. Jennifer and Jamie for being goons. 
Lynn for always complaining when I had people over and 
for not having money when I really needed it. Bobby theirs 
so much to say. For always letting me chill with your friends. 
Telling me where the parties were. Always beating up my 
friends for no reason at all. The wrestling matches in the 
family room. The time you started the forest fire across the 
street. The football games in the backyard. The countless 
times you stole my money, clothes, and my car I can't forget 
you always buying us beverages. Todd for being my best 
friend, for eating all the food in my house. The Coach Sab 
on my porch and in Maine. For being really stupid, watch- 
ing over me when I had to much. D.P.W. for always finding 
a way not to do work, listening to Scott talk about smoothies. 
(JD) Mook first for puking in the K-car &in the back of the 
trailer being Doug's sidekick. Always letting us come to 
your house. I would also like to thank Mr& Mrs Reid for 
always feeding me and letting me chill. Sundet- always 
being hungry at my house, P-Bench, Nashua and Maine. 
Getting your butt kicked at Steve Miller. Have fun with the 
Marines. Doug- for mocking every word that came out of my 
mouth. Calling me the "crab" Eventhough you look like a 
monkey. Being the worst driver known to mankind. Eric- 
for being a really weird kid don't change. The K-car crew 
forever, always creeping, Brad- for being the most annoy- 
ing kid that I know, "Pittsen Farm has some good biscuits". 
Anurag- forbeing a dumbkid you are going to get into a 
accident sometime soon, Jay "Jason"- work on your writing 
skills kid, also for having a good time when you came out 
with us, Omar"YO"- thanks for being my tackling buddy, 
Aron- you are a weird kid don't change Steve "Tiger"- be a 
good boy JeffyA's@MikeP's for always having DJ and spit- 
ting anywhere you like, Gary-thanks for being a friend, 2nd 
lunch junior year,always making fun of me when I screwed 
up.have fun college, Paul- thanks for coming with me to 
Saugus and the hat idea, Gabe- onsidekick take on the gaurd 
or fullback, Bradley- downblock and read your blocks for 
once, Blesser- listening to us complaining and agreeing with 
us, have fun next year ha ha, Bussey-only kid that would 
work rather than party, Ja- forearm happy don't fall asleep 
on the wheel, Chester-don't change, Chris Harris-" ARE 
YOU READY", Mohamed-thanks for getting me fired, 
Oderra@DJ- Mr.MacCarthy's class,and marine bio, Jamie- 
the D.P.W., Shaun-thanks for telling me the facts sophomore 
year "Ain't It Dumb Shaun", Brendan-Thanks for making 
practice fun, Asha@Aisha-always coming to school crazy, 
Kianga-have fun with the baby, Felisha-thanksfor always 
smacking me upacross the head all the time, Kim- sorry 
things didn't work out between us, Amy-thanks for making 
Drivers ED fun all the time,Kristina-thanks for getting me 
free food during lunch, Maria- thanks for laughing at every- 
thing I did in class, Katie-sorry about 8th grade Nikki- 
thanks for letting us chill at your house. Kristine-thanks for 
sticking up for me when Bobby wanted to kill me, Jen-sorry 
about first grade to seventhgrade, Krystal- thankyou for 
always listening to me complain about things,Molly-l want 

some gas money, Timmy French- for telling me the meanil 
ofa hard day of work, Iwould like to thank Mrs. MacGren 
for never letting me give up on work,I owe it all to you j 
getting me through these four years, I would like to thai 
Captain Morgan for teaching me how to sail through 11 
day. Also I would like to thank the football coaches 
always giving me a hard time, and for playing me, I woil 
also like to thank all of my cousins for calling] 
"Wesley",also my Uncle Eddy forgiving me all those Parr 
tickets, The most important person I need to thank is il 
brother Danny, He gave me the power to move on, I LOi 
YA. I'm going to miss all you guys, keep in touch. 
Future Goals: To join the Navy, become a pilot.get chosen 
Top Gun, and win the trophy for "Maverick", own a toi 
paper factory, and invent a driveable toilet, also get marri 
have couple of kids, and to win a lifetime supply of EggNc 

Todd Ouellette 

Activities: Freshman Football 1, J V 2,3 V 4 Lacrosse V J 
Baseball JV 1 Flavor Ice Team 2,3 The Rez Crew 3,4 P-BerJ 
Crew 3,4 Team OMAR 1,2,3,4 The Hull 4 Verns 2,3 T«d 
Johnny B's 1,2,3,4 J-Rock Line 2,3 

First I'd like to thank God and my parents for always bei 
there for me. You've always believed in me and understo] 
were I was coming from. KEITH and JEREMY for bei 
great bothers but hard to deal with at times. Nana for bei 
the best grandmother a kid could have. Memere, Pepe ! 
Grandpa, aunts, uncles, and cousins for making up a gr^ 
family. I'd like to thank the Football coaches starting wi 
coach SULLIVAN since he's going to take me to heaven wi 
him, coach SABOURIN for never letting me forget that I g 
picked off first base, Colonel CAMPBELL for being the bi 
line coach, coach PETRILLO for his emotional speeches, a 
coach HIRSH. Thanks to the Elkins family for always ma 
ing me feel at home. Thanks to the OATES Family, JUD 
always letting me come on trips to Maine, snowmobilii 
eating your food, sleeping over, and etc. BOBBY for alwa 
being a jerk and always wanting to wrestle me. ..but than 
for bringing me to those Rado parties freshman and soph 
more year.(roof| BRIAN-for being my best friend since 
grade, having parties, and working at the D.P.W. with n 
Good luck in the Navy. GARY-you've been a close frie- 
since 5th grade and through sports. SUNDET1D.JI for cc 
stantly making fun of me but always making up for it oi 
Nashua Run. MOOK first I have to thank you for rurni 
down Korn on the radio coming home from Defino's pa) 
and always letting us come over to your house to hang c 
with ED. ERIC for creeping and having the most cars in t 
world, BRAD for being the most annoying kid to have o\ 
the house, DOUG for loving my Coach Sab impersonate 
and always making fun of us talk, Jay for being someo 
easy to talk to and is the only person I know that can get 
Nashua in ten minutes, ARON for being quiet and weii 
OMARIYol for driving theBerlinetta and almost crashinj 
on Middlesex turnpike, JEFFY A's and MIKEY P's for fil 
ing my first Sab impersonation, RAUG for having parties, 
his mansion and being the worst driver in the world, PAU 
B's for being a cool kid to chill withlCaptain Morgai 
STEVE for those sleep overs in middle school and thanks 
yelling at me in the Milford Game, BUSSY for the Bror. 
and Dickies, GABE for being a tough kid in footb 
CHESTER for being a Chester, DUGAL for giving the b 
beat, GOODWIN for the Houlton street yea. 
HARRIS.. .you're not using my car, ODERRA and D.J. fort 
Wu-Tang, and JOHN B's for B.B.Q.ribs. JA LOWERY 
giving a fat beat and always having the chron. All the jun 
LUCAS. For the girls and KRYSTAL for talking abci 
anything anytime, Middle school years and telling off Lia 
Daugherty at her own party, Nikki for always having son 
thing at her house, KIM thanks for 96 New Years in Wobi 
when I almost got killed, NINA for being one of the nic 
girls I know, JEN for playing house with me at Davis Sch< 
during recessiMickil NADIA, for middle school and y 
probably forgot but I still want my shorts back, MELISSA 
those Somerville nights with your cousins a 
BRIANIBeatins) for being a great friend growing up , 
Houlton Street. Thanks to KATIE, STEPH, COLLEE 
BREE for being a goon, KRISTIN FLYNN for N< 
Yearslunderwearl. Keeping it real with the Metco cr& 



JLISHA(Nefertiti), KiangalQueent ASHA and 
pHAI wake up to theblizz, go to bed to theblizzlJAMEEL, 
1CLES. I also like to thank Mrs. MacGregor and Mrs. 
(vlalley for always being there for me through tough 
(ies. Last but not least I'd like to thank my Boo ANGELA 
I being the cutest, softest, and sweetest girl I will ever 
|)w. You have always been there for me and I really 
ioreciate it. 1 will never forget you and the times we have 
|i together. I Love You! 

lure Goals: To go to college and get some type of degree, 
Lome a comedian, and marry Angela. 

Geri Parisella 

jtivities: basketball V 1,2,3,4; Softball V 1,2,3,4; Spanish 
db&AFS 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3; NHS 3,4 
1st, I would like to thank the most important people in my 
1 , my family. Mom&Dad,4 always being my biggest 
I s&for never missing a game. Dad4 always wearing your 
I Jemark licenseplate &Mom4 all the things on the "why I 
I e my mommy" list. But, more importantly4 having 
l>ught me up how you did&giving me more than I could 
1/e ever asked for-including almost 20 trips to the most 
l gical place on earth. I love you very much. Thank you to 
; my teachers, especially Mr.Norton4 the jumpshot, 
!.Kelly4 keeping Latin alive, Miss Bruno,Mrs.Rull& 
1 5.McCarthy4 sparking an interest in Spanish, Mr.Maxwell4 
1 ng one of the only remaining Celtics fans, Mr.Fichera for 
; , r our life lessons, Mrs. Miele for 2yrs of "Miele Math," &to 
1 >ra Estrada for putting up with me for 3yrs, teaching me 
; nuch about espa±ol, el subjuntivo, getting me interested 
i he hispanic culture, El Rey Le_n, "M-sica Estrada," &for 

< oncierto. Also thanks to Kim Trelegan for sharing your 
1 e for dance for so many years. To coaches: Mr. Wilson4 
c those "first-and-thirds,"and4 always being very sup- 
jrtive of me in both sports(b-ball); Mrs.Caban& 
! McGinnis4 great basketball in middle school and4 still 
f owing our team; Mrs.Sullivan4 putting up w/me for 

< s, having confidence in me always, FleetCenter in skirt, 
'y the V"; Scott Smith&Steve Morris for having the 
I ience&guts to coach us girls. Patrice Bouzan4 fall league- 
was much appreciated-Atlanta96, tell bro team says hi. 
I nmie W for always doing much more than you had to for 
t xtra hoop, "Yan can Cook," Bertucci's. I want to say hello 
tny little friend Rob, too-you guys are the best, thanks4 
f Tything. Gina&Marty Bowe for being regulars at Bedford 
I ms&being so cool. To all the faithful Lady Bucs hoop 
f s-Kennedy's (thanks4 halftime Clementines), Akillians, 
; 1 Hurds, Caliris, Clerkins (thanks4 being cool parents of 
i sister's friends), Ziuleks, McGoverns. To entire B.F. 
(w-you're the best DT, SuzyQ, Beth&sis, Linds&bros, 
i ly&sis, Laura, Brenda, Meghan, Jenn, Jail, &the Venuti's. 
I 'cial thanks to the V's for being my second family&putting 
i with me spending so many nights at your house-Dave4 
sging Neil Diamond in red pajamas, Scott4 always show- 
i up to work at 8:59. To all the people who have grown up 
\ h me: Tim D.4 making me hate bees. Rochele4 sharing 
c s of fun: DisneyC'it's a Kodak moment!"), "I said to 
1 llywood,where'd who go?," B.F.F...;Melissa4 hitting the 
\</ at the RedSox game when we were 7& for the 
i ggiemachine. Joey Jailbird Sylva4 being such a great 
1 &never letting me take out the trash. Devin, Ricky, Jean4 
I ping me smart. Nina, Scones, Nicci,4 all the memories. 
1 ghan4 eating chicken so messy. Jen Robb4 liking s.b. 
| ctice 10th grade for the same reason I did. Nadya4 our 
i estigation in 8th grade. Trinity4 staying w/espa±ol for as 
1 g as you could. Beth4 being a simply wonderful person 
va huge heart. Mike P. 4 scribbling on Kirk Cameron 
|iter. Josh-"lirty dizzard," "persilella," always letting me 
ill my guts-you're a great friend. "El grupo" 4 sticking 
t ether thru it all. Johnny Mmm's-"relevation". Kristen 
( ristian-4 complimenting my outfits in 4th grade-I know 
'< imes it's been rough but when it comes down to it you're 
t ly a great person&friend; thanks4 choosing to not do that 
i ff either. Kellyfmy other sister), Vic, Kristin, Amy4 being 
S lice to me all the time-I luv you guys. Devin4 being the 
It boyfriend /neighbor ever. Carla 1(4 having bigger 
1 )bs), Eileen H(4keeping CI in line), Tara S, Kimmy D.4 
) ing me confidence. Kelly G-we're gonna co-own Disney 
s le day; thanks for liking Mickey as much as I. Jen 

Clerkin4 fun at dancing&sharing "situations." Theresa4 
making my passes look good. Cedric4 post-game talks. 
Chris H.4 being #44(RickFox)&for being so understanding 
"call Rochele&she'll tell you." Miranda-gracias por amar el 
espa±ol como yo. Jenn-"herida"-you are genuinely a mod- 
est, unselfish person-thanks4 being a 1-day-younger-sum- 
mer-baby&always liking the same perfume-you've been 
one of my closest friends-thanks. Mary-softball 4yrs 
ago&now I was in your wedding-enough said. You&Steve 
have been so supportive&and caring, I can't thank you both 
enough-Disney, Softball (doubeplay move), "hola,ba±o." 
Kacie-Gump-4 UCONN bonding, tapping feet, also4 shar- 
ing problems, MC Weinstein&Macarena, your "house"-luv 
ya-Jennay. Stephen4 living on RobertsDr. Mrs. Lua4 letting 
me be in your Confirmation class. Becky-"get drunk with he 
gizzard-man," Uno's Anthony, "Oh, Doug, Douglas, you 
silly thing," "hello, we'reeating pineapples," Disney 4thjuly, 
"March," Maine disaster, Rusty's pukeEEEWW!, bagonga, 
4th-grade hell, "pueblo report," Lady in Red(Christine), 
Sporkie. We never thought this would come but here we are. 
You have been one of the most important people in my life 
and have influenced me more than you know. You are 
always the first to compliment me, give anyone advice,&to 
make me laugh when I need it. I can't thank you enough for 
all the fun&laughs we have had and will treasure those 
memories forever. Thank you and I love ya, babe. To the 
entire Chedister clan: Mr.C, Mrs.C, Gammie, Gump, 
Brad,&Gabe-you are a wonderful, caring group of people 
who have taken very good care of me&my family over the 
past 2y rs. You are always welcoming of others and giving to 
them. I love and miss you all, thanks for absolutely every- 
thing you all have done for me. Gabe-slipping on ice, flying, 
Heat, fishing-my first fish, "Fork Lift," lobster at Weston, 
"Blondie&Barnes," "Dopey"-we have shared so much to- 
gether-thanks for opening my eyes to so many new things. 
I'm so grateful to you for EVERYTHING-but mostly4 giving 
"us" a chance-it has lead to much happiness&such a special 
relationship. I will never forget you&you will always have 
a special place in my heart, no matter how far apart we are. 
Thanks for making me happy-I love you. Carli-my big-little 
sister-UCONN35-0, "sista,sista";"are you twins?" WDW, 
CarlaBerube31 , drills w/JenRiz, Aaron&Rick 
&Girlie&DavidW&Scoonie, knockout w/Rick, 
HunchbackX6-Jeff, Matthew-ugly-McGonahay . Most people 
aren't as lucky as I am to have a person like you to be around 
24-7. You are truly my best friend-there is nothing I can't tell 
you. Thanks4 always putting up w/ me (&throwing a golfball 
at my head),& just4 being Conchita mi hermanita. I love 
you. Thank you everyone!!! Future Goals: speak fluent 
Spanish, go to Europe, own a piece of Disney World, get 
married there, be happy&healthy 


Thanks: First, above everything else, I'd like to thank God, 
Mr. Kelly, and also my parents for everything they've done 
for me. Thank you for the support you gave me in anything 
I did. I especially want to thank my mom for giving me 
confidence and encouragement in whatever I did . Jeff, what 
can I say-you're the best, thanks for fishing with me, remem- 
ber Captain Phil, Clipper Fleet, Captain Joe, Walter, Chris, 
Captain Tom, the Rapala, and passing the Chin Chin Chi- 
nese. Thanks for introducing me to D.J who ended up being 
a great friend and colleague. Jeff, I also want to thank you for 
being a great spitter, a phenomenal driver(except when you 
totaled the Dodge), a loud mouth politician, and someone I 
can always turn to. Remember, -College is our Hay Day! - 
Joey, -I love ya man. Thanks for always being there to spill 
my guts to. You're the kind of friend a guy could trust. 
Thanks for calling in on the Joe Mazza Show with me, even 
though he had a wig and spit a lot, he was a real interesting 
guy. Joey, before we go to college we have to go back to 
W.W! Tom, you're one of the most weirdest, wackiest, and 
quietest people I've ever known. We've done a lot of cool 
stuff over the years. Thanks for getting me into C.B.s and 
tons of other electronic stuff. When you become a cop I hope 
you will let me speed all I want. Mike R., the funniest man 
alive, thanks for making me laugh over the years and thanks 
for making me crack your back everyday in Sullivan and 
Cave's class. Maybe someday we+11 both crack Gabe's 

father's back together. Gabe thanks for showing me how to 
use a Rapala correctly and thanks a lot for letting me freeze 
at Fort Cliff! Nadya, thanks for drawing the big hairv man 
with me, and thanks for putting up with my different mood 
swings in Art, without you, I don't think I could have ever 
survived this year. Brad and Aaron, I+ve yet to see you guys 
catch at least one sunfish! Jen, thanks for telling me I smell 
every morning, and thanks for laughing at my crappy early 
morning jokes! Christina, sorry you didn't get to go fishing 
with me and Gabe, Alfredo! Paul, thanks for letting me use 
your pool money to pay for my fish to be filleted. Eric, nice 
cars! Krystal, thanks for getting the most expensive dinner 
on the menu! Rochele thanks for being the coolest person 
ever to sit next to in an English class. Todd and Oates, you 
guys are crazy. Thanks Doug, for making fun of everything 
I say. Steve, thanks for never giving me back the tapes. 
Becky, you played a good Flute and a good Thisbe. Matt, you 
played a good Bottom and a terrible Pyramus! Emily, your 
cool. Thanks, Scott for laughing with -2-B.C. with me. I also 
want to thank Mrs. O'Malley, Mr. Nolan, Ms. Gullage, Mrs. 
Bruno( seventh grade Spanish teacher I had a crush on), Mr. 
Pilla, Mrs. Messmer, Mr. Sheinfeld, Mrs. Devaney, Mr. Max- 
well, Dr. Davis, Mrs. Reynolds, and, again Mr. Kelly for 
being the best all around teacher in all my years as a student. 
If I forgot anyone I'm sorry. 

Future Goals: Finish art school, get a job drawin fish and 
people, then get married to Ms. Bruno. 

Bryan Pickering 

I would like to thank my mom, Kathy for not giving up on 
me and being there when I needed you, you mean the world 
to me, I love you very much. I would also like to thank Frank 
and Carlene for giving me the chance to get my education, 
and stting me on the right track. You guys mean a lot to me. 
If it wasn't for you two, I don't know where I would be now, 
I owe you all my respects. Thanks for every thing. Frankie 
you are like a brother to me a na we will be like that 
foreverso, tell your gir to get use to it. Tawnya Jardine you 
are very special to me, my heart pours out to you. You have 
kept me in school this year, I love you for that. I love you all. 

John Randazzo 

Activities: Football 1,2,3,4; Lacrosse: 1 ,2,3,4; Latin Club 3, P- 
Bench 3,4 

Thanks: First of all I would like to thank my family for 
everything you've done for me. Mom for always being easy 
on me whenever I mess up in school. Dad for pushing me to 
do my schoolwork and for helping me with all of my car 
problems. Robyn for letting me drive your car, KISS concert. 
Don for showing me what and what not to do in school and 
for being someone that I can look up to. Jessy for being the 
craziest dog. Tom D., best friend since fourth grade, 
sleepovers, hacking up my new Megadeath hat with a knife, 
Bldg.12, 7 vivarin "if he starts to shake take him to the 
Emergency Room!", the path, long talks, Smurf, Shawn 
Trudel, your moms wagon, don't worry you won't die of 
emphazima. Rochele, my girlfriend and bestfriend, V.A., 
did you say no?, our playground, our star, Mondays, mostest, 
pop-tarts, Thank you for always picking me up when I'm 
down and for telling me when I'm wrong. You've taught me 
many things in life and whether I agreed or not they always 
made sense. Thanx for always making me smile and I will 
keep my promise, I love you more. Brian Clemons, you are 
always the funnest person to hang out with no matter what 
we are doing, riding our bikes around Woolworth, shack 
rats, heists, Dana's car, getting lost in Lowell with Tony H., 
someday you will own Great Road and an IROC. Goodwin, 
biggest P.O.S., thanx for trusting me with stuff, Spanish 
video, Junior Prom. Brian Fagan, you will always be the first 
person I pick to go to a concert with, I'm gonna give you a 
beetin. . 1 6 of them you punk. Sundet, football partner, the DJ 
man, you're a good friend, good luck in the Marines (if you 
go). Brad, hope you've had fun every fall while we were in 
practice. Mook, New Hampshire during Thanksgiving. 
Oates, thanx for Maine and the fruit cups, Hukd On Fonix 
Wurkd Fur U, good luck in the Navy. Todd, Team Honda 
will never die, keep yours running. Eric, talks about weird 
stuff. Doug, for always making fun of me. Garv, the funniest 
kid I know. Steve L., sorry about taking you out of most of 



our sophomore season in football. Ja Lowery, for making us 
all laugh. Aron, I hope we both get into Northeastern, Jeff A., 
for telling who to vote for. Mike P., sorry about not paving 
you for that bet. Melissa Fagan, for always being so happy 
Angela, for letting me chase you around for all of my 
freshman year. Krystal, your a good kid, thanx for not 
making me a statistic. Matt Thomas, for always inviting me 
to theCape. Mark Lorusso, playing with the "trucks", build- 
ing the fort, lighting the tree on fire. Dan McGrath, for 
always inviting me to New Hampshire. Other Juniors: Mike 
Sullivan, Chris Heavy, Mike Korik. Mrs. Jordan, for always 
pushing me and for all the help you've given me. Ms. 
Bouzan, thanx for all of your help. Others: Matt Guisti, Phil 
Anthony, Mark Veits, Joe G., Chris R., Matt B., Weiner. 
Parents: Lucia DeBenedictis for bailing me out of a lot, 
Cindy Clemons for being so nice. And anyone else 1 might 
have forgotten, Thank You. 

Future Goals: To become a NASCAR driver. To get a high 
paying job and to own a muscle car, a tough truck, and a 

Mike Reid 

Activities: Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; PBench 3,4. 
Thanks to: Mom and Dad-for always being there for me and 
always helping me and sticking with me no matter what. 
And Ed for filming all the games.Jamie-for playing Sega at 
2a.m., for having friends over that like to beat on me, and for 
looking out for me.Sundet-DJ, Thurs. night Madden, going 
to Nashua, PB, bridge,cellar, and for being my best 
friend. Oates-K-car sorry, letting us chill at your house, PB, 
and for taking us to Maine(Mr. and Mrs. Oates),and having 
Bobby around to beat on us.Krista-for being baby sweet, 
Nintendo.and for being my girlfriend. Todd-for always tell- 
ing the truth, Honda, and for spazing.Doug-for always 
making fun of me, PB, working at Furman, and Nashua,and 
always being late. Eric-having so many cars, Nashua, PB.and 
for being weird. Brad-for always agreeing with me, getting 
everyone moving,beating on Joe, and for playing such loud 
music.Jay-driving us in the Cutlass, McD's every day for 
lunch ,PB. Jeff-fishing,spitting,DJ, lottery at Alexanders, and 
sign hunting. Mike P- fishing,"hey fatty, and spitting.Steve- 
the right side,PB,and for playing Baseball. Gary-for playing 
baseball.and PB. Uncle John-forgoing to my games, and the 
air horn.Raug-Stop+Shop boys, and bustin rymes.Aaron- 
for the little accident. Omar-YO, Thunder,and tales. Bree-for 
being annoying, and for talking to me about your relation- 
ship. Krystal-for long talks, and telling me your 
secrets. Kristina-for going with me to the prom, and for 
always being nice.Consuelo-for working with me at 
Stop+Shop. Nerney-Foley,always knowing what time it was, 
and Latin class. Russel- and the rest of my brothers friends 
for tying me up and beating on me. Blesser-for being the 
only junior to come out with us. Vinny-for being my favorite 
junior, and for trivia during baseball. Chedboys-for playing 
summer baseball, and not being able to drive with me. And 
anyone else I forgot I thank you all. 

Future goals- To go to college and become a law enforce- 
ment official, and to hopefully get a chance to bust high 
school kids. 

Jennifer Robb 

Activities: Latin Club 3,4: Choir 2: Drama Club 4: Varsity 
Soccer 1,2, Captain 3, 4: Varsity Basketball 1,2,3: Varsity 
Softball 1,2,3, Captain 4 

Thanks: To God for the gifts and unconditional love, even 
through the doubts and anger. Dad for always being there 
even when you couldn't physically be there. Mom for 
always being understanding and supportive. Heather for 
being a constant pain in my butt. Leonard for always 
listening to me, no matter how stupid the conversation, and 
for showing me what not to do when growing-up. Chris for 
French videos, jello, Big Bird cakes with too much sugar, 
magic note card, double features, 80's movies, lumpy milk, 
"Watch out for that pebble.", "I thought it was another Joe.", 
rides home, pizza for dinner, Scotty from Softball, and being 
a friend I will keep in touch with no matter how far away I 
go. Kristen for a home for my one fish who ended up being 
beaten by the new fish and dying anyway, country music, 
"calm down" Ms. Krueger, being the only one who will yell 

right back at me and being at quick whited as 1, 80's movies, 
singing Beauty and the Beast, ANNIE, your brothers, "West 
Springfield beat you", freaking out about everything, and 
for being without a doubt a life long friend. Geri for trusting 
me, being understanding of identical positions of people we 
like, Soph. Softball with Scott, trip to P-town with Scott, 
knowing things nobody else knows and making sure of that, 
3 years with Coach Sullivan, your wonderful parents, being 
a Disney lover, semi-formal, and I wish the best of luck to 
you in areas of "love", college, and family. Katie A. for 
keeping the most embarrassing moment on mv life a secret, 
Coach Sullivan, thinking that I am your soccer hero, and just 
being there. Joe for my frog (which I have not named yet), 
Mr. Milikan's English class, being occasionally annoying, 
magic note card 1 (us doing hardly any of the work) and II, 
Junior year lunch conversations, bugging me in law class, 
making fun of me even when I was on crutches, and always 
being someone I could talk to. Josh for your comedic 
personality, Mr. McCarthy's English class, lunch conversa- 
tion, magic note card I and II, peer leadership(so much fun), 
and being a smile to my face during some of the toughest 
days. Soccer buddies: sleepovers, captains practice, team 
dinners: Laura-buck forty-five, play club and being one of 
the remaining middle school base buddies, Erin-buck forty- 
five, exbannanna and Softball western plav time during 
broken ankle stage, Rashme-being the shortest back-up 
goalie I have ever had and keeping me company on basket- 
ball bench (stealing oranges), Susan-being a pain in the butt, 
Jesse-letting people ha ve it when them deserve it, Stephanie- 
buck forty-five, swearing and moving to Bedford, Elena- 
confiding in me and being one of the best marking backs I 
knowd hope you go far in life and keep in touch), Kacie- 
buck forty-five and "Eric, Your going to give the company to 
Eric", Emily-most improved player on the soccer team, 
Consuelo-base buddy and 8th grade trip down memory 
lane, and Jojo-crazy personality. French III class(Que). 
Remaining 8th grade base middle school graduates. Emilv 
for being into a world beyond the musical Annie. Thanks to 
all my coaches especially Mr. Wilson for the tune you have 
whistled since I was a freshman. Thank you to all my friends 
it has been a great four years. 

Future Goals: Be the hardest one to find when reunions 
come around. 

Doug Robinson 

Football: 1,2,3,4; Lacrosse: 1,2,3,4; Hockey: 2; ROTC: 2,3,4; 
Latin Club: 2,3,4; Math League: 2; P-Bench: 3,4 
Thanks: I would like to thank my parents for bringing me up 
right, and always being there for me. Thanks to my siblings: 
Len, Clark, Dave, and Sarah for inspiration and advice 
whenever I need it; Steve for being a great older brother and 
role model; and Ken for putting up with me for all these 
years and being a great brother and friend. Thanks to Ellis 
and Janna for being great additions to the family. Thanks to 
Raug for chilling at your house, MIT, the trip to the Cape, 
bustin' rhymes, letting me eat all your food, advice on girls, 
etc., and being annoying, but being a good friend at the same 
time. Thanks to Brad for chilling, deep conversations, and 
willing to do anything for his friends. We go way back, and 
will hopefully be friends for a long time. Thanks to Eric for 
macking on girls, "Why am I so stupid?", lifting, and just 
plain being crazy. Thanks to Aron for the illegal toilet, being 
one of the only other boyz to ride bikes with me well into 
junior year, and going way back. Thanks to Omar for Super 
Sonic Blastman, saying "YO", spazzing, lifting, the 'fro, long 
talks, and crashing the Berlinetta every weekend. Thanks to 
Sundet for being generous but rude at the same time, being 
a thug, and always getting in fights with me, but still remain- 
ing friends. Thanks to Oates for chilling at your house, the 
trip to Maine, not getting mad when I make fun of you, and 
looking like a crab. Thanks to Todd for being a clown, being 
good to lend money to, and impersonations. Thanks to 
Mook for Furman Lumber, puking in cars, and being a cool 
friend. Thanks to Paulfield for always driving and being 
cool about it, and living a life like a T.V. show. Thanks to 
Jeffey A's and Mikey P's for commentary on everything. 
Thanks to Ja Blau for the T-Shirts, being as close as a best 
friend to everyone, and wrestling. Thanks to Jay R- for 
ditching me in Concord, always taking the side against me, 
and all the rides home. Thanks to Lua for always being 
happy. Thanks to my '98 boyz: Bleser, Sully, Lucas, Rossi, 
Nick, Robby, Pat, and Ang. Thanks to the '96 crew: Jamie, 
Lord, Cally, Nick, Pitchel, Nerny, Russ, Doug, Fanelli and 

Tank. The '99 boyz: Justin, Jack, and Dukah. Thank! 
Elena for being a great girlfriend (off and on) for twoyel 
I will never forget you. Thanks to Bree and Krista for be] 
annoying and being the only two girls to stay with us tj 
night at the Res. Thanks to the '97 girls for always be] 
there to party with us. Thanks to Nicole for being almost 
a family- member to me. Thanks to Kristal for bugging! 
to put her in my thanks. I am sorry if I have left anyone c 
you know who you are. 

Joseph Savitcr 

Activities: LEFTY 1,2,3,4 Hockey 1,2,3 Yearbook 4 Lacrd 
1 Tennis 2, 4 Golf 2 Latin Club 1,2,3,4 Class office 4 
Thanks to my mom who is the guiding force in mv life, 
my brother for being there for SEGA and horsin' arou 
Not to mention breaking imoprtant things. To the sud 
natural being in the sky who most people call god, vJ 
drives us all. To LEFTY for being the coolest group in 
region. To Janine for being there when I need you. For 
talks and the good times. For being the love of my life. V 
are always in my heart. Thanks to Josh for the sill vness,q 
theSmith Mad Face. Two things I can't live without. Thai 
to class council and all of the things you have taught me t 
I will never foreget. Thanks to Mr. Kelly for Latin, golf 1 
that awesome recommendation, don't ever change. | 
Maxwell, thanks for your guidance as advisor and all of J 
silly ness and good humor. Big G! don't frett all women dq 
suck. Jen Mills- for your love of the Bruins and Cam. Je 
don't know if I should thank you or appologize for all of 
harrassment. Either way I made life interesting. Trin 
sorry for all the bother in analysis but your just so mu 
smarter than I. Don't foreget to tell me when you are go 
to shave your head. Keri, you may call me Law Boy, bl 
know as much as you do, it's all presentation. Nicci, aften 
argument, don't ever stay angry. That is the coolest thi 
because love makes the world go round. Chris, don't e 
forget that government test, thanks for alwavs agreeing ■ 
me on class council, and in the words of that woman "C 
have a nice life!" Everyone this is my little peice of advice: 
you can't be happy, find a sheep." Candice, only a t 
people know the real truth about you. I am glad 1 am onJ 
them. I'll miss our talks, keep in touch. Thanks to evj 
person I have foregotten. You know how much fun H 
School is and how it goes by so fast. Janine I will always id 
you, nothing can change that. Josh, I love you man, eJ 
though you hate @##$. High School was a blast I just hd 
I remember it in 20 years. I have that funny feeling thJ 
forgot something.... 

Future Goals: I have know idea, but I hope that life isasgd 
to me now as in the future. I always wanted to be a docl 
hopefully that's what I'll be. 

Lori Scheiern 

First off, I'd like to thank God and my family for alw,| 
being there for the past four years (& everything befol 
Many thanks to the staff and doctors of the LexingtJ 
Bedford Veterinay Hospital. It's been a great job and ex) 
rience. To Kris, Bob, Trecia, Lee, Dolly, Dr. Smith, ; 
especially to Dr. Johnston, and Dr. Banks for taking the ti) 
to teach me all that interesting stuff. I can't tell you hi 
much I love that place. I greatly appreciate everything \ 
guys have given me. I'm sure my knowledge from there if 
be very useful in the future. And to Dr. Johnston: thanks 
Ian. I couldn't have asked for a better pet. And toeverybcl 
else who has come and gone from LBVH, I'll miss you gul 
To Allison: thanks for attempting to keep a job at LBVH, I 
had fun that Sunday- cleaning the bathtub, getting in trout 
for it, and having Andy B. Deliever our lunch. I'll missyif 
goats (our trip in middle of the nite to mate one, Whoa, wf 
happened to the road?), your donkey, god bless your '| 
Winston, your tadpole with stumped growth, your junky? 
and your little indian:). I enjoyed your swamp/pond n 
ours and Alexis' trip to the RHPS. To Nikki: movies? <| 
What didn't we see? Subway roses... what smells? Whl 
the hell is nonomes? Ducktour line, Boston, Harvard l .\ 
Aquarium,... Hey is that the Boston Public Library?... Agal 
We'll kill Pedro. Trash the Hyundai, clean it, trash it ag; 
McDonalds, Chilis, Friendlys... don't tip the waitress, i 
hour to make a fribble. To Pedro: Boston, Hardrock, d • 



| get home on time? Thanks for all the rides. To Becky: 
itomy.. oh will we make it?, Kaleb, Dustv, ROTC... oh 
L.Color Guard, Drill Team, VA dances < the worst! 
tters!! Thanks for making me laugh. Black Coffee + 
[in = one messed up mind. UTK!! See you there:). To 
anda: FB games, Seeka drool, sorry. Kinda gross. (VA 
ice elevator guy. .run!!) What was that? An elephant 
Ik? Ha Ha. Chris and I won't tell, promise. See you in 
■n, it's been fun. Terrina: Cocktails sometime? Mel: oh 
|;re could I begin? How about 10/23/96? Ha Ha. 
E Chester, Toni (mmm, Toni), Sagamore Rotary. ..going 65, 
El ny god am I alive? All fun and games, until school 
wth.. you'll never hear a better excuse story. Taco Bell, 
fcOonalds, whoops, did we walk by the teachers lounge? 
B ts off to Homev). To Ian: you stink, but I lu v you anyway. 
Bilhelsea: I've never seen a rabbit more like a dog than 

■ ! To Angel: vou're sweet, young, and frisky. ..stay that 
M . To Rose: finally got a bird, you're great. By the way, 
tl.e eggs are emptv. Sorry hon. And to anyone I missed 
tl I didn't mention that made these vears memorable.. 

It ire Goals: To become a Veterinay Pathologist and to 
wk for the CDC or maybe even Dr. Smith. Ha Ha. 

Tom Shepard 

I- uld like to thank my mother and father for the love and 
U xirt you have given me over the years. You have always 
bn there when I needed you. I appreciate everything you 
b>? ever done forme. Tom, thanks for all vour help in math 
B science, supporting me, and always teaching me how to 
a hockey the right way. You're my favorite stepfather. 
Bin, for growing up with me, and putting up with me. You 

■ probably become abetter golfer than I am (if you aren't 
alidv), just keep playing. Liz, I remember visiting you in 
ftiospital and hoping you would come live with us; and I 
ai still very happy that you did. You both are the best 
|(hers and sisters anyone could ask for. Aunty Cathy and 
Ule Dick, thanks for always being there for me and for 
etything you have done for me; you are two of the nicest 
p?le that I have ever met. Keith, for "o.k., what is it," 
Si'irloaf golf camp and skiing, wf golf camp, ding dong 
dil, prodigy (vour dead!), introducing me to golf, dad at 
ntt, following people, not knowing rap lyrics, Dudley 
nS!, losing at pool, pb, the golf co., spiking mv soda , hitting 
bi< at houses, losing at taps, frogs in the pool, shoe on bk, 
fcprints on 3'rd tee, and all the other great times we've 
hi Mr. Reynolds, for all of your help over my high school 
Ber, you are a great coach. You always put in the extra 
til when we needed it, thank vou. J. Thoren, I always 
loed up to vou in golf, and thanks for all of the advice, 
kt> plaving. Mr. Thoren, thanks for all of your help. Joe, 
fohe c's, 12 for $2, big e smalls, telling me to slow down, 
g( ng together, taco bell, the junior prom, almost taking me 
to tat party, making fun of my music, hand on my nine, 
bH-ey, walking to Keith's, and for anything else I am 
fcstting. Mike S., for being the craziest person I know, 
b«g a P.N., getting an earring when I can't, the nevilles, 
c' m punk, the country store, shooting a 29 in golf, putting 
ajlein my wall, telling me raps better w/o swears, losing 
atisketball, teasing liz, rap music,and everything else. 
St P., for dudley rd., dad's house, hockey games, golf, 
St ping tailgaters, trying to kill me in the lexus, and being 
al to hit it out of the driving range. Ned, for golf and 
tu .ey . Dave, for having the nicest car ever, and for golf and 
h^ey. Joe B., for golf and hockey. The rest of the team, 
th ks. Natalie, for being a great girlfriend, sorry it didn't 
wk out better. For the prom, the semi-formal, going out 
w adam and dawn, and for all of the other great times we 
h; together. Grace and Barry for always making me 
Wiome in your home, I'm waiting for my own room. 
Gj e, you really are a good cook. For staying up late 
w hing those tv shows - "Hi Frank," "HiAl," Istillremem- 
blhat from the first time I stayed over. Adam, for pool, 
Sb + shop at 2 a.m. - that guy w/ the juice and coupons, 
b*5 chased on the road, breakers and good-times, the 
hi way on the way home from breakers, trying to kill me 
irnur chevelle, the gym, the semi-formal, going out w/ 
din and natalie, laughing at the waiter, and everything 
dl»ve did together. Carrianne, for movies, chili's, throw- 
in oasters, jalepeno sauce, note on my car, lobster at dads 
w he hammer, painting Adam, walks at night, staving up 
til after everyone else fell asleep, your not fat, your 
be tiful - remember that, my godparents, Aunt Pat and 

Uncle Jack, for all of your caring and thoughtfulness. Mike 
F. for vour words of wisdom about college, jobs, and every- 
thing else in life, also for golfing together. Nana and Grampa 
for all of vour guidance in helping me make good decisions 
in life, for your houses in Maine and Florida and all of the fun 
we had growing up there. 

Josh Smith 

Activities: Tennis 1-2-3-4; Skiing 1; Interact 4; Drama 4; 
Yearbook 4; SAAD 4; Spanish 1-2; Latin 2-3-4 
I want to begin bv thanking my parents and my older 
brother. You added to my High School experience, and I 
love you all very much. Joe-thanx for Israel, you the man, 
nuff said. Dave- thanx for being there when we were picked 
up by the police. Brian- I am really glad that we became 
good friends this year., always remember that women are 
confusing. Jen- thanx for our many conversations in mv 
car.. .in your driveway. Allison-spud- wav too much to 
say. ..not enough time, you rock mv world. I am sorry that I 
made a game out of playing with vour mind, we'll always 
have the eighth grade semi :) . Becky- you have to be the 
most interesting person I know, thanx for calling me when 
you were not fully possessed of your faculties. Kristen- I'm 
glad that I got to know you this year, I never knew we had 
so much in common. Emily- 1 know that you didn't like me 
for a while, but thanx for SBP. Persillela- thanx for physics, 
tu eres caliente. O'Rielly- our history notecard will live 
forever. Jen R.- thanx for living through English with me. 
Keri- 1 never knew I had a sister, but I'm glad we found out. 
Trinity- 1 didn't really know you untill this year, but thanx 
for study. Candice- thanx for making people understand 
that I am not the only one with a dirty mind. I never learnde 
the power of yearbook. Mr. Maxwell- you are the best 
teacher I have ever had. I don't know if I would have made 
it thru sophomore vear without you. Thanx for everything. 


Activities: Inter Act 1 ,2,3,4 Board of Directors3, co-Sec.4, Year- 
bookl ,2,3 Wind Ensemblel ,2,3,4 Swimmingl ,2 Trainingl ,2 
Spanish Clubl,2,3,4 S.A.D.D.l ,2,3,4 AFS 2,3 Drama Club2,3,4 
Pit3,4 Prom Committee3,4 Hall Decorating2,3 Soccer Mom4, 
Cruisin' 3,4 CWV2,3,4 

Thanks: Dad- for being more a friend than a father, last 
minute bonding trips (Las Vegas, Nova Scotia, Scotland), 
"that's MY song, Daddy!", 30' Sea Rays, late night talks, 
Sonnv-boy/ spiders, DSD, "night, night, bugs bite", late- 
night breakfast, letting me keep my room messy, being 
strong when we needed it. I love you, Daddy! Mom- words 
would not be enough to thank vou for being the wonderful 
person you were. The 14 years we shared together were not 
nearly enough, but will be with me always. I miss vou with 
all mv heart, but I know that you'll always be watching over 
me. I love you, Mom. Marylin, Tom, and Chris-the most 
random "step" family on earth. Thanks for all the times 
(donuts...?) Trin- co-eds, graduation, WHOOMP!, 3-4-2, 
Cruisin', FL- Gotta be a Dunne!, Ace, Miss Mallot, CWV- x- 
mas parties, mad crushes, icky dishboy dates, FL threats, 
one hot pick-up line, Dudley Rd., '93 parties, driving stick, 
Johnny B.'s (4pm-2am)l-2-3-4! "Do you love Beth?!", your 
kitchen floor, living at your house, school bus, spotless 
rooms, crispy chicken w/extra dressing, Nickerson Road 
runs, and for every memory we have! Shells- Cruisin' the 
Strip, 3-4-2, crazy luvin', 2-in-l, '93 pool/sleepovers, prais- 
ing the Lord, Old and New Testaments, Jet and Reg', "Shells, 
Kells, and Betty", Alanis, Steve Miller, Graduation, black 
outs, soccer, Regal Rules, birthday b.'s, "I have to pee.", one 
crazy fish fry, perma-grin, Status Maintained, Rockport, 
mad doubles, the "other woman", remember to come up for 
air!, twice-baked, "I hate not scoring!"(Matteo), clubbing; 
Kells- LS cones, Kimball's, first b.'s, 3-way shotty, Timmv 
Hipp, chocolate chip cookies, bad men, Elby, inside wash- 
ing, magic OJ, signs, cheese quesadillas- no butter/extra 
dressing, waking up at 4:30 every morning; The "Group": T- 
Steph-"camp", being the infamous Tiffany (FATE?), Josepi 
EucaliptamintlGo with that...), When Harry Met Sally- "I 
don't think he's EVER going to leave her", dry pesto, JHB, 

cold soda.kander-deaningkisdool, Anton, Training, Mintv 
Fresh, "This thing stops on a dime!", Matty O, bosom bud- 
dies, we-aaaaahd, army crawling; Jen-Jen- sisters, Heri- 
tage/ Wedgewood days, best almost-neighbor, walking "half 
way" 800 times, 1,000,001 mean names, convents, TAOJC, 
accents, lawnmower men, spy music, bouncy bus ride--, 
ehhhhhhh, Darren/Gordon, keek beeth keek!,; Brian- the 
King, Washington & Disney, cows, Murphy, Jetta(s), cute 
ears, putting up with me and not hating me-what I said 
wasn't a "spur of the moment" thing. I'm sorry, Bri.; Ker- 
Godsister, oldest friend, cookies, co-sec, Winnepasaki, 
Disney, missing the boat, 1 1 months; Allison-top 1 lists, the 
love of Scott!, for being you; Candice-mv best friend for 10 
years, matching dumping notes, broccoli monster, the Ice 
Palace, King Henry; AML-school rides, Air-Beth, Cape trips 
(slide-sitting), swimming, bouncy bus rides; Fuzzhead- 
Grandma Rose, the best hair on earth; Josh- neighbors, 
hugs, bus stops, Wedgewood; Miranda-101 accent marks, 
cake fights, taking me to Nicci's, REM, Alanis; Ingrid-Bibles, 
New Years, for being vou; Joe- tickling me, long hair, mak- 
ing me laugh; Elisa- mall trips, 2:00 pranks, Bedford Farms 
runs, basic facts, for being me; Kimmv- Tonsils, HOT=PLS, 
CWV, Dudley Rd., Dukes of Hazard (dog's name is Flash), 
Zipper in Rica, lawns; Kristen- blue-faced blues, guy talent, 
Spooky World, JGMS, the Cape:) Carey-neighbors, sharing 
Adam, roller-skating, rendezvous; Lauren-your dog, 
homeroom mornings; M.'s- being M.'s, your truck and vour 
pink nails. Lauren- vour dog and Homeroom mornings; 
Danny- the one-and-only motorcycle rider, co-eds, the Ply- 
mouth, guy advice, chiefs, little brother, car talk-faulty pis- 
ton/diesel engine/ 5-cylinder, Sunday morning breakfast, 
Misty, remembering to come up for air, catching the skeeve, 
other boats-HBDB; Dave-What's up, kid? driving the K-car, 
arrested at Pro-Motion, Easv-D, ...!"?, Heath's Bridge/ 
Whit's End, DJ burns, good hugs, car washing, frozen drinks 
and mini pizzas, periodicals, mad stories, Walden walks, 
subs on Sundays; JT- half days, Whit's End, car washing, 
Sega, long/short weekends, water fights, Iguana Cantina, 
bad men, HBDB, burning Dave, 3 weeks, pants, your family 
& Jenny, Soccer Mom; Nick- "I'd hit that". Hematoma Bov, 
math stuff, finding the Heemes, 1 week fling, being Minty- 
Fresh;.Matteo watering the flowers; Paul- my brother, the 
flowers, 1 st boyfriend, visiting Miss Mono, the attic incident. 
Caravan rides, loving the ocean; Amita- being quiet; Nina- 
yourbirthdav partv, English stories (I'm not mad!) After all 
we've been through, I think Brian should be flattered! I'm 
sorry Nina.; Colleen- asparagus man, Rob talks, stuck in my 
driveway, mono care packages; Uncle Mike- raw spaghetti 
dinners, Van Morrison; Casey- red hair, my kindergarten 
sweet heart, esos son MIS vacas!, big feet; Ricky- sitting 
behind me in EVERY class, your hat, pool parties, being 
Czech, growing your hair for me- pulling out mine; Geri- 
boy-flirts, Spanish V, "eww."; Jean- being admirable and 
supportive, trombone, FL support, best advice; Kamah- the 
sweatshirt; Nicci- post-prom, commercials; Melissa- BIG 
bugs, Walden/Speedo Man, flashing the cops; Nina and 
Jenn-dancing in Robbv's room; Krystal- Steve Miller, Trin's 
house; Becky & Meghan- coffee-heathbar-fro-vo w/jim- 
mies; Ciccone-leaf raking; Gary-owning my car; Joey S- 
being happy; Steve-birthdays, driver's ed, compliments; 
Tom S-red hair, Estrada; Chester- 1 :30 am visits, your cousin, 
Green Day, random rides; Sundet-making me come out, the 
benches, the Doors; Shawn Downs and Andy Y- the happi- 
est people on earth; Lizzie and Laura (bethv-bethv-boo- 
boos, quadruples, WE, GAP, y'all), Jeb ('"sup, beth?", being 
huge, secret messages), Elena, Emily, and Kara (swimming) 
Robin (being cool) Corey and Angelo (unassigned and Pixie 
Stix) Bryan (Jesus) Alvin (mudding) Tom (Frizz) TC (my 
favorite soccer buddv);'99, Lizzie (stories, Corliss, mud) 
Amy, Jill, and Jackv (Typing 101) Anne-Marine (CWV and 
mud) Jen Jones (FL) Jeff (little guardian guy) Johnny (CWV- 
BRE ATH ! ) CWV- mv home, and mv beloved chefs, dishbovs, 
and waitstaff, especially Kenny-"The doctor is in!", toasted 
cheese, Newburyport, big brother. Lastly, Miss O'Malley/ 
Dots for being my 2nd best mom. 1000 words aren't enough 
to say everything, but I will never forget any of you. Thank 
you, and I'll miss you all. 

Future Goals: To live on the Cape and walk barefoot on the 
beach with a person I love with a smile on my face. 

William Stieglitz 

Activities: French Club 1,2; Latin Club 3,4: Basetball 1,2; 
Soccer 1,2,3,4; Tennis 1,2,3,4; band 1,2 



Thanks to: Dad for Bowling, sporting games, future of 
baldness, Seinfeld, ping pong, playing catch, and baboo; 
Mom, or should I say Donna, rides, big sneeze, rides, bon- 
bons, rides, talking on the phone, rides, nagging, and rides; 
both mom and dad, I may complain and yell but I love you 
both, respect you both, and Thanks!! Sis for Scattergories, 
annoying me always, upside-down Elvis, and laughing at 
whatever I say; All the animals in my life: Zeypher, Bandit, 
Kato,and most of all Fluffy who I'll never forget; The Morris 
family; Dave, your the kid next door who eats my food and 
loves computer; Dara, them license plate words, tennis, and 
being so cool; The Greene's, Green's, Seltzers, Shoons, and 
the Samuels; Gama Ruthie for the Swan Boats, Marriot, Ritz, 
and sleep overs; Papa Dave who I'll always remember and 
baseball; Dr. Uncle Jeff and Jared for the visits as often as 
possible; Grammy for New York and bacon; Gama Shiff for 
the love, energy, and cookies I hope to always have; All my 
other family... Glucks, AuntConnis, Uncle Oobleck, Machol, 
and Ricky for his visits; Campbell for the arguments, Mac 
2's, cake boy, earrings, stairway, and being there for me all 
my life; Jay, Sven, Sven, and Adam for being my fellow bald 
head Necklaces, Friday, Hook up?, Nahz, Enntt, Tommy 
Boy, Hoodstock, Happy Gilmore, Richardson's, Rap, 4:20, 
and being the best friends a kid could have; All the ladies... 
Samii, 9:13, chapstick, gum games; Karen for Westy Shul-in 
fun; Becca for cats and "car"; Sarah for being so cute; both 
Sarah and Becca for S.W.A.B.; Tapper for Ice Cream and 
outsider; Smerling, Nemser, Sakin, Rachel and Dave Kern, 
Robin Kelly, Nina B., piglet, Cook, Silber hacking; 15A the 
best group ever and a great buch of folks, I luv ya all; Duck 
joke; Ari, Jen, and Tali; Zwilling; Whitey; Jew Ball; Errol; all 
my coaches; Mr. Kelly; Mr. Maxwell, Mr. Palmer, Mr, Ficeara, 
Mrs. Miller, and Mrs. Rice; Joe and Josh for being the two 
long haired kids and being pals for years; Auto Parts; 
Breuggers; Lefty; Nefty-NE; myself for being so cool and 
being myself. 

Future goals: to be the head coach of the Boston Celtics, have 
a beautiful wife, 3 kids, have lots of money, and to never lose 
contact with my closest friends. Oh... and to be happy to!! 

Ricky Stucka 

Activities: Soccer 9,10,1 1,12; Skiing 9,10,1 1,12; Spanish Club 
9,10,12; Science League 10,11,12; Telemedia 10,1 1, Student 
Leader-12; AFS 9,10, Secretary-1 1,12; Drama Club 11,12; 
Sleep 9,10; Math Team 10,11,12. 

Thanks To: First and foremost: my parents. Without whom, 
I would have procrastinated myself through high school. 
My mom for always making me go to school when I was 
planning on staying home and facing teachers with "I'll 
have to get it to you tomorrow." My dad for always hanging 
around and teaching we that honest hard work can get you 
very far in life. I love you mom and dad, thank you so much, 
you've done a great job raising me. Whenever I mess up its 
my fault, not yours. My cat Tiger for keeping me company 
at the computer and staying up as late as I did every night. 
Sabrina for beating me whenever I was out of line and 
reminding me of what it's like to be a kid. My buddy Devin, 
without whom I would have lost myself in high school and 
for making me appreciate the little sleep I gotlcause I know 
he got less). And also for making me spend a lot of change 
at first night. Cypress, for always making fun of everything 
I did, which helped me to stay in line.. .a bit. Justin, for 
showing me how to be scholarly and cool at the same 
time(sorry I couldn't follow you're example.) Carey, well, 
for keeping me company and being a great friend from 
Canobie to Cranberries and beyond. (STOP!) You've had 
quite an impact on me, even though I don't show it often. 
Winick, for making me look outside my window every five 
minutes. Kristen, for being such a cool high school chick and 
being my first buddy at CVS. Oh yeah, CVS, for paying 
me,...umm, lots of money. ..yeah, that's it, and showing me 
what organization is really about. All my CVS buddies, for 
showing me how to beg for a replacement. BDC, for teach- 
ing me how to earn money while having fun, and Ilsa, for 
being the best boss I ever had. Liz, for being a great 
"freshman" friend, and putting up with me for so long, I 
know I can be an idiot sometimes. Jackie, for having such 
neat parties. Kelly, for making orchestra a blast "Mr. Maffa, 
what does that mean??" All those freshmen in the room next 
door in Florida for teaching me new vocabulary. Mr. Maffa, 
for making me enjoy my high school years before they're 
gone forever. Ms. Messmer, for always making fun of me. 
Mrs. McGraw, for teaching me how to behave - above all 

else, the most important thing I have ever learned, or 
thought I learned. Pam, for making Devin smile more often. 
The phone, for depriving me of sleep. Mer, for always being 
so chipper at seven in the morning. Miranda, for taking 
charge when I forgot to, and being a phenomenal woman. 
ShawnD. for being so funny. Hunter, for always saying 
something irrelevant. Beth, for always sitting in front of me 
and making me laugh. The clock, for always shattering my 
hopes for a good night's sleep. The TV, for always keeping 
me company when I had nothing to do. AOL, for showing 
me how to waste lots of money really fast. And finally, my 
car, for letting me pretend that I was cooler than people 
without cars. For those people I forgot to mention, please 
tell me so that I can personally thank you for your contribu- 
tion to my high school life. And I know I could spend more 
than a page on all of these people and things. You all know 
that I care for all of you deeply. 

Future Goals: To grow up and find that special girl that will 
love me as much as I love them. To succeed, whatever that 
means, at whatever I choose to do. 

Eric Sullivan 

Activities: Football 1 , 2, 3, 4, Capt. 4; Lacrosse 1 , 2, 3; Indoor 
Track 2, 3; Basketball 1; Math League 2; Latin Club 3; 
Spanish Club 1 , 2; Team OMAR 1, 2, 3, 4; Verns 2, 3; KOH 4; 
P-Bench 3, 4. 

I'd like to start off by thanking my mother for all that she has 
done for me. For being understanding, putting up with me, 
trusting me to do the right thing, and for being, overall, a 
pretty cool mom. Thanks to the football team and the 
coaches for making me a better person, especially coach Sab 
for always being enthusiastic, coach Sully for getting us 
fired up, coach Petrillo for takin' about old days ,Hursh for 
D, and Campbell for save the queen; Omar and Doug for 
lifting with me. To BLESSER, DUKE, HEVEY, ANGE, 
FRIEND, and SKOAL;and the rest of the junior boys; work 
hard at the P-bench getting ready for next season. To DOUG 
for being the biggest mimic, chillin' down verns, bustin' 
rhymes, Jon B. Zombie. To BRAD; tubing in Maine, shhh, 
"you'll wake the elves", playing Cao-Cao, being the biggest 
Nirvana freak, smearing kids on 7th travel team, hangin' 
out with me the most over the years, dropping the remote on 
my head 3 times in a row, and for being the author of "22 
Reasons Why I Hate..." To RAUG; crazy rhymes, slumber 
parties, for wunning twack, MIT. To A-BONG; being the 
strangest kid, livin' in Jamaica. To SUNDET; supplying DJ 
and dew, being a cool kid when I spazed at Niccole's, 
Tremont Street and the 1st run ever. To MOOK; chilling G- 
block, pukin' in every car. To TODD & OATES; walking 
back from the res, Moosehead, K-car, going to Angela's, 
crab, spaz. To JAY; scrubbin' out and giving me pop-tarts. 
YO OMAR glad you didn't quit. To STEVE, caught at the 
Verns, "Steve, are we getting game pants". ..mimic. To 
GARY for eating stale food at the Taylor's, looking like 
Coach Sully. Thanks to PAULFIELD, GEARBOX ,HARRIS, 
JEFFY A's, MIKE P's, THE GABE, for going crazy on D- 
day's. To DEFINO, LORDY, and WILL for being the coolest 
kids to hangout with in '96; J A "Bloa" LOWRY for throwing 
forearms. Thanks for all the '97Goonbar parties, NICCI and 
KRYSTAL for consistently coming out, BREE and KRISTA 
for partying. Thanks to KRISTINA CARLO for training her 
voice along side me and the rest of the '97 girls; NADYA, 
BETH, GERI, JENN, CONSUELO, and all the rest. Thanks 
to my girlfriend, DANIELLE, for sticking by me through 
everything and for not only being my girlfriend, but also my 
best friend. Thanks for all the clothes, forcing me to swim, 
laughing when I walked into the screen door, Glycerin, 
loving the K-car, wearing my ring, breaking my ceramic 
head and other fine ceramic accessories, TCYB, almost Feb. 
9, SHHH! Thanks to everyone else in 1997. I wish you all 

Future Goals: Go to college, become successful, get married 
, and someday get a tan. 

Bryan Sundet 

Activities: Football 1,2,3,4 Lacrosse 1,2,3 P-bench 3,4 Rez 
crew DJ crew 2,3,4 

First of all I would like to thank God. My dad for everything 

he's given me. My mom for putting up with me. Allison ill 
being my favorite sister, and the rest of my family. Mook Vm 
being my best friend, introducing me to DJ and for evei(l 
thing that I can't say. To Mrs. Reid and Ed for letting me ■ 
their Third son. Todd for spazzing. Oats for being Mr. toiB 
and always letting us at your house. To the Oats family I 
Maine, especially Mr. Oats for Lite. Doug for always maki 
fun of me. Eric for taking me to Tremont st. we were thefi 
Nashuaers. Jay for "LO" and for driving us around, you n. 
Jay don't ever change. Brad for always going the extra m 
to party. Krystal , hi. Anurag for BUSTIN' RYHMES I 
Rochelle). Yo Omar. Nicci for her house on prom. Aron f 
stuff. Jamie for the lrst thing. Russ for teaching the way 
the thug. Nerny for just being Nerny. Matt V. I hope you £ 
better. Blesser for being the best junior. Keith for beinj 
cady. Lennok for letting me thug you. Coach Sab forbei 
my coach. Colonel Campbell for all the jokes andbeing t 
best coach. Coach Sul for being the scariest coach. Coa 
Petrillo for being the most insane coach. Coach Sno...(he 
he) Mr. Maxwell for being the best teacher. Ms. Hennesy f 
being the best teacher I've ever seen. Almost forgot Gai 
thanks for lunch and you know you'll never beat me 
Madden. To anyone I forgot, sorry. To all my friends ai 
enemies goodbye, I'll miss you all. 
Future Goals: Get a job managing the Patriots. Get marrie 
have a kid and someday own my own Picnic Bench. 

Joey Sylva 

Activities:Golf 1,2,3,4; Hockey 2,3,4; Basketball 1; Spani 
Club 1 ,2; Latin club 3,4; Targeteers 3,4; Interact 3; B in' in t 
basement 3,4; official Lua family member 3,4 
I'd like to start out by saying that in writing this, I do 
know whether I'm excited of things to come, or sad of thin 
to be left behind. Mom: You are truly the most remarkar. 
person I have ever known. During Tough times, you we 
the one thing that held our family together. It takes 
amazing person to face the trials that you have faced throug 
out your life and still be as optimistic and totally unselfish 
you are. I can only hope that one day I can be as stro 
willed and caring as you. I love you mom, and I will miss y<\ 
when I go. Dad: There is only one word that comes to mil 
when I think of you inspiration. To have gone through wr 
you've experienced, to have looked death in the face numi 
ous times and come out practically unscathed (I think tha 
the first time I've ever used that wordHs inspirational. I 
never forget all the good times we shared. From Red S 
games to our ongoing basketball battles in the drivew; 
Mom and dad, although we have experienced our ov 
share of sadness, whenever I look back on this time in r 
life, I will see nothing but the happiness and joy we expe 
enced. Jill: Someday I'll outgrow you, maybe. Even thou 
you're growing up fast, you'll always be my baby sist 
Thanks4 always putting up with me. Julie: No matter w\ 
I say, you still are a very nice person. Thanks for alwa 
being there to fight with me. Oh, and thanks for the go 
times too. Despite our many world wars, you have rea 
turned your life around, and I'm proud to call you my sist 
Nana: UR the funniest person I've ever met. ThankU I 
picnic lunches at the rest stop and trips to the dog tra< 
Nana, I know that people don't last forever, but I hope y 
live until you're 150, 'cause when you do go and rejc 
grampa, I don't know what I will do, or how I'll will make 
Grampa: My old college chum. Go to Helen hunt. Imissy 
and I truly believe that you're watching me, and that soi 
day we'll meet again. Nana Peg and Grampa Joe, you gu 
are the most active people I've ever seen, 75 or 25. you t\ 
will probably be going to Las Vegas until you're 95. Un- 
John and Auntie Nita By the time you read this, it will be ti: 
to put the AC's in again. Thank you for always being th( 
whenever my family needed you. Jeff, sorry about the whi 
"tooth" incident. Brad, maybe someday you'll learn to li 
rap. Linzy Sorry I haven't written you yet. Thanks 
getting me a job at BF. Excuse me Mr. From here on in 
forget you, sorry, but I' m running out of words. Now for I 
friends. STEVE I'll give you gas money as soon as you p 
me the $30 you owe me! Seve, thanks for taking me to Mai: 
letting me move in, for telling the truth in the 96 semiforrr 
crying during plays(just kidding). Do you have a 
tyninnol.Kaaaaweeeeennnn!. B in the Basement. Oh no : 
THE LOCALS!!!. Lahew, saaher. The dung beetle. Scorpii 
vs. Peter. The ring of fire. It was all a dream I used to re 
word up magazine, salt and peppa and heavy D up in I 
limousine. Puff Daddy, Biggy Smalls. THE LUA FAM1 



;n my second mom; George, I hope you get you're 
K gol hat; Nicki the hair, Ali visiting hours are nine to five; 
U my buddv old pal, and Carie, the baby sister I never 
jj Oh, and Linda and her arsenal of anti attack weapons. 
U : Piggers, fights with jason Lee and bacon boy, the trip 
Iqjmpton beach, Catuit High ground, getting thrown off 
H ? olf team DEMOCRATS TILL WE DIE. MIKE Thanks 
ilv.w. Someday we'll reach our goals. Thanks for shoot- 
jji tie with a BB gun. TOM Thanks for corrupting me with 
fc^sta rap Tick, tock, tock, tick Tom, you are the loudest 
n't person I know. Thanks also to Pam and Tom for 
ft ing me after hockev. BECKY Thanks for always taking 
A gun. Candyman Candy man Candy. .. The scariest movie 
M: You're so rugged. Thanks for being a good friend, 
jl N Thanks for alwavs making me laugh, if not at you 
■ i at myself. What do they call those guys in space 
Stranauts. NO MORE PDA!!! Sheila and Bill don't you 
jbs have some of our encyclopedias? Kacie Thanks for the 
En. I can't imagine having that much fun with anyone 
id Also, thanks to-Miss Donovan for being the best teacher 
ll/e ever had; Mr. Duggan for letting mebelateon hockey 
p nings;Eric good things happen when you work with the 
IE an, Brad for nirvana and convincing me to play hockev, 
V;han for the Meghan Watkins Dictionary, Brian S. for 
ei. jys hitting me; Jamie for being the most ridiculous per- 
& I've ever seen; Todd for the Basketball Hall of Fame; 
Gv' Hunt for being orange; Dennis McDonald for telling 
It ill his scary stories and teaching me alot about life and 
b g more of a friend than a boss; Scott, Brian, Matt, Cox, 
p;, and Mer for lunch; Susan Mara for having a BIG 
fcUTH, All the targeteers, Carrol and Mark for being great 
j> hbors and letting me babysit for them, and anyone else 
1 got to mention. Oh yeah I' like to thank everyone who 
w ks at Bedford Farms Mr. V, thanks for being the best boss 
1 jld work for, and for always talking to me about golf. 
E e and Scott for being more like my friends than mv 
b'ies. And thanks to Brenda nothing brightens my dav like 
y 're air guitar. Hey, is that cujo I hear? 

Kristen Sylva 

A vities: Cheerleading 1,2, Capt 3; Field Hockey V 4; 
Sjnish Club 1 ,2,3, Secretary 4; Latin Club 2,3; SADD 1 ,2,3,4; 
T 'media 4; Double Sextet 4; Forum 4; Tournament of Plays 
4. )rama Club 4; Gender Equity Committee 2; NHS 3, 
P.ident 4; EL GRUPO 2,3; CVS 1,2,3,4 
Tnks: First and foremost, to my family- Mom and Dad, 
y have been my cheerleaders from day 1- you have 
si ported every decision I have ever made, and I hope you 
w continue to do so, now and for the rest of mv life. I love 
a respect you guys more than I've ever let you know...I 
jl want you to realize that. Kim, if I have to get off the 
p ne for Dan again I think I'm gonna scream! Thanks for 
a he borrowed clothes and the midnight chats. Sorry, but 
a ar as those go, you're on your own next year, kid! Of 
orse, there's always Katie. Hey Bugga, thanks for being so 
C" and for never listening to me- someday when I'm 
fious you'll know better. Just remember, K. and K, that no 
n ter where I am next year, you'll always have each other. 

1 Korky, of course, who just happens to be the cutest dog 
ine world. Okay- friends (in no particular order). Kimmy 
N :. for being my oldest and bestest friend, for being their 
e i when we went our separate ways- I'm glad we're so 
c e again! Also for F.H., Coggins and all the Volvo rides- 
w are a better driver than M's! J/K. Elisa, for always 
s ing the obvious, for trips to Westford in the dark, for F.H. , 
b ig close friends again, and letting me ride shotgun in the 
Wo. Carey for all the meaningful phone conversations, 
tlguys- I won't mention any names!- our one and only 
chntion and SAT/college talks. Lauren for having two 
g'eous brothers, lots of cute friends, the hay ride, and 
hing such strong morals and values (sounds like law!). 
Hhmi for DD, MOBIL GUY and other gas stations, Billy 
N iison, not telling Karen what really happened, Walden 
P d, Princeton Review, having really cool nicknames, base- 
fa caps and the backs of people's heads. Geri, iGP! for 
li ng Spanish, being la re_na y la presidente- 1- res una 
a ga buena, nunca cambie y muchas gracias para todos. 
C I say that right? Geri, Gabe and M's- LONG LIVE EL 
C JPO! ! Gabe, for your awesome dancing skills and "post- 
g le parties". M's, well, what can I say? Thanks for all the 
n sin Big Red, for always making the court (without me!), 
ft etting me listen to Dave Matthews whenever I want, and 
n complaining about my singing. I can't think of anyone 

else I'd rather see at 5 of 7 in the morning! Keri, for con- 
stantly encouraging me this year when I needed it most- for 
being an awesome captain, backing me up, and making me 
try out for D.S. Trinity, for being another awesome captain 
and for all your help. Candice for guy talks, Ann-Michelle 
for Marine Bio, and the rest of the FH team for being so 
supportive and making me feel like I really belong- 1 love all 
you guys and I'll never forget you- good luck next year! Josh 
for swearing in my yearbook, Ullmann quotes, notes in 
Chem and English, and making me happy and confused at 
the same time. Ricky and Casey, for taking me to the Dave 
Matthews concert-Oh wait, I mean for the T-shirt that you 
brought back for me. Jean, Justin and Ingrid for caring about 
NHS. Alison, Nina and Elisa for being Fairies and putting up 
with my complaining. Rashmi, Maria, Rick, Elisa, Kim, 
Sophon and Robert (and Sanju!) for CVS- Karen, for taking 
me shopping someday and for making work fun. Joey for 
being my cousin, which you have no control over, but I'm 
glad you are anyway. Beth for getting all the junior guys- 
what's so great about them, anyway? Devin, for being the 
editor and giving extensions, for being a great friend since 
third grade-Miss Casey! For the book you wrote me in sixth 
grade, Canobie, Rick's cool parties and for always telling me 
your secrets. Emily, Ingrid, Colleen, Jean, Keri, Carey and 
Nadya for being the seniors of DS. Miranda, Shawn and Rick 
for getting me into Telemedia and not failing me on any 
tests. Dennis for letting me sing in the band, and Bryan Nash 
for being a great musician. Dave Matthews Band, for being 
AWESOME, giving me something to listen to no matter 
what I'm feeling. Corey- for being my closest friend, and for 
all the things that we have shared- HERB, Potato Head (and 
little Potato Head, of course), driving lessons, chocolate 
cake, semi-formals, parked cars, movies, too much sarcasm, 
etc. I really admire you for who you are and what you 
believe in- you've been a great role model for me. I'll never 
forget you and what you have taught me. Thanks to anyone 
and everyone else who has touched my life and made me 
who I am today- I owe my happiness and success to many 
more people than I could ever list here. 
Future Goals: to graduate from college, write a book (or two, 
or three), become famous, have a nice car, keep in touch with 
my family, find the love of my life and hold on to him 

Brad Sylvester 

Activites: Hockey-2,3,4 Lacrosse-1,2,3 Football-1 Basket- 
ball-1 P-bench-3,4 

First I would like to thank Mom and Dad for always being 
there, and for supporting all the decisions that I have made. 
I would also like to thank Katie for never coming out of her 
room. I would like to thank Doug for always letting us crash 
at his house, for busting rhy thems, and for hanging out with 
me since 5th grade. Thanks to Anuraug for letting us eat all 
his food, for always getting into trouble for us.and for the 
unforgettable night at the Verns before the semi-formal. 
Thanks to Aron for sticking by me on our quest for cheese- 
burgers that night in the tent freshmen vear, also for having 
a weird outlook on life. Thanks to Sundet for being a thug, 
finding the picnic bench. Thanks to Oates taking us up to 
Moosehead Lake, and for putting up with us when we 
always called you the crab. Thanks to Todd for scratching 
the blazer. Thanks to Jay for almost getting us in trouble on 
the walk back to Oates' house. Thanks to Mook for alwavs 
being the one to spot me a dollar. Thanks to Paulfield for 
driving us around that night in the back of your truck. 
Thanks to Ohmar for putting up with us calling you Ohmar. 
Thanks to Jeffy A's and Mikey P's for taking me trash barrel 
hunting and fishing. I would especially like to thank Eric for 
hanging out with me for the past 7 years, for sneaking out 
that night with me in 10th grade,for laughing at me when I 
got blamed for stealing all of Mr. Sulli vans stuff, for going up 
to Montreal, and for all the tubing and water-skiing over the 
summers. We have had a lot of great times together, and a 
lot of great times to come at college next year. Thanks to 
Niccole for always listening to me whine and complain. 
Thanks to Consuelo for sitting next to me in all 4 of my 
English classes. Thanks to Bree, Krista, and Kristin for 
hanging out with us. And thanks especially to Kristin and 
Bree for buying me buffalo wings at the 99's. I would also 
like to thank coach Bevins and coach D. for believing in me 
and giving me the confidence I needed to get started, and for 
giving me an oppurtunity to play for the hockey team. I 
want to thank everyone who has hung out with me over the 

years including '96/98, and '99. It's been fun. 

Allison Turner 

Activities:S.A.T. 1 ; French Club 1 ,2; ski team 2,3, captain 4; 
x-country 3, captain 4; S. A D D. 1 ,2 3,4; environmental club 
3, president 4; tournament of plays 4; 

Thanks in no particular order: Thanks to the Coconut Boys 
for leaving me your songs. Trin, for sharing Yum-Yum lunch 
boy with me and for doing what I always wanted to do but 
didn't think it was right. Phil, for putting me in your senior 
thanks. Evjy for snowboarding, bouncing 360" s, seducing 
me into the half-pipe and "hey, who turned out the lights? 
Keri, I was watching that!" Steve for making fun of my smile 
and for giving me hope. "Excuse me, but what time do you 
get off?" Matt, for being a burrito with me. Jecca for being so 
much more than just my sister. 1 love you so much.Thanks 
George for scooping me out of all theshnooks I was in. Abby 
C. Forliking my barrettes and for making fun of me when I 
said that your friendswere fly. Mathew E. For being almost 
as cool as your sister. Natalie, Tracey, Kristen for running 
with me. Caroline and Debbie for wanting to run with me 
but not being able to go that slow. Peter Pan for sharing your 
secrets on the walls with me. Thanks mom for teaching me 
to leave the campsite cleaner that I found it. Katie S. Our 
tradition lives always. Jen Mills- there is way too much to say 
to you. It has been fun. Thanks for sharing your feelings and 
ideas with me. AMC rocked! Dad, thanks for trying to sing 
"I've been workin' on the railroad" while pounding on the 
kitchen table with me. Josh S. my favorite MK, twin fishy. 
Our little 8th grade semi-scheme was the best! Dave W., you 
are the most talented bov I know. I wish you the best of luck. 
Thanks for the high school janitor poem. Waukeela, thanks 
for so many memories. The Greens are the supreme rulers. 
Jake, I have a feeling that you and I are going to be eternal 
friends. Crystal and Sarah for having such interesting boy 
problems. Paul for convincing my to do x-country and Brian 
for cheering me on. CD. For being the only boy to ever make 
me cry. Shadow for listening to me when no one else would. 
AML for rock climbing and sharing Waukeela with 
me.Eschmann for being so darn cool. The YMC crew for 
being so immature. Tiffany for your fuzzy sweater and 
playing your flute to me. Nina for the cricket. Dan for seeing 
right through me and for the conversation. I wish I could talk 
to you again. I wish I knew you were all right. Mike G. For 
teaching me the ways of the hacky sack. Jackie and Liz for 
being awesome people. Ms. O'Malley, Mr. Sheinfeld, 
Mr.Reagan, and Mrs. Reid. Sean P. For Alice in Chains. Nick 
for coming to see me and saying the "L" word. I don't 
believe vou joined the Marines. Bernd for skiing and stuff. 
Ursula for speed and other stories and for having such a 
neat name. Mr. Dougherty for inspiring me. Candice for 
amazing me. And to all of the mountains that have watched 
over me while I slept peacefully. 

Future goals: ski Tuckerman's headwall, hike The Long 
Trail with Jecca, spin 720's of f of Phil's Hill and fly with Peter 

Emily Ullman 

Activities: A bunch of stuff 1,2,3,4. 

Thank you, Dad- for showing me the wonderful world of 
stupid jokes, Inspiring mv love of music. Teaching me about 
rationality, thought, and all the camp songs I will ever need 
to know, helping with one or two papers, playing me songs, 
and making me laugh. Mom- thanks for living for each 
moment, being my teacher and letting me to be yours. 
Giving me the power of self and the importance of happi- 
ness. Allowing me to disprove your wet bathing suit theory. 
Making me listen to what I didn't always want to hear, and 
inspiring me to grow, and do great things. We're both going 
places. Sarah, for allowing me and Zach to laugh at you, 
being annoying, loving math as much as I do, being creative, 
always making me laugh, and playing my calf in the car. 
Hannah- for being really sentimental about a lot of things so 
I didn't have to, doing things before me and usually better, 
cleaning my room; my stars. Sorry about always making 
vou the dog. Zach- for Aaron Neville, Citizen Longhair, 
setting the standard cool of everything in my life, doing 
whatever you want, whenever you want; teaching me that 
every road leads to the tape store, drawing an indecent 



wallaby in my picture book, and letting me whiteness Kim 
Deal's forbidden glance. Thanks to Darby and Vilma too, I 
love you all. To everyone at Wyo, for making it so special. 
Tobothbuhds, forbeing my best friends. Nadya- for eating; 
and, despite my efforts, showing me I can't change people, 
only myself. Understanding, loving camp, singing with me, 
inappropriately interjecting opoor Charlieo, and for always 
disregarding the last statement. Remember, there's a lot of 
weight on that poor little guy's shoulders, don't kill him. 
Chrissy -for requesting Hey Jude, hanging out with Jim, 
being the best math tutor in the world, well no, I still failed 
but thanks for trying, never singing with us, being a great 
canoe navigator and letting me do the rope swing first! Jeff, 
- teaching me more about myself than I thought there was 
to know, being a dreamer, getting your license, and caring; 
thank you. Ingrid, - for honking, loving steamroller, shar- 
ing my passion, and inspiring me with your talent. Katie, - 
for loving nachos, Christmas shopping at building 19, and 
being my mentor. To Kate and Naveen for inspiring me to 
act; Kate's cynicism and, well. . .Chris speiker. To SBP and 
everyone there. Mary, for laughing, rain dances, listening 
and teaching. Tiffany- for hugs, caring about so many 
people, and the junior prom picnic, never forget how won- 
derful you are. Mer,-for being unstoppable on stage and 
passionate about everything you do, and Newsies. Joanna- 
for remembering Mrs. Hoyt, singing Fire Fire, being a mys- 
tery, and snickering when things are funny. Meg- for April, 
Newsies, and of course. . . TIM! Shaun, Andy and Adam for 
sitting with my at lunch. To Rainis, Laver, Keltner, Low, 
Spmosa, Maxwell, Fichera, and Sabourin for making a dif- 
ference, you^ire loved. Both madrigal classes, I adore you 
all. Trina,-for Julv forth. Devin- for falling asleep more than 
I do. Becky-for sharing the most emotional three days of my 
life, and understanding, see you in California! Melissa-to 
dreams, happy endings and true friends. 
Future Goals: watch every episode of ER; star in the sequal 
to Newsies; never, ever graph anything on purpose; and 
always keep changing, learning, teaching, laughing, in the 

Rebecca Venuti 

Activities: President 2,3,4; Peer Leadership 3,4; Drama 
1,2,3,4; Tournament of Plays 1,2,3,4; Student Production 
1,2,3; Musical 2,3,4; Spring Play 3,4; Yearbook 4; Softball 
1 ,2; Latin Club 2,3; BF Crew 1 ,2,3,4; Uno's late nights 2,3,4; 
Thanks To: Everyone who has helped me become the 
person I am. ThankU2 the most loving&supportive family. 
MOM&DAD:4 always believing in me, pushing me to reach 
my goals,& being there when I achieved them...ILoveU, 
both./MOM-4the notes, "give a smile away," & serious 
talks. UR my best friend&role model.. .ILU/DAD-4 calling 
me "Rebecca,foof,&princess," watching The Father of the 
Bride w/me, teaching me how to be a leader&the college 
trips!. ..ILU/SCOTT-4our random long talks, "funch," 
babysitting& apologizing. ..U've taught me a lot...ILU./ 
DAVE-4always sticking up for me,"booch," giving good 
advice,asking me4 some&being my best friend. ..ILU/ 
GRAM-thanks4the presents,food,&love...ILU./PAPA- 
thanks4 watching over me& remaining in my heart/The 
M's 4 taking my parents away ! / GRETTA-4 whipping Scott 
into shape&sticking up4me! / BETH-thanks4 being my older 
sister,sponsor,&hero. UR the strongest person I've ever 
met,(just a few more yrs!)ILU./RUSTY-4havmg the nick- 
name "the Dusta"&always givin' me lickins.Thanks2 God 
for the absolute best group of friends. I'll always remember 
the memories we've shared! Most especially, STEPHEN I'm 
glad we got back together. It all started in 3rd grade, by the 
town hall! U've been my lst&forever love. ..Nov. 24! 
Maine(beach), painting, shopping, "bareskin" 
movies, "Nobody Knows", U mean so much to me,Babe. 
"ILoveU forever+infinity+ten!" U've been there4me thru 
everything, thanks4your tears, "If it is really love, then it is 
meant2be!" I can't wait, ILoveU. /Thanks Lua's4 treating 
me like family&always welcoming me. MR. LUA: thanks4 
forgiving me&calling me "the Beckster"/MRS. LUA, UR a 
hero in my eyes, thanks4 staying strong, coffee, 
advice,&being my 2nd mother.ILU/GERI,(Paco)Where do 
I begin-Mrs. Pilla's, what an experience. U've been my best 
friend thru everything. ThankU4 letting me know how you 
feel, trusting me, FLA, peeing on me, late-nights,"get drunk 
w/the gizzard man!", Top Gun, lending me your 
shoulder,Dreams, &knowing what I mean, ILU like UR a 
sister. I've learned a lot, thanks4 standing by me. Stick to 

what U believe in&UTl keep on succeeding. ..stay stronglif 
he's in your heart, he's close by.JILoveU. /Thanks Parisellas4 
opening your house&being so caring. ILU. CARLI: my little 
sister, good luck&work hard.ILU/NADZ: UR such a close 
friend, Ualways could tell:"Beck, I know something's 
wrong." ILoveU4 that. Thanks4 trusting me,guiding 
me,&always being there. WhereR my clothes? 
Michigan&D.C. were a blasKthe murder in our hotel!), re- 
member lip quiver-we+ve shared so many laughs together 
Thanks4 coffee chats, sharing, confidence& friendship. UR 
the most creative &onginal friend I have. ILU./JAILBIRD- 
Joey, what is there to say that hasn't already been said! 
Thanks4 wearing pads to my b'day party, losing your 
pants.&being there when I lost mine!, "shotgun," experienc- 
ing way 2much,&4 watching over my Babe4 me. UR one of 
my longest&bestest friends. ILU./ TIMMY I still can't be- 
lieve U moved. Thanks4 JGMS, talking to me about Stephen, 
being there when U shouldn't, &4 having the best 
party!. ILU. /JENN: 4remaining one of my closest friends. I 
can call U in any state of mind! (the Bop, "look at his bum!" 
Scoopin' at the Farms, cruisin' thestrip, "that'smy mom">UR 
beautiful both inside&out. ILU. /NINA: what can I 
say?Leighlani sucks,-Yes,UR older than me,Luke Perry, 
News Flash-pizza, "don't worry about it, big boobs!" Thanks4 
laughing at my jokes&4always being there. UR one of my 
strongest,longest,& dearest friends. ILU. /MEGRED: Times 
have changed, deli girl. Thanks4 letting me ride in the 
ambulance w/U, being there when I hyperventalated, tak- 
ing my crayon(Ugave it 2me), Carter's, "I fell down Nadya's 
stairs!" puking on my jacket," that's my mom," teaching me 
bad things, "don't do anything I wouldn't do!"concerts, 
meeting guys&of course your advice on everything. ILU./ 
JEFF A: thanks4 being mv 1st friend&always making me 
laugh. UT1 make a great politician! SCONES:"U do the scary 
thing, I'll kill U!",UR a c-word,"Scruffy Pup",UR so 
unique!ILU/NICCI: thanks4 being in the pla v w/ me in 2nd 
grade, advice, debating, having a sizeD, opening up your 
house,&sitting by me at Carter's,ILU./ CHRIS: thanks4 
always being my friend, Xmas plays.we're a great pair! /Em: 
Thanks4 stealing my b'day parties, giving me 
confidence&understanding me thru 3 emotionally, exciting 
days(YA!) /INGRID: thanks4 letting me throw your shoe 
out the window./ KRYSTAL:"I didn't want to hear that!" 
GARY: Uknow way too much! Thanks4 being so nice. 
FAGAN: thanks4 never letting anyone get you back./ 
ROCHELE: JGMS, sorry things ended the way they did. I'll 
always remember BFFHTATT./97 GUYS: Eric, Anurag, 
Doug,Brad, Aaron,Todd, Brian, etc....UR all very cool, 
thanks4 being great partiers./97 GIRLS: Shway, Angela, 
Kim, Maria, Colleen, Hanson, Michelle, so on./BF CREW: 
Brenda(4 stories, lessons,& jokes), Kacie(tp/H20), Laura, 
Jill, Alyssa, Jeff&Brad (Icould watchUguys all day!), 
Susan(UR seriously like my lyr. younger sister, glad we can 
share!, anytime U need anything.. .!!)Lee, Suzy, DT,& Linds, 
I really can't tell U how much I appreciate everything U've 
done 4me(letting me tag-a-long, the advice, stories, reassur- 
ance^ laughs...I miss U guys) /JOSH: there's not much I can 
say! Thanks4 always being there(at the wrong time...JK)I'm 
glad we became good friends. Out&Open. / JOE: 4( trying)2be 
like Josh& having a cool girlfriend! / DaveW thanks4 Maurice 
the Pantsman, Out&Open. /96 girls: Meg, Mer, Jojo./ 
FLAfriends: being so much more than I expected! 
Gas... Diesel. ..Beer!!!/Thanks2 the great ones: 
Max well,Milliken ( U both made life a lot easier), Mrs.Davies, 
Mrs.McGee, Ms. Mitchell (thanks4 being a friend&showing 
me who I can be), Mr. Modlwish I had U),Keltner(UR 
inspiration!), Sullivan, CaseyfUR not that much older!), & 
Mr.Low(U only made me stronger), 
Mrs.Whallon(4confidence&showing me my strengths) 
Steve&Mary, congrats&thanks. / Targeteers&Dennis- 
thanks4 never telling my parents! 1 1 1 1 1 / Anyone I didn't 
name, Uknow that ILU&ThankU or else U wouldn't have 
noticed that your name was missing!!! "Go Class of '97!"- 
"I'm really glad our paths have crossed." 
Future Goals: Not let anyone stand in the way of my 
dreams-marry the man I was meant to be with, have a 
family, including a little "Dusta," and be as organized as my 

Nadine Volicer 

Activities: I dabbled. 

Thanks To: Boo, UR by far the most fabulous feline around 
for never failing to sleep with me, for being so talkative, for 

being so cute, and for never expecting much in return. I e 
you always. Fudge, thank you for enduring Boo's consB 
antics and I hope you get well soon. Murky, I'm truly siM 
for the unfortunate name and for the fact that you di; 
peared; you would've liked Boo. Rachel, we miss yoi 
ways, sorry about the whole behind the couch thing, 1 1 
you. And a special thanks to all those fish, veah, vou ki 
who UR, well anyway, sorry for killing you. "Pets are re 
the answer," Andy Warhol. Zuzka, thanks for being shoi 
that I can't fit into any of your clothes. Mika, thanks 
having great clothes that would fit me but just never let 
me borrow them. But aside from all that, the three of ush 
had some laughs sharing couch cushions, criticizing R 
ard Simmons's awful sweater, and afternoons of S; 
Barbara. Thanks. Hannah and Sarah, thanks for letting 
know how my sisters feel about the whole clothes th 
Dad, thanks4 being Czech, adventurous, and inevifc 
smiling. Mom, thanks for having bad jokes and for ne 
just letting me win at tennis; I'll beat you someday. Oh, 
thanks for not letting me be named Vilma; that wouk 
stunk. Edna, thank you for your most appreciated love 
acceptance; the chicken cutlets were good too. Mrs. Ver 
you make one heck of a chowder. Dad Ullman, thank 
for Wyo and camp songs, leaf piles, and late-night cone 
tions. Mom Ullman, thankU always for caring, understa 
ing, fixing, leaving on the mom is asleep light, generos 
and lunch. Ginny, thank you. Thanks to Mr. Doughe 
Mrs. Keltner, Ms. Laver, Mr. Maxwell, Mr. Pilla, Mrs. Rai 
Mr. Sabourin, Mr. Sheinfeld, and Mr. Spinosa for your £ 
erosity. Aaron, sorry about Christmas and your Birth 
but I promise we'll make it up to you. And maybe if yot 
to Bentley you can be the real CEO of IHOP. Mike P., than 
taking longer on art projects, for talking so much, and 
large naked fat men; I'll see you in art school. Leana, th 
you for fantasy castles and dancing in the rain. I miss y 
Katherine Ann, thanks for adventures and laughter; U' 
the Rif Mildrim Episode, Lou and Rick, so U've fin 
landed in Istanbul. Scones, my Schneugh number one, it 
been too long since the days of Pinwheel and fishing in 
soup. Zumi, USA Up All Nights, the Cape, and birthd. 
keep on laughin' and keep on schneughin'. Because 
know when you see me next, I'll be wearin' my dan 
shoes. Chris O, thanks4 not knowing how to pee in 
woods, for being so amused by mouth farting, for be 
successful, and for studying with a straight face w-hile En 
and I danced around you. Oh, and we all know whose I 
Prince project was really better; I can't wait to see you in 
middle of a huddle on the Notre Dame football field. CI 
we all know that beneath that studious facade lies the v 
and crazy Chrissy; don't let yourself suppress her. Em 
thank you for being overbearing yet insightful, caring 
nonchalant; for Dirty Dancing and Camp Wyo and 
knowing what I'm gonna say before I say it. Had vou 
been as great a procrastinator as me, I would've looked l 
ThankU4 the poor little guv who's got a lot of weight on 
shoulders and for realizing that I am the Master Curler, 
see you in Boston no doubt. Beck, thankU for being 
horniest and most graphic chick I know; you know I'' 
closet Becky. Michigan and DC. Thank you for never fail 
to make me laugh and for being reall v bad at hiding from 
what's wrong. Stay true to yourself; I love ya babe. B: 
thanks4 bed bugs, for singing in hot tubs, for late-ni 
jokes, for affection, for geeks, for snuggling, for letting 
call your family mine, and for holding hands; for be 
sensitive and being passionate, for accepting me and apj 
dating me. ThankU for Boo, thank vou for loving me. 
being a dreamer. I love you, Brendan. I love you, Boo. 
Goals: To understand. To be happy. To be free. 

Meghan Watkin; 

Activities Student council liaison 2,3,4 Training 1.2 Pj 
Dec 3,4;OOB 1,2,3;SMB 2,3,4; 

To my parents I love you both very much even if it does 
seem that way: my mother, I have learned and growi 
much from you, I hope to be as wonderful mother as 
have been to me. Dad, I will always by your little gi 
promise to make you proud. Mark, the first born, you h 
influenced me into who I am today, I love you; stop los 
your hair I want people to know I am your sister. Nole 
this it? Thank you for teaching me to believe in myself; d- 
a car with attitude; chew gum while eating. For OOB, be 
the dynamic duo, jr. prom and all the parties- even if y 
not always there, Linda thanks for always managing so 



v to get what you want! only 27 years till our trip! Scone- 
being able to trulv understand me,-your quite the shnoog, 
wing the most useless knowledge, the Cape, SMB, stolen 
>si, DMB, pushing me down those stairs, car surfing, 
nmable pie, 80's dance, and of course being the cham- 
n at gym-changing good luck naming crayon colors. 
Btz-having the same car, teaching me how to dress, NYC- 
pping my favorite shorts at I got them back, BF's, UVM 
p, bv the way, it was my crayon. Jenn-always being my 
\ce partner, BF's, no C.D.'s! Lex club, stealing the potato 
id Melissa-random road trips to Concord, blading at Sky 
id, SMB and swimming in the pool at the Motel 8, gym 
h Powers-crackabout, discovering food /cinnamon, what- 
r happened to the extra pumpkin filling?. Suelo-labs, 
ing Eng with Gene Angela-those crazy black leather 
its, Gibla-the trip up to Salem on Halloween, Miranda- 
's to Boston, Hempfest both vears, VT, NYC and getting 
in the theater district some dav w T e will go on something 
zy excursion Geri- BF's, bagongas, sorrv about the recess 
dent Michelle-cruising in your Jetta, dancing at the Vern's 
dole. Jail-being the best stocker, getting eats at UNO's, 

I never got one of your pic's! Raug-the crazy jams, 
■stal-somehow always finding out about evervthing, 
ises in the baked bean. Nadya-Cranberries, creating 
ir own dance vou gotta love. Doug-Jr. Prom, it was a 
5t Chris- OOB-BRP533, Aron, Eric,Brad- for partying 
nhen-always loving to shake me, knowing every name to 
ry song. Mr. And Mrs. Larsen-for always having a house 
un to with Frosted Flakes, you guys are great, & hosting 
parties. Danielle L-being the ' I i 1 Larsen, always wearing 
clothes, OOB-enjoy your next four years Mr. Venuti- 
s has been great, thanks for the fro-yo see you next 
\mer! Lee, Suzy, DT, Linds- for work&the talks! ! Nerney- 
runs, imitating Foley, loving denim jackets Pietchel- 
tying this summer, 311, Westfield, d&d runs Kaitlyn- 
<ing me laugh, making Liz go to her natural position and 
khke a dog, Jackie-being the bitch you gotta love, Kristin- 
tying at your house, puking for no reason at all Sue- 
ting at BF's, Katie B-steak on a stick at TGlF's Molly- 
.r law of phvsics-stuff falls down. Brenda-doing air 
tar to Styx and KISS, teaching me to cook a BLT, good 
< with Eddie and Stacy Gretchen- UR the best HI shnoog. 

O'Malley for being my supportive and understanding 
nselor. Mr. Maxwell and Mr. Millikin-for being the class 
7ad visors vour time and help has been very appreciated, 
ill the teachers who have taken the time to help me to get 
;re I am thank vou! To the Class of '97- there is no looking 
k, thanks for making these fours memorable years-Good 
k to you all! 

ure Goals-Go to college, learn to eat without getting it in 
hair, go bungee jumping with Scone, learn to sing and 
ays remember to get the full value of joy you must have 
lebody to divide it with, on Broadway 

Bryan Wiener 

ivities:Spanish Clubl ,2,3; Boys JV Soccer2; Ice Hockey2,3; 
;rnational Dancing2; YMC2,3,4; Skateboarding 
ml,2,3,4; Snowboarding Teaml,2,3,4; Underwater Bas- 
Weaving Club3,4 

nks: First, I would like to thank my parents. Thank you 
being there whenever I needed guidance and support, 
i have helped me through four of my most important 
rs in good times and in bad times. I love you both. Next 
atalie, my sister. Thanks for being cool sometimes. You 
3 good sister and friend. Thanks for making my lunches 
school. Good luck in the rest of your fun filled Bedford 
h School career. Even though we fight a lot, remember 
/e you. Next is Scott, my big brother and friend. You 
e been so cool to me. Of course we've fought a lot, but 
tks for being there to talk to when I needed talking the 
;t. I love you too. Keep sk8ing hard to keep up the Wien 
ition. Thanks to: My best friend, Matt, you've been a 
it friend. We've been through so much together. All of 
great times snow-boarding, skateboarding, eating, driv- 
watching sk8 videos, or just chillin' . Remember hockey 
\e youth center gym. Sk8ingYou and Dave got me back 
it. Thanks. The cool talks. Don't forget Mr. Powers gym 
s. Thanks for being so funny. My best friend Dave- You 
e been a great friend for the past four years. We've had 
luch fun, but the fighting bad. Library, candy from the 
spette, king of the mountain, snowboarding. Remember 
hmen IPS class. Beech-Nuts. The white stuff. Kid, 
itayanumb? All of the skiing sessions were so fun. Dave 

and Matt- remember sophomore English class (Mrs. Leavey). 
Cheeky monkey. Michelle- Thanks for all of the fun times 
we've had with the crew. You've been cool hanging out 
with and sk8ing with. You are a great person. Remember 
drivers ed. Keep up the good switch stance ollies. Oh 
yeahayou're welcome for the jacket. JK. Carrie, mv girl- 
friend- Thanks for being such a good friend, you're a great 
sk8r and snowboarder. Thanks for all of the long talks two 
summers ago at 11:30pm everv night. We've had so much 
fun together. Great times in Mr. Nortons bio class. You are 
a bellv breather. Thanks for being my best friend and for 
being there to talk to me. I care about you so much. It has 
been so fun the past 3 years. I love you. Also, thanks to the 
Shamel family. Keri Evjy- Thanks for letting me drive your 
car when I first got my permit. You have been a good friend 
and very understanding. We've had so manv great 
snowboarding trips. Trinity- Thanks for letting me drive 
your phat ride. Thanks for always being thoughtful remem- 
bering my b-day and Christmas. You are sweet. Eddie 
Long- My friend since seventh grade. Thanks for keeping 
my skating skills up and motivating me. You're the man. 
Meg Hamel- for Art II Major. We had so much fun that year. 
YMC. Scotty D's- You're crazy. Don't forget gym class. 
Badminton. Thanks for taking us to Harvard Square last 
year. Remember freestyling at 2nd lunch. Health class- Me, 
you, and MattiiThe hell raising trio. Krvstvllium threw the 
stool at you. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Jamie 
LaValley- I've known you since the 7th grade and ever since 
you've been a pervert. No thanks for exposing yourself so 
manv times to so manv people, but you're a funny kid. HMS 
wrestling rules, kid. Brian Cox, the funniest kid I know- 
Thanks for being so original. You are a crazy dancer. 
Thanks for sk8ing whenever you felt like it. Keep rhymin'. 
Snerick- Keep up the good skool work. Sk8 hard. Steve 
Eschmann- You are funnv. Keep sk8ing. Keep vour hand 
off vour chin. Doombuddv. Thanks to the CDC crew for all 
of the fresh sk8 sessions. Allison Turner- you are an indi- 
vidual and good luck boarding. Katie Akillian and Rochelle 
Morello- Thanks for always being so nice to me. Yung Tsyr- 
Thanks for taking me to Maximus for the first long session 
there. It was so much fun. You are an insane sk8r. Do a 360 
kick flip! 30 dollars a week. Melynda Casement- Thanks for 
all of the cool talks while bagging. You are a sweet girl. 
Tristan (T.C.) Rand- You are a cool kid. Keep sk8ing. Maria- 
Thanks for the necklace. Thanks to the following teachers: 
Ms. O/CMalley, Ms. Light, Mr. Keup-candv store, Mr. 
Palmer-you're crazy, Ms. Mitchell, Mr. Hunt, Mr. Sabourin- 
the greatest math teacher, Mr. Maxwell- thanx for making 
English so fun, Ms. Leavey, Mr. Powers(MF), Ms. Suprise, 
Ms.Gullage, Mr.Pilla, Mr.Corliss, Ms. Rull, Ms. Matthews, 
Mr. Reynolds, and Mr. Norton. Mrs. Bouzan-Thanks for 
helping me and putting up with me and Scotty Doog-al. 
Thanks for all of the music, sk8ing, snowboarding, surfing, 
and random talks. Remember when Matt and I saw vou in 
Harvard Square before you went to Australia. I miss LRC. 
A special thanks to Mr. Sheinfeld, you have been one of the 
funniest teachers, thanks for giving me so many last 
chances, thanks for putting up with me. "Word" — Quote bv 
Sheinfeld. DBH- 1 miss you. Remember the YMC crew. Art 
II Major. Peace to YMC: Myself, Dave Bueno Hill, Meg 
Hamel, Dave Chapman, Scott Wiener, Matt Barden, Brian 
Cox, Snerick, and Scott Carol. Peace to all of the Garage 
Kids. Thanks to: Jeff White, Marc oArrileumo Opalenik, 
Regan Schwartz- short girl, Leslie (Snez), Stephanie Hill, 
Tippy and Missy, Nina Cox, Stephani Burns, Mike Spicer, 
Josh Santerre, Jeremiah Wallington, Pat Mahoney- Speedball 
trio, Jen Ynostroza, Chea, Terrina, Jamie Carpenter, Candice 
(Carmen) Tanner, Justin Welch, Joe Sy 1 va, Chee, Scott Carol, 
Jay Randazzo, Tom Cook, The Chapman Family, The Evjy 
Family, The Barden Family, Jessica- keep sk8ing, Mohammad 
Abdi. Hamza Mustafa, Mike Goodwin, Michelle Bayne, 
Matt Evjy, Paul Bradfield (Pauleeez), Kelly Dutton-art, 
Melissa Davis- for the rides home, Chao-Yen Ching, Nadya 
Volicer- for your amazing art skills, Mike (Chesticles) 
Chester, Stephanie Crook "Sandpaypah Head!!", 
Krystillium, Jason Boyle, Jahmal Williams, Matt at Hanger 
18, and finally, thanks to all the Bedford kids. Stay sober. 
Thanks to everyone I forgot and sorry. Peace. 

Jaime Wilbur 

Activities: ROTC (4), Music (1) Art(l) Drill Team (1) 
First, I would like to give a great big thank vou out to mv 
parents Arthur and Samantha Long. Without you I would 



















Melissa Willey 

First I would like to thank mv parents for always being there 
for me and always supporting me in my decisions. I love 
you both very much! Beck-UR the best sister I ever had. 
Thanks for always being there to listen to medf Jared has 
magic hands, then you have magic ears=) Jared- thanks for 
being so much fun and for always taping ER for me. You are 
the best! Grandma, you have always been my special angel. 
I love you more than you'll ever know. Thanks for always 
being there for me-love ya! Jenn- what can I say? We made 
it!!! Thanks for always being such a great friend and putting 
up with me. Kamah, Nina, Jameel- you guys are the best! For 
everyone at St. Basils- Fr. Larry, Fr. Martin, Core, and Lead- 
ership- thanks for everything. I love you all! Thanks Kirsten 
and Tarie for talking me into going up there! Finally, for 
everyone that I have forgotten, thank-vou! 
FUTURE GOALS: To go to college, get my degrees, find a 
good job, and live happily-ever-after. 


Thanks: Mom and Dad thanks for all vour love, support, and 
patience. Ernie, thanks for the all the help, sorry for being 
such a brat.Scott W. thanks for the advise and encourage- 
ment. Melissa , thanks for being my life saver, I couldn't 
have survived high school without you suffering with me. 
Pornpimol, Chao-Yen, and Hamza remember when we 
were freshman. Jamie Wilbur always garenteed a seat next 
to me in class. Kamah remember those school dances and 
the after school boredom. JV basketball 94' the bench memo- 
ries will never be forgotten(Deb., Meg , Hamza, etc.) Steve 
and Marry Morris thanks for teaching me how to play 
Softball. Melynda & Hannah thanks for listening to me talk 
in study. Thanks Jessica Lavalley & Lisa Scheiern for teach- 
ing me to catch. JV softball with Steve, was the best. Band 
Camp 96' was unforgettable, nonstop beach volleyball, 
Macarena, morning, noon, and night *****Flagsquad & Lisa 
thanks for evervthing! Cordelia and Danielle, showing off 
our muscles like the guys did, is all good and fun until the 
bunk-bed breaks. Nina thanks for the fun band trips. Mr. 
Reagan thanks for vour inspirational speeches. Scott D. & 




Different people react differently to the sudden appearance of a camera. 
Here's a sort of character study... 

Elissa Dill tries to run away. . , _ . . ., .. , 

J Mr. Sabounn smiles cautiously. 

Morgan McDonough: either terrified or 
tremendously happy. 

Mr. Duggan is startled. 

Alvin Tsang doesn't seem to no- Casey Hill, like Elissa, also attempts an escape, 
tice the presence of a photogra- 


t GAS 1 


It seems like yesterday when you 
were waiting for the bus to take 
you to school for the first time, and 
now here you are graduation. We 
are so proud of you and of all your 
accomplishments. Hope all your 
dreams come true and don' t forget 
that we' 11 always be here for you. 
We love you, 
Mark, Matt, & Nan 

Kry stal Ann Carroll 

We ' re so proud of you and 
Love you very much. Reach for 
the Stars in whatever you 
choose to do. At the end of 
that road wil be your "Pot of 
Mom, Dad 


When we were younger you 
would talk forme, now you 
looktomeforadvice. You 
have accomplished so much 
and I ' m proud to be your 
"little" sister. 

Congratulations Class of 1997 
Toby Nathan, M.D., RC. 
Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine 
29 Hartwell Avenue 
Lexington, MA 02173 

From braids & Bows 
to short red hair 
Our wonderful daughter's 
Beyond compare! 

May you always have an understanding with the 
hills'adventure in your soul and love in your heart. 
With love from Mum and Dad 

Ricky — Congratulations 

We Know you'll Find the best road in life. 
May the days ahead continue to bring you much 

Happiness and Success. 
We are proud of you and we love you very much 
Mom, Dad, Sabrina and Tiger 


Gro for it, Casey 





tvlom and Catherine 


100 Billerica Road, Bedford, MA 01730-1270 


May the Lord bless you and keep you in the future 
as in the past. 

May you continue to use the gifts He has given you to His 
honor and glory. 
May you always stand firm in your beliefs regardless 
With deep love, 
Your father and mother 


the highest of quality 


in-store Bakery 

fresh juice and coffee bar 

Associates, Inc 

Environmental Consultants & Engineers 
Five Alfred Circle 
Bedford, Massachusetts 01730-2346 
(617) 275-6050 Fax (617) 275-5651 

Janine & Joe 

For the 
times of our 




It's been a pleasure 
through the years to 
watch you grow into 
such a fine young man. 
You are a joy to know 
as a cousin, nephew 

and golf partner! 
We are proud of you! 

Uncle Dick, Aunt 
Cathy, Sarah & 


Best of luck as you seek 
your fortune and dreams. Never 
lose your sense of humor and 
sensitivity. Remember low-fat 
pizza-home made Birthday 
cakes- your other mother 
(MB+KU) and that Mike & Erin 
will turn out the lights. We are 
very proud of you and admire 
your honestly. Success and 
Happiness in all that you do. 
Love- Mom-Dad -Terri- Erin - 



Joe Sylva 
"If you dream - and 
not make dreams 
If you can think - and 
not make thoughts 

your aim, 
If you can meet the 
Triumph and 
And treat those two 
imposters just the 
Yours is the Earth and 
everything that's in it, 
And - which is more - you'll be a Man, my son!" 


Forever our "Heartlight" - We are blessed to 
have had 

these precious years with you - Be happy, Pal. 
All our love, 
Dad, Mama, Julie, and Jill 


Your beauty has always come from within 
and radiates the essence of who you are. We 
have given you your roots, now you are ready 
for your wings . Use them to live each moment 
of your life. Each path that you choose holds 
an adventure and challenge for you. You have 

the spirit to strive 
foryour dreams, 
or faith in your- 
self ! Our love will 
always be a silent 
force supporting 


Stephen Lua 


There are not enough words to tell you 
how proud we are of you. You have 
brought such joy to all of our lives. 
Reach for the stars and all your 
dreams will come true. 
We love you! 

Mom, Dad, Nikki, Alii, Joey, Kari, 
Diane, Tom, Lauren, Michael, Linda, 
D.J, Teresa and Peter 


Ingrid's first passport picture 

To Ingrid. 

You've traveled 'round the world and seen much: 

Beautiful sandy beaches, cold, forbidding glaciers, 
volcanoes, rain forests and huge modern cities. 

You've made friends with people and animals from many countries: 

M arshallese, Koreans, Swedes, (even an orangutan in 

Singapore and a boa constrictor (too close) in Thailand.) 

You've ridden on every conveyance possible: 

Trains, buses, bikes, tuk tuks, and planes, an elephant and 
boats around the world. (You even drove a car in Denmark!) 

You've convinced people you were many characters in many plays: 
A messenger angel (your first role in church plays), a fiery old 
maid (in Ten Little Indians), and a sweet young maiden (many 

You've brought joy, pride and happiness to our home with your: 
Laughter, creativity, friends and beautiful singing. 

You've done much and will do much more. 

Congratulations on your graduation and may God bless your 
future endeavors. 

With much love: Mom, Dad, Stefan and Nathan 

Geri, that all these years have passed, 
it's not easy to believe, 
We were given the gift of parenting 
you. now in a short time you will 

To carry with you all your knowl- 
edge... all you've worked for and 
you've earned, 

To study Espanol and Foreign Busi- 
ness; its an opportunity you've 
learned from your very first step, 
you didn't walk, you started out 

In soccer, on the diamonds and in 
dancing you were stunning. 
But Basketball's your passion, you 
work hard and you play smart, 
You're strong and you're determined, and you play the game with 

You and Carli share more memories than many siblings do. 

A love of Disney and the Celts, are just a few. 

More important than those reasons, there surely is another, 

There's love and caring and the knowledge that you'll always have 

each other. 

An Accomplished Writer, and a Scholar and Introspective Teen, 

An Athlete, and Team Captain and our own Homecoming Queen, 

A Daughter and a Sister, a Good Listener and a Friend, 

Our pride for your accomplishments has a list that doesn't end. 

So as you don your cap and gown and pack your trunk for college, 

There's something more to take along besides your books and 


Among your treasured take- alongs you pack after graduation 
Take with you our respect and love and deepest admiration. 
Love Dad. Mom & Carli 


We are very proud of you and all the hard work you 
have done. You have brought us so much happiness. May 
you live a long and healthy life. We wish you all the 
happiness in the world. We'll miss you very much and 
we love you! 

Remember, your health is the most important thing. Take 
care of yourself. 

Mom, Papa, Peepa, Shivani, & Mukesh 


K.W. Luther 
Bodyworks Co., Inc 

#1 Commercial Ave. 

RO. Box 304 
Bedford, MA 07101 


167 Great Road 
Bedford, MA 

To Carey 

Upon tlte Occasion of your Graduation 
front High School, Spring 1997 

As adulthood beckons 

May you always embrace the ways 

of a Child — 
The Joys of a Child, the Exuberance, " 

the Bright Hopes, the Spirit, 

the Sympathy, and the Love 

of a Child. 
So you were, are — and may you 

Forever be. 

With Love, Respect, and Celebration 

Dad and Susan 



99 Cambridge I Street 
Burlington Mass. 

' i \ \ \ \ 

Senior Portraits^Weddings, Family Groups 

All candid photographs rpr 

the yearbook are donated by 
Burlington Studios at\io charge! 

M We always look out 
for your Best interest." 

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investment Accounts that include mutual funds and annuities are not insured 
by FDIC/DIF, are not deposits or other obligations of, or guaranteed by, the 
Bank, and are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of principal. 

You were his first 
grandchild, and 
you filled him with 
love and pride. At 
your graduation, 
he would be very 
proud of you 
We are too! Mom 
and Dad 


Congratulations! I hope the 
future hold whatever you 
dream it to hold. I want to 
say thank you for being my 
sister and my best friend- 
what would I do without 
you? Don'tworryJ'msure 
we' 11 make plenty of 'tradi- 
tions'aswegoalong. Chris,I 
wish you the Bestof luck! I 
know you'llsucceed-you 



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May Prosperity, Health 
and Good Fortune 
be with you always." 




BEDFORD, MA 01730 



Congratulations to our munchkin on all your 
accomplbhrnents. We are very proud of you. 
Keep striving towards your goals and all your 
dreams will come true. 








Dear Keri, 

"you've only just begun. . . "your life as 
a wonderful young woman. Good luck 
to our special daughter and sister. 

Morn, Dad, Orris, & Matthew 


18 North Road *^ 
Bedford, MA 01730 
(617) 275-2882 

Award Winning Professional Photography 

We hopeyou know how very much we love you and how 
proud we are of your accomplishments not only through- 
out your high school career but throughout your entire life. 
You have been a source of great joy to us and we know that 
will continue as you enter collegiate life and beyond. You 
have truly been a role model to your sisters as well and for 
that we also thank you. 

Ivtom, Dad, Kimberly, Katheryn and Korky 


Congratulations To The Class Of 1997 



Congratulations to Bedford High School's Class of 1997 

We at Hanscom Federal Credit Union are proud of your accomplishments and want to wish you 

continued success in whatever you pursue. 

Community, education and the credit union philosophy of "people helping people" all go hand in 
hand. We believe that your are our future and therefore are an integral part of what our world will 


This is why we are proud sponsor of your yearbook. 

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Dear Colleen, 

You have brought us immeasurable joy with your uniquely 
loveable ways-always affectionate, enduring, unpredictable, 

sweet, and delightfully impish. 
No words can express our joy for you now as you graduate: 
beautiful, capable, and ready to pursue life's future challenges. 
May all your dreams come true! 
Your Loving Family 

Dear Meghan, 

We are so proud of you. 
We have watched you 
grow up to become a 
friendly, sensible and car- 
ing young lady. 
May all your dreams come 
true - you can do what- 
ever you want. 
We love you, 
Mom, Dad, and Mark 
Remember RASP! 



from the staff at 
Gourmet Trading Company 

Gourmet Trading Company, Ltd. 
93 The Great Road Bedford, MA 01730 617-275-8070 

Find and pursue a topic that fascinates you, not what others tell you is important 


I am glad you are my role model. 
(Now I can watch what ever I want on TV) 

Pam (Freak) 

Your compassion, sense of humor and smile is your key to the new exciting future. Go get'em 


You are my pride, my confidence and my support. Thank you for being you. 


We love you 

Massi, Uncle Bill, Aron, Jenny, Dharam Mama, Neeraj Mami, Naveen, Karan, Bauji, Biji, 
Grandad, Aunt Carolyn, Uncle Russ 




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The Smartest 




/ki|->OU^L^AX^- tM^^ y^JtAx Ca^vs — . 

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SOU bAhM % ! 

YOO'I^ AS ^^OSL To PlfLftCT AS frNOKlt Couab ASK 



May your life be blessed with family, friends 

and love. 
Happy graduation! Love always 
Mom, Dad, Andrea, Irish and Toby 

From our "Heckeljeckle" days to your graduation days, to 
your graduation day, you've been my sister, best friend and 
role model Words can't express how much I will miss you 
when you are at college. I know that you will be successful 
in any road that you choose. Thanks for making the first 16 
years of my life so memorable. I Love You 
Love Carli 


Salon Alfonse 

36 South Rd. 
Bedford MA 01 730 

Bedford Jewish Community 
extends its congratulations to the 
actuating Class of 1997 and their farnilies 



Krlstlna Pvtarie Carlo 

You are one of the greatest gifts Qod has 

given us. 
'Best wishes to you Away si 
Love Robbie, Teddle 8z Dillon 


Best Wishes to the Class of 1997! 

VFW Post 1 628 

76 Loom is Street 
Bedford, MA 01730 
(61 7)275-41 50 

Guy A. McGarry, DDS, PC 

50 Loomis Street 
Bedford, MA 01730 
(617) 275-7072 

The yearbook staff salutes you! 

Thank you for your leadership, 
determination and good humor ! 


FromAU Of UsAtBedfordYouth & 

Family Service 


The Donovan 

138 Great Road 
Bedford, MA 01730 





Congratulations Class of 1997! 

Anthony-Hunt Hamilton Post 221 

357 Great Road 
Bedford, MA 01730 




Watching you grow up has been one of my greatest joys. Iam proud of you and know 

you willb eagreatsuccess. Lov eBoppa 

Michael, we are very proud of you and appreciate the work you have accomplished. 
We love you, and are looking foe the bestyetotcome. 

Love Mom, Dad, Tomand Steve 
To the Class of 1997 
Best wishes from BedfordWallpaper& Paint- Cedric & Catherine Smith 

To Colleen, 
Vm so happy that my person 
isgrrrrrrraduatinglWoof woof(achoo)- 
Love, Callie 


happiness and joy ahd fun in the years ahead. 

Highlights from the 1997 2001 
interdisciplinary project's 
Launcher competition. 


our "Someone Special", 
who "Never meets a Stranger", 
and is "The most likely to 
We love you and we're proud of 


Mom, Dad, and Will 

Congratulations, #14 
It's been a great four years, and 
we are very proud of you. 
Now it is time to move on to 
the wonderful things which do 
await you. Always follow your 
dreams - we're here for you. 
Mom, Dad, and Jamie 


You have given us joy and happiness as 
we have watched you grow into a 
beautiful and mature young woman. 
Always keep our family memories close 
to your heart as you continue to face life 
with courage, sensitivity, and a sense of 
adventure. Know that whatever you do 
and wherever you go, we will always 
love you and be here for you. 

With love and pride, 
Mom and Mia 


To the 


Whose Vision aM Talents Will Help 

to Build a 

Congratulations from Computervision Corporation 


Congratulations & Good Luck Class of 


Dr. Eugene Eagles, HI, D.M.D., P.C. 

Bedford Medical Building 

50 Loomis Street Bedford, MA 01730 

Mike Goodwin 

As you move on, take the memories of shooting champi- 
onships, fishing and many great times at BH5 with you. 
We are proud of what you have achieved and look for- 
ward to all you will accomplish in the future. Continue 
to be our "fine young man". 


Bedford Hotel 

44 Middlesex Turnpike 
Bedford MA 01730 






Well Wishes 
Class of 1997! 

18 North Road, Bedford MA 01730 

Parish of 


longratulations graduates 
: or your accomplishments 

Ninety Concord Road 
Bedford Massachusetts 01730 

Shawn, it has been a pleasure 
watching you grow emotion- 
ally, intellectually, and in sizel 
We will cheer for you always. 
Love, Mom, Dad, Debbie,]. V. & 


Cristina Ciccone, 
The perfect combination of 

sweetness and spitfire- 
watch out world -here she 

Our love will 
always be 

with you. 

Mom, Dad 
& Terri 


Michael, Michael, Motorcycle: 

You're the BEST! 
We hope that whatever path 
you follow it will lad to happi- 
ness, success, & lots of fishing! 

We love you dearly, Mom, Dad 
& Lisa 

3L ^ 

Chris - From Bowman to Clark 
to B.H5. 
You've always been 
our Super Star 
We love you. 
Mom, Dad, Sharon, Lisa, and 

For ill the wonderful memories you have 
given us and for the new ones your about to 


we will always be there for you. 
Mom, Pact and Frank. 


A A 

Best Wishes 
Class of 97' 



The Bedford 




Congratulations on your Graduation 
We are very proud of you for being 
the kind, caring, sensitive, supportive 

person that you are. 
Continue to have your positive outlook 
on live and your goals will be 
We love you very much. 
Dad, Mom, Tom, Debbie, Kevin, Liz, Jeffery 



Spire Corporation 

One Patriots Park 
Bedford, MA 01730 

Best Wishes to theclassofl997! 




Words couldn't express how 

much we have enjoyed 
watching you grow into the 

fine young man you are 
today. We are so proud of 
you . Never lose your won- 
derful disposition. 
We love you very much, 
Mom, Dad, Robyn, Don & 



Your dreams are on their way. 
Take your time and enjoy. 
NEVER forget your birthright as a citizen 
of two beautiful countries. We wish you 
health, happiness and success. Re- 
member we will always be here for you. 
Love Mom, Dad, Jessica, Rebecca and 


Lynda Giannetta 

200 The Great Road 
Bedford, MA 01730 
Tel. 617-275-7125 

Fax 617-275 0093 



444 North Road 
Bedford, MA 01730 

CALL 617 275-1597 

Richard Cardoos 

CO., INC. 

328 GREAT RD. 


Class of 1997 

Best Wishes 
for a 
Safe and Healthy 

Life j 
Bedford AIDS Task Force 


/ "The first wealth is health' 




Convenient Food 

wishes the class of 

Good luck graduates! 


For all your bank- 
ing needs. 

Education is a 
wise investment! 




President - Becky Venutl 

Vice president - Chris O'Reilly 

Treasurer - Joe Savitch 

Secretary - Nicci Larsen 

Vrom Co-Chairs - Uadine Volicer 

Jen tvlilligan 
Liason - Meghan Watkins 

Left: Palestinian demonstrators show their displeasure at 
the partial breakdown of the peace process by throwing 
rocks at Israeli troops. 

Below: The American public was concerned about the as yet unex- 
plained crash of TWA Flight 800, and the serious questions it raised 
about airport security and anti-terrorist precautions. 

Right: Iraqi dictator 
Saddam Hussein 
prompted further 
military action on 
the part of the 
United States by his 
unprovoked and 
unwarranted attack 
on a Kurdish en- 
clave in Northern 

Above: The stock market had an incredible year, 
highlighted by record high closings breaking the 
6000 point mark, and threatening to reach 700C 

Below: Great Britain's lease on Hong Kong expired in July of 1997, 
and the People's Republic of China assumed control of the island 

Above: Benjamin Netanyahu, an 
MIT graduate, became the new 
prime minister of Israel in 1996. 
His extremely conservative posi- 
tions aggravated the already tenu- 
ous peace process. 

Right: Shannon 
Lucid spent the 
longest time in 
space for any 
woman - 188 days, 
breaking the pre- 
vious record held 
by Russian Elena 

Left: Newly re-elected 
Russian President 
Boris Yeltsin found 
himself unable to carry 
out his duties due to 
his failing health. 

\bove: The 1996 Summer Olympic Games 
<vere marred only by an explosion in Cen- 
ennial Park. 


Above: The 1996 Republican Convention. Bob Dole an 
Jack Kemp received the endorsement of the Republica 
Party in their bid for the presidency. 

Above: A triumphant Bill Clinton poses with daughter 
Chelsea Clinton and wife Hillary Clinton following his 
inauguration speech. After a difficult race with stiff 
competition from Republican Candidate Bob Dole, 
Clinton managed to emerge victorious, and was re- 
elected to a second term in office. 

Current Events 

Below: President Clinton with daughter Chelsea on the 
Campaign Trail. Clinton's main issue in '96 was carrying 
the country into the next century, and enough voters 
agreed with his vision to re-elect him. 

Right: Ross Perot once again 
ran for the presidency in '96. 
However, both his candidacy 
and his attempt to establish a 
third party, The Reform 
Party, were unsuccessful. 

Right: The 1996 
Democratic Con- 
vention. President 
Clinton and run- 
ning mate Al Gore 
receive the nod 
from the Demo- 
cratic Party in their 
bid for re-election. 




Bottom: Singer-songwriter Jewel was a huge success 
his year, with her first album "Pieces of You" going 

3elow: Tracy Chapman made a strong comeback this 
/ear with her latest album "New Beginning." 

Below: The ever-popular Mariah Carey's 
latest album "Daydream" hit the Number 
one spot on the charts. 

Left: After 11 years, the New England 
Patriots returned to the Superbowl. 
Coached by Bill Parcells, the Patriots lost 
to the Green Bay Packers 35-28. 
Above: In the 1996 Summer Olympics, 
Michael Johnson performed an unprec- 
edented feat by winning both the 200 m 
and the 400 m dashes.